So, where did we last leave poor Petey. As I recall, he’d been mistaken for a man who’d embezzled a great deal of money; and to make things worse, Petey was accused of being a peeping tom and punished accordingly. The young women at the soccer camp spent an evening subjecting the innocent Petey to the funky aroma of their feet before carting him off naked to the security building run by Nora, head of security for the girls soccer camp.

Nora was already informed of Petey’s alleged wrongdoings and she’d been anticipating his arrival for hours. Nora and her assistants were worked at the camp for this very reason, to deter would-be perverts from spying on the young women. It was time to find out the truth.

Nora grabbed Petey by an ear and pulled Petey into the lobby of the security building where the other female security officers -- all in their uniforms which consisted of pants, shirts and dirty knee-length boots -- were talking over coffee. Upon seeing the naked Petey dragged into the room, the women let out guffaws and chuckles of amusement. Now here was a wrongdoer treated the way they would have preferred to treat wrongdoers.

”Is this him?” asked Margie, one of the officers who leaned back in a chair, her boots resting on a table.

”Yeah,” responded Nora, letting go of Petey’s ear and pushing him to the floor,” this is the one.”

One of the officers -- Rhonda, or Roni, as she was called --pulled Petey up from the floor and gazed at him with a mocking grin. Within seconds she pulled a face and let Petey fall to the floor. “His face smells like stinky feet,” remarked Roni. the others laughed.

”Well,” added Nora, “considering those girls have been rubbing their sweaty feet in his face for hours I’m not surprised. They look so sweet, who knew the had such nasty smelling feet.”

The women laughed heartily at Petey’s predicament before Roni stepped over to him and pushed him to the floor with a boot to his chest. She stood over him. “Life stinks, doesn’t it,” she remarked. The women laughed even harder.

Another officer by the name of Tamara stepped over to Petey and tapped him on the head with the tip of her boot. “I bet you enjoyed smelling their stinky feet; but you don’t deserve to good a punishment. You don’t deserve to eat the toe cheese from under my toenails, and you certainly don’t deserve to clean the dirt from my calloused feet.” She then pressed her boot onto his face and pushed it into his face as if she were putting out a cigarette she’d dropped to the floor.

”Aren’t you intense,” remarked Margie.

”Be glad it wasn’t us smearing our stinky feet in your face,” continued Erika, one of the other officers. “Whenever Tamara and Roni take off their boots, I mean ... woosh.”

”That’s not fair,” answered Roni. “We were twelve hour shifts, and, besides, I don’t think you’d be getting the award for freshest-smelling feet.”

Yeah,” replied Erika,” I know; we all on our feet all day; but I’m just saying he’s lucky he didn’t have to do our nasty ‘ol feet.”

”Enough,” barked Nora. her demeanor softened, Nora suddenly changed the conversation. “Alright, footboy,” she began, to the amusement of the others, “You’re going to come clean here. I want a confession out of you. This can be painless or it can be grueling; it’s up to you.”

Petey sat himself up as Nora addressed him.

”You have a lot of balls stealing that money, then thinking you could trespass just to watch some young women get undressed; I was told you were found near the changing rooms.”

That’s not true ... honestly,” pleaded Petey softly.

Nora placed a boot upon his chest and pushed him to the floor. “You’re not getting up until you stop lying.”

”I’m not lying,” replied Petey.

”Shut up,” answered Tamara as she kicked him just above his hip.

Just then, Nora set the case of money next to Petey. “This is your bag, isn’t it?” asked Nora.

”Well, I was doing someone a favor and I ...” Tamara pressed a booted foot over his face and held it there as Petey struggled to push it away. Petey had little strength left after his ordeal and so Tamara had no trouble keeping her boot just where she wanted it.

”You embezzled this money, didn’t you?” demanded Nora. “Granted you don’t look much like the man they showed on t.v., but those artist renderings are always off.”

”I didn’t steal anything ...and I was only putting the case somewhere safe when I was found.”

