First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kristi and I have a rather incredible story to tell. I’m a bodybuilder; not a professional but a serious amateur bodybuilder; in other words, I take my health seriously and I like having a lean and muscular body. Im just over 30 and people hve considered me attractive, if a litle butch on account of being athletic. If you’re like most men, you probably think it’s unfeminine of me to be so concerned about building muscle; but who said bodybuilding was the preserve of men? It can be feminine, it all depends on how we view it. I’ve always been athletic and I like to challenge myself.

Anyway, I’ve been teaching a self-defense class with a friend of mine, Nina, a fellow body-builder and athlete. It was Nina who got me into bodybuilding; until then, I’d been into sports -- volleyball, soccer -- but I hadn’t imagined myself as a bodybuilder. Nina is a close friend and we tend to think alike. I should also introduce my other close friend, Stephanie, a budding body-builder and a protege of mine. As you would be hard pressed to find intensely athletic, muscular women like ourselves, we tend to stick together. I persuaded Stephanie to take the self-defense class which includes about twenty women from the neighboring women’s college.

Now what I am about to tell you might lead you to believe that I dislike men - not true. I just don’t have the patience for macho bullshit and for male self-importance. Some men, men like Ralph, drive me up the wall because they hold firm to the idea that women are the weaker sex and that, therefore, nature dictates that men shall dominate women. Ralph, by the way, is the boyfriend of one of my students, a mousy, timid little college sophomore by the name of Angela. Angela tells me how he repeatedly talks down to her and how she’s too afraid to confront him about his selfish behavior. Ralph simply wants Angela to serve his needs; and he doesn’t see beyond them.

I’ve encouraged Angela time and time again to stand up to him, but she won’t. Since Nina and I have fostered a relaxed and convivial atmosphere in the class, everyone is open about their lives. Angela has overcome her reserve to talk to others about her relationship with the demanding Ralph; and she is beginning to realize that he’s toxic. As a matter of fact, each class session begins with a discussion of Angela and Ralph; and the more we hear about him, the more of a bastard he becomes. It just so happens that we’ve renamed the punching apparatus, Ralph.

None of us had even layed eyes upon Ralph until, one day, he shows up with Angela. Ralph, his hand like a vice over Angela’s shoulder, escorts a tearful Angela into the room and appears to whisper angry words to hear which unsettle her all the more. He’s tall, handsome, but so obviously conceited it would make anyone nauseous.

I couldn’t just watch this so I approached them.

“Can I help you,” I exclaimed in clipped tones.

Ralph turned to me and flashed me an icy stare. “I’m having a private discussion with my girlfriend so if you don’t mind.” He waved me off with his hand.

“This is my classroom,” I continued. “So, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d left.”

Ralph then gazed at me, with a smirk. “You must be Kristi,” he remarked. “Well, we just had an argument about you. Seems you’re telling her I’m no good for her and that she should leave me. Well, I gave her a piece of my mind but it seems I should have been giving you a piece of my mind.”

I readied myself. I’d been looking forward to telling him what I thought of him face to face. I noticed that, by this time, the rest of the class had given us their undivided attention; and Nina stepped up beside me as if to offer her support.

“You’re a ball-busting, man-hating bitch and I don’t think Angela will be taking your class anymore.”

I was hurt by his words, but hell if I was going to show it. I was furious that he would dare forbid Angela to take my class. But I played it cool and let inspiration guide me.

“She’ll take the class if she wants to,” I replied. “And if you’ll have to prevent her over my dead body.” it wasn’t just false bravado, it was heartfelt. I couldn’t allow him to make Angela suffer under his tyrannical treatment.

“Do you think you’re going to tell me what I can and cannot do, you stupid bitch?” He was beginning to get a real rise out of me, but I tried not to show it.

Then Nina spoke up. “You’re not man enough to tell us what to do, and I’d suggest you leave now before you get your ass kicked.”

Some of the others gasped with surprise at these threatening words. I, myself, was surprised that things were getting out of hand.

“Yeah, I’d like to see that,” he replied with a grin.

