At 5’11, Becca – blond, mid-twenties - couldn’t look more statuesque as she grabbed her smoothie from the counter before taking a seat outside. Across from Becca sat Ashley, a more petite girl at 5’6’’, more shapely and roughly the same age. Their intense cardio workouts at the gym gave them little time to talk But they’d already left the gym and Becca had a lot on her mind.


“Too damn hot,” observed Ashley as she wiped her forehead on her sleeve. It was the second week of a heat wave.


“I don’t know what you saw in him,” Becca remarked, as she wiped her sweaty brow. “I don’t know what I saw in him.”


“Are you going to tell me you told me so?” replied Ashley with a smirk. “Go ahead. You were right. I mean what a weasel. One minute he’s telling you everything you want to hear. You can imagine a life with him. And the next minute he’s too busy to talk, too busy to do anything. He builds you up only to make you feel so small.”


“It’s all about him,” said Becca. “It always has been. And when he gets bored, he just finds someone else.”


“Andrea Chambers. The bitch.”


“You were the bitch until this week.”


“Well, you know I don’t think we should be blaming ourselves. It’s not like Kyle’s such a great catch. He’s just another asshole, except he doesn’t even realize it.”


“I just wish I could make him see,” Becca mused. “See how it feels to be made to feel so worthless. “Cause that’s how I felt.”


Ashley took a consoling hand to Becca’s arm. “I’m sorry. Seems like you still have some feelings to work out.”


“Well, don’t you?”


“Hell, yeah,” replied Ashley. “I should have screwed him over before he screwed me over.”


Ashley leaned over to Becca “You know. Maybe you should talk to him.”


“After all this time. He’d think: ‘how pathetic.’ He’d think I still have feelings for him. But I’m just pissed off, especially when I see him doing the same thing to everyone else. I just want to make him stop. I’d feel better about that.”


“We could threaten him.”


“He’d just laugh.”


“You know, there’s a lot to be said for working together. I think with enough of us, he’d take it seriously.”


“And there are plenty of us with more to come. Charmed for a while and then dumped ingloriously.”


“I mean like taking back the night. When girls can meet up and speak their minds. We’d make him listen and we could tell him everything on our minds. Clear our chests, you know?”


Becca’s other work-out partner Karen, blond and about 5’6’’, took a seat next to them while she enjoyed her smoothie. “We still talking about Kyle?” asked Karen with a laugh.


“We’re going to have it out with him once and for all,” replied Ashley.


“Waste of time,” answered Karen. “You should just make him feel the way you did. Have a little fun with him.”


“Like do what?”


“I don’t know. Something he hates.”


“Well, he doesn’t like bossy women telling him what to do,” said Becca.


“There’s a start.”


“He doesn’t like giving footrubs,” remarked Ashley.


“He gave me plenty of footrubs,” replied Becca.


“Did he?” asked Ashley. “What an asshole. He wouldn’t touch my feet.”


“Don’t you have a foot odor problem?” asked Karen.


“Like you don’t. Everytime you wear you mules or those old slip-on loafers of yours you stink up the car. And you don’t even have to take off your shoes.” 


“Next time I will.”


“So he doesn’t like smelly feet,” said Becca.


“You remember that time we went to the festival with Kyle?” said Karen. “I think he made a face. He must have caught a whiff. I said I hoped my feet didn’t smell too bad. He said no, but I could tell it bothered him.”


“You traumatized him,” declared Ashley. ‘That’s why he won’t give footrubs anymore.


“Hardly,” said Karen. “Just smelly feet.” And then something made Karen smile. She leaned towards the others. “We should make him rub our feet. I’d love to see the look of disgust on his face when he rubs mine.”


“How are we going to make him do that?” asked Ashley.


Becca’s Volleyball buddies could help. And from the stories I heard, they’d probably love making him rub everyone’s feet.”


“Yeah,” said Becca. “They get pretty wild. Give them a few beers and they’re taunting some poor guy.”


“Didn’t they strip a few guys naked back in college.”


Becca giggled. “They dressed some asshole up in a dress, if I recall. They did get his clothes off first.”


“Would they still be into having a little fun?”


“Probably. But they’ll want to strip him and tease him a little.”


They all laughed.


“I’d love to see them do that,” said Becca.


“That’s it,” insisted Karen. “We should just totally humiliate him, you know. Just have a  blast at his expense. One night that’s not about him but about us and what we want. You don’t have to try to please him. Just have fun whether he likes it or not.


“Like take back the night,” added Ashley.


“Except we won’t tell him how humiliated we feel,” joined Becca. “We’ll just make him feel it.”


“So we strip him, humiliate him a little and then make him rub everyone’s feet?” offered Ashley.


“On his knees and he’ll thank us for it,” added Karen.


“But what if he doesn’t want to rub our feet?” asked Becca. “I mean you can’t make him.”


“We could take nude pictures of him and threaten to put them up over his law school campus,” offered Ashley. “He’s starting classes soon and I think that might be too humiliating.”


“Or if he won’t rub our feet, we’ll make him smell them.”


“Gross, replied Ashley, wrinkling her nose.


“We should just go all out. I mean if he hates feet so much, it would be easy to totally humiliate him with our feet. Like make him smell them. Cover his mouth and he won’t have a choice.”


“Isn’t that going a little too far?” asked Becca.