Nora grinned. “So you were trying to hide the case, were you?”

Petey nodded. “But I didn’t steal anything.”

Tamara pressed her boot hard onto Petey’s face and he gasped from the pain.

”I don’t like liars,” explained Nora. “Now explain to me what you were doing near the changing rooms.”

”I was in the shed, not ...”

”Stop lying,” growled Nora, no longer attempting to be nice. Nora pressed her boot onto Petey’s chest and leaned over him. “Why else would you be near the changing rooms if it wasn’t to watch the girls. This has happened before, so you’re not fooling anyone. I know who you are and what you were doing here.”

”Please ... I didn’t do anything wrong.”

That’s what they all think,” answered Nora. “But you disappoint me. I’m giving you a chance to come clean, I’d even let you leave, but you persist in lying.”

”It’s true, I ...” Tamara tapped his face hard with her boot.

”Shut up,” said Nora. “I’ll make you come clean, footboy, an you’ll confess everything before you leave.”

’What are we going to do?” asked Tamara as she pulled her boot form his face. She then applied it to his groin, making him gasp. He clutched feebly at her booted foot. “Can we hurt him?”

”Let me think,” mused Nora. “If the others used their feet to punish him, why not use our feet to obtain a confession out of him?”

The others laughed as the humiliating possibilities presented themselves. “You mean kicking him?” asked Tamara. “No,” replied Nora “I mean having some fun, just as the girls did.”

“You mean rubbing our nasty ol’ sweaty feet in his face,” asked Erika with a smile.

“Yeah,” added Roni “having him sniff our toes, lick our feet, whatever ...”

“You guys serious,” asked Martina, another one of the officers. “That’s gross. I mean some of you wear your boots all day without socks or anything, and I’ve seen how dirty Margie’s feet get.”

“Shut up,” replied Margie. “I’m with you, Nora, he could, like, lick my feet clean until he comes clean.”

“But what if he smells everyone feet but mine when he comes clean?” asked Erika, still amused by the prospect of smearing her sweaty feet in Petey’s face.

Nora laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll give him a chance to confess once we’re done with him. Now let’s tie him up.”

Several of the women enthusiastically lunged for Petey holding him spread eagled while a few others came over with rope and began to tie his arms and legs to the tables and chairs.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this, “remarked Martina. “Yeah,” added Erika, “this’ll be great.” Erika turned to Petey. “Ready for funky smellin’ feet?” Everyone laughed.

With Petey secured, his struggles were in vain. “Please don’t do this, I did nothing wrong.” Two of the security officers pulled their chairs close to Petey’s head and held his face still between their boots.

“Hand me the duct tape,” asked Nora. Margie tossed Nora the tape and Nora applied a small piece to Petey’s mouth. “When I want to hear you, I’ll let you know. But I think it’s time you got to know my feet.”

Everyone crowded around as Nora placed a chair overtop Petey and began to pry a boot off. Nora groaned with the effort, but couldn’t seem to remove her boot. “I have these on so long, I think my boot stuck to my foot.” Nora tried again and was finally able to slide her boot off. Instantly, the warm, musty stench filled the small room.

Petey gazed up to see Nora toss aside the boot and flex her foot, red from being in tight boots all day and slightly dirty on the sole, black flecks of dirt dotting her heel and the ball of her foot. Her heel appeared hard and calloused and her so did the ball of her foot. Nora wriggled her toes as she held her bare foot over his face.

“Oh man, Nora,” remarked Erika wrinkling her nose “that is so rank; don’t you wear socks or pantyhose?”

“I like how the boot makes my foot feet,” explained Nora, still taunting Petey with her wriggling toes.

“The others were shifting back away from her foot, laughing and holding their noses. “You’re feet stink,” observed Martina.

“Yeah, I know,” remarked Nora. She turned to Petey. “Now I want you to take a big whiff,” she said as she brought her sweaty, dirty size 10 down onto his face with a slap.