I had to think fast. I could see that Nina was a hair’s breadth away form lunging at him and slamming her fists into him. Nina had been deeply affected by what Angela had told us, and I know that Nina hated Ralph, or, at least, the image of Ralph she’d pieced together in her mind.

“Tell you what,” I began. “If you’re game, I propose we wrestle over it. If you pin me down, you can take Angela away, if I pin you down, then you will apologize to us and leave.”

Ralph pondered this for a moment and accepted. I knew he was too arrogant to refuse the challenge. Of course, I’d sized him up already; and though he wasn’t small, I knew I could pin him.

I dispelled the confusion in the room by asking the class to take their seats on the floor. I then invited Ralph over to the center of the room. He removed his jacket and tie and dress shoes, until he was wearing only his dress shirt and pants. I glanced at Angela who seemed too distraught to know what to think. I knew she wanted out of her relationship ; she just didn’t have the guts to break it off with him. If I could humiliate him, perhaps he’d be too shamed to be with her anymore.

Ralph and I assumed our positions and when Nina called for us to begin, I flew at Ralph in a rage and knocked him over.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked as he pushed me away form him and scrambled to his feet. “This isn’t wrestling.”

Ralph then flew at me but I sidestepped him and tripped him with my foot. He fell onto the floormat. I wasted no time and jumped on top of him. I grabbed hold of his hands and slid my legs around his neck and locked him in a scissor hold. It had happened too fast for him to be prepared. He struggled to escape but I squeezed tightly until I heard him choke.

Nina cautioned me so I let him go and stood up. Ralph struggled to catch his breath and got on all fours. I straddled him and grabbed his head in a headlock. I squeezed his neck again with my arms and then squeezed his abdomen with my muscular thighs. Already, I was having my way with him. It was too easy. I was at least as strong as he was and much faster.

I then yanked his head back and threw him onto the mat.

“Bitch,” he exclaimed, but he didn’t scare me. I simply jumped on top of him and grabbed hold of his arms. I locked his arms down against the mat and clenched my thighs around his waist and squeezed. He struggled to raise his shoulders from the mat; but I quite easily pushed him down until he gasped with surprise that he could have been pinned so easily. I simply held him there until I considered what to do next. And then inspiration came to me.

I asked Nina and Stephanie to come over and hold his arms down. They did.

“What the hell are you doing,” asked Ralph, for the first time appearing frightened.

I pried off my sneakers and casually informed him that I was going to teach him the true nature of defeat. I surprised everyone, including myself, by planting one dirty sock foot and then another onto his face. Sitting on his stomach, I pressed my sock feet onto his face and began to grind them over his nose and mouth. I knew my sweat socks were going to stink; after all, I’d been wearing my favorite sneakers and I’d been wearing the same pair of old sweat socks for three days in a row.

Within seconds of my planting my feet in his face, I could already smell the sharp, pungent aroma. The smell was strong, but I’d been wearing my sneakers all day so of course they were going to smell a bit funky. But as I sniffed the stale stench that was coming from my smelly sock feet, I pondered what I was doing; but it was too late to turn back.

“Now smell my stinky feet, you piece of shit,” I told him. Ralph struggled to move his head away but I held him tightly with my feet. I pressed one foot over his mouth so that I could press my stinky sock toes against his nostrils. When I heard him breathe in my foot odor, I was almost thrilled. “They stink,” he muttered. “stop this, for God’s sake, I’ll leave. “

I then smiled at his concession and flexed my biceps in a gesture of triumph. “Now I’ve put you in your place, and it was so easy.” I turned to Nina and Stephanie who were, at once, amused and shocked that I had my stinky sock feet on Ralph’s face. Some of the students were now standing to get a better look. Most didn’t know what to think but they were undeniably amused.

The class then began to give me a smattering of applause; and I accepted it, flexing my muscles and holding Ralph’s face under my smelly, dirty sock feet.

I wriggled my cheesy sock toes over his nose and clutched at his nose until I’d wedged it almost in between my big toe and the second toe. “This is disgusting,” he said. “Please, stop this.”

