“Hello,” he yelled. No response. He turned and a pungent, sour stench greeted his nose. It was a crusty old gym sock, and he brushed it away with utter disgust.


Kyle lifted himself up. He was naked, his ankles still cuffed together and his right wrist cuffed to the sofa leg. He attempted to sit up, but he couldn’t maneuver out of his posture on the floor.


For a fraction of a second, he’d been half expecting to wake up in his own bed. But the strange environment was disconcerting. And just as he began to convince himself he hadn’t been humiliated last night, he could smell the unmistakable odor of unwashed, sweaty feet. He covered his nose with his free hand, but the smell was still there. It was as if the odor had been imbedded in his nose.


The image of dirty, grubby, stinking toes wriggling inches away from his face made him nauseous. He turned. “Anyone there?”


Nearby were several ratty old sneakers, none of them matching. Dirty socks had been scrunched up into balls on the floor or thrown haphazardly.


“It’s about time you woke up,” replied a familiar voice.


Kyle turned. It was Becca, observing him from the hallway leading to the bathroom.


“What the fuck am I doing here?”


“You came here, Kyle. No one dragged you here.”


“You fucking set me up.”


“You can’t be too surprised, Kyle.”


“Smelling your feet. It’s fucking sick. I mean do these bitches ever wash their feet?”


“We wanted it to be memorable for you. Was it?”


“Screw you. Just get me out of here.”


Becca stood over him, imperious and bold. She smiled as she took her sneakered foot and slammed it against Kyle’s head, pushing him to the floor, her foot pressing hard over his head against the floor.


Kyle’s free hand was under his body and he struggled to free it so he could push her off of him. But his position was awkward.


“How does it feel, Kyle? Do you feel as pathetic as you look?”


Kyle had no choice but to beg. “Please. Don’t do this.”


Becca ground his head into the floor for a few more seconds before pulling her foot off of him.


“You’ve had your fun.”


“You haven’t learned anything, have you?”


“I’ve learned I should have thought twice before fucking you.”


“What’s done is done. All we can do now is make things more fair.”


“You call this fair. Maybe me smell your nasty feet. Fuck you.”


“You’ve got a mouth on you today, Kyle,” she said, not once losing her cool. She was the master of the moment and she knew it.


“You said I could get the key back.”


Becca shrugged. “I guess we’ll have to look for it.”


“Can I go?”


“Not until you thank me and everyone for last night.”


“Fuck that.”


“You’ve got a lot to learn, Kyle.”


Upstairs, the door opened and Ashley leaped downstairs with a pronounced grin.


“How’s our prisoner,” she asked.


“Prisoner? Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ll get in with this stunt. You let me go now and maybe I won’t tell anyone.”


Becca turned and reached for a bag, retrieving a collection of polaroids. One by one she showed them to Kyle.


They were photos of him, naked, his face clearly visibly. Some of the pictures even showed him in postures of submission, licking and sucking on dirty feet. The humiliation of the previous night washed over him, turning him crimson.


“You wouldn’t want these posted up all over your law school campus.”


Kyle said nothing. He didn’t know what to say. The prospect of everyone at school seeing these was too much to imagine.


“Now as long as you do what you’re told,” remarked Ashley, “and show a little gratitude and appreciation, that will never happen.”


“Do you understand what it means to do as you’re told?” added Becca. “You’ve made good use of womankind and know it’s time to give something back. So it’s all about us now. Make us happy. That’s all that matters.”


“This isn’t fair. What the hell did I do to you two?”


“Come on, Kyle. You had your fun. We’re just having a little fun too. Big deal.”


“Your feet are disgusting.”


Ashley turned to Becca. “You see why we need to do this, don’t you.”


Becca nodded her agreement.


“You know, I don’t care how nasty and smelly my feet are, you should be thanking me for letting you kiss them.” Ashley was growing incensed. “A little appreciation, Kyle. That’s al we want. You couldn’t appreciate us for the nice things. Well, now you’re going to thank us for the unpleasant things. And as long as you keep telling me my feet are disgusting, I’ll keep rubbing them in your face.”