“What? You afraid he might not like us anymore? Or that you’ll hurt his feelings?” asked Karen. “Who cares? If he’s got to do what we want, let’s go for broke. Hell, I’ll try to get my feet really smelly. And if he won’t rub them, I’ll just make him smell them.”


“That’s so nasty,” said Ashley with a giggle.


“We’re not hurting him. But getting our feet really super smelly and rubbing them in his face should be plenty humiliating. That’s al we’d have to do. Tie him up and take turns with our feet in his face.”


“I can’t believe we’re talking about this, “remarked Ashley. “Where do you get these ideas?”


“The internet.”


Everyone laughed.


“I’m feeling better already,” Becca declared.


“I bet you’ll feel better with your feet in his face,” replied Karen.


More laughter.




Volleyball practice was grueling but was a blast. But by the time the girls hit the locker room, they were still pumped up. Becca, wiping the sweat from her face,  turned to her friend Amber, a tall girl in her mid-twenties given to wearing her sneaks without socks.


“Should we ask them now,” said Becca.


“Why not?” replied Amber. “Hey everyone. We’ve got a proposal here.”


The girls, all of them built like Amazons, gave Amber their undivided attention.


“A girl’s night with a special twist,” added Amber. “It involves a guy.”


“Get someone to strip for us,” suggested Jen. The other girls howled their approval.


“Or we could strip him,” suggested Shannon with a laugh. The others continued to howl  and laugh.


“We can do that on condition that you help us out.” began Amber. “You remember Becca’s old boyfriend Kyle.


“Not that dickwad again,” said Shannon as she opened her locker. Becca had spent so much time talking about Kyle, no one was interested in hearing anything more.


Becca spoke up. “I’m over him. But I want a little payback and I figured you could all help.”


“Now you’re talking,” said Jamie, a tall girl with straight black hair.


“Well, we thought we’d make him rub our feet,” said Amber.


Shannon had just removed one of her sweat socks and extended her large size 11 foot, glistening with sweat. “Better yet, you should have him lick our feet.”


There were groans of disgust from the other girls.


“Well, actually we were thinking of having him smell our feet and maybe licking them too,” replied Becca.


“Now that’s nasty enough to be fun,” said Jamie.


“Maybe after practice,” added Shannon as she pulled the other sweat sock from her foot. She held the sock to her nose and made a face before tossing the sock into the locker. “My feet’ll reek for sure. But you sure you want him to do this. Cause I’d so get into rubbing my sweaty dogs in his face and lick ‘em clean.”


“Listen to you,” said Jen with a chuckle.


“Well, I thought we should try to get our feet as smelly as possible,” said Becca. “Give him something he won’t forget.”


“Oh, one volleyball practice and my feet stink to high heaven,” offered Jamie.


“And what if you wore the same socks for several days,” asked Amber.


“The way my feet sweat, after two days my socks would be standing up by themselves. But three days, that might be pushing it.”


“Well, I think we should go all out,” advised Amber. “Just get our feet as smelly as possible and if he won’t rub them, we’ll make him smell them, everyone’s feet.”


“I’ll wear the same socks all week, but it’s his funeral,” said Jamie.


The other girls were laughing. They were beginning to like the sound of this.


“How humiliating for him,” remarked Jen.


“Exactly,” added Amber. “Everyone in?”


Silence ensued for a moment but once Jen said “Hell yeah,” the rest of the girls chimed in with their agreement.


“And if we do this we wont have to hear about Kyle again,” said Jamie as she held her sneaker to her nose and sniffed it. “Woosh,” she exclaimed, holding the shoe away from her face. “I could wear these without socks. My feet would get super smelly. I might feel sorry for him … not.”


The girls laughed.


“Now if we go to the trouble of getting our feet all smelly and nasty,” asked Erica, slightly shorter than the rest but built like a swimmer. “I’ll want to get him to smell them.” She peeled off a sock and extended her sweaty size 8s towards Jen’s face.


“He won’t have much of a choice,” said Becca.


Jen batted Erica’s foot away. “Save ‘em for Kyle.”


Everyone laughed as they huddled to discuss more of the details.




With the law school term fast approaching, Kyle was enjoying his time off. He’d been seeing a girl by the name of Andrea for a week.  And while she seemed to really like him, she was becoming a bit of a drag. It would be great to start the school term off fresh, no commitments, no complications.


And then Ashley called. She was sweet, and he felt bad about having blown her off. “I just don’t think you and I have much in common,” he told her before breaking up with her a couple of weeks before. He’d already been seeing Kristen and managing two relationships was already proving to be a bit of a strain.


“What’s up?” he replied when she told him she wanted to talk. He still liked her. And if she wasn’t still too heartbroken, he might still have some fun with her before class started on Monday.


“I just wanted to say I understand. You don’t want a commitment right now and that’s cool. So if you want to hang out we could still have fun if you like. I mean the sex was good, don’t you think?”


The sex with Ashley was good, it was just better with Kristen. But Ashley understood him.


“Of course we could.”


“Friday night. We could meet up around 6. I’ll be out at my friend’s place outside of town. Maybe you could come pick me up. And if you don’t mind, maybe I’ll bring her along.”


“The more the merrier,” he replied.


“I’m glad you feel that way,” added Ashley.


Ashley proceeded to tell Kyle where to meet. The die was cast.




Friday night, and Kyle was ready to enjoy his last week of freedom with a bang. He imagined waking up with two women. He was imagining a lot of things, but not what the girls were imagining.


