Megan, holding her cellphone to her ear, grabbed Kyle by the wrist. “What are you waiting for?” she demanded, not at all pleased that he had stopped following her. It would have been so easy for him to pull himself free and go home. But what of the incriminating photos of him?


“Maybe I can meet you there,” he suggested as she pulled him to the car.


But Megan was still conversing with her friend over her cellphone. “Hold on, Hayley. He’s being difficult.”


“We don’t have time,” she said as she turned to face Kyle. She was losing patience with him. “Look, fellah. I want you to come with me. I’m within my rights and you’ve got to do what I say.”


            “Hayley?” she said, the phone to her mouth. “Can you believe this guy? He just doesn’t get it.”


            Megan stopped before a Rav 4 before unlocking the doors with her key. “Get in,” she told Kyle. He hesitated. “Do I have to tell you again,” she asked. Anxious to work out a diplomatic solution, Kyle did as he was told. Maybe if he was nice, she’d tell him who had the photos.


            Megan climbed inside and shut the door before starting the engine. “Yeah. Totally,” she said, the cellphone still held to her face. “I warned him already …. But whatever. I’m sure they don’t smell as awful as yours probably do.” Megan laughed. “I’m serious.”


            Megan glanced over at Kyle and smiled before putting driving out of the parking spot. “I guess he should have thought about that before he started pissing people off. So you know what to do. But you don’t have to tell all of them about him. I think it’ll be a nice surprise when I bring him over.” Megan turned to face Kyle. “Well, he looks petrified. Sure. I’ll tell him. Yeah. Cool. See you soon. Bye.”


            “You should take it easy, footboy. It’s not like we’re going to castrate you. I’m sure you can handle a little humiliation.”


            “Do you think this is fair? I mean getting treated like this?”


            Megan shrugged. “I could care less. But I think I’m entitled to have a little fun, don’t you? You seem to have your fun.”


            “Having me smell your feet? You get some kick out of it?”


            Megan laughed. “I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure. But Karen’s been telling us how much fun it is that I’d love to at least try it and see for myself. We’re all a little curious, I guess.”


            “I can’t keep doing this.”


            “What’s the big deal? I heard you enjoyed it last night.”


            “That’s not true.”


            “You got hard for everyone to see. You must have loved smelling their stinky feet. You just can’t admit it to yourself.”


            “It’s disgusting.”


“I really don’t see what your problem is. We’re just havin’ a little fun, and all you have to do is smell some feet. Super stinky feet, I admit. But they’re just feet.”


            “This isn’t a big deal?”


            “We’re just going to have a little fun. Enjoy it or don’t, I don’t care. But you’re going to do what you’re told. And if that means smelling everyone’s feet, then that’s what you’ll do. I don’t care how much our feet stink.”


             “What do you want? For me to beg … get on my hands and knees.”


            “In the nude … and after we’ve all had a chance to rub our feet on your face. Then you can beg all you want. Oh, and you’ve got to do chores too, don’t you.”


            “Why are you doing this to me?”


            “They told me you were a footboy, that you’d do what you were told. I don’t think they’d be too happy to hear how you tried to weasel out of this.”


            “I’m not weaseling out of anything. I just want to understand why.”


            “Ask them later. But my friends and I are going to have a laugh first. Boy, I still can’t believe you actually have to smell our feet … and lick them too no less. Someone must really be upset with you.” Megan chuckled to herself.


            “But you’re not. So couldn’t we just forget about this?”


            Megan pulled the car up to a stop light and turned to Kyle. “Becca and Ashely are good friends of mine. I couldn’t forgive myself if I let you go without helping them teach you a lesson. So, they wanted us to get our feet all smelly and nasty for you. It was a little strange. I admit. But we’ve actually been looking forward to it. Kinda kinky and funny too.”


            “They asked you to get your feet all nasty?” 


            “We couldn’t all join the fun last night. But we can make up for it now.  Anyway, I’m not interested in discussing this. Just do as you’re told and everything’ll be fine. And you can start by shutting up.”


            “Do I have to smell …”


            “You’re smelling everyone’s feet. That’s a promise. Now can it.”


            Kyle fell silent. There was no room for negotiation. Megan seemed nice enough, but had she no pity? Was it that important to her for him to be humiliated by her and her friends?


            He remembered the night before and how demeaning it was to have all these women forcing their revolting feet in his face without any concern for how he felt about it? They could have at least made an effort to wash their feet first, but it seemed the girls went to great effort to make their feet as foul as possible.


            Kyle resolved to walk away once Megan parked the car. He couldn’t be expected to go through with this? It was degrading, inhuman. Just the thought of more dirty, sweaty feet in his face was enough to nauseate him. He wasn’t going to do it again. They had no right to do this to him.


            Megan turned the car into a driveway and pulled the car into a driveway. Kyle had to get out fast before the garage doors closed on him. He tried to open the door, but Megan had locked it. 


            “What’s the hurry?” she asked. “You’ll be enjoying our feet before long. There’s no rush.”


            “The door’s locked,” he explained, trying not to sound anxious. But the garage doors were slowly closing.


            “I’m still can’t believe you’ve got to smell my feet,” she remarked, shaking her head. “If they hadn’t told me all about you, I might actually feel sorry for you. I’ve been wearing the same loafers the past three days and I haven’t had a chance to wash my feet. I’m almost afraid to take them off.”


