Office Boy - part II

By mod morning on Friday, Gwen called Robbie into her office to discuss some work-related issues. With her sock feet on the desk, she asked him to sit. As usual, the odor emanating from her dirty white socks was pungent and revolting. A pair of old running shoes appeared to have been tossed onto the floor near the desk.

"Have you thought about this weekend?" she asked.

"Actually, I need to talk to you about that. Um ... Rachel and a few others were telling me that you guys were members of a club. I mean ... if the whole purpose of the visit is so you guys can humiliate me with stinky feet, then I don't think..."

Wen cut him short. "I'm just inviting you to meet some friends. Frankly, I wouldn't believe a word Rachel says. I suspect they're just tormenting you a bit. Hazing, you might call it. But we don't often have men working here. You understand."

Robbie nodded.

'So will Friday after work be good? I'll take you over myself."

"Sure. Sounds fine." Robbie mustered a smile; but he still had his doubts about Gwen's intentions.

After lunch, Gwen called an impromptu meeting of her department which consisted of about 15 or so women, most of whom were between 25 and 40. With everyone assembled at the conference table, Gwen addressed the room, speaking of upcoming projects and asking about current projects.

Fifteen minutes into the meeting, Gwen sat down and smiled. "I'm sure most of you have met him by now; but this is my new assistant Robbie. You should all get to know him. He knows his stuff ... and on top of that he gives a great footrub."

Robbie flushed red; how could she mention this at a meeting. He thought she didn't want anyone to know. According to her, that's why he had to sit under her desk before massaging her feet.

The other women smiled at Robbie as if they'd just been informed of his accomplishments.

"I don't suppose we could enjoy the occasional footrub too?" asked Alissa.

"Of course. I won't monopolize him; but I have priority." Everyone else nodded in agreement.

A woman by the name of Roberta turned to Robbie. "Gwen's usually so particular about your footrubs. You must have great hands."

"If he can rub feet so good, imagine what a great toesucker he must be," added Alissa.

Some of the women moaned as if contemplating a sinfully rich desert.

Rachel cleared her throat. "Kathy and I were just thinking ... that we should probably do something to incorporate him into our department. Like hazing ... a frat ritual. You know. Something he has to do to earn a place here."

"Great idea. What do you have in mind?" asked Gwen, all ears.

Rachel and Kathy smiled conspiratorially. "Well," continued Rachel. "We thought it should be something unpleasant, or what would be the point, right? Something which would enable him to know us a little better, and help us get to know him better too."

"And so we came up with two things. One, we could pull all his clothes off so we might know him a little better. It's not everyday a new man joins our team."

Some of the women giggled, but, judging from the nonverbal reaction, they approved.

"Like have him work in the nude?" asked Paula, another employee.


"So far so good," mused Gwen with a smile.

"Two, we'd get our feet really stinky and make him smell them. So he'd get to know us better; at least he'd get to know our foot odor."

More giggles; a light smattering of applause indicated approval.

"So we could just rub our smelly feet in his face. Something disgusting he'd have to endure to show he's worthy of us."

'Exactly," replied Rachel with a decisive nod of the head.

Robbie couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was too unreal to believe.

"What fun!" declared Gwen. "And what a great way to create a sense of team spirit. We'll do it."

Rachel turned to Robbie "Don't worry. This won't mean we hate you. You'd be smelling our feet because we like you."

The women laughed.

"How about getting our feet licked," asked Alissa. "That's always nice."

"We could do that," replied Rachel.

"I don't know about you guys," said Paula. "But I'd love to haze him today. I don't have to try to get my feet smelly; they already stink."

"Mine too," remarked Roberta with a chuckle. "Stinky like cheese."

And then it hit Robbie: these women were serious. He'd have to slip away somehow; tender his resignation. He had to think of something.

"O.K.," said Gwen. "We'll do it at 5:00 in the conference room. Just keep down the noise or the girls in Finance will want to join in."

The room dissolved into chaos as the women talked amongst themselves and laughed.

"I don't usually see all of you so excited on a Friday," observed Gwen. More laughter. "So why don't we get back to work and meet here at 5:00. Rachel and Kathy, why don't you come with me to my office so we can plan it.

Robbie didn't have the nerve to stand and mingle with the women as the hurried from the room, as if they were celebrating New Years.

Don't be so glum," remarked Gwen. "It's going to be fun. You'll relax once we get your pants off." She taped him on the shoulder good-naturedly before stepping outside. Robbie was left alone in the conference room to contemplate this sudden and disturbing change of events.