Kyle said nothing, even as Ashley extended her sweaty bare foot towards his face.


“Kiss my foot and say thank you.”


“Then can I go?” he asked.


“Kiss it before I have your thoroughly smell my toes again,” Ashley commanded.


The thought of Ashley’s sour, cheesy toes clutching at his nose made the decision easy. He kissed her foot. “Thank you,” he replied.


Kyle pulled away form her foot, but she extended her foot, sliding her toes over his nose before Kyle pushed her foot away.


“We have our work cut out for us, Ashley,” remarked Becca.


“What do you want?”


Becca produced a key form her pocket. “Clean up this mess and wait here. We’ll be having a group meeting in about ten minutes. Then we’ll tell you exactly what we expect.”


Becca applied the key to the cuff and released Kyle’s other arm. It was sore, and he nursed it.


She did the same for his ankles, and Kyle was a free man. But was he?


“Could I get my clothes too?”


Becca and Ashley laughed. “Not yet,” said Becca. “We don’t want you running off until you understand what we want. Besides, we’re not done with you yet”


“I won’t go anywhere.”


“Well, that’s the other thing,” added Ashley. As long as any of us want you naked, you’ll be naked. And I want you naked for the time being.


Ashley smacked Kyle’s ass as he stumbled to his feet.


“We’ll be back,” added Becca smiling as her gaze lingered over his body for a few seconds.




Kyle had just finished tossing the socks and shoes into a corner of the room when the door swung open.


“Look at him,” remarked Cassandra. “How sweet.”


Kyle turned.


Cassandra, Dawn and Whitney giggled as they gazed at Kyle from the landing. And then Kyle remembered he was naked, quickly sliding his hands over his groin.


But this only delighted the girls even more as they bounded down the stairs, followed by Becca, Ashley and Karen. Two younger college girls also followed them into the room, bursting into uncontrollable giggles when they say Kyle.


Dawn and Whitney teased him, smacking his bare ass, as Cassandra attempted to pry Kyle’s hands from in front of his privates. “When we want to see it, you show it,” she exclaimed. But Kyle was too embarrassed.


“You were naked all last night and we all got an eyeful,” remarked Karen. “So what’s the problem now?”


Becca shuffled the polaroids in her hands.


“Stand over here,” she demanded, gesturing to the center of the room. The girls were already taking seats around him. They were all smiles and couldn’t keep their eyes off him.


Kyle gave Becca a withering look before complying, his hands still over his privates.


“And when you stand before any of us, you keep your hands behind your back,” explained Karen.




“Because you don’t want everyone at school to see naked pictures of you.”


Kyle hesitated before taking his arms and putting them behind his back. Dawn and Whitney applauded while the others gave him a few catcalls until he flushed red again.


“That’s it,” added Karen. “Do as you’re told. By others or any other women associated with us. Of course, that’s within reason. And nothing in public. But when you’re in private with any of us, you do exactly what we want you to do. Got it?”


Kyle shrugged.


“That’s not very convincing,” remarked Ashley.


“Yes,” said Kyle with a sneer. The younger girls sitting across from him continued to whisper amongst themselves and giggle as they gazed at him.


“When we say strip, you take off every stitch of clothing,” added Karen. “Understand?”




“That goes for us, or any women we give permission to make use of you.”


“And how will I know who has permission?”


“Because they’ll refer to you by your new name.”


The girls eagerly anticipated the name.


“Footboy,” added Karen with a chuckle.


The girls were in hysterics.


A woman walks up to you and says: “Footboy. I want you to clean my apartment this weekend. Then you’ll clean her apartment.”


“I’m not going to do anything. This is fucking ridiculous.”


“Well, here’s the deal,” continued Karen. “You’re going to make yourself useful to women. And that means you’ll be doing chores. Any household chores, cleaning or fixing things. Cooking. Dishes. That’s not asking too much, is it?”


“Can he do it in the nude,” asked Dawn.


“If you like,” replied Karen. “It’s up to us. We’re in charge.”


“This isn’t going to work,” muttered Kyle.