Her foot gave off the pungent, sharp stench of boot leather and sweaty feet. There was no doubt that Nora had been wearing her boots for a long time, and her foot was still very moist with perspiration. The smell of her stale, sweat-soaked feet turned his stomach, and he attempt to move his head away; but they others held his head in place with their boots.

“Pretty stinky, huh,” remarked Nora with a giggle. “Now don’t you wish you’d played ball with us?” Nora then pressed her warm, moist foot onto his face, grinding his nose into the soft, pungent toe groove.

“Boy, do you ever sweat, Nora,” remarked Erika with a giggle. “I’m a hard-working woman, what can I say” was Nora’s reply.

With her ripe, dirty toes cupping Petey’s nose, Nora began to unzip her other boot. With a great deal of effort, she was able to yank her other foot from the boot and promptly pressed it onto Petey’s face.

She laughed, as did the others, when she worked his nose in between each of her toes. “You know,” observed Nora,” I’ve got to take better care of my feet; the boots make them so dirty.”

“Well, you wear them every day,” replied Martina who appeared to be as amused by the sight of Nora working her feet in a man’s face as any of them. “You could try cleaning you toenails.”

“It’s good they’re dirty and stinky,” mused Nora. “This should teach him a lesson.” Nora’s enthusiasm quickly increased and she rapidly probed every inch of his face with her toes and soles.

“I think you’re enjoying this a little too much,” said Roni.

“Oh, when you’re sitting here, you’ll be having as much fun as I am. How often do you get a chance to rub your stinky feet in a man’s face, huh?”

Nora turned to Petey and pressed her toes over his nose. “Smell my stinky feet,” she yelled, slamming one putrid-smelling heel into cheek. Erika and Tamara, both holding Petey’s head in place with their boots, gave him a few kicks before holding his face tighter between their feet.

“Hold on,” exclaimed Nora as she jumped up and ran to her locker. She retrieved a pair of dark crusty socks and holding them up high, resumed her seat. “I haven’t washed these in weeks; I just keep them on hand when I do decide to wear socks.” Nora held them to her nose and immediately drew away from them, her nose wrinkled with disgust. “Pretty foul,” she remarked.

She surprised everyone by reaching for Petey’s mouth and forcing it open. She dangled the crusty, cheesy toe ends over his reluctant nose before stuffing them into his mouth. “Suck on these while you learn to be a better footsniffer,” said Nora before returning her sour-smelling calloused feet onto his face.

For five minutes or so, Nora wriggled her toes over Petey’s nose, compelling him to smell the balls of her feet and underneath her toenails. Then she yanked he socks from Petey’s mouth and held her heel just over his lips, ordering him to give her dirty feet a cleaning.

Petey, still disgusted by the sight and smell of Nora’ s cheesy unwashed feet, hesitated too long; and Tamara slammed her boot against his head. He winced in pain.

“Come on, do my feet, footboy,” said Nora. Petey opened his mouth and began to dab at her rough, thick heel with his tongue. As she pressed her heel into his mouth, he had no choice but to suck on the toughened, grimy flesh, and scrape it with his teeth.

“That’s it,” said Nora with a smile. “Suck ‘em clean.”

“Oh, this is great,” remarked Roni. “I want him to sniff my stinky toes and lick ‘em clean too.” By now everyone was shouting and cheering gleefully. They reminded Petey if he missed a post or if Nora’s heel was still dirty.

Petey slowly licked the length of her pungent, salty, sour feet until he sucked on the balls of her feet, which were just as grimy as her heels. But it was cleaning between Nora’s toes which amused the women the most, because they watched as Petey appeared to be chewing and swallowing toejam. Petey cleaned one foot while Nora pressed her warm, sharp-smelling toes over his nose to be sniffed; and then Nora placed the next heel over his mouth.

It too Petey ten minutes to clean Nora’s feet; and once done, she held them out to admire them. She wriggled her toes to see if any dirt remained between them.