            Kyle glanced to her feet and noticed she was wearing high heel loafers without hose. She had shapely ankles, but the shoes looked tight. Her feet must have smelled ungodly.


            “The door,” he yelled. Megan unlocked them and once she did so, Kyle jumped from the car. But it was too late to leave. The door had already swung closed.


            “We’d better hurry. You’ve got a lot of feet to work on before you make your date.”


            Kyle figured he could probably run out through the front door, but he had to be quick.


            Megan smiled as he approached and squeezed his bottom. “And you’re  not smelling any feet until you get your clothes off.” She opened the door to the stairs and Kyle leaped ahead, bounding up the steps.


            “You can’t wait, can you?” she observed, following him up.


            Kyle reached the landing and turned. There were several women seated on a sofa smoking cigarettes; goth chicks dressed all in black; probably college seniors. They weren’t exactly beautiful, but they weren’t ugly either. They were all dressed in boots and stockings.


            One of the girls smiled and winked, but Kyle turned. The floor was a maze of hallways and doors. Where was the front door?


            “You lost,” remarked one of the girls in a deep baritone. She pulled a few strands of orange-dyed hair from her face. She was actually kind of pretty.


            “The front door?”


            “Downstairs,” she replied. Kyle turned to the garage door only to find Megan standing before him.


            “End of the hallway,” the girl added.


            “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Megan with a smirk.


            “Is that him?” asked another girl.


            “Yeah, and you’re letting him get away?”


            Kyle hurried down the hallway and opened a door. It was a closet.


            “Come on girls,” came a rallying cry. He heard hurried footsteps. He was running out of time.


            Kyle tried another door. There was another hallway. He entered and raced toward the end, finding what appeared to be a stairwell leading, hopefully, to the front door.


            And then a woman appeared, dressed all in black and big, clunky heels. She seemed a little older than the other girls, someone who might have tired of the whole goth scene. “You must be Kyle. Don’t worry we’re all here.”




            Kyle turned and noticed three more college girls drinking beers near an open kitchen. They were fairly sporty, a marked changed from the girl he’d just seen. He recognized Shannon, the tall girl from the volleyball team.


            “Hey, Kyle,” she remarked. “My friends: Elyse and Maddy.” The girls were fairly fall, still dressed as if for volleyball practice, their hair tied up in ponytails. “Good thing Hayley called us when she did because we were all heading home to shower.” 


            “I’m Haley,” said the first woman.


            Kyle noticed the other girls entering the room from behind him.


            “He’s so excited,” commented Megan. “He ran right in.”


            “This has been a huge misunderstanding,” began Kyle in one last attempt to earn a reprieve. “Becca told me everything would be fine. In fact, I was going over to see her to clear things up.”


            “Well, you haven’t cleared things up yet,” responded Megan.


            “She apologized and said things got out of hand. She’s o.k. now.”


            “I just called her and she was o.k. with you being here,” replied Hayley. “And I appreciate you being here because I’m sure that when the shoes and boots come off it’ll be stink overload.”


            Some of the girls chuckled.


            “So you’ve been warned. But you’re used to this kind of thing.”


            “Maybe I should call Becca?” asked Kyle as he edged toward the steps. But Hayley grabbed him by the arm.


            “No need for that. You got feet to service.”


            “Ready to have some fun?” said Megan to everyone present, grabbing Kyle by the rim of his pants. He pulled himself free, but Hayley had him by the arm.


            The sight of Karen mounting the stairs stunned him for a moment; just long enough for some of the other girls to grab hold of him.


            Karen smiled as she leaped up, two steps at a time. Kyle noticed she was still wearing the putrid slip-on loafers she was wearing the other night.


            He struggled to free himself, but the girls surrounded him.


            “For a guy who goes through a girl a week, this must be heaven for you,” remarked Karen. 


            Kyle wanted nothing better than to slap the smirk from Karen’s face. There was no way in hell he’d let her rub her reeking, filthy feet all over his face.


            “Well, let’s say we get him naked,” suggested Karen with a howl. The girls cheered and applauded, pulling Kyle back to the floor before grabbing and pulling at his clothes. Kyle struggled, but there were too many of them. The volleyball girls managed to pin his arms behind his back while the goth chicks, all smiles, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before yanking them down his legs. Kyle kicked free, but it wasn’t long before the girls grabbed hold of his legs again.


            “Stop struggling, Kyle,” insisted Karen. “It won’t do you any good. The girls want to see you naked so we’re taking your clothes off.”


            Kyle was thrown to the floor as his shirt was pulled up and over his head. He felt hands reaching for his shorts before yanking them off. The catcalls and howls were humiliating.


            “Nothing impressive,” remarked one of the girls. The others giggled.


He must have flushed crimson, though he couldn’t see anything, his shirt twisted over his arms and head.


“He’s so vulnerable,” responded another girl. “I could squash his balls.”


            He tried to kick free, but it was no use. They’d clamped his ankles together and dragged him by the feet, his dress socks still on, to a small sofa. Within seconds, his wrists were clamped together too, and his shirt pulled up over his head to reveal a room of mocking, leering faces. He struggled, but several girls were on top of him holding him down.


            “Ready?” asked one of the goth chicks, her name Nikki.


            “Yeah,” answered Shannon. And then the girls let go of Kyle. He struggled to get to his feet, but someone had tied his arms and legs to the furniture. He was securely tied.