“It will if you shut up and do what you’re told,” added Karen.


“For how long?”


“Until your attitude improves,” added Becca. “Until you happily do what you’re told. Until you show real gratitude for serving our needs.”


Kyle shook his head in disbelief. “Alright, I’ll do that. But no cheesy feet. I’ve done with that shit.”


“No you’re not,” replied Karen. “You’re done once you begin to show real appreciation for even the stinkiest, nastiest feet.”


“This isn’t funny anymore.”


The girls didn’t agree and continued to giggle.


“If ou don’t want nasty feet, you’ll have to learn about footcare,” added Karen. “That means pedicures, and that also means taking care of calluses and other unpleasantness. And you’ll do it with a smile. It’s up to you. You’ll be worshipping our feet anyway. So if you want them to look nice, you’ll take care of them.”


“You’re kidding me,” replied Kyle. “Foot worshipping? You had me smelling everyone’s stinking feet, and licking everyone’s dirty feet for hours last night. I think that’s enough.”


“But we brought some friends who wanted to get their feet worshipped.”


The college girls smiled as she gazed coyly towards the floor. Their bare ankles revealed between their jeans and sneakers.


“You’ll be providing foot worship on demand,” added Becca. “If we want you to smell our feet, you smell them. And that goes for bare feet and nasty sock feet too. And of course, you’ll lick and suck on them as much as we want. Got it, footboy?”


“You guys?” asked Kyle as he turned to Karen. “I’m not touching your feet.”


“You will and I’ll keep rubbing them in your face until you begin to appreciate my foot odor.”


The college girls giggled.


“Any of us, or any women who has our permission can rub her feet in your face whenever she likes, as long as it’s private. I don’t care how awful her feet smell or how dirty they are, that’s her privilege.”


“This is going too far. This whole foot things is making me sick.”


“What’s your problem with feet?” asked Dawn. “They’re going to smell, Kyle. What do you expect? And so what if they stink.”


“I don’t care. Just keep them in your shoes.”


But Dawn did just the opposite, removing her slip-on clog to stretch her slightly-soiled and oily looking feet. “Get on the floor and smell my feet,” said Dawn.


Becca raised the photos. “You understand what to do, don’t you?” remarked Becca.


Kyle said nothing as he got to his knees in front of Dawn and approached her foot reluctantly. But he kept his distance, her leg stretched before him, her toes wiggling.


“How are you going to smell them form there, Kyle,” asked Dawn with a smirk. But he couldn’t get closer. Her dirty, grubby toes revolted him and he recalled just how sickening her cheesy toes smelled. Her soles still looked incredibly sweaty from wearing those clogs.


Karen grabbed Kyle by the hair and pulled his face towards Dawn’s extended size 8 foot. Dawn’s warm, sweaty toes clutching Kyle’s nose and wriggling playfully. “That’s it, smell my toes, Kyle.”


Kyle tried to hold his breath as long as he could and then gave in, taking in the full pungent stench of Dawn’s dirty toes. It was sharp and vinegary, like aged sweat and yet also mildewy, like the smell of old rotten shoes.


“That’s it,” exclaimed Dawn. “Sniff louder, footboy.”


Karen, highly amused by Kyle’s predicament, held out her hand for Dawn and Dawn gave her a high five.


As Dawn continued to flex her toes over Kyle’s nose, he was growing too repulsed by the through of having to smell them again. He pulled away. Karen grabbed his head again and pushed his face towards Dawn’s extended toes.


“Smell her feet, Kyle,” she said.


And a sudden pressure on his testicles made him lurch. Becca had her hand on his balls and was applying steady pressure.


“Smell her feet or I’ll squeeze harder,” said Becca with a grin. Something about Becca’s expression convinced Kyle she meant it.


With his eyes closed, Kyle held his nose to Dawn’s wriggling toes and sniffed. The pungent, sour stink was making him sick. It was too hard.


“We can always tie him up and make him do it,” offered Dawn.


Kyle had no choice and he smelled her stinking toes again and again until the girls applauded and whistled their satisfaction. He kept taking breath while Dawn slid her toes over his nose and even pressed her smaller toes up into his nostrils, much to the amusement of the younger college girls.