Becca’s friend Cassandra had a small house she was sharing with Becca her friends Dawn and Whitney. And by 5:30 everyone was there, including six girls from the volleyball team.


The doorbell rang and Ashley shushed everyone. The girls giggled and tittered as they ran into other parts of the house, and out of sight. Only Ashley and Whitney, a girl of average height and slender build, sporting a shirt, jeans and an old discolored pair of Keds worn without socks. Ashley wore a blouse and skirt, fishnet hose disappearing into her favorite black knee high boots.


Ashley sprang to the door and opened it. Kyle, in dress pants and a shirt, looked Ashley over and liked what he saw. She was incredibly sexy in a skirt and fuck-me boots.


“Come on in, stranger,” she said with a sexy Southern drawl.


“Don’t mind if I do,” he replied as he brandished a bouquet of flowers. Ashley seemed surprised as she carefully locked the door behind him. She hadn’t expected such gallantry. But she took the flowers and smiled.


“Thank you. Oh, and this is Whitney.”


Kyle glanced her over. She was cute. He and Whitney greeted each other and shook hands.


“What did you want to do,” asked Kyle.


“I thought we’d stick around for a while.”




“Want a beer?”




Ashley disappeared with the flowers into the kitchen. Inside, three of the taller girls had already been helping themselves to the beers. They were trying to keep quiet but they were too tipsy to stay completely quiet. 


Kyle heard voices, but didn’t think anything of it.


Meanwhile Whitney had taken a seat and stretched out her legs. “What a day. My feet are killing me.”


“What do you do?” asked Kyle.


“I waitress nearby. The way I work, if I don’t get a footrub at the end of a shift, I go crazy. That’s how I pick a boyfriend. Can he give a good footrub?” She pointed her toes in his direction as if to ask him for one.


Kyle would have offered her a footrub there and then. But he noticed that she’d been wearing an old pair of sneakers without socks. And if she’d been on her feet all day, it would have been better if she’d kept her shoes on. Nothing would have spoiled the mood more than a foul pungent foot odor. And he wasn’t taking any chances.


Kyle changed the subject. “How long have you known Ashley?”


And Ashley returned. “It’s nice and cozy downstairs. We an relax down there.”


Kyle agreed and followed he two girls downstairs.


The basement had been carpeted and converted into a den, complete with sofa, chairs and a television.


“There are a lot of chairs down here,” he commented.


“Sometimes we have a lot of company,” replied Ashley.


And then from the bathroom, appeared Becca. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail and she was still wearing her volleyball gear, teeshirt, shorts and her favorite old pair of running shoes.


Becca,” he replied. “He never expected to see her.


“We just got out of practice. I’m a little sweaty though,” she said, wiping her hand on her shorts before offering her hand for Kyle to shake.


“You remember Karen, right?”


Kyle noticed Karen seated on a sofa. She was wearing a brown pair of slip-on loafers, the ones he’d always seen her wearing. He breathed in a hint of stale foot odor. It was unmistakable. It must have been Karen.


Nearby were two other familiar faces. Cassandra, dressed in jeans and converse all-stars, smiled at him. Dawn, a smaller red-head, was sitting , her skirt revealing bare legs and an old pair of clogs she loved to wear.


This was going to be awkward, but how could he just get up and leave.


“Chill, have a seat,” remarked Karen. “And if you’re a real sweety, you’ll give me a nice footrub.”


Kyle was revolted by the idea. He remembered how nauseatingly smelly her feet were.


“Some guys don’t like giving footrubs,” asked Whitney. “Why is that?”


“Maybe they’re a little too into themselves,” suggested Becca.


Definitely too awkward. “I’ll just take a seat,” said Kyle. And he did just that.


“Oh, your beer,” remembered Ashley. “I think the girls finished them off. A little post volleyball game celebration. They won.”


“Congratulations,” remarked Kyle to Becca.


“You guys down there,” yelled one of the girls form the top of the stairs. Her voice was booming.


“Yeah. Come on down.”


The teammates were all chuckles as they leaped down stairs one after another. They were still dressed in their volleyball gear, all of them in sneakers – Vans, Adidas, etc, - . The girls were crowding about on one side of the room, while Kyle remained seated at the other end.


“I think we overbooked,” remarked someone.


“Just by one,” remarked someone else. The girls grew silent as they turned their seats towards Kyle.


Kyle was getting nervous. “Maybe I should go.”


“You’re the entertainment,” replied Jen. The others giggled.


“Go on, take it off,” said Jamie. “Take it all off,” remarked someone else. They began to clap and cheer.


Kyle stood up and bounded up the stairs. The door was locked.


“It’s locked,” said Kyle as he turns to face the girls. They was laughing, clearly loving every minute of his discomfort.


Karen held a key aloft. “Looking for this?” she said before taking the key and sliding it into her loafer.


“You can have it if you give everyone a footrub. The girls played a great game and I think they all deserve one.”


The volleyball team howled and hooted their approval.


“I’m not rubbing anyone’s feet. I need to go.”


“Alright come and get it. And you just have to take off my shoes to get it.”


Still apprehensive, Kyle too measured steps down the stairs and approached Karen. She winked to the other girls, who quickly formed a circle about Kyle, blocking his access to the stairs.


“What the fuck is this?” he asked.


“Just thought we’d have a little fun.” More clapping and laughter.