            “Why are you doing this to me?” he asked, already feeling sufficiently humiliated, his naked body on full view to a room full of giggling, excited women. 


            “Ready to smell some really stinky feet?” asked Karen as she took a seat on Kyle’s stomach. She was heavy and Kyle gasped for air. She raised her feet and placed them on either side of Kyle’s face.


            “I bet you missed mine. I put on my favorite tights so you could really enjoy my foot odor.”


            “Your feet make me sick.” He meant it. He could already smell her feet even though she was wearing shoes. The stench was putrid and eye-wateringly potent … almost rotten.


            “Are you sure?” she replied, playing coy.  Kyle felt a shoe drop near his head. The girls crowded over him, all smiles and looks of disbelief. But amusement quickly turned to disgust as the other girls began holding their noses and waving the air.


            “Your feet smell nasty, Karen,” remarked Megan.


            “You’re going to make him smell those?” replied another girl.


            Karen responded with a laugh before sliding her hosed foot up over his cheek. She was no longer barefoot. A crusty old pair of tights grazed his flesh like sandpaper. And then she slid her hosed toes over his nose and wiggled them playfully.


            The girls groaned in mock disgust.


            “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” said Megan. “It’s just like in those internet stories.”


            “That’s right. And then you tell him to smell them,” she remarked before turning to me. “Now smell my stinking feet, footboy. And smell them real good this time. Big, greedy whiffs.”


            How could this be happening to him again, wondered Kyle as he tried not to breathe through his nose. Her hosed foot was soaked with sweat. It was absolutely foul. But he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, and Karen wasn’t going anywhere. He’d have to take a breath and submit to the inevitable.


            Kyle breathed. Her tights smelled of sharp cheddar  and vinegar. It was revolting.


            “Sniff louder,” ordered Karen. “No pansy-assed sniffs like you’re not sure if you should like it or not. Show me you know what an honor it is to smell my funky dogs.”


            Some of the girls laughed.


            Kyle groaned involuntarily, and she responded by grinding her toes over his nose. “You know you love it.”


            Kyle did what he was told. Still overpoweringly stale and cheddary. How long had she been wearing these tights anyway?


            “That’s it,” replied Karen. “A few more deep whiffs. Take it in.” Karen loved wiggling her unwashed, stinking toes in his face.


But taking bigger whiffs of her disgustingly overpowering foot stink wasn’t making it any easier. Karen curled her toes over his nose and rubbed the ball of her foot against his nose. “Keep smellin’ them, footboy.”


            ‘Wow,’ observed one of the goth girls, “he’s really smelling them.”


            The other girls were by turns amused and revolted. But there was nothing amusing about this for Kyle. He was helpless to stop Karen from sliding her warm, moist hosed foot over his face. And it wasn’t long before another hot, sweat-soaked foot joined the first, lathering Kyle’s face in the cheesiest of foot sweat.


            “You see how easy it is,” said Karen. “Tell him what to do, and he does it … if not.”


            Kyle felt a sharp pain in his testicles. He turned and noticed one of the goth chicks standing over his crotch, a booted foot pressed against his privates.


            “That’s it,” chuckled Karen. “But no need for that unless he doesn’t behave.”


            “I hope he doesn’t,” replied with girl with a giggle. “I’ll squash his balls.”


            Karen leaned over to me. “Guy problems. Let’s hope she doesn’t taken it out on you.” She turned to the girl. “We can spare him fo rnow … unless he doesn’t do what he’s told.”


            Karen, both hosed feet firmly planted over his face, grinned. She slid her toes over his nose. “Now smell them so everyone can hear.”


            Kyle, anxious to avoid having his privates stepped on again, took a deep breath. Maybe if he did what he was told, they’d leave him alone. But the overpowering stench of her crusty, cheesy tights made him light-headed.


            “That’s more like it,” she remarked, playfully squeezing his nose with her toes before standing and rolling her tights off one foot at a time.


            Kyle relished the fresh air, taking greedy breaths. There was a another sharp pain in his groin. The girl smiled as she pressed her boot onto his groin.


            “Please, don’t,” he begged. “Please …”


            And before he could finish, Karen began stuffing her filthy, rank tights into his mouth. The taste was sickeningly tart. He tried to choke them out, but Karen was pushing them in too hard. Using duct tape to keep the tights in place, she stepped away to admire her handiwork.


            “That outta make sure he takes thorough whiffs,” she remarked. “By the tie he’s finished smelling everyone’s feet, he should be more docile; and then you can all get your feet cleaned.”


            The girls cheered.


            “Even you, Niki.”


            “My filthy feet?”


            “He’ll clean right between your toes.”


            “Gross,” the girl replied as she seemed to savor the thought of making Kyle clean her filthy feet.


            “That’s what a footboy is for,” she said as she pulled a chair up next to Kyle’s face. “You read those internet stories.”


            “This is so cool,” answered. “Doing it for real.”


“So whose first?” asked Karen with a chuckle.


            Niki answered first by claiming the seat and resting her booted feet on either side of his head. She began to unzip a boot. “This is, like, so wicked.”


            Her friends crowded around as she slammed her booted foot onto Kyle’s face and continued to unzip it. “I’ve been wearing the same fishnets for four days,” she remarked with a giggle. More groans of disgust from the girls.


            Kyle shifted his head to get her dirty boot sole off his face, but she just pressed it harder onto his face. “Stop moving,” she ordered.


