Miranda, or Stinkfoot as she would later come to be known by the men who feared her influence over women, approached her college years with a hidden agenda: to take advantage of sexual license to amuse herself. She'd lure men back to her dorm room and promise them sexual favors if they let her tie them up. It was while they were tied up that she invariably slipped off her boots and informed the guys that she was going to make them smell her feet; and she did just that; rubbing her moist, malodorous sock feet over their faces and holding their mouths shut to force them to breath through their noses. Naturally, it didn't take long for her to acquire a kinky sort of reputation and it became harder to lure men to her dormroom. But then she discovered the strength that comes of numbers.

She had recently been jilted by a guy who had believed the rumors which had been circulating about her; and she wanted to get even. No man would jilt her without her first having a little fun with him. And so she hatched a plan. Stinkfoot was on the track team as a longdistance runner. Running without socks easily enabled her to produce the potent footodor she tried to cultivate. But she always wondered if her teammates could enjoy the thrill of forcing her stinky feet on men as much as she did. But there was only one way to find out. She knew that if any co-eds could produce a ripe, heady foot stink it was her friends on the track team.

Miranda told them about RIck, the boy who'd jilted her; but she told her teammates that he was a grade A asshole. She told them that when she lost a bet to him, requiring her to do whatever he wanted for a day, he chose to humiliate her by making her strip down to her undewear in front of his friends and having her give them footrubs. She explained that she wanted revenge for the humiliation of having to rub the stinking, sweaty feet of three jocks; and, to Miranda's satisfaction, her teammates were eager to help her achieve that revenge. They were appalled that RIck could have taken advantage of the situation.

Miranda told them that she wanted to do more than just put him through the same agony; she wanted to increase it threefold. First, she wanted to make him strip naked in front of her friends. her trackmates were fully supportive of the idea, many of them curoius to know how Rick looked nude. Second, she wanted to do mre than just make him massage the feet of her friends. She'd had to endure the foot stink of these men so she would inflict the foot stink of her track buddies upon him. And she explained how she was going to do it.

One of the girls has been appointed to lure Rick (a baseball player) to the girls lockerroom just before the team returned from a run. Rick showed up at the door and the girl, Angela, asked him if he wanted to watch the track girls undress; she would conceal him in a hamper and he could watch the girls shower from there. Rick wasn't about to let such an opportunity pass him by and Angela placed him in the hamper, which, she assured him, nobody used.

Well, the team returned, including Stinkfoot Miranda and nine of her team mates, and proceeded to undress when one of her teamates Amber approached the hamper, as arranged, and opened it to find Rick inside. Amber screamed, and everyone collected around the hamper, feigning surprise at finding Rick. One girl cheerfully expressed a disbelief that a man would violate the sacred privacy of the girls lockerroom and a few others accuse him of being a pervert. They pulled him out of the hamper; and Stinkfoot officially declared that he was a peeping tom and that he'd have to be punished. The rest of the track team cheered as they poked and prodded him, and held him tightly. Rick looked as if he might pee in his pants.

And then the girls joyously dragged Rick over towards the back of the locker room. Thee was so much laughing, and hollering you would might have assumed they just came back from winning a track meet. "If he's so anxious to see us naked," exclaimed Stinkfoot, "maybe he should let us see what he's got. It's only fair." There were cheers.

"I didn't see anything," pleaded Rick, "I swear."

"It doesn't matter," explained Stinkfoot. "You would have if you got away with it. But you didn't; now it's time for some fun, right girls?" More high-pitched cheers and applause.

The girls had their hands all over him; try as he might he couldn't break free of them. There were too many of them. "let's strip him," proclaimed Stinkfoot.

And then all hell broke loose. Between the squeals of girlish delight on could hear the sound of tearing. The girls were ripping the clothes from Rick's body in their enthusiasm. Within seconds, several of the teamates yanked his underpants down to his ankles, and he was naked. There were more cheers as they held his ripped clothes aloft. he struggled but succeeded only in slinging his penis back and forth. he flushed bright crimson; but his evident embarrassment at being naked in front of eleven co-eds only proded them on.

"Now that we got even," declared Stinkfoot, grinning at the ease with which her revenge was being achieved, "we can commence the punishent. As had been arranged beforehand, the girls would throw out random suggestions but several would suggest forcing him to smell their feet. "Well, want to make him smell everybody's feet?" asked Stinkfoot. There were resounding cheers and applause. All was going according to plan. And it was easy when she had friends to help.

And then Stinkfoot turned to Rick. "Why are you doing this?" he asked feebly?

"We've just been on a 10K run this morning," said Stinkfoot,"and some of us didn't even wear socks." Some of the girls sniggered; others were still giggling from holding him naked for everyone to see. "You can imagine just how stinky our feet are." Stinkfoot turned to the others. "Get him onto the floor, next to the bench and get the rope."

There was a mad scrabble to pull Rick onto the floor and withing seconds several giggling co-eds were sitting on him and the others were holding on to his flailing arms and legs. His ankles were tied together and so were his wrists; and he was then tied alongside the bench such that anyone sitting on the bench could easily rub her feet on him.