Becca stepped forward. “Here’s the deal,” she explained. “You can either get on your knees and agree to give everyone a nice long foot rub. And no making faces just because our feet stink. We’ve played a long, hard  game so I think that’s to be expected. But you’ll need to stay on your knees and thank each of us for letting you rub our sweaty feet.”


“I don’t think so.”


“Well, then there’s the other alternative. Which could be worse or it might not be. Depends on your perspective.”


“What’s that?”


“We’re not telling you,” replied Becca. “You have to choose. Get on your knees and do our feet, or option B.”


“Just give me the key,” demanded Kyle. He sure as hell wasn’t touching anyone’s sweaty, nasty feet.


“Will I get a foot rub?” asked Karen.


“Fuck that.”


“Then it’s option B. Alright girls.”


Before he knew what was happening, the girls had thrown him to the floor. Hands held his wrists and ankles, while the other volleyball players giggled as they loosened belts and undid buttons. Kyle struggled to free himself but there were too many of them.


“But before we do plan B, you must be completely naked.”


The howling and caterwauling was too much, and the thought of these girls stripping him naked made him flush crimson. But it was happening too fast. They undid his trousers and slid them down his legs before quickly sliding them off his feet. He kicked, but they resumed their hold over him as the other girls yanked his shirt and undershirt up over his head.


Becca reached over and grabbed hold of his briefs before yanking them down to his ankles, much to the delight and enthusiasm of the other girls. More howls and applause.


Kyle was beyond embarrassment. He just wanted to be free of them. But they held him tight, even as they wisked his underpants off over his dress socks and dress shoes. He soon felt carpet under his back as the girls held his arms and legs apart, spread-eagled. He couldn’t have felt more vulnerable, or more humiliated, what with the laughter and cheers.


Becca and Ashley watched as the volleyball team quickly wound rope about his ankles and wrists before affixing them to the two sofas.


“You girls really know what you’re doing,” said Ashley.


“Help us hold his feet,” asked Jen as she struggled with the rope.


Kyle struggled to free himself, but within a couple of minutes it was too late. The girls were tightening their knots and standing up to admire their handiwork.


Kyle struggled against the bonds, but he couldn’t move. His legs were far apart, and his arms as far apart form one another as possible. There was practically no wriggle room.


The girls pointed at Kyle and laughed, some cheered and others patting each other on the back.


“Now the hard part is over, time for a little raunchy fun” remarked Karen as she stood over Kyle’s head. He could smell the putrid stench of her unwashed , sweaty feet in her slip on loafers, and he turned his head away. It was revolting.


“Fucking let me go,” he demanded. “Let me go and I won’t call the cops.”


There was a flash, someone took a photo of him in the nude. Another flash. Kyle closed his eyes. “What the hell?”


“Taking photos,” replied Becca as she held the camera aloft. “And if you don’t want these pasted up all over your law school next week, you’ll shut up about tonight.”


“What do you want?”


“We want a little respect,” added Ashley. “And if that means we have to show you a little disrespect to do it, so be it.”


“Anything you want. You want foot rubs. Fine.”


“Too late for that now. But we’re still going to get our feet rubbed. Except now we’re going to use your face to rub them.”


The girls howled with laughter.


“Look at his face,” said Jen. “It’s priceless.”


“That’s right,” said Karen, clasping his head between her dirty loafers. Now you get to smell everyone’s feet. And we’ve made every effort to get our feet super smelly for you. And when you’re done, you can lick everyone’s sweaty, dirty feet clean. And you’ll thank us too, like a good boy.”


“I’ll give you your footrubs.”


“We went to a lot of effort to get our feet as stinky as possible,” added Jamie. “We want you to show a little appreciation for our efforts when you smell them all.”


The girls loved it. More applause.


“Please. Don’t do this. I can’t. It’s disgusting. I can smell your feet already.”


“Help me hold his head still,” asked Karen as she dragged a chair over towards his head.


Shannon and Jamie took position on either side of Kyle’s face and pressed the dirty soles of their sneaker feet against his cheeks, holding his head in place. He could already smell the stench of stale footsweat and leather. It was musty and vile.


Above him, Karen, her fingers pinching her nose, smiled as she dangled a dirty, crusty old sweat sock over his face. He tried to turn his face, but the girls just ground the soles of their shoes against him.


“Courtesy of Shannon. Four days of volleyball practice.”


“Oh they’re ripe,” giggled Shannon as she waved her hand over her face.


“Fuck off,” yelled Kyle. He’s was furious about being pinned down and helpless to do anything to stop them.


“I hear one more word out of you, I’m putting this in your mouth,” declared Karen.


“Let me out of here.”


Karen dangled the sock onto his face, crusty toe-end first, but he kept his mouth closed. But a sharp pain in his groin changed that. His yelp of pain was quickly muffled as Karen stuffed the sock into his mouth.


“That way we don’t have to hear you until you’ve finished smelling everyone’s feet,” she explained.


Becca stood between his legs. “Do what you’re told and I don’t have to kick you again.”


“How does it feel now?” remarked Ashley with a smirk.


This couldn’t be happening. But the sharp pain in his testicles told him otherwise. It was all too real. But hadn’t they humiliated him enough. The thought of their feet in his face was turning his stomach. Or was it the acrid taste of the cheesy sock in his mouth. He could feel the crust-end with his tongue, and it was making him sick.


At least he could breathe through his nose.


“And now we can make sure you thoroughly smell our feet, Kyle” observed an amused Becca. “Do you want to start with my feet or Karen’s?”