            “Ooh,” the girls remarked in mock fear of her.


            Kyle stopped moving. He remembered she wanted to crush his balls.


            She quickly removed her boot before pulling it off and pressing her hot, reddened, fishnet sole squarely onto his face. Her foot was grimy with sweat and smelled of boot leather and vinegar, with a faint smell of cheetos. The stink was overpowering as she slid her size 9 foot over his face.


            “This is so fucking cool,” she remarked with a giggle as someone passed her a cigarette. “They must really stink.” She took a puff, leaving it in her mouth as she worked her stinking, moist foot over his face before curling her toes over his nose. “Now smell my rank foot, bitch.”


            Kyle complied, taking a breath. The stink of sour milk and aged cheese turned his stomach. The fishnets were torn in paces, her unpedicured toes protruding unappealingly. Clearly the girl didn’t take good care of her feet. The nails hadn’t been painted, let alone trimmed; and her toenails were dirty. There were even flecks of dirt between her toes. The thought of tasting would have exceeded what he had to endure just smelling them.


            “I didn’t feel anything,” she replied, scrunching his nose under her grubby toes. “Sniff harder.”


            Kyle sniffed louder. Her feet were too ripe and cheesy for words. The putrid taste of Karen’s funky tights didn’t help.


            She wiggled her toes. “Oooh. That felt kinda nice. I could get used to this.” She smacked the side of my face with her booted foot before sliding her toes up under my nostril. “Keep sniffing them like that.”


            Kyle sniffed softly. He couldn’t bear the thought to taking that much of her disgusting foot odor in at one time. She wasn’t pleased, slamming her foot against his face. “Keep sniffing them like the last time.”


            Kyle was in pain, but he had to do what he was told. He took another deep breath, trying to convince himself that her cheesy, dirty toes weren’t as nauseatingly foul as he thought.


            Niki unzipped her other boot before prying another moist, sweaty stocking foot from its tight sheath and pressing it onto Kyle’s face. It was the same unbearable stink, just hotter and more fetid.


            Pressing the toes of both feet over his nose, one at a time, she ordered him to “smell my feet.” She leaned back and closed her eyes. “A deep breath every five seconds.”


            Kyle gulped. How was he going to get through this? He sniffed again, amazed that her ill-cared for feet could be so filthy.


            “This feels soooo good,” she said, flexing her smelly toes. “I should have had Patrick do this.”


            “He’s next,” remarked her goth friend Jaclyn, a plain-looking girl with heavy black makeup. The other girls laughed.


            “I’ve got some guy actually smelling my nasty feet and it feels awesome.”


            “I told you you’d love it,” replid Karen from somewhere in the room.


            Jaclyn pulled up a chair next to her friend and began to unfasten the buckles on her boots.


            “What are you doing?” asked Niki.


            “I can’t let you have all the fun,” remarked Jacklyn as she pulled a boot from her foot, stretching her stocking foot out and flexing it. ‘that feels better.”


            Nike made a face. “Your feet stink.”


            “So do yours,” she replied before lowing her stocking foot to Kyle’s face. “Let me just get a few whiffs.”


            Niki reluctantly removed her toes from Kyle’s nose before starting to remove her stockings. She kept one foot firmly attached to his face as Jacklyn slid her warm, sweaty foot up over his face. Her stockings were in holes as well, two unpainted toes protruding from the fabric.


            Kyle breathed. The smell was pungent and vinegary. Before he could turn his head away, she slid her stocking toes of his nose and squeezed.


            “Smell my stinky foot, footboy.”


            Kyle sniffed her stocking toes as she wiggled them playfully. The acrid stink was potent.


            “That does feel nice. Keep sniffing them.”


            Kyle did so, taking measured sniffs as she leaned back in her chair, relishing the sensation. “The air just feels so cool and tingly on my sweaty feet.”


            A moist, sticky foot slithered over his face. It was one of Niki’s filthy bare feet, flecks of dirt embedded in the creases on her sole, calloused patches darkened with dirt.


            “Let me at least finish,” insisted Niki, pushing Jacklyn’s stocking foot off Kyle’s face before curling her sticky sweaty toes over his nose.


            “I’ve got to feel this no my bare toes. Now smell them.”


            He took a deep breath. Her bare toes were especially sour and cheesy smelling. Was it all the dirt under her toenails? Her feet might have been beautiful if she bothered to take care of them; but as it was, they were ugly. But the girl didn’t seem to mind, playfully sliding one and then both sweaty bare feet over his face and giggling.


            “You can use his face to massage your feet too.”


            Some of the women laughed at this.


            “Let me try,” remarked Jacklyn as she slid a foot, now bare, over his cheek, her toes grazing his nostril.


            “Not until I’m done,” replied Niki as she pushed Jacklyn’s foot off his face, curling her sweaty, grimy toes over his nose and wiggling them. “Just five more minutes,” she added. “Smell them, footboy. Just like before.”


            And Kyle smelled her feet for what felt like far more than five minutes.


            And whenever Niki removed a foot, Jacklyn slid her toes over his nose. Her toes weren’t as filthy, but she didn’t take good care of her feet either and could have used a pedicure. Jacklyn had slightly larger feet, size 10 or so, but they looked bigger because they were solid feet with large toes.


            “If you want it that badly,’ said Niki with a laugh before leaving Jacklyn to slide both of her sweaty, pungent-smelling feet all over his face, caking his face with even more footsweat.