Without attracting notice, Robbie collected his few personal possessions from the table and prepared to leave.

"Where you going?" asked Adrienne. The girl who sat next to him.

"I'm not going to stay for this. It's too humiliating. You can tell Gwen I left."

"It won't be as bad as you think. Sure, you'll have to sniff some pretty rank feet. And women like Rachel are great at rubbing in the humiliation. But if you can take it, it's a good company to work for."

"I'm outta here," was Robbie's reply.

Just then, Robbie's intercom went off. It was Gwen. "Could you come in here for a minute?"

Robbie, shaking his head, returned his things to his desk and walked to her office.

Inside sat Gwen, Rachel and Kathy. The three of them appeared to be sharing a joke.

"Well, I ran it by the boss, Debra Haley, and we're good to go with the hazing. But we're going to do it in here at four. Here. Have a seat." Gwen gestured to a chair.

As Robbie sat down, he noticed Rachel stand and pace about the room. She appeared to be holding something in her hands.

" I don't know if this is going to work," began Robbie.

"Of course, it's going to work. There are more than enough of us to pull your clothes off. And it's easy enough for us to take off our shoes and slide our feet over your face.

"That's not what I meant," answered Robbie.

Just then he felt a tug on his wrist and then a loud click. Rachel burst into laughter. He gazed at his wrist only to notice that Rachel had just handcuffed his arm to the chair. He yanked at his hand but he couldn't extricate it. "What's going on?"

"Just a precaution," explained Gwen. Don't want you running away."

"If he knew how stinky our feet are, he would have been wise to leave, said Kathy. "Too late now."

Rachel and Kathy then grabbed his chair and pulled it close to the side of Gwen's desk. Rachel then attached another cuff connecting the chair to the desk. With a smile, Gwen threw her sneaker-covered feet onto the desk, right next to him. Her sneakers smelled putrid.

Prying a sneaker off at the heel with her other foot, a hot rush of odor wafted up to his nose. It was the sour-sweet stench of sweaty feet and old gym shoes. As the other sneaker fell from her foot, she wriggled her sweaty toes.

"I'm going to take it easy until then," said Gwen, leaning back in her seat, an open notebook in her hand.

Rachel and Kathy laughed. "We'll bring the others in at 4," said Rachel before leaving with Kathy.

For the next 45 minutes or so, Gwen and Robbie sat in silence: Gwen reading her notebook and resting her smelly feet on the desk; Robbie fuming silently as he inhaled the pungent stink of her sweaty toes, which she flexed and wriggled against his arm.

And then the clock struck 4. There was a knock on the door, followed by giggles and a cacophony of chatter outside.

"Come in," called out Gwen as she closed her notebook, chucking it onto her disordered desktop.

The door opened, and in walked ten or more smiling, celebratory women, gathering around Robbie and the desk.

A few more women entered, along with Rachel and Kathy, who shut the door behind her. The women began clapping and whistling. Robbie noticed Adrienne whooping it up with everyone else. He thought she was his confidante.

Rachel then applied a key to the lock on the handcuffs and opened them.

Robbie stood up. "Please. I don't want to do this." He was desperate.

Rachel turned to him. "Don't be a baby. We're just going to strip you naked. Right girls?"

The women cheered and squealed. Robbie froze up.

Gwen then sidled up next to Robbie and grabbed at his belt, feverishly trying to unfasten it. "Well, come on girls," exclaimed Gwen. "I'm not going to do this on my own."

There was a rush of bodies and he felt hands and fingers all over his body. He was pushed to the floor and his feet held up. His shoes and socks were removed and then his pants yanked up off his legs. There were loud hoots.

As his shirt was pulled up over his head, he felt hands grab his boxer waistband and tug. His shorts were pulled off over his feet. By now, the cheering was deafening. A camera flash blinded him, followed by several more camera flashes. He couldn't believe it. They were taking pictures of him naked.

"These will make great screensavers," remarked someone. Others laughed.

'Welcome to the company," remarked Gwen as she dangled his shorts in front of him. "Missing a pair of boxers?" More laughter.

'Let's tie him up," suggested Alissa. And so the women dragged him over to the desk and pinned him to the floor. It was all happening so fast, he didn't even think to fight. But there were too many of them.

Cuffs attached his wrists to the desk, while his legs were attached to the leg of another desk which was pulled over. He struggled but this elicited nothing but mocking laughter.

