I will now begin the first of a series of stories about a young man to whom the fates have not been kind. His name is Petey and, despite his good intentions, he incurs the ill-will of many a woman. You see, Petey is the proverbial scapegoat, and he often suffers the blame for the failings of other men. Petey is always innocent of the charges leveled against him by women, but he invariably pays the price. If Petey weren’t so eager to oblige his fellow men, he could slip through life relatively unscathed; but Petey wants to help. Regrettably, he can never quite figure out how not to get into scrapes with women.

To make things worse, women just love rubbing their feet on Petey’s face; in fact, they can’t keep their feet of him. Was he cursed or forced to suffer like Job? We don’t know. But it’s enough to say that whenever he unwittingly aroused a woman’s anger or lust for revenge, the woman would use her feet to teach him a lesson.

So without further ado, let’s embark on Petey’s troubled odyssey.


At the time of this story, Petey was around twenty years of age and as innocent as he was at age ten. He had not yet been with a woman and, to be honest, knew not the first thing about them. Petey was a wide-eyed college sophomore in a sleepy university town who took to wandering his neighborhood just to marvel at the beauty of the world.

On one such trek, Petey bumped into a brazen young man with a shifty gaze and an enormous green briefcase which scraped against the ground. I should mention that Petey, ever careless, quite literally bumped into the man and knocked him flat against the pavement.

”Can’t you watch where you’re going,” groaned the man as he picked himself up.

Petey apologized profusely and asked the man if there was anything he could do to help.

The man gazed at Petey and, likely struck by Petey’s innocent appearance, chose to confide in him. “Well, I’m in a bit of a pickle,” began the man. “I need to hide this briefcase somewhere. I’d like to put it in that abandoned shed over the wall over there, but my game leg is making it difficult for me to scale the wall. Perhaps you could give me a lift.”

Petey was more than happy to do so and offered “to climb the wall himself and hide it in the shed himself.”

The man was hesitant about handing over the briefcase, but when he failed to scale the wall, even with Petey’s assistance, he offered to let Petey climb the wall.

With boundless enthusiasm for helping his fellow man, Petey grabbed the briefcase and literally bounded up the wall. To Petey’s credit, he was tall, athletic and blessed with superhuman energy. He leapt over the other side and proceeded to the abandoned shed 150 yards away.

The door to the shed opened quite easily and Petey stepped inside. From all appearances, it looked like a site used for the storage of sports equipment, along with miscellaneous junk. Petey took to exploring the ground level before proceeding to the basement which contained more unused equipment and junk.

Petey must have been exploring for a good half hour, and was completely occupied with his quest for the perfect hiding place for the briefcase. He’d already quite forgotten about the man who who must have been out of his mind with rage.

Unfortunately, just when Petey thought he’d tumbled upon the perfect spot for he case, he felt a searing pain to the back of his head, and everything went black.

When Petey awoke, he was in a furnished room, bound on the floor, his wrists tied behind his back and his ankles tied together. He struggled but he couldn’t fathom what could have happened to him while he was unconscious. “Help,” yelled Petey. “Help, I can’t move,” he continued.

And then Petey heard footsteps just outside the door. It opened and when Petey craned his neck to see who it was, he saw a buxom and muscular woman of around thirty years of age towering above him. She was wearing spandex shorts, a tee-shirt and running shoes.

”Welcome to my office,” said the woman in a booming voice. “My name’s Linda and I run this camp.”

”Where am I,” asked Petey.

”Oh, you’re at a woman’s soccer camp and I had you brought here so I could figure out just what to do with you.”

Just then, Linda slammed the green briefcase onto the floor next to Petey. “This must be the money you embezzled. I heard about you on the news.”

”I didn’t do that,” explained Petey. “There was a man who wanted to hide it and I offered to help him hide it.”

”Do you think I’m stupid, scumbag?” remarked Linda before she brought her foot down onto his stomach. Petey gasped for air and then attempted to explain what had happened in greater detail. She wasn’t interested.

”But what really bothers me,” continued Linda. “Is that you chose our private soccer camp to sneak about. I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence.”

”I had no idea,” said Petey, still out of breath. “If I’d known...”

Linda cut him off. “Shut up,” she yelled, kicking him in the side of his stomach. “These premises are off limits to men, which means the women don’t always worry about dressing up. And that is why we have men prowling about thinking they’re going to sneak a peak. You’re not only a thief, you’re also a peeping Tom. Personally, I’m sick of turning you guys into the cops because they never do anything about it. I think we’ll have to take things into our own hands.”