He would have smelled Becca’s feet, anything but Karen’s stinking feet in his face. He couldn’t imagine it. He tried to communicate his wishes, but it was muffled.


Everyone laughed. “You want my feet first?” asked Karen as she took a seat next to him and crossed her legs., revealing the dirty scuffed sole of the buckled, slip-on loafer. With a grin, she slid off one shoe to reveal a reddened sole, glistening with sweat and slightly calloused on the ball of the slightly soiled foot and on the sides. Small flecks of dirt remained imbedded in the creases of her soles and between her toes.


Kyle would already smell them. It was beyond pungent, like old cheese clothe or a rag soaked with milk.  If her sock smelled this sickening, what would her feet smell like?


Karen wriggled her toes, taunting him for several seconds before quickly pressing her hot, greasy foot over his face and sliding it all over. The other girls cheered. They couldn’t be more amused, particularly Becca and Ashley.


“I still can’t believe we’re really making him smell our feet,” remarked Becca with a smile.


Ashley howled as she cheered Karen on. “Rub them all over his face.” Ashley caught a whiff and held her nose before backing away. Some of the others did the same.


“Your feet smell nasty, Karen. Damn.”


“As long as you enjoy them, Kyle,” said Karen with a fiendish smile.


Karen brushed the calloused ball of her foot against his nostrils before curling her grimy, dirty, slightly chubby toes over his nose. “Now smell my feet, and smell ‘em real good so everyone can hear. I haven’t washed my feet in three days and I’ve been wearing the same shoes.”


She could have said she’d never washed her feet and he would have believed it. He never thought it possible for feet to smell like this. The cloying, sickening smell of unwashed feet, intensified. He couldn’t think of anything more degrading than having Karen’s feet sliding all over his face. It was  a sharp, unforgiving smell of vinegar and shoes turned rotten from overuse.


Before long, another hot, damp foot joined the other one and slithered about his face, her toes wriggling playfully over his nose and even into his nostrils.


“Don’t you wish you’d given us footrubs now?”


Kyle could have killed them but all he could do was sit there, smelling her stinking feet.


“Sniff harder, Kyle,” she demanded, her toes wiggling over his nose.


The sweat of her feet was already forming a sticky film of sweat over his face. But he could endure that. It was the sickly stink of stale old foot sweat which he couldn’t handle.


“I never thought this would be so much fun, Kyle,” remarked Karen with a giggle. “I could really get used to this.” Others laughed as well.


“If you smell everyone’s feet real good,” added Karen, “I’ll let you lick these sweaty lovelies clean. Won’t that be nice?”


Others were in hysterics as Cassandra pulled up a chair and began to pry off her converse high-tops.


“You’re hogging him, Karen” exclaimed Cassandra, “and I want him to smell mine.”


Cassandra turned to Kyle. “I’ve been wearing these without socks for the last several days. They smelled vile yesterday. I can’t imagine how bad they smell today. Ready to sniff all the stink off them?”


The girls backed away as Cassandra struggled to remove the shoe before removing it with a gasp. She extended her shapely size 8 foot and wriggled her painted toes. “Relief at last,” she replied with a giggle.


Kyle could smell the overpowering stink of musty old sneakers and something earthy, faintly cheesy. Cassandra wriggled her toes over his face, revealing her wide, moist sole before applying it firmly to his face.


Her foot was so sweaty she could barely keep it in one place so she grazed her toes all over his face before curling them carefully about his nose.


“Smell my feet real nice.”


With the rough skin of the ball of her foot against his nostrils, Kyle breathed. It was like the foulest locker-room stench of rotten sneakers. But the scent of parmesan was unmistakable too. He was feeling sick and tried to turn his head away. But Karen was now helping to hold his head in place with her stinking, dirty feet. And when Cassandra removed her toes from his nose, Karen slipped her toes over his nose and asked for seconds. He didn’t know what was more repugnant, the eye-watering vinegar of Karen’s toes or the sickening cheese of Cassandra’s milky toes.


Soon enough, Cassandra pried off her other sneaker and quickly applied a second hot, greasy, rank foot all over his face. Between Cassandra and Karen, his face was covered in warm, sweaty, cheesy feet and at any given time, one of them had her toes clamped over his nose or pressed up against his nostrils.


And then they removed their feet. But Cassandra smiled as she held her converse sneaker open and held it over his face. The smell was so potent it was making him choke. And then it all went black.


A sharp pain to his groin woke him up. But he couldn’t scream with the dirty sock in his mouth. Above him, Ashley and Dawn observed him with wry amusement.


“You’ve got your work cut out for you, Kyle,” said Ashley as she began to unzip her boot. “Now I expect you to smell my feet like you’ve never smelled anything so wonderful in your life.”


He could still smell Cassandra’s and Karen’s stinking feet, and realized that they were using their sweaty feet to hold his head in place for Ashley and Dawn.


Ashley pulled the boot from her stocking foot. Her fishnets had gotten a little twisted and the toe end clumped a little. She straightened the stocking out before flexing her toes over his face. “Ready to smell them real good? You never liked rubbing them because you thought my feet were too smelly. Can you smell them?”


Ashley’s stocking toes were inches from his face. She’d painted her toes red. She had pretty feet, but then the distinctive smell of ripe, sweaty, unwashed feet and shoe leather greeted his nose, he was sickened. But there was something about the way Ashley’s feet smelled, something like sour milk. They’d always smelled like sour milk and he remembered how much it revolted him.