"Would you stay and smell everyone's feet?" asked Rachel. She raised a foot and placed it on his chest. Like other employees on casual Friday, she was wearing her sneaks and socks. "You will?"

"And don't look so worried," added Gwen. "This'll e over before you know it. " And then Gwen nodded her cue to Rachel.

Rachel took a seat and locked Robbie's head between her smelly sneakers. "This is going to be fun," she remarked with a grin. And then, one at a time, she used his head to pry off her running shoes, pressing a pair of damp, dirty sweat socks onto his face. Once the warm, fetid stink of old sneakers hit him, he panicked. It was really happening to him. This woman had just covered his face with her smelly sock feet. And he could hear the laughter.

Robbie turned his head sharply; and as he did so her feet slipped form his face. But she quickly positioned one sock foot behind his head and returned another to his face, the dry, pungent stink of her sock toes pressed over his nose. The accumulated sweat was almost like an adhesive, affixing her sock to his face. Her sock would have to be peeled off, not shaken off.

"Smell my feet, office boy," ordered Rachel. "They smell awful, don't they?"

Robbie didn't have to answer. His frantic struggling was answer enough. But whichever way he turned his face, her musty-smelling sock foot remained clamped to his face.

"I've been wearing these for days," she remarked. "I'm sure if I threw them at the wall, they'd stick to it." Everyone laughed.

But Robbie's jerking was beginning to irritate Rachel. "Can someone help hold him in place? He's too much of a wimp to take it like a man."

Kathy threw a leg over Robbie's neck while another woman by the name of Tara held his head between her sneakers. He choked from the impact of Kathy's leg to his neck and, consequently, took in massive nosefuls of Rachel's sock odor.

Rachel now returned her other sock foot to his face and began to rub her feet over his face, relishing the freedom completely. "Please stop," muttered Robbie when a foot wasn't covering his mouth.

"Just a second," remarked Rachel as she peeled off a damp sock from her sweaty foot. She surprised Robbie by stepping hard onto his chest; and when he gasped for breath, she stuffed the toe end of the sock into his mouth. "There," she said, "put a sock in it." He tried spitting it out, but Rachel had worked too much of it into his mouth.

It tasted sour and vinegary; but the humiliation of sucking on this woman's old sock was worse than the taste. Everyone laughed at Rachel's audacity.

"Just to make sure he's smelling my feet," was her explanation. She peeled of another sock foot and then began to slide her cheesy-smelling bare feet over his face, letting her toes play under his nostrils and over his nose.

"Your feet stink, Rachel," remarked Tara with a giggle and a wrinkled nose. "I know," laughed Rachel as she squeezed Robbie's nose between her sweaty toes. "Don't you just love the smell?" she asked Robbie. Robbie moaned his displeasure and others laughed.

One by one, the women took turns, teasing Robbie by explaining that he belonged under their smelly feet. "But once you've proven yourself worthy of our stinky feet," explained Alissa after she pressed her smelly, sweaty size 8's onto his face, "Then maybe we'll let you spend more time with our feet in your face." The remark drew laughter from the others.

"Great idea, Rachel," added Alissa. "It was worth wearing my old sneakers without socks for the last two days. It feels so good when he breathes through my sweaty toes. So cool and refreshing. We should haze him again."

With his mouth still full of Rachel's slimy sweat sock, Robbie could do nothing but breath through his nose. The sharp and intense aroma of Alissa's dirty feet was repulsive; and she wiggled her toes so playfully over his nose, it was as if she were taunting him.

"See, I can play toesies with your nose, and you can do a thing about it," said Alissa as she grappled with his nose.

And then Kathy took her turn, sliding off a pair of dirty old heels she'd been wearing without hose. As her warm toes clutched at his nose, a pungent, vinegary stink penetrated his nasal cavity. The sharpness of the odor was making him light-headed; but her playful slaps to the face with her sweaty, grimy soles prevented him from going under.

And hen Kathy, all giggles, pressed the tips of her toes against his nose to have him sniff under her long toenails. "I bet those are pretty cheesy. I always wear these shoes." Which was true.

Gwen was next. And with Rachel's sock still in his mouth, Gwen thanked him for being so "sweet about it all. I didn't think everyone would have such smelly feet."

"You should know us by now," replied Rachel, her bare feet holding Robbie's head in place. She pressed her toes against Robbie's cheeks; and he could detect the acrid stink of her cheesy feet. "We're on our feet all day."