”Please, you really are mistaken,” replied Petey. “I certainly never meant to offend ...”

Linda cut him off again. But she surprised him by pressing the dirty sole of her sneakered foot against his face. “You’re scum and I want the women here to feel the same way I do. We’re going to teach you a lesson, little man; one you won’t soon forget.

”But I didn’t do anything,” pleaded Petey.

And then Linda fell onto his chest, taking his neck between her muscular quads and squeezing. “I’m getting tired of hearing your mouth. There’s nothing you can say to make me feel any different about your kind.”

I need something to stop your mouth,” mused Linda aloud to herself. She hesitated for a moment and then her scowl dissolved into a grin. “I’ve got the perfect gag.” Having said that, Linda popped off one of her running shoes and slowly peeled off the sweat sock. She held it to her nose and wrinkled her nose with distaste.

”Boy that stinks, “ remarked Linda with a chuckle. She held the sock away from her and then dangled it over his nose. “As a coach of women’s soccer, I’m always on my feet. I guess I forgot to put on a new pair of socks today.” Her sock was indeed stinky, and the pungent aroma of sweaty feet and old sneakers offended his delicate senses.

Petey turned his face away but Linda was incredibly strong, and held his head still with one hand. “Now open you r mouth,” she demanded. As Petey refused to do as he was told, Linda pressed her thighs into his neck until he gagged. As he involuntarily opened his mouth, she began to stuff the rancid-smelling sock into his mouth, to end first. “Now suck on this,” she added with a laugh.

Petey couldn’t spit it out as Linda had stuffed too much of it into his mouth. He attempted to plead with her but he could only moan and grunt. Linda, wearing an enormous smile, stood up and gazed at him. “Now that’s a sight.”

Linda then lifted her sweaty bare foot over his face and pressed her size 10 onto his face. “Now I can make you smell them,” she chuckled. “Maybe once you sniff my stinky feet, you’ll think twice about spying on women.” Linda cupped her musty, cheesy-smelling toes over his nose and ordered him to smell her toes.

Linda then made herself comfortable by sitting on Petey’s chest, making it even more difficult for him to breath; and then she removed her other shoe. She pressed her other sock foot over his face and her warm, stinky sock toes played over his nose. Once she removed the other sock she began to rub foot sweat into his face, roughly manhandling him with her dirty, sweaty, stale-smelling peds.

She had subjected him to fifteen minutes of smelling her stinking feet, on top of the humiliation of having a woman rub her feet all over his face, when she cocked her head and listened. “I think some of the girls are back from practice,” she remarked to herself. And then she stood up.

Petey fully expected her to untie him and let him go, but Linda just laughed to herself. “I’ve got the perfect punishment for a perverted thief like you. Just perfect.” And then she left.

Five minutes later, Petey became aware of female voices in the distance; the voices grew louder and louder until the door swung open again. Along with Linda came four or five women between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two. They were amused by this unusual scenario and uttered various expressions of disbelief at seeing a man tied to the floor with a socks stuffed in his mouth.

”Is that your sock in his mouth,” remarked one of the girls.

”It is,” she replied proudly. The girls groaned their disgust. “He was, after all, trying to spy on all of you in the shower.” Petey wanted to object to this, but all he cold do was moan. “Thankfully, I caught him before he could bother any of you.”

”But what do you want us to do?,” asked another girl.

”Well, I’ve asked everyone else to stay outside because I want them to do something else. But I’ve asked you girls here because I need you to help me undress him.”

”What,” replied a girl, evidently astonished by this request.

”I will give each of you $100 if you remove all of his clothes and bring them to me outside. You’ll have to undo the cords, so be careful he doesn’t escape. But I want him stripped.”

”You’re kidding, right Coach?” asked one of the girls.

”I’m completely serious,” continued Linda. “And if any of you don’t want $100, you can leave now.”

”Where did you get the money?”asked the first girl.

”Let’s just say this little pervert came with his own money,” explained Linda.

”That’s so wicked of you,” remarked one of the girls and the others giggled nervously.

”I’ll give you five minutes,” added Linda. “If you don’t give me every stitch of clothing by then, none of you get paid. And you have five minutes starting now.” Linda quickly left the room leaving the girls confused as to how to proceed.”

”Damn it, “said one of the girls. “This isn’t fair.”

”I need the money, “ said someone else. “Come on.”