            “I want to do this all the time.”


            “You’ll have to get your own footboy,” said Karen. “We’ll find you one.”


            “This is really starting to be a thing,” said Megan.


            “Once you do it, it’s hard to stop,” responded Karen, sliding her foot out of her shoe to smear her reeking foot over his face and giving his cheek a playful slap. “I’ll have to get my own footboy too.”


            The third goth chick, Carmen, slid into the other seat and crossed her legs. She had dark hair and was kind of pretty under all the makeup. She was wearing large high heels, the kind with buckles. She watched, amused, as Jacklyn wiggled her unpainted toes over Kyle’s nostrils.


            “More. Keep sniffing them,” said Jacklyn as she slid the tips of her toes up against his nostrils. “Pretty stinky, huh,” she remarked to Kyle. “My feet always stink.” The toe cheese under her nails was turning his stomach; so he was relieved when she cupped her toes back over his nose.


            “For once it doesn’t matter,” said Karen.


            “I think that’s why it feels so good to get them sniffed, because my feet are so stinky.”


            A shoe fell on his chest. It was Carmen’s thick high heel, revealing the stocking sole. Her feet were size 8, but they were broad, solid-looking feet.


            “Can I?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.


            Reluctantly, Jacklyn removed her feet. Carmen wasted no time as she shoved her warm, sweaty stocking foot onto Kyle’s face. Her toes quickly perched themselves atop his nose. “Alright, smell those. I’ve been wearing the same stockings all week … at least since they told me all about you,”


            Kyle’s stomach went all hollow from the overpowering smell of old cheese and rotting show leather. Her damp stocking toes were even more acrid smelling, and it didn’t help that she enjoyed squeezing his nose with them, the sweat from her stockings dripping out over his nose.


            “I don’t feel anything,” she replied, her toes grappling with his nose.


            Niki was nearby and she gave him a swift kick to the head with her barefoot. “Smell her feet better, footboy.”


            Kyle took a deep breath, one he was sure would please.


            “I still don’t fell anything.”


            A sharp pain to his groin, made him take a sharp intake of breath. The fetid stench of her crusty stocking toes almost made him wretch.


            “Ooh. Now I feel it. That’s kinda nice. Hope my feet don’t stink too bad.” Carmen turned to Kyle. “Do they stink real bad?” she asked with a giggle.


            Kyle nodded his head, which made everyone laugh. Carmen responded by rubbing her foot hard all over his face. “Then I should rub the stink off on you.”


            Using Kyle’s head to pry off her other shoe, Carmen pulled her other stocking foot free and applied it to his face. The second foot seemed to smell even more putrid than the first. How often did she wear those heels of hers?


            She rubbed the ball of her second foot against his nostrils. “Smell them some more.”


            Kyle took as deep a breath as he could.


            “This is awesome,” remarked Jacklyn. “I can’t believe he’s smelling them. Poor guy.”


            “I know. I can smell them from here,” remarked Niki, her nose wrinkled.


            “Make him smell your shoes,” said Jacklyn. “Those are, like, so nasty.”


            Carmen giggled as she grabbed a shoe from the floor, turning it over before holding it over Kyle’s face.


            It was the shoes that made her feet smell so repulsive. They were rotten and moldy smelling, well over-worn. Kyle could barely contain his nausea.


            The girls groaned. Carmen’s shoes must have had something of a reputation.


            “He’s actually smelling them,” observed Jackie.


            “He doesn’t have a choice,” giggled Carmen. “Too cruel,” she said before removing the shoe and replacing it with her sweaty, stocking foot. Kyle had never felt so relieved to smell someone’s feet.


            He smelled the toes of one foot as she removed the stocking from the other foot. “I’ve got to try this bare foot.”


            A sticky, bare foot replaced the stocking foot. Her toes smelled like sour milk, really sour milk. Her feet had done a lot of sweating in those stockings and shoes.


            “Even better,” she said, removing her other stocking before clasping both sweaty bare foot on his face, sliding one foot over his nose and then another. “Mmmn. Long whiffs, footboy.”


            Kyle took a longer breath. It would have been fine if he enjoyed the smell, but the vile stench of her calloused, dirty feet was not enjoyable. It was degrading having this girl’s unwashed feet sliding over his face. At least the girl took better care of her feet, but they were still really calloused.


            Hayley took a seat next to Carmen and smiled.


            “I’m so happy everyone’s having fun,” she said. “We haven’t had this much fun in ages.”


            “I thought it was a little weird,” said Carmen as she plied her bare toes into Kyle’s face. “But I’m so glad I came. I’m kinda of glad I wore the same stockings all week. Makes it worthwhile getting ‘em sniffed.”


            Hayley removed one of her clunky heels. She wasn’t wearing stockings and her dirty,  bare soles were wrinkled and reddened. She flexed her toes.


            “Ready to make my toes happy,” she said before extending her foot to Kyle’s face. He closed his eyes and felt her warm, moist foot slither up over his face. Her foot smelled like warm cream cheese with a hint of corn chips. Her feet weren’t as foul-smelling as they other girls’ feet, but that didn’t make smelling them any less revolting.


            Hayley slid her toes over his nose. “Smell my feet. Boy, they must stink by now.”


            “Rub it in his face real good,” advised Niki with a smile. Hayely did just that, sliding her toes over his nose and telling him to smell her feet.