And then Ashley clutched at his nose with her toes. “Smell my feet, Kyle.”


He breathed. What choice did he have with the sock in his mouth? And the smell was beyond pungent and sour. Her toes played over his nose while Ashley began to roll the stocking down her leg and over her heel. She then removed the stocking from her toes to reveal her red-painted toenails.


Ashley held the toe-end of her stocking over Kyle’s nose as she removed the sock from his mouth. He choked, spitting out the pieces of sock lint before readying his words.


“Fuck you bitches.”


Another hit to the groin. It was Becca again, loving every moment of torture. And with his mouth open, Ashley stuffed her stocking into his mouth and laughed. Others applauded and laughed.


Ashley’s sweaty foot slithered over his face, her toes sliding over his nose. “They stink don’t they,” she said with a chuckle.


Ashley unzipped her other boot before pressing another hot, grimy, sour-smelling foot over his face.


It must have been another ten minutes or so, as Ashley removed her other stocking and dangled it over his face, before another footstink assaulted his senses. Ashley was still rubbing her bare feet allover his face when he noticed that Dawn had removed one of her old leather clogs and held a soiled,  size 8 foot over his face.


“I couldn’t wait any longer,” she explained. “My feet are super smelly.” Ashley smiled before removing her feet from Kyle’s face.


But there was no time for fresh air because Dawn quickly curled her dirty, grubby toes over his nose and commanded him to “have a good whiff.”


Her toes smelled pungent and stale, like really old gym socks. He could tell her nails were dirty. And as Dawn held her other bare sole, reddened from having worn her clogs so long, he could see all of the specks of dirt imbedded in the creases.


“Though what my feet need is a long, cool tongue bath. Especially between my toes.


He could see between her toes and there were more specks of dirt. It was revolting.


“You can smell my feet better than that,” she exclaimed.


Kyle breathed in her foot stench as she curled her toes playfully over his nose and laughed.


“I can’t believe this guy’s actually smelling my feet. I haven’t washed them in days.”


Dawn had full use of his face for five minutes before Ashley slid the tips of her milky toes under his nostrils. The pungent cheese from under her toenails was a new sickening revelation. And Ashley must have noticed his disgust, because she kept holding the tips of her toes against his nostrils and commanded him “to smell her toe cheese.” And then Dawn followed suit, her dirty toenails against his nostrils while the other girls cheered and whooped it up.


It took Kyle by surprise to suddenly see Becca sitting in Ashley’s seat, next to Dawn. Dawn continued to work her toes over Kyle’s face while Becca began unlacing her Nike running shoes.


“My favorite sneaks, Kyle,” she began. “You remember how often I wore these?”


Kyle remembered her embarrassment about how they smelled. She put them outside when she spent the night. But she wasn’t embarrassed by them now.


“I never imagined having you smell my feet, but I’m really looking forward to it.


Becca removed the shoe to reveal a soiled, creased gym sock. Dawn held her nose as she removed her sweaty feet from Kyle’s face to make room for Becca’s big size 11 sock foot.


Becca’s toes found Kyle’s nose and cupped them playfully. “Smell my feet, asshole.”


It was like moldy old sneakers and a hint of something organic and cheesy. He breathed again and again as she ground her sock foot over his nose roughly.


By now, he was getting used to it. And when Becca slammed her other sock foot onto his face, her big feet smothered him. Her socks were damp with sweat and reeking from her moldy shoes. But it wasn’t long before she peeled off her socks, dropping them onto his face and using her long, slender toes to grind them over his nose.


“I can’t tell you how good this feels,” remarked Becca with a laugh. Kyle had never seen her so happy.


Becca curled her long slender toes, painted purple, over his nose. “Smell ‘em real good, boy” It was like warm nacho cheese, sharp and pungent and thoroughly humiliating to be compelled to smell them.


“Oh my God, look,” declared one of the girls. “He’s getting hard.”


Was he? He could sense an erection. But it didn’t make sense. He’d never felt so degraded in his life, especially as he remembered how much he screwed Becca over and how much she was probably enjoying her power over him. But it was true. He had an erection and the girls were in hysterics.


There was a flash. Someone was taking pictures again. “Get some shots with him smelling Becca’s feet.” More flashes.


“Either he likes smelly feet or he’s still got a thing for you, Becca,” observed Karen. Becca smirked as she gazed at Kyle’s cock. “You pervert,” said Becca. “You probably liked stinky, nasty feet all along.”


Kyle tried to shake his head. The cheesy stink of her toes was revolting. It wasn’t that. He wasn’t sure what it was. But he couldn’t deny the charges with Ashley’s stocking in his mouth.


Whitney took a seat and began unlacing her Keds. She smiled at Kyle as she revealed a sweaty, lint-speckled size 9 foot.


Whitney turned to Becca. “May I?” Becca nodded and removed her feet. “My feet are really killing me.”


There was something particularly acrid about the way Whitney’s sweaty feet smelled. It was a sharp, potent smell, more vinegary than cheesy. Before long, she had both feet on his face, griming his face with her foot sweat and sliding his nose between her toes.


“I can’t believe this loser’s actually smelling my feet. It’s so nasty. I can smell them from here.”


“But you love making him smell them.”


“This is like so cool,” remarked Whitney, her sweaty toes sliding over his nose. “I can do this as much as I like.”