“I love this,” remarked Dawn. “And to think I can just rub my feet in your face as much as I like.”


Kyle wanted to put her in her place, but refrained. He would have his chance.


And then Dawn replaced the one foot, now dry, with a newly moist and warm foot, the smell remarkably pungent and nauseating.


“Smell my feet like there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing,” said Dawn.


Kyle sniffed and sniffed again.


“You can do better than that,” remarked Karen. “You’ll keep sniffing our feet until you learn to do it with real enthusiasm. You should show how grateful you are to have our feet in your face.”


Kyle struggled to remain silent, even as Dawn continued to flex her toes up against his nostrils and over his nose again.


“This is called putting a man in his place,” said Karen to the college girls. “And now it’s your turn.”


The girls were a little embarrassed.


One of them, her name Alise, looked worried. “I’d feel so bad for him. I mean we did what you asked but I think we got our feet a little too smelly.” Alise wrinkled her nose.


Karen, along with Dawn and Cassandra, simply laughed.


“Wouldn’t you like to rub them in his face anyway,” asked Karen.


“Sure, but…”


“Then you should do what you want. That’s the whole point.”


The other girl, Sandra, seemed more enthusiastic and had already begun to unlace her running shoes.


“Maybe he should lay on the floor so they won’t have to hold their legs up.”


Karen grabbed Kyle by the hair and pushed him to the floor. “Lay down face up,” she demanded.


Kyle turned around to gaze up at the girls’ smiling faces. Above him was the scuffed, dirty sole of Sandra’s running shoe which she promptly pressed onto his face.


“This is soooo cool,” she remarked, still fiddling with the lace before removing the shoe from his face and prying it off her foot. She had wide size 8 feet, the ball of her foot thickly padded and glistening with sweat.


Sandra quickly pressed her warm, sweaty foot onto Kyle’s face and began to rub it in his face, lathering it with her foot sweat. Kyle held his breath as long as he could before taking a few quick breathes once she’d removed her toes from over his nose. But he could still smell them. Like cheetos, just more potent.


Kyle almost caught himself feeling relieved the girls’ feet didn’t smell worse. It wasn’t a rotten, acrid smell, almost sweet, but sickly sweet though.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” said Sandra.


Alise wrinkled her nose again. “Your feet are sooo nasty, Sandra.”


“I haven’t washed them in two days,” replied Sandra with a giggle. She was clearly enjoying having Kyle’s face under her stinky foot. She slid her foot over his face and curled her toes over his nose.


“Smell my feet real good, footboy.”


“That’s it,” said Karen with a laugh. “You’ve got it.”


Kyle was of half a mind to walk up and leave the house, naked if necessary. They were trying to humiliate him and it was making him furious. But he bided his time and took a few whiffs.


Alise heard. “I can’t believe he’s smelling your feet.”


Kyle couldn’t believe it either. And within five minutes, Sandra began to slide her other warm, sweaty foot over his face, even slapping his face form time to time with her feet. “Can I have him lick them?” asked Sandra.


Ewww. They’re too sweaty, Sandra,” remarked Alise.


“He’s here to worship your feet however you like,” volunteered Becca. “He’s here to do what you want. What we want.”


“Then suck on this,” demanded Sandra, pressing a soiled heel over his mouth.


“Open your mouth, loser,” ordered Karen while Becca pressed her shoe over Kyle’s groin. “Don’t make her ask twice. You do as she says.”


Kyle opened his mouth and let Sandra grind her dirty heel over his tongue. And as Sandra cupped the cheesy toes of her other foot over Kyle’s nose, he felt himself succumb to the depths of degradation. Smelling the pungent stink of her toes while tasting the salty, tart skin of her rough heel was overwhelming. He was miserable and yet the girls were laughing.


“Can I call him loser too,” asked Sandra.


“Well, he is one, so that’s fine,” replied Cassandra. “Call him what you like.


Sandra pulled her heel away and proceeded to shove her dirty,  malodorous toes into his mouth. “Lick my toes, loser.”