            Kyle took a deep breath. He didn’t want to. But it wasn’t a matter of choice, but necessity. He could only breathe though his nose and if Hayley was going to curl her toes over his nose, what else could he do but smell her feet.


            He could still feel Carmen’s foot rubbing against his cheek and chin while Hayely began to grind her toes over his nose. “That is soooo nice,” she remarked as she slumped back into the chair, her eyes closed. “Keep smelling my feet.”


            Kyle did what he was told. He didn’t mind her feet as much; perhaps because she was attractive and gentle. And when she added her other bare foot, he smelled it too.


            Before long, Shannon’s huge size 12 sole dangled above his face before smothering him. The fritos-like stench even more potent than it was the other night. Her big, sweaty foot was clammy and sticky with sweat as she rubbed it into his face, sliding his nose between her long smelly toes.


            The girls were chatting and laughing amongst themselves, helping themselves to beers. Most of them had grown accustomed to this not as a peculiar event but as an everyday thing. How could they be so casual about it, thought Kyle.


            Shannon removed her other Kswiss to reveal another sweaty sole. She pressed it over his face. “Smell my feet, footboy. I’ve been sweating it up pretty good in these. My feet must stink.”


            Kyle closed his eyes and kept sniffing. And then the scent became more cheesy, stronger and with a Parmesan edge to it. He opened his eyes to realize that Maddy, one of the volleyball girls, was joyfully rubbing her wide size 7 feet all over his face.


            “Hope those are smelly enough.”


            “Yeah,” replied Shannon who was standing nearby. “They reek.”


            “This is so weird and so cool. Smell my feet, footboy.”


            Maddy pressed her stubby toes over his nose. And Kyle took a deep breath. He hated every minute, especially since Maddy’s toes were so unforgivably sharp and stale smelling. She took to sliding her toes into his nose and giggling.


            “Ooh, I can smell my feet from here,” she remarked, wrinkling his nose. “Poor guy,” she added with a laugh as if she could care less what he was going through.


            He hadn’t even noticed Elyse removing Karen’s vile-tasting tights and showing one of her gym socks in his mouth instead.


            “How does my sock taste? I’ve been wearing it to the last five practices.”


            Kyle must have been smelling her feet for ten minutes when he opened them to realize he was smelling Elyse’s big size 11s. One dirty sock foot rested on his cheek, while bare toes played over his nose.


            “That’s it. Smell my stinky toes.”


            She had long toes, like Shannon. They weren’t painted, but she took somewhat good care of her feet. She was an athlete. But her feet were incredibly sweaty, and he could feel how clammy and sticky she was making his face as she rubbed them all over him.  They smelled like old sneakers and fritos..


            “Pass me another beer,” she said as she slammed her stinking sock foot over his nose. The toe end was a little crusty and cheesy-smelling.


            It wasn’t long before Megan finished things up, kicking off her loafers before leaping into the seat and slamming her stinking, sweaty feet onto his face. She’d been wearing her shoes without socks and judging from the sickeningly cheesy stench, she’d been wearing them barefoot a lot.


            “I’ve been waiting a long time for this. This feels soooo good to get my shoes off. And I just love how his face feels under them.”


            Megan was sliding her moist, sticky feet over his face. She had nice enough feet with long toes while squirmed all over his nose. “I’ve been thinking of doing this ever since I saw you earlier. Now smell my feet.”


            There was something peculiarly sour-smelling about her feet, and Kyle had a feeling that her feet always smelled like that. She did admit to having a foot odor problem; but it wasn’t any worse than the other girls who had worse smelling feet.


            But Kyle was too thoroughly demeaned by having to smell everyone’s stinking, ripe feet to object to anything. When Megan told him to take a deep breath, he did, sniffing her toes until she was satisfied.


            “This does feel awesome,” she said flexing her toes over his nose. “It probably won’t feel half as good if my feet didn’t stink. More reason to keep them hot and sweaty.”


            Megan yanked the sock from his mouth before sliding her long toes into his mouth. “I hope they taste as good as they smell.”


            She wiggled her toes in his mouth. He sweat was tangy and tart.


            “Mmmmn. Suck on them.”


            And Kyle did. And once he started sucking on her toes, the other girls regained their interest in him.


            “Now I can get used to this,” she remarked, the toes of one foot shoved into his mouth and the toes of her other foot curled over his nose.


            “Have him clean them,” advised Karen as she slid of her shoe, pressing her putrid, stinking foot back onto his face, her heel pressed over his mouth.


            “Suck on my heel,” demanded Karen. He’d sucked on them already, but they were dirty again. The thought of licking her ugly, malodorous foot was unsettling; so he closed his eyes and sucked.


            “Just tell him what to do. But he can clean everyone’s feet. Even yours Niki.”


            More laughter.


            “He’ll have his work cut out for him cleaning my nasty dogs,” responded Niki with a laugh.


Kyle tried to ignored the laughter. He had barely enough energy to pay attention to Megan as she told him what to lick and suck, pressing her heels against  his mouth, and the ball of her foot too. She had him lick every sticky, clammy inch of her sweaty, oily feet.


            She removed her feet and Kyle opened his eyes, noticing Niki seated nearby, her legs crossed to reveal her filthy, wrinkled sole dangling close to his face. He remembered the sharp, cheesy smell, and the sight of her dirty, uncut toenails made him want to cry.