Whitney laughed. She definitely  loved playing with his nose with her toes. “Smell my feet, bitch. Smell ‘em so everyone can hear you smelling my stinky feet.”


Another five minutes of unremitting humiliation under Whitney and Becca’s stinking, sweaty feet and then Amber appeared, grinning ear to ear.


“This is too priceless,” she observed as she began to unlace a clunky pair of high0heel loafers she’d worn on countless occasions.


“Alright, everyone, back away,” she warned before prying off her shoe. She flexed her soft, wrinkled size 10s before grazing her toes over Kyle’s nose.


“Now I want first rate foot sniffing, got it? My feet get really hot and sweaty and I really need to feel you breathing the cool air between my toes.”


Kyle took a deep breath. He was getting used to this by now. He was just anxious to get this over with and eager to avoid another kick to his balls. But it never got any easier. Everyone had such foul, stinky feet. He’d never imagined that girls would develop such potent foot odor.


But Amber’s feet were especially cheesy. It was like being in a French cheese shop. Earthy and organic and to sniff under her sweaty toes, absolutely revolting. He thought he was getting used to it, but Amber’s feet smelled awful. And with each whiff of her cheesy toes, Kyle’s sank deeper into feelings of degradation.


“That’s it. Nice long whiffs so I can feel the air between my toes. Boy, I needed that. Just harder sniffs, alright.”


For five minutes he felt like throwing up, but he didn’t. He got used to it and with Amber’s second hot, sweaty, pungently-cheesy toes playing over his nose, he was amble to muster a little more gusto.


“That’s it. Smell those stinky feet. And I got them especially nasty just for you, so enjoy the aroma.”


Others were still holding their noses and waving off the stink. “I can smell them back here,” remarked Becca who, along with Whitney, was using her bare feet to hold Kyle’s head in place.


Every now and then, Amber would remove her feet to let Becca and Whitney to smother him with their hot, sweaty feet for another couple of minutes. Their feet were welcome relief after Amber’s pungent cheese.


One by one, the rest of the volleyball team, still unwashed after their game, cheerfully took a seat over Kyle’s face and removed their sneaks. Shannon took off her Kswiss before sliding her big, damp size 12 sock feet over Kyle’s face and then, removing the dirty, crusty old socks, sliding her long, calloused feet over his face.


“This is so cool,” remarked Shannon, her long toes sliding over Kyle’s nose. “I can feel him sniffing them. It feels so nice.”


“How’s it smell down there?” she asked him. “I’d been wearing my lucky socks all week.”


Her feet smelled like old socks and fritos.


Jamie with her cheesy size 10s and Erica with her musty, stale-smelling size 11s were a bit rough, rubbing their big sweaty feet hard into his face before curling their toes over his nose. “Smell my feet, loser,” demanded Jamie. Her toes weren’t painted. None of the volleyball girls went in for that. They all had big, sweaty, calloused feet, and they were caking his face with layer upon layer of sour footsweat.


By the time Jen, with her slender size 10s, and Lauren, with her solid, dirty size 10s, had their turn, Kyle was exhausted. It didn’t even matter anymore. When Jen and Lauren weren’t rubbing their feet in his face, Jamie and Erica, their feet pressed a hard against the side of his head, were rubbing their feet in his face and demanding he “have a few more whiffs.”


Lauren laughed as she held her ratty looking van sneaker over his nose. “Smell my nasty sneaks, bitch. I wear ‘em to every practice.” She’d already shoved her rancid thread-bare gym sock into his mouth which tasted like old sneakers, so he had no choice but to sniff.


The pungent stink of her rotten sneakers revived him and he started choking. It was vile. And Lauren knew it. She just laughed and told him to keep smelling them for five minutes. “Too bad I can’t put you inside,” she remarked with a laugh.

But it felt like ten. And Kyle was getting dizzy.


One of the volleyball players removed Lauren’s sock form his mouth before stepping aside to let Karen resume her seat.


“Remember me?” she asked, removing her foot from her slip-on loafer and arching her foot. I put my shoes back on to keep in the flavor.”


She wriggled her dirty toes, the flecks of dirt still imbedded in the wrinkles on her soles. “Now you’re going to lick my sweaty feet clean. I don’t want a speck of dirt on them. And if you bite, I’ll kick you so hard in the nuts you’ll wish you were dead.”


Kyle couldn’t believe she’d want to hurt him like that but he wasn’t taking any chances.


He was about to say something, but Karen was already grinding the dirty, hardened flesh of her heel into his mouth. Suck on my heel” she commanded.


The girls loved the new approach to humiliating  Kyle. They were cheering Karen on.


“I thought smelling them was bad enough but cleaning them,” observed Ashley. “Truly disgusting.”


Smelling everyone’s putrid, stinky feet had taken the fight out of Kyle. He was just eager to get himself out of it, even if he had to lick Karen’s dirty feet.


The flesh of Karen’s feet was tart and tough and tasted just the way her revolting shoes smelled. He licked along the grimy, oily soles, just as she told him to do, clean off the dirt.


“Use your teeth on the callous,” she told him. “And he did just that. “That feels great.”


Her toes were another matter entirely. They were dirty and thoroughly foul-smelling and she jammed her toes into his mouth, he gagged. “Suck my toes clean.”


They tasted awful, tangy and salty, but like licking the inside of her putrid shoes.


Cleaning the crud form between her toes was making him queasy again, but he steeled himself and finished the task.