“Impressive,” she remarked. “Your mouth could come in quite handy. Pity you’ll have to leave eventually.”

“Does he,” queried Tamara, eliciting a laugh form everyone.

“True,” added Nora. “We would have someone to rub our feet and suck on our toes after our shifts; and he’d do the same for the girls. “ The others applauded the suggestions.

“My turn,” exclaimed Tamara as she stood up and occupied the seat only just vacated by Nora. Tamara enthusiastically kicked off her boots and held her dirty sock feet with toe imprints over Petey’s face. her feet gave off a strong, sharp odor of old, unwashed sports socks and fermented shoes. It was repugnant.

Petey tried to turn his face but couldn’t, Erika and Roni held his head still.

Tamara wriggled her sock toes, as she slowly lowered them. “When they touch your nose, I want to hear a big sniff.” Within seconds, a warm, damp sock foot slid onto his face, and he could feel toes clasp at his nose. From the stench, it was clear that Tamara wore her boots everyday; it was ripe and cheesy and to be forced to smell it, even after what he’d already endured, was humiliating. The odor overwhelmed him but Petey had no choice but to breathe it into his lungs.

She began to slowly rub her sock feet into his face. “I love this,” she said with a hearty laugh. “I want to do this whenever my feet stink.”

“Ah, that would be everyday, I think,” laughed Erika.

“And I thought my feet stank,” observed Nora, holding her fingers over her nose. “At this rate, this is going to be an interesting evening for him.” Everyone laughed.

After compelling Petey to smell her stinky sock toes, she removed her socks and stuffed one of them into his mouth. “I hope you like the taste of sharp cheddar,” she remarked with a grin. The taste was stale and vinegary; but the stench of her sweaty feet as she pressed them into his face, was worse. “Smell them good.” They were solid, stout feet with large, stubby toes and they reeked of old shoes.

Petey sniffed the length of her feet, paying special attention to her grubby, cheesy toes which she wriggled over his nose the entire time. Five minutes passed before Tamara, like Nora before her, yanked her socks from Petey’s mouth and began to insert a rough, dirty heel.

“Bon appetite,” chuckled Tamara as she watched Petey lick the flat of her wide heel and feed on the salty sweat which covered her soles. Tamara especially enjoyed having her toes sucked and continued to remark how she could use this kind of treatment everyday. “I love it. No complaints about the stink; no remarks about the dirt. I just get my feet worked on.”

In like fashion, the other women, Roni, Margie, Erika and Martina, some of them with sweat socks, some of them with sweaty bare feet pulled form boots worn without socks, introduced Petey to a variety of strong, pungent foot odors, some distinctly cheesy, others fruity, and others reminiscent of rotting shoes. It was amazing just how poorly these security officers took care of their feet. Calloused feet with bunions were rubbed over his face, unwashed toes clasped at his nose and dirty toenails pressed against his nostrils. Their feet were thoroughly sweaty and the women gleefully worked their pungent, stale foot sweat into his face.

The women laughed and giggled like girls at a slumber party as they tormented him with rank socks, dangling them over his nose and forcing him to suck the sour sweat from them; they prodded him with their boots and feet and even took to stepping onto him rather than over him. They used his face to massage their feet and groaned with pleasure as they worked their sore toes over his nose. The thrill of having cool air breathed through their warm, pungent toes was even more thrilling to them, and they demanded that Petey sniff their toes repeatedly.

Feet, dirty from wearing boots barefoot and from walking on the floor, were rubbed over his face and body, while he was expected to lick every grimy inch of their feet, all six pairs, feeding on toe jam and the dirt which colored their heels and soles. Tamara and Erika later took to cleaning their toenails and feeding Petey whatever they scraped from under them. It was enough to make Petey sick, but he had no choice but to do what they wanted and to suffer humiliation for their amusement. Hours passed before Nora and the others offered to let him up.