Petey then felt one of the girls grab hold of his shoe and pry it off. The girl peeled off his sock before prying off his other shoe. “

”Come on,” the girl shouted, “we only have four and a half minutes.”

”Suddenly, the girls sprung into action and began to tug at his clothes.

One of the girls looked him in the face and smiled. ‘I’m sorry about this, but we need the money.” The girl then proceeded to unbutton his shirt while a couple of the others unzipped his pants and pulled them to his ankles. Once his underpants were pulled down, the girls could no longer refrain from giggling. But they worked feverishly.

Several of the girls took to sitting on him to hold him down while two of them, untied the ankle and wrist restraints and removed the clothing before retying the restraints.

Petey, now naked and crimson with embarrassment watched as the girls, still giggling amongst themselves, hurried out the door with their quarry.

Five minutes later, Linda returned; this time bringing eight or nine of the young women with her. They reacted to the sight of a naked man bound and gagged with nervous laughter; but, as the room was small, they crowded around him, gazing down upon him.

”What’s going on, Coach,” asked one of the girls.

”Well, you know why I have him here and that it’s up to teach him a lesson, so this is what I need you to do. I want each of you to take turns rubbing your feet on his face. “

The girls gasped with disbelief. “What,” muttered someone.

“I want you girls to help me humiliate him, and I think a dose of sweaty feet ought to do the trick. If you rub your feet in his face for five minutes I’ll give you one hundred dollars.”

”Let me get this straight,” began one of the girls. “You want us to rub our smelly feet in his face for five minutes and we can walk away with one hundred dollars of his money? That’s like him paying us to humiliate him.”

”Exactly,” replied Linda to everyone’s amusement.

”All you have to do is have him smell your feet and a one hundred dollar bill is yours. Who doesn’t want one?” No one objected.

Linda grabbed a chair and set it next to Petey’s face. “Then let’s get started,” said Linda. “Who’s first?” No one spoke.

”You, Mona, you go first,” demanded Linda. “Make sure you get his nose under your toes.”

”Could I wash up first?” asked Mona. “I’m really sweaty and my feet probably stink.”

”You only get paid,” explained Linda, “if you do this before you get cleaned up. We’re supposed to teach him a lesson here.”

Mona took a seat and began to remove her soccer cleats with her feet.

”GO on,” encouraged Linda, as Mona was showing signs of reluctance. Mona then pressed her socked feet onto his face and began to rub them all over. The stench of stale sweat and moldy sneakers assaulted his nose as Mona brushed her sock toes over his nose and under his nostrils.

”I’m sorry about the smell,” apologized Mona. “But money’s money.”

”Don’t apologize,” exclaimed Linda. “I saw him going though the used socks in the clothes hamper. He probably loves the stink.”

”Really?” asked Mona as she cupped her sock toes over his nose.

”He’s a foot pervert,” added Linda. “Now show him what you do with a foot pervert.”

Resting her feet on his face, Mona peeled off her socks one by one, and presented Petey with a view of her sweaty, slightly soiled size 9 bare feet. She began to rub them over his face, quite enthusiastically this time. “Smell my sweaty feet, creep.”

“That’s the spirit,” laughed Linda as she prepared to leave. “Have fun girls. And you girls will be the first nine. I’ll be sending others in, so keep track of the order. Once you’ve taken your turn, come out and I’ll pay you. And, girls, be thorough. Make him smell your socks, your bare feet and you should make him sniff inside your shoes. The assistant coach, Kristy, will keep an eye on things.” Linda nodded to Kristy before leaving.

Once Linda left, the girls, including Kristy, who couldn’t have been more than twenty four herself, began to giggle and whisper amongst themselves.

”I can’t believe this is happening,” began one of the more sympathetic girls. “Poor guy. We should put some clothes on him at least. “ And she set a workout jacket over his privates.

”Where’s your sense of humor, Annie?” asked another. “Think about it. This guy has to smell everyone’s feet. There must be at least thirty five of us. It’s so cruel and humiliating, it’s funny.”

Annie continued to speak. “But we can refuse, Carla.”

”And not get the money, are you kidding?” replied Carla. “All I have to do is rub my sweaty feet in his face and I get paid. You better believe I’m rubbing my feet all over his face. Might be fun.” Others laughed.

During this exchange, Petey attempted to communicate with them, to appeal to their sense of pity with mournful eyes. But the women debated as if he weren’t even there. And Mona continued to slide her sweaty feet all over his face, occasionally rubbing her toes over his nose and squeezing. Mona didn’t seem to bothered by the fact that poor Petey had to smell her sour-smelling bare feet.