"What about a gag?" asked another girl. "I've got an old pair of underpants in my locker," said Amber; "I wore them running last week." There were giggles. "Hand 'em over," remarked Stinkfoot with a chuckle.

Amber sniffed them before tossing them to Stinkfoot. "They smell awful," said Amber. "Are you sure? They're still a little damp." .

"Perfect," added Stinkfoot; and Amber handed them to Stinkfoot. Rick pleaded with the girls to let him go but Stinkfoot just laughed as she began stuffing the sweat-soaked panties into his mouth. "If you don't open your mouth," said Stinkfoot, "I'll pinch your balls." Rick opened hi mouth enough to let Stinkfoot fit Amber's old panties into his mouth. His moaning evoked more laughter from the girls.

"Who's first," asked Stinkfoot. The co-eds each insisted upon the privilege but Amber explained that she found him so she should go first. And everyone agreed.

Amber positioned herself on the bench just over Rick's face and gazed down at him. "Are you sure about this," she asked Stinkfoot. "My feet really stink. I've been wearing the same sweat socks for the last three runs and my shoes are funky smelling."

"She's right," remarked one of her friends. "Her feet stink; but then again so do mine." More laughter. Someone else insisted that her feet probably smelled much worse because she hadn't worn socks for the run. Stinkfoot then explained that it wouldn't be punishment if their feet didn't stink.

"I'm ready," said Amber. The co-eds struggled for a good view as Amber quickly pried off her old running shoes with her feet and immediately pressed her hot, stinking, slightly dirty sock feet onto Rick's face. She'd unleashed the warm, musty foot stench tinto the air around her. Several seconds passed before anyone heard Rick breathe through his nose; and then everyone was cheering. A few of the co-eds sitting next to Amber were holding their noses and making remarks about just how malodorous Amber's sock feet were. And some of the girls moved away from her.

Rick attempted to swivel his head, but one of the girls held his head tightly between her sneaker-covered feet, as Amber began to rub her damp, pungent-smelling sock feet over Rick's face. Amber was thrilled that she could actually subject someone to her foot odor; and everyone else was just as thrilled to watch. Someone remarked that Rick was starting to tear from having to endure such a sharp, cheesy and overpowering odor.

Amber began grabbing at his nose with her sweaty sock toes and when she told him she wanted to hear him sniff, everyone broke into uncontrollable peals of laughter. And with every breath they heard, the co-eds cheered. "Female bonding is always more fun at the expense of men," remarked Stinkfoot. More giggles.

And then Amber peeled off her socks, laying one over his neck and the other over his forehead, and pressed her warm, sweaty, feet over Rick's face, careful to press the balls of her feet over his nose. "Smell my feet," insisted Amber. Another breath; and more cheers. Amber then clasped her toes over his nose so that Rick would have to breath through her toes and sniff the cheesy-smelling ball of her foot; she swapped feet from time to time, but always kept his nose deeply imbedded in her toegroove while he took in breath after breath of her potent, and ripe foot stink.

Amber had only been given five minutes of unbrifdles freedom before Stinkfoot nodded at Belinda to have a turn. This was the girl who had exclaimed that her feet undoubtedly smelled as much as Amber's. Belinda used Rick's face to pry off her dirty running shoes and the, as the hot rush of her foot stink filled the air, she pressed her sweat-soaked sock feet over his face just as Amber had done. There were resounding cheers. "Amber wrinkled her nose and remarked that Belinda's feet were far worse. More giggles.

And so belinda had five minutes to force her putrid-smelling dirty sock feet all over Rick's face until Rick's face had acquired a sheen from all of the foot sweat. And once she peeled the damp socks off, she rubbed her sweaty toes against his nostrils, and then pressed the ball of her foot firmly over his nose. "I bet those stink," she remarked. Everyone laughed. Belinda wriggled her toes and cupped them over his nose much as Amber had done; she was so vigorous with her approach it looked as if she might have been attempting to pull off his nose with her toes. "This is a lot more fun than I thought," she remarked. "If I'd know I would have tried to get them even smellier." "Oh," said Amber, "I think they stink plenty." Everyone cheered.

And then Georgia pushed belinda aside and held her running shoes over his face. Georgia hadn't worn socks that morning and so everyone was curious as to just how stinky her feet might be. Even Georgia, who had always worn socks (except for this occasion because she made an attempt to produce the most ungodly foot stench), had no idea what to expect. And then she pressed her hoes on either side of his face and began to pry them off. And when one shoe fell to the floor, the stench rose so fast and so strong that Georgia was almost too appalled to continue. "Oh my God," she remarked. "It's awful." The other shoe came off and she pressed her hot, moist, rank feet over Rick's face and held them there. Georgia covered her nose as everyone else stepped back a few feet. it was one thing to punich Rick but another to inflict the stench on everyone else.