She’s pushed her toes in so far, he was practically gagging. And the rest of the girls were in hysterics. Why was this happening to him. He could have handled the abuse, but there was something so indescribably degrading about women rubbing their dirty, unwashed feet in his face.


Sandra insisted Kyle lick her sweaty feet clean, and he did, with a little prodding from the others. Whatever resistance he’d mustered by the morning, he was losing again. With Sandra and Dawn, both, sliding their dirty, stinking feet over his face and telling him to sniff, lick, suck and kiss, there was no time to ask himself why. There was only time enough to obey, and these women were demanding. Why they loved having him sniff their stinky feet so much was mystifying.


“Your turn,” said Sandra, turning to her friend. But Alise must have had a change of tune, because she smiled as she began to pry off her size 10 sneaker.


A hot rush of pungent foot stink washed over him before Alise slid her long, moist foot onto his face and wriggled her toes over his eyes.


“Oh, they stink,” she observed, pulling her foot away.


“He’s used to it by now,” remarked Karen. “Just have him smell them and relax. Don’t worry about him.”


Alise nodded before sliding her foot over his face, gliding his nose between each of her toes. “It feels nice.”


“Smell her feet for us, Kyle,” demanded Becca with a kick to his ribs. He was trying not to smell her feet, but he did what he was told. He’d tell these women off in time, but not while he felt so naked and vulnerable. Besides, his balls were sore form the first time Becca grabbed and squeezed them.


Now Alise’s big feet smelled rancid. Her sneakers must have been rotten because her feet smell by turns acrid and stale, with a hint of cheese near her unpainted toenails. Her feet were calloused as well and she clearly didn’t take the best care of her feet.


“Looks like someone could use a pedicure,” observed Whitney. “You should have him do that for you.”


Alise nodded her agreement. “I’m so embarrassed.”


“Don’t be,” added Karen. “Nothing to be ashamed of. He should worship your feet enthusiastically, no matter what shape they’re in. And it looks like you could use the attention.”


“Smell her toes,” said Becca.


And Kyle sniffed between her long toes. Her feet really smelled repulsive.


“That feels good,” said Alise with a giggle.


“Then he should keep doing it. Keep smelling her toes, dumbfuck,”


Kyle wanted to smash Karen’s face in but he just gritted his teeth and proceeded to smell the girls’ stinking toes. And soon enough, another hot, sweaty foot joined the first, and with the second set of toes clamped firmly over his nose, Kyle continued to breath in her powerful foot odor.


Her uncut toenails were especially sharp-smelling under her nails, and she made a habit of trying to do what the other girls did: sliding her toes under his nose.


“How does it feel,” asked Becca.”


Kinda cool. I still can’t believe someone’s actually smelling my feet.”


“He’ll lick them clean too. Just ask him.”


Alise hesitated a moment before pressing the ball of her foot over his mouth, her cheddar toes wriggling over his nose. Lick my feet,” she asked.


Kyle hesitated himself. He could image just how acrid and tart her foot must taste. And there was dirt between her toes and under her nails. Why couldn’t she have taken care of her nasty feet?


Pressure on his groin made the decision for him. He extended his tongue and began to lick and suck on the ball of her foot. They tasted just as foul as he’d imagined. He still couldn’t believe he was here sucking on a woman’s filthy, unwashed stinking foot.


Unfortunately for Kyle, Alise enjoyed the use of his tongue even more. “Mmmn,” she moaned as she let his tongue glide between her toes.


“Have you enjoyed a man’s tongue before, Alise?” asked Karen.


Alise’s bashful smile answered the question.


“Now that he has to do what we want, he can do more than just lick your toes, Alise.”


The other women applauded. They loved where this was going.


“He’ll have to make sure we’re well pleased, if you know what I mean,” added Karen. “And I tell you I could use some serious tongue work.”


Within five minutes a pungent stench of old sharp cheese wafted over him before one of Karen’s reddened, wrinkled sole hovered over his face for a second before pressing hard over his face, her toes eagerly clutching hold of his nose.