            “I’ve got to see this,” said Jacklyn as she muscled in to seat herself next to  Niki.


            “So he’s got to lick my feet totally clean?” asked Niki with a smirk as she flexed her disgusting toes.


            “Every inch,” commented Karen. The other women groaned at the thought of Kyle licking Niki’s feet.    


            “Then start at the heel,” she said grinding her grimy heel into his mouth. Suck on them.. Her foot tasted no worse than it smelled, which was pretty foul; but the thought of how filthy her feet were was disgusting. One would have guessed the girl never bothered washing her feet.


            He didn’t want to lick her feet, but with his tongue already against her heel, he did and began to suck on them. He tried not to think about it, even when the full, pungent stench of her feet wafted over him.


            As if the heel wasn’t bad enough, she had him lick the length of her creased, greasy  soles until she slid her filthy toes into his mouth. She laughed.


            “That is sooo nasty,” remarked Jacklyn with a giggle. “He’s got your toes in his mouth.”


            “Suck on them,” commanded Niki as she curled the toes of her other foot over his nose. Kyle did; and as he did so, he could feel flecks of lint and dirt in his mouth. Her feet tasted just as they smelled; aged cheddar; which would have been fine if he were eating cheese. But not if he had some girl’s toes thrust into his mouth.


            “He should clean between your toes,” advised Maddy who seemed both shocked and amused to see Kyle cleaning Niki’s dirty feet.


            “That’s right. Get between the toes,” she said. “Mmn. I’ve never had my toes sucked before. It’s nice.”


            “Who would suck them?” said Carmen. “Gross.”


            Kyle slid his tongue between her toes. He tried to pretend she had beautiful, clean feet; and then he caught a glimpse of her other toes and remembered how much filth he was tasting.


            She pulled her toes out and held them over his face. “Suck on the ball of my foot,” she said; and he did, her wet toes playing over his nose.


            “Look at that. They’re so much cleaner now.”


            The benefits of having a footboy,” remarked Hayley. ‘Too bad he’s already taken.”


            “You mean Becca?” asked Jacklyn.


            “She’ll let you use him again,” said Karen. “She wanted us all to get pedicures.”


            Loud cheers.


            “Only after he cleans our feet. Foot cleaning comes first … then foot maintenance.”


            “He’s got a way to go on mine,” she said, raising one foot before shoving the toes of her other foot into Kyle’s mouth. She stuck them in so far he gagged.


            “Watch it,” she said, smacking his face with her other foot. “No getting sick on me. Now get between the toes.”


            She wiggled her toes inside his mouth as Kyle weakly slid his tongue between one set of toes and then another; sucking on her toes two or three at a time.


            “This is how I should always get my feet cleaned,” remarked Niki, making the others laugh.


            Ten minutes passed before Carmen and Jacklyn were taking turns subbing their grimy, rank feet back in his face and getting them licked and sucked clean.


            “Use your teeth on the callous,” suggested Carmen as she pressed the side of her thick, padded sole against his mouth. Kyle’s eyes were closed so he simply responded to orders. When Jacklyn’s long pungent toes plunged into his mouth, he sucked on them; and when Carmen pressed the ball of her foot against his mouth, he sucked on it while her cheesy toes played up against his nostrils.


            Ten minutes later and Maddy was seated over him, her thick, meaty soles arched over his face. They were dirty from the floor, and glistening with sweat. She pressed the ball of her foot over his mouth, her cream cheese toes curled up against his nostrils.


            “Suck on that,” she demanded. He did and it was like licking cheese wrapping. He groaned; but Maddy wanted her feet cleaned.


            “You cleaned Niki’s nasty feet, you can clean mine.”


            And so he began to suck on the padding of her feet. And it was with great delight that she also had him lick the dirt from between her toes. Her toenails were dirty too. Kyle was thankful she couldn’t have him lick that out.


            And so, one by one, the girls resumed their positions over Kyle, telling him to lick their dirty feet, suck on their dirty toes and clean between them with his tongue. If he wasn’t already degraded from having their stinking feet rubbed in his face, he was even more so from having to clean them with his mouth. But he didn’t care anymore. He did what he was told because he wanted to leave.


            Only the potent, revolting stench of Karen’s feet made him open his eyes. Her dirty feet were dangling just inches over his face, her wrinkled soles speckled with dirt, as were her toenails. She wiggled her cheddar toes.


            “Time to clean mine. They’re just filthy.”


            The girls laughed and whooped it up as Karen slammed her feet down on Kyle’s face and lathered his face with foot sweat before shoving her dirty toes into his mouth.


            Her feet tasted bitter, like old shoes. But he did what he was told.


            “That’s it. Suck on my toes, footboy. That’s what you’re here for.”


            Another set of toes clenched hold of his nose. The stench made him giddy; and coupled with he fact he could barely breathe, he passed out.


            He awoke to  discover several of the girls sliding their feet over his face. They were seated all around him.


            He felt his wrists. He was no longer tied up.


            “Do we have time for pedicures?” asked Hayley.


            ‘Well, it’s already ten,” said Megan. “I think he has to be somewhere.”


            “But we’re just starting to have fun,” laughed Niki.


            The women groaned collectively. Kyle would have gotten up if he weren’t already covered in feet. Niki and Carmen were sliding their feet over his face while Jacklyn and Hayley were rubbing his chest. Elyse and Maddy were playing footsies with his legs and Megan was sliding her toes over his erect penis. He was surprised to find he was hard, but Megan was playing with his cock, after  all.