But Georgia laughed as she rubbed her foot sweat onto Rick's face and cupped her warm toes over his nose, forcing the musty-smelling ball of her foot against his nostrils. Even more remarkable than the fact that her feet would get so stinky was the fact that she could inflict it upon some asshole (which Stinkfoot claimed him to be). it wouldn't have been quite as fun if her feet were clean and perfumed. They stank to high heaven and Rick had to sniff them. "Sniff louder and take a deep breath." she insisted. Everyone laughed. "Maybe he'll think twice about attempting to watch us undress."

Georgia played footsies with his face, alternating feet and rubbing the full length of her feet over his nose, forcing him to sniff just about every inch of her musty-smelling feet. But Rick's ordeal had nly just begun because eight more co-eds,including Stinkfoot, were to rub their stinking sock feet and bare feet over his face; and two of them had also worn their running shoes that morning without wearing sweatsocks.

Stinkfoot went last and when her running shoes slipped to the floor and the first rush of foot stink enveloped the immediate area, it was clear that the best had been saved until last. She may have earned the name Stinkfoot at this time because she was univerally acknowledged by her track mates as the woman with the most rank-smelling feet. The crowd dispersed as she first teased Rick by wriggling her malodorous toes just centimeters away from his nose and then clutched his nose with them, pressing the ball of her sharp, Parmesan-cheese smelling feet against his nostrils and ordering him to take a deep breath. AFter only one whiff, Rick convulsed in a mad attempt to free himself; it was futile because he was doomed to endure the stench for aslong as she liked. And she enjoyed having this power over him. And her revenge was a triumph. She stood up, one cheesy bare foot over his face, and began to gind her feet into his face, cupping his nose with her sweaty toes and hearing him struggle to inhale her overpowering foot stink. It was a ripe and very earthy scent she had acquired, but so overpowering it assaulted the senses. Stinkfoot rubbed her feet over his face and relished every moment she heard him breathing. Nothing could be finer than forcing men to endure the smell of her feet. And she relished every moment, knowing that she might not get another opportunity quite like this. But, of course, she would have countless opportunities, and she would subject countless men to the potency of her foot odor. But thankfully, other women would be just as enthusiastic about forcing men to smell their feet; and so there would always be women willing to help her achiee her goals. She wouldn't rest until she'd given every man a chance to appreciate the potent scent of her odiferous feet. And the track team were more than delighted to help punish this peeping tom who allegedly had so little respect for women.

At Amber's suggestion, they decided to force him to smell some rank sweatsocks , sme freshly worn, and others which had been preserved in lockerrooms. And eleven women, each of them armed with a fistful of old socks took turns rubbing them onto his face and holding them over his nose until they heard him breath. The co-eds surprised themselves by how enthusiastic they were about rubbing dirty old socks onto a guy's face.

And when they'd finished, they merely left him there, with a sock over his eyes, and proceeded to get changed. He moaned, undoubtedly to plead with them to let him go; but no one spoke to him. And as the co-eds prepared to leave the lockerroom, they collected around his naked body, still attached by rope to the bench and whispered among themselves. "Do you think he's been suficiently punished" asked Stinkfoot. "What about the volleyball team using the lockerroom after us?" asked Georgia. "he would have watched them undress too."

"You're right," replied Stinkfoot with a laugh. This had all been planned ahead of time; and it pleased Stinkfoot, no end, that her plans could have been realized so beautifully, that eleven women with smelly, sweaty feet could force a man to smell them. "I think maybe a note to explan things to the volleyball team; because he potentialy invaded their privacy as well. We'll leave it to them to decide."

And the note was produced (written beforehand) and attached to his chest with string. The note read as follows: "PEEPING TOM: RUB YOUR FEET ON MY FACE FOR GOOD LUCK." The coe-eds sniggered and giggled as they contemplated what the girls volleyball team might do with me. "We'd better explain everything to them so they won't be too startled," added Stinkfoot. Everyone laughed and paraded from the room. But Stinkfoot remained behind to watch the remainder of her plan unfold.

And she had the satisfaction of watching every member of the volleyball team use Rick's face as a foot sweat wipe, as co-ed upon co-ed kicked of their sneakers and rubbed moist sock feet and smelly bare feet over Rick's face. The volleyball team were as ecstatic about punishing the peeping tom as the track team and derived a surprising about of satisfaction from forcing their hard-earned foot odor onto a man's face. Not a single co-ed regretted what happened; and some of them laugh about the prank to this day.

Stinkfoot assured Rick afterwards that she wouldn't report him to the dean for spying on them if he didn't tell a living soul. If word got out about that happened, she'd blame him and see that he got punished again. Rick never told a soul. And Stinkfoot, and two co-ed teams, got away, with rubbing their smelly, sweaty feet over his face. It had been so easy and so satisfying. The track team and volleyball team ultimately became the envy of the other co-ed teams; and so fortunately, Stinkfoot found enough support from women wanting to discover the indescriable satisfaction of forcing their smelly feet over a man's face. Stinkfoot had made some of her first converts that day; and, no doubt, some of the co-eds would attempt to get men into compromising positions so that they might once again force their foot odor onto a man. For Stinkfoot, this was only the beginning of a lifelong quest to give as many women as possible the satisfaction of rubbing their feet on men's faces; and she would always succeed.

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