Karen’s stinking foot was making him nauseous and when she covered his face with both hot, sweaty, sour-smelling feet, he was gasping for air.


“Remember my feet, Kyle. Now sniff them better than last time.”


He couldn’t do it and pushed her feet away.


But Karen was not going to accept refusal, nor were any of the others. They knew what they wanted, and the last thing they were about to permit was disobedience.


He tried to get up, but the girls were too quick for them. Besides, there were eight of them. Cassandra and Dawn held him down while Becca’s sneakered foot pressed hard against his face. He could feel Sandra’s nails digging into his testicles.


Kyle gasped with pain. “Please. Don’t.”


“Then you’ll smell my feet real good?”


Kyle nodded before Karen smothered his face with her grimy, calloused and foul-smelling feet. “Say thank you.”


“Thank you,” replied Kyle.


“He might actually be learning,” observed Karen with a smile before she began to shove her dirty toes into his mouth.


“My feet got dirty again this morning. So if you can be a dear and clean them for me.” She continued, noticing Kyle’s disgusted expression. “And don’t be a whiny baby. It’s just feet.”


Karen’s big toe, her nails dirty, slid into his mouth and he could taste the tart, salt of her foot sweat.  She was leaning back in her chair, luxuriating and loving every minute her feet were getting attention.


“What’s nice is it doesn’t matter how sweaty and smelly my feet get,” observed Karen. “I know I can kick back and get them thoroughly worshipped. Can’t I, Kyle?”


Kyle nodded slowly. He was too degraded to care. Karen’s feet were all over his face and here he was, taking deep whiffs when she told him to and cleaning between her toes when ordered.


“Your feet still smell foul, Karen,” remarked Becca with a chuckle. Others were holding their noses to block out the potent stink.


“The better to teach him enthusiasm,” she replied. “Smell my feet real loud, so everyone can hear you appreciating my foot odor.”


Kyle took a deep breath, but the acrid stink made him shudder. He wanted to slap her foot away, but restrained himself.


It wasn’t long before Cassandra’s parmesan-smelling size 8’s slithered over his face, as well as Whitney’s vinegary feet. He lost track of whose feet he was sniffing and tasting. Only Karen’s feet were instantly recognizable.


But it seemed the girls soon forgot he was even there. Speaking to him only to give him a different task while they spoke amongst themselves, laughing about the boys they’ve known and dated.


When Kyle couldn’t think how else they could demean him, the girls stood and raced upstairs, leaving him with Becca and Karen.


“I think he deserves a rest,” said Becca.


“Hardly,” replied Karen. “He’s got a lot to learn.”


“It’ll take time.”


“Well, their place is filthy. He should at least help us out a bit more.”


“You’re right,” added Becca. “Tell you what, Kyle. You do some cleaning for us this afternoon and we’ll let you go home, clean up so you won’t smell like feet.”


Karen laughed at this. “Damn he stinks.”


“That’s your feet he smells like.”


“I love it,” added Karen, still laughing.


“My clothes,” asked Kyle weakly.


“When you’re done,” answered Becca.


Karen rubbed her sweaty foot over his face for several seconds before standing and walking away.


Becca turned to Kyle. “I want you at my place tonight. We have things to discuss.”


Kyle nodded. Perhaps he could talk things over with her and be done with it. This was his chance, but he’d have to be diplomatic … maybe charm her a bit. But he was in no mood to charm anyone.


Becca helped Kyle up before slapping him hard on his ass.


“You’re doing good. Try to have fun with it.”


“Cause we’re having a blast,” remarked Karen with a grin before she stepped outside.


And so, Becca took Kyle upstairs and set him to work, cleaning the bathroom floor and toilet, washing dishes, and putting Cassandra and Whitney’s dirty clothes into the laundry. Becca even had him cut and paint Alise’s toenails.


“Not a great job, but it’ll do,” observed Cassandra. But Alise was happy.


Finally, they had him reach up to put in a new bulb before announcing he’d made a good start.


“I can go?”


“For now,” answered Karen. “But we’ll be in touch.”