“So,” began Nora. “Are you ready to confess, or are we going to have to humiliate you some more. Maybe this time we’ll make you clean our asses.” Everyone laughed.

Petey was to stunned by events to say anything at first; all he could do was slowly nod his head. The women applauded. “See, was that so difficult?” added Nora.

“I think this was my favorite interrogation,” added Tamara. “We should use our stinky feed to weed out the truth every time. Who knew my foot odor would come in so handy?” The other women were in stitched from laughing so hard.

Nora and the others proceeded to untie Petey, and when he climbed to his feet, still unsteady and completely naked, the sight made the women laugh even harder, some of them tearing.

“I can’t believe we made him smell our feet,” said Erika. “I can’t believe we made him lick our dirty feet,” added Roni.

“All in the name of justice,” explained Nora. She then turned to Petey. “You’re free to leave.”

Petey glanced at the mocking faces and realized he had no clothes. “What about my clothes?”

Nora, smiling, tossed his clothes onto the floor at his feet, and Petey, still dazed and confused from hours spent having smelly feet rubbed in his face and still reeling from the bitter taste of ripe feet, fell on his knees to collect them.

Martina, who had been speaking on the phone to someone, hung up and approached the others. “I told them we were releasing him , but they didn’t seem too happy. They’re coming over for him.”

Nora turned to Petey. “Well, you have our permission to leave, if you can get out of here before they get here. Petey, hearing a few high-pitched shouts outside, held his clothes to his chest, and without taking the time to get dressed, raced outside. The security officers followed him to the door and taunted him as he raced into the dead of night. “Thanks for not complaining about our stinky feet,” said Tamara. “You can clean our nasty ol’ feet anytime,” added Erika.

As Petey ran form the building, he could see a group of girls racing towards him from the sleeping quarters. It was dark, but Petey could still make out about twenty of them. “There he is,” Petey heard one girl remark. “Quick, before he leaves.” The girls let out a group cheer and shouted at Petey to stay still.

Naturally, Petey darted away from them and, his clutching his clothes to his chest, made off in the direction of the wall. But the girls were fast, and he could hear their voices grow louder until he could hear their footsteps thunder towards him. Petey threw the occasional glance back to note, with consternation, that the girls were gaining on him. he could already see the triumphant smiles on their faces, as if they knew they had him.

Petey eventually approached the wall and quickly tossed his clothes over. He had seconds to spare as the girls shouts grew deafening. “We’ve got him,” yelled someone. But climbing the wall was slow work as there were few places to get a foothold. His first attempt was too hasty, and he fell back to the ground, but he picked himself up and tried again, this time with more success.

Petey must have climbed halfway up the wall when the girls crowded around him underneath. Fingers grazed his heels as the girls leapt up to reach him. Soon, sneakers were tossed at him, some of them hitting him in the face. All Petey could do was hold on until they ceased their assault. But they continued to bombard him with sneakers. “You’re not finished, you’re going to clean our feet too.” he could hear giggles as one of the girls made remarks about him being naked and about the size of his penis.

Petey maintained his grip, but the sweat form his fingers was making it difficult to hold on. He could feel himself slipping. Petey quickly resumed his assent. Another sneaker hit him on his right hand, and Petey instinctively pulled it away from the wall. With only one hand supporting him, Petey could feel himself slipping. It was a matter seconds.

“He’s coming down,” remarked one of them. “Timber,” added another voice. More giggles and cheers.

Petey, contemplating the inevitable, closed his eyes as he fell to the ground. He was promptly grabbed from all sides and the girls hoisted up their catch. “You’re not going anywhere,” said one of them. “You’re going to stay with us and service our feet all day and night.” Petey gulped at the prospect. But he was in their hands now.

Poor Petey, a ratty old tennis shoe affixed to his face with shoe laces, was carried off to the girl’s sleeping quarters. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Petey did leave eventually, but not before the women of the soccer camp humiliated him for days with their stinky dirty feet. Oh, poor Petey.

by Byron

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