“Good boy,” she replied, admiring her much cleaner feet. “Not perfect, but you’ve got potential.


“At least he’ll have a lot of practice tonight,” said Becca with a giggle. “Yeah, Kyle, rubbing our feet would have been so much easier.”


Cassandra sat before him once again and removed her converse all-stars once again before sliding her sweaty, Parmesan-smelling toes. And with one set of toes clamped firmly over his nose, Cassandra shoved the toes of her other foot into his mouth.


“That’s it suck all that nasty dirt and sweat off,” she remarked with a laugh. “Oh, this feels great. I needed this.”


“He’s still hard,” observed a couple of girls. Someone was nudging his cock with a sneaker before pressing against it.


Kyle gasped, almost biting down on Cassandra’s foot. Cassandra promptly slammed her other foot against his face. “Don’t you fucking bite. Just tongue. Now clean them.”


Kyle didn’t want to get hit again and applied himself with as much eagerness as he could muster to cleaning between her toes and then eventually to licking every inch of her cheesy-smelling balls of her feet and heels.


Ashley’s feet were next. And with her toes wriggling inside his mouth, the sour, tartness of her milky toes was making his stomach hollow.


“You can show more enthusiasm then that,” she remarked. “Now really suck on them. Lost of tongue. And long licks.”


Ashley turned to the others while Kyle sucked on her heel. “This feels soooo good. I’m loving this.”


“And you deserve it to.”


“Considering how much I had to wear those to get my feet ripe for this loser.”


Ashley’s sour-smelling toes curled about his nose as he finished licking the first foot clean. And then he started over again.


It took about five to ten minutes cleaning each foot. And more often than not, the girls had put their shoes back on just to keep their feet as ripe and raunchy smelling as possible. They’d have him smell their toes again while thoroughly cleaning between their toes, licking their soles and sucking on the balls of their feet and their heels.


“Will you be good if we untie your hands, Kyle?” asked Becca, as she climbed on top of him, sitting on his chest.


Kyle nodded. He didn’t have the will to even speak.


“You’d better behave yourself ‘cause there are more cruel ways we can have fun with a naked man.”


Kyle nodded again. He’d forgotten he even had hands and legs. And so Becca untied the ropes and let his hands free. Kyle didn’t struggle, but sad up, his head swimming. All he could smell were feet, and all he could taste as well.


Becca took a seat and extended her legs on either side of Kyle’s face.


“Alright bitch,” she said, squeezing his head between her ankles. He noticed she’d put on a different pair of shoes, a pair of orange slip-on sneakers which thoroughly reeked. He remembered them all too well.


Kyle pulled away.


But Becca just shook her finger, admonishing him before using his shoulder to slide the sneaker off her bare foot.  Her  sweaty size 11s smelled just as bad as the sneakers and when she held her foot inches from his face, he wanted to turn his head. But he held still.


“That’s it,” she replied warmly as she once again slid her foot onto his face and slid her toes over his nose. “Remember how these nasty old sneaks made my feet smell?”


Kyle nodded.


“But you can appreciate it now, right?”


Kyle nodded.


“And now you’re going to lick my sweaty feet all nice and clean, for me, right?”


Kyle nodded again.


Becca held her big foot out for him, flexing her toes. “Well, what are you waiting for. Lather ‘em with your tongue.”


Kyle took her foot in her hand and started licking up and down her soles.


The girls cheered.


“Now he’s doing it willingly,” remarked Jen. “It’s amazing how you can train these guys.”


“That’s it, long broad strokes,” Becca told Kyle. “Lick ‘em real good.”


Becca slipped off her other shoe and guided her toes to Kyle’s nose, sliding her cheesy toes under his nostrils while he began to suck on the calloused ball of her foot.


“That’s it. Feels fantastic. And smell my other toes. Mmmn. That’s great.”


“I think he’ll do whatever we want at this point,” remarked Ashley.


“I never expected it to turn out this good,” answered Karen. “And I never thought I’d have this much fun getting my feet sniffed and licked, but I can really get used to it.


“I still want mine licked clean too,” remarked Lauren. “My feet are sooooo sweaty right now.”


“So are mine,” replied Shannon. “I can’t wait to get these sneaks off and get him licking between my toes.”


“You’ll love it,” replied Becca with her eyes closed.


Kyle had already begun to lick between Becca’s toes. While still humiliating, he’d accept his role. Everyone was having such a good time.


Another five minutes and Lauren slipped off her shoes and began greasing Kyle’s face up with her sweaty feet. But Kyle didn’t flinch.


“That’s it. Smell my stinky-ass feet again, loser. The only big enough loser to smell them.”


He sniffed her pungent, sharp-Cheddar smelling toes when ordered and opened his mouth when she want her thick, grubby dirty toes licked clean. And when Dawn and Amber wanted their dirty feet licked clean, he did so willingly.


By night’s end, the girls were rubbing their feet all over him and taking turns sliding them over his face, ordered him to sniff and lick and suck. It all blurred.


The girls were drinking beer and pouring it down their feet for him to drink. Everyone was drunk and everyone was having a blast getting their feet worshipped. And then everything got blurry. It wasn’t what he saw that he remembered but the variety of smells, sneakers held over his nose, socks dangled on his face and toes over his nose and in his mouth.


And then he woke up. It was morning. And he was tied up again. It wasn’t a bad dream. There was an overpowering odor of stinky feet everyone. But why was he still tied up. “Hello?” he yelled. “Someone?”