“Hey, I’m in favor, as long as I don’t have to smell everyone’s nasty feet,” added another voice.

“All in favor of rubbing our feet in his face and getting paid,” said Carla, “say I.” The others gave their resounding consent, all but for Annie who maintained her ethical objections.

”Now let’s be practical,” added Carla “all he has to do is stomach a little foot odor. That’s it.”

”I’d do it if my feet weren’t so sweaty,” replied Annie. ‘Then pretend your feet are clean,” answered Carla “and get your money. Besides, he was a pepping Tom.”

”Yeah, you’re right,” concluded Annie.

By this time, the debate subsided and everyone cheered Mona as she finished rubbing her funky foot sweat into Petey’s face. She finished by opening one of her cleats and holding it over his nose. Everyone cheered the audacity of the gesture and were even more amused by the sight of Petey sniffing inside a well-worn shoe than by watching Mona slide her toes under his nose and order him to sniff under her cheesy-smelling toenails.

”Go tell the others,” asked Carla as she mounted the chair. “They’ll never forgive us if we don’t tell them.” One of the girls left the room as Carla kicked of her cleats and presented Petey’s face with a pair of dirty, moist, vinegary , sharp-smelling sock feet. She began to rub them in his face, giving special attention to his nose, rubbing her toes over it as if she were pushing an orange over an orange squeezer.

”This is fun,” remarked Carla as she playfully let her sock feet slide all over Petey’s face. Two of the other girls had taken the precaution of holding his face still with the bottoms of their dirty cleats, one pair pressed on either side of his face. Petey didn’t want to give either of them a reason to press their cleated shoes into his head and so he gave Carla free run of his face; and Carla took full advantage.

As more girls popped their heads into the room to see if all they’d heard was true, Carla pulled off her damp socks and pressed them against his nose. “Have a good whiff of those; go on sniff hard.” Petey sniffed hard; he couldn';t breathe so he had no choice.

”Carla,” said Annie “you’re going way beyond the call of duty. All you have to do is rub your feet in his face. “

”Sorry for having fun,” replied Carla, rolling her eyes. Carla pressed her sock over his nose with her dirty bare toes. “If you’re going to do something, you might as well enjoy it. And how often do you get to make a guy smell your feet and socks?”

Carla explored his face with the wrinkled soles of her pungent size 6’s and let her cheddary toes slide over his nose. Like Mona, Carla then upturned one of her shoes and forced Petey to smell inside. It was a hot, moldy smell of shoes which had been worn far too often and far too long.

And then, one by one, the other girls took their turns. By turns, the girls became more aggressive with Petey, even taking to slapping his face with their smelly bare feet, or pressing them hard into his face. By the time Carla implored Annie to take her turn, Annie gradually took a seat and slowly took off her shoes.

”Ooh, they stink,” laughed Carla. “No wonder you didn’t want to do this. Your feet are rank.” Annie stood up to leave but Carla held her down. “Just put your feet on his face and get your money, added Carla.”

Annie sat down and pulled off one of her socks, but before she could place her feet on his face, Carla grabbed the sock. “God, I don’t even want to touch this putrid thing,” said Carla as she held it at arm’s length, the toe end dangling over Petey’s nose. Everyone was in stitches.

Carla then surprised Petey by yanking out Linda’ sock and shoving Annie’s sock in its place. Petey was close to gagging from the dry, acrid stench the socks gave off, but the taste was thoroughly putrid. He had no choice but to suck on them as Annie pressed a moist sock foot and dirty bare foot onto his face. As she tentatively rubbed them over his face, the girls cheered. Petey took a deep breath of the odor and took the sharp foot stench into his lungs.

Annie surprised herself by enjoying having this kind of power over a man, by forcing her foot odor upon him. She thrilled to the humiliation as much as any of them did. “Smell my stinky feet,” demanded Annie. Carla and the others applauded and hollered their approval. Annie then took great pleasure in placing one of her shoes over his face and compelling him to take deep breaths of the inside of her rotted old cleats. “Ever thought of getting a new pair,” asked Carla. “Those are falling apart.”

Girls came and went, and at five minutes a piece, they made full use of the time, forcing him to smell damp, funky sock feet, dirty and sweaty bare feet, and moldy old cleats. Linda dropped by to oversee the proceedings and asked Petey if he had any regrets about sneaking onto the premises. Petey nodded but it was too late for apologies. besides the girls were too determined to get their $100 to take to the idea of letting Petey go. They all wanted to know what it felt like to rub their dirty, foul-smelling feet over a man’s face.