            Niki curled her toes over his nose. “Just a few more minutes,” she said.


            “He belongs to  Becca,” replied Megan. “And I think she’ll be disappointed he’s late.


            Kyle remembered Becca. He didn’t want to be late. Was it already ten o’clock? He struggled to rise from the floor, but the girls held him down with their feet.


            “We should let him go,” said Hayley as she lifted her feet frm his chest.


            The other girls followed suit so Kyle could stand.


            Hayley helped him up while Megan collected his clothes.


            “If we hurry, you might not be too late,” said Megan.


            “It’s not our fault though,” said Karen who was seated nearby. “If he hadn’t wasted so much time struggling, we would have been finished sooner.”


            “Look. He’s still hard,” said Carmen with a giggle. “He must have enjoyed cleaning out dirty feet.”


            Kyle tried to keep his balance. Realizing he was naked in front of them, he covered his erection. The girls laughed.


            “We’ve seen you naked for over three hours now,” said Hayley as she grabbed Kyle by the hand. “It shouldn’t matter now.”


            “Thanks for smelling my feet, loser,” said Niki as she crossed her bare feet onto a nearby chair. “You cleaned ‘em real good. Maybe men aren’t completely worthless.”


            Karen laughed. “About all he’s good for: smelling our feet.”


            “What a loser,” answered Maddy. The others seemed amused.


            Niki turned to Karen. “Can I make sure the loser cleans my dirty feet again. I loved having him do that.”


            “Just ask Becca,” replied Karen. Kyle was troubled by the notion that it was up to Becca to grant permission to let these girls humiliate him again with their rank, dirty feet.


            “You can come smell our feet anytime,” remarked Carmen. “We’ll keep ‘em smelly for you.”


            “Your feet are always smelly, Carmen,” said Niki.


            “I mean super smelly,” replied Carmen. “It’ s more fun having him worship them.”


            “He looked so pathetic with your foot in hi smouth,” observed Maddy.


            “Yeah, Carmen’s right. We should get them even stinkier next time,” suggested Elyse as she smacked Kyle’s bare bottom. The girls laughed.


            Hayley guided Kyle to the hallway.


            “I want him back soon,” said Niki. “I’ll tie him up and make him by permanent foot slave. I should bend him over and beat his bare ass raw.”


            “If he does anything bad,” replied Megan, “we’ll be sure to send him to you for punishment.”


            The girls laughed and talked amongst themselves. They were sad to see Kyle leave. But Kyle was relieved, though he was too fatigued to show it. His mouth was sore, as were his ankles and wrists.


            Megan and Hayley guided him to the car.


            “Can I get my clothes back?”


            “Get in. Wed better hurry. Becca’s going to be so pissed off with you.”


            Megan dumped his clothes in the back trunk before opening the front door and climbing inside.


            “I need my clothes,” he asked feebly.


            Hayley giggled. “You look better like this. Now get in, sweetie,” she said, pushing him into the car. “You’ve got a great tongue by the way,” she added with a wink.


            Kyle seated himself on the leather seat as Hayley closed the door behind him. Megan started the car.


            Hayley peered through the open window. “Don’t be so glum. If it’s any consolation. We all had a blast.”


            “The poor guy had to smell everyone’s feet; and lick them clean. Not an enviable job.”


            But I think we found the right guy. I don’t know about you but I loved having my feet in his face. It just felt … right.”


            Hayley turned to Kyle. “You should try to enjoy it more next time.”


            “It was sooo much fun,” echoed Megan, slapping Kyle’s bare leg. 


            Hayley raised her foot and pressed it up against Kyle’s face through the open window, caressing his face with her toes. Her feet still smelled sour, but he hadn’t the energy to object to it.


            Hayley turned to Megan. “You think she’ll let him give some us some oral pleasure.”


            “It won’t hurt to ask.”


            “Kiss my foot,’ demanded Hayley. Kyle kissed it and she removed it from his face.


            Megan put the car in reverse and backed out of the garage.


            Kyle was relieved to be seeing Becca; and seeing her alone he hoped. He didn’t have the energy to go through anything like this again.


            As they drove, Kyle turned to notice Megan chuckling to herself.


            “What so funny?” he asked.


            “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be laughing about it. I guess I should just feel sorry for you.”


            “Keep your pity.”


            “It would be easier for you if you were polite,” she answered.


            Before long, Megan drove up to a small house.


            “This isn’t Becca’s place,” he said.


            “I know. But that’s where she is.”


            She stopped the car. “Well, go ahead.”


            “My clothes.”


            “I’ll pop the back open.”


            Kyle opened his door and jumped out; but as soon as he closed it, Megan reversed into the street.


            “Hey,” he yelled, but it was no use. She was driving away too fast. He turned to the house. There was nothing else for him to do but ring the doorbell.


            He did and after several seconds, the door opened. It was a young woman, early twenties plain but pretty enough. She paused, noticed he was naked and grinned.


            “Is Becca here?”


            “You must be the footboy,” she replied before opening the door. “Come in.”


            She wrinkled his nose as he passed. “You smell like feet.”


            “It’s a long story.”


            “She’s really pissed off. You could have at least come on time.”


            The girl closed the door. Kyle was relieved. Sure, Becca might be upset, but she did love him once. He could reason with her and end this lunacy. It would all be over; or would it?