“And remember tonight,” added Becca. “Ten o’clock. Don’t be late like you usually are. I’d like to get off on the right foot this time.”


Whitney tossed him his clothes and the girls watched as he dressed himself.


“Thanks for doing our feet, footboy,” said Sandra as the girls watched him walk outside.


He could feel their mocking gazes fixed upon him as he walked towards his car. He drove to the law school campus. He had a few things to take care of before heading home.


The campus was relatively deserted the weekend before the start of school. But his mind was elsewhere. What was happening to him? He tried to forget about it, putting it out of his mind and almost resolving never to speak to Becca again. But a part of him wanted to talk to her. There were still unresolved issues.


“You must be Kyle,” remarked a young woman. “I’m Megan.”


Kyle turned. She was blond and tall like Becca. He didn’t recall whether she was a student at the school or not. He was surprised she knew his name.


The girl put a cellphone away. “I’m friends with Amber and Becca. I used to be on the volleyball team.”


“Right,” smiled Kyle, pretending he recognized her. But she was attractive. “How are you?”


“Great. They told me all about you. I didn’t think I’d bump into you here tonight. But I was meaning to get in touch.”


Kyle seemed please. Reality was taking hold again. “Really?”


“I’m sure they’ve been putting you through the ringer, but I’ve been dying to try this out too. So have my friends. I was meeting up with them in a little bit. It would be nice to have you over.”


“Put through the ringer?” asked Kyle. What was she referring to?


“Oh, you know, footboy. And I can tell you, I’ve been on my feet all day and my feet are killing me. I could definitely use some attention.”


The girl’s legs were bare except for a pair of high-heel loafers.


“What are you saying?”


“Well, you know. I think I’d like to make use of your services this evening. It’ll be fun. My friends are a blast. And I’m sure some of us will have pretty stinky feet. I know you like that.”


“Who said I liked that?”


“It doesn’t matter whether you like smelly feet or not. They’ll stink anyway. But I’d like you to come over for some foot worship.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Megan sniffed his face. “Smells like you know a lot about feet, Kyle.”


“I can’t do this.”


Megan’s face soured. She looked angry. “As far as I understand, you have to.”


“No I don’t.” Kyle turned to walk away.


“If you’ve got a problem with this, I’d suggest you take it up with Becca and Karen. But until you do, you do what I want, footboy.”


He was getting louder and Kyle was embarrassed someone else might hear. He turned back.


“Do what you want?”


“Exactly. And I want to go home, kick my shoes off and get some top-notch foot worship. And when my friends come by, they’ll want it too. I know them.”


“I have plans tonight at 10.”


“Well, it’s five-thirty now. Come over at six and you’ll only have to stay about three hours.”


“When do I eat.”


“We’ll find something for you.” Megan studied him a moment. “You’re kidding about this right? Of course you like stinky feet.”


“I can’t do this.”


“Of course you can and you will. I’ve given you an order and I expect you to follow it. You’re going to get in my car and you’re going to let me and my friends have a little fun with you with our feet. Understand? You wouldn’t want anyone else at school finding out, would you? I know about the photos and I know some very talkative people.”


Kyle was concerned. “You go to school here?”


“Yeah. And I’d suggest you make it easy on yourself and do what you’re told. It’ll work better that way.” Megan beckoned him to follow her. “Now come on, footboy. And until they tell me you’re done, you do what I tell you.”


Kyle followed.


“I was hoping you liked feet super smelly, because my feet get awfully smelly. I can clean them as much as a like and they still stink like you wouldn’t believe. They told me you’re really cool about that. I can never get footrubs, let alone get my toes sucked. And to think you even smell feet and lick them.”


Kyle said nothing.


Megan retrieved her phone and made a call. “Girl? You will not believe who I ran into. Remember the guy Becca told us about? Yeah, well, I’m bringing him home for the girls.” Megan laughed.


Kyle was alone with his thoughts. What had happened to his life in 24 horrific hours. It was never meant to be like this. And what astonished him the most was how these women manipulated and coerced him into doing the very things he would never have done. And here he was, of to be humiliated by women again. What would this lead to and how would it end?