Gwen kicked off her sneakers, peeled off her socks and then, with a sigh, pressed her warm, dirty wrinkled soles onto Robbie's face. So here it was, the moment he'd been dreading. He would never have believed his boss would be pressing her stinking feet onto his face and working her long toes into his cheeks and over his nose.

"Well, I suppose I set the example. If my feet stink, I can't expect everyone else to have rose-scented toes." Everyone laughed.

As Gwen clamped her sweaty toes over his nose, he inhaled the sour stink of unwashed and sweaty feet. 'Oooh, that does feel cool and refreshing," she remarked. "I should get this done just before I get my feet rubbed."

"Hope you don't mind the stink. I always forget to change my socks." Robbie heard Rachel's belly laugh as she clutched hold of his nose with her sweaty toes too. At this point, both Gwen and Rachel were rubbing their stinky feet in his face. Kathy, her leg over his neck, would occasionally withdraw it so she could once again press her cheese toes up against his nostrils. Poor Robbie was overwhelmed by feet, and when Rachel removed the sock from his mouth, only to stuff it with the other one, the sour, cheesy taste still came as a shock.

As Adrienne took her turn, Robbie couldn't help but feel betrayed. It seemed that she was enjoying this as much as everyone else. And she clasped his nose between her hose covered toes of her right size 6 1/2, he was revolted. It was a stale smell of old sweat; clearly, she'd been wearing the same pair of tights for days. Didn't these women take care of their feet? She wiggled her hose-covered toes a bit and grinned at him. "I didn't think I'd like it 'till I tried it."

"Smell my toes real good," demanded Adrienne. The bottom of the hose was dirty. He was sickened by the thought; but with Rachel's sock in his mouth, he could do nothing but what Adrienne asked of him. He took one deep breath after another until his nose was full of her distinctive foot odor.

After rolling off her pantyhose, she attacked his face with her sweaty bare feet, and treated him to the cheesy stink from under her toenails. "Oooh, I bet his face reeks," she remarked with a giggle.

The rest of the women took their turns, rubbing stale-smelling hose-covered feet over his face, or pungent sweat-sock covered feet. Sneakers and heels were kicked off as his nose was greeted with a series of odors, some stronger and sharper than others; but having the pungent stench of so many feet rubbed in his face was thoroughly degrading.

He was so delirious, that when Gwen informed him that it was over, he was too weak to move. He noticed that the cuffs had been removed; but he couldn't move, even as the women, still giggling, covered his face with stinky feet and competed for the coveted spot atop his nose.

"See, he doesn't mind anymore," observed Kathy. "If he did, he would have stood up by now." And then it hit him. He'd been laying there for upwards of five minutes while the women, surprised by his compliance, continued to smother him with cheesy feet, sliding toes under his nostrils and over his lips. He struggled to stand, but he had to push himself off if he wanted to remove the feet from his face. With an enormous burst of energy, he pushed himself free of their feet. And until he stood up, the women continued to rub their feet over whatever part of his body they could reach, from shoulder to feet.

Rachel handed him his clothes. "Maybe we'll have a decent footboy for a change."

"Yeah," added Alissa. "We could use an office boy who doesn't mind smelly feet."

Many of the women had already left, but those who remained laughed as Robbie, still dizzy, struggled with his clothes. Gwen, taking pity on him, helped him with his pants and shirt. "My friends will be arriving at my place soon, so we should hurry up." Robbie was surprised to think that Gwen still wanted to take him to the women of her foot club - would his humiliation never end? But he was too tired to say anything.

Gwen, with Rachel and Alissa's help escorted Robbie, still dazed, to Gwen's car and pushed him into he back.

"I'll join you later," said Rachel. "But I'm going to the gym first. But I'll need a foot tongue bath later. My feet get so sweaty when I do the Stairmaster."

The women laughed.

Robbie, endeavoring to understand what happened to him, lay in the back, almost comatose. Gwen started up the car and turned to Robbie before driving off. "I think this'll be the start of a beautiful work relationship. You know how to rub feet and you know how to smell them; I can't wait to get some quality foot licking and toe sucking later."

Robbie groaned at the thought of licking the sour sweat from her smelly feet.

But it was too late. Robbie was along for the ride. He'd become the office boy, there to amuse the women and pleasure their stinky feet; what Gwen had in store for him at her women's club was anyone's guess.

by Byron

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