For upwards of three hours, Petey’s face was presented with countless pairs of smelly, sweaty feet; humiliation was rubbed into every pour of his skin and he still couldn’t fathom what he’d one to deserve such treatment. “smell my stinky feet,” demanded one girl after another. Some of them had putrid smelling feet, other’s had only slightly-smelly feet. It was a plethora of smells and after smelling inside their cleats and sniffing everyone’s sock feet and bare feet, Petey was delirious. he would have lost consciousness were it not for the fact that most of the girls manhandled him with their feet, twisted his nose with their toes, slapping him with their soles, and scrunching their toes into his face.

”As Linda knew that the balls of their feet were the smelliest, she asked the girls to hold the balls of their feet over his face long enough for him to appreciate the smell. Everyone did so quite willingly. Even Annie began to enjoy herself and forgot her objections. The girls were having too much fun, and never had they bonded so much as a group.

One by one, the girls did him with their feet, and then hit he showers. Others lingered, like Carla and two of her friends, Maggie and Nina. They’d been paid, but they loved every minute of this humiliating torture and eagerly awaited a chance to finish Petey off.

Once the last giggling girl had her fun at Petey’s expense and used his face to massage her sore feet, Carla approached the chair and remarked, “now I’m going to make him lick my feet clean.” Her friends laughed. “But your soles are dirty now,” observed Maggie. “I know,” laughed Carla as she pressed her smelly feet into Petey’s face and cupped her toes over his nose. She then reached down and yanked a sock from his mouth. It wasn’t Annie’s sock, as a number of girls had shoved their fetid, crusty socks into his mouth to suck on. “Now lick my feet clean, asswipe.”

Petey gasped and choked, but was relieved to be able to breathe through his mouth again. “Why,” was all he could mutter.” Then Carla shoved her dirty foot hard onto his face. “Because I said so,” she explained.

Petey coughed again but stuck out his tongue and began to lick her dirty soles. He sucked on her heel and the ball of her foot until the natural pink showed through the dirt. As he cleaned between her toes, he chewed on pieces of dirt and fabric which must have accumulated their and sucked on her toes until they looked as spotless as the rest of her foot. It took him ten minutes to thoroughly clean her foot and when he did, Carla presented it to the others. “It’s like having a brand new foot,” remarked Carla.

As Carla compelled him to start cleaning her other foot, Linda walked into the room. “Getting your feet cleaned?” she observed. “Good. he might as well make himself useful.” “Once you finish up, I would like you to hand him over to security. They’ll need to ask him some questions. Take him directly to Nora. She’ll take care of things.”

Linda then removed her shoe, which she’d been wearing without a sock and rubbed her warm, pungent toes over his nose. “It would be nice to have a place to wipe our sweaty feet clean, wouldn’t it?” “Sure would,” responded Carla who was shoving her dirty toes into Petey’s mouth. Linda, pleased with the results of her efforts, left the room.

Another half hour passed as Carla and her friends took advantage of his helplessness to further subject him to their dirty, cheesy toes. He licked all six feet clean from heel to toe, even scraping under their long toenails with his teeth. It was a dirty business, but what choice did he have? The girls made things worse by mocking him and laughing at how dirty and smelly their feet were. They shoved toes deep into his mouth until he gagged and then ridiculed him for having to feed on their feet.

Once they had their fun, they untied him, careful to retie his hands behind his back and to hoist him up. Petey was unsteady on his feet but regained his balance as the girls escorted him from the room. They brought him through the gym where several girls laughed at the sight of a naked man being walked outside.

As the security building was on the other side of what could only be described as a compound, most of the girls were treated to one more glimpse of poor Petey, naked and humiliated. And to think he’d smelled everyone’s feet. Each of the women who greeted him and teased him had rubbed their stinky feet on his face. And they would all have the satisfaction of knowing “yeah, he smelled my feet.”

Carla and the others finally brought him up to the steps of the security building. when they knocked, a muscular woman in her thirties opened the door and eyed Petey up and down. The woman wore pants, a shirt with a nametag - Nora -- and calf-length black boots on her feet. She cracked a smile at his predicament. “Well, here he is,” said Nora. “We’ll take it from here,” she added as she grabbed Petey and pulled him into the room. The girls giggled and walked away, leaving Petey to the whims of Nora, head of security and her five assistants who patrolled the camp.

by Byron

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