But this began to make me angry. I’d remembered how some of the guys use to tease me about being a tomboy and especially about how my feet smelled when I took off my shoes. Of course, they has smelly feet, but they only faulted me for it and called me a smelly girl. When Ralph called this disgusting, I remembered the boys I use to play with who would later exclude me from their boy games. I remembered how cruel they were and I wanted to punish them, to make them smell my feet until they apologized for everything.

I asked Nina to hold his head between her sneakers so that I could have more free rein over Ralph. I then began to slide my nasty sock feet over his face and wriggled my toes over his nose, demanding that he take big breaths of my foot stink. The students inched closer and watched in silence. I pressed my sock covered toes against his nostrils and then began to shove my other dirty sock foot into his mouth.

“Now suck on my dirty sock; suck the sweat out.” There were more gasps as the other women continued to watch in disbelief as I slid my sock foot into Ralph’s mouth.

This was better with his mouth full so I just shoved my foot deeper until he choked. Then I slid my foot out of the sock, leaving the nasty thing in his mouth to suck on. I quickly peeled off the other sock and dangled it over his nose. “Pretty stinky, huh?”

I heard Nina chuckle and I glanced up. Both Nina and Stephanie were enjoying this immensely and Stephanie began to encourage me. “Make him sniff your bare toes,” she said.

“Please, you don’t have to do this,” said Angela. I turned to her and asked her why not. “He’ll be angry with me,” was her explanation.

“Well, Angela, once we’re finished with him, he won’t be bothering you again. He ever bothers you, he’ll have to answer to me, and my feet might not be so pleasant smelling next time.” I heard some tentative laughter; some of the girls were getting into this and enjoying the spectacle of a woman dominating a guy. Angela accepted this; I could see she wasn’t bothered by what we were doing to Ralph; she just didn’t want this to make things worse for her. Little Angela simply watched and would later surprise me by participating in Ralph’s humiliation.

I then lifted by slightly soiled bare feet from the floor and commenced to rub them in Ralph’s face. He groaned, but could say nothing because he was sucking on my funky old sweat sock.

“You know, Kristy,” began Nina, “your feet really stink. “I glanced up to see Nina and Stephanie holding their noses in mock disgust. The students were smiling and laughing at the remarks, but none of them were anyway inclined to get involved. My toes were grimy and moist with sweat and they slithered over Ralph’s face. I had no intention of stopping now; I was having too much fun.

I rubbed my rank foot sweat into his face and wriggled my toes over his nose as I clenched his nose with the toes of my left foot and then with those of my right. I then shoved my toes against his nose and told him to “have a big whiff.” “Hope you like ‘em cheesy.” Others laughed. I could still smell my feet, and they smelled just as pungent as when I started to humiliate Ralph with them.

“Thank god I have sweaty, stinky feet,” I exclaimed. “The better to humiliate you.” Stephanie chucked as did some of the other women.

“Make him clean you feet with his tongue,” added Nina who was now just as excited as Nina. I pressed the toes of one foot against his nose so he could still inhale the foul, putrid stench as I yanked the sweat sock form his mouth and shoved my sweaty bare foot into his mouth. I felt his tongue against my grimy toes and I wriggled them. ‘Start sucking,” I commanded.

There were groans of disgust from some but they were loving it. As I wriggled my toes, his tongue slipped between my toes and against the ball of my foot. I then realized that it wasn’t enough to make him lick my dirty feet, I wanted him to do it voluntarily. I removed my ripe foot from hi mouth and held it over his face.

“I want you to lick my feet from heel to toe,” I said.

“Fuck you,” was his reply so I turned and grabbed hold of his privates. I squeezed them tightly until he gasped and pleaded with me to stop.

“Are you going to lick my feet clean,” I asked. He nodded.

He began to lick them quite tentatively and reluctantly but he became more vigorous in his licking, obviously trying to get it over with.

“They taste awful,” he remarked while he was sucking on the ball of my right foot.

“I brought my fist down on his chest, hard, and he gasped. “They’re feet, so they taste like stinky feet,’ was my good-humored reply. “But don’t raise objections or I’ll have to hurt you.

I had Ralph thoroughly suck on my dirty toes and clean the gook from between them. Granted my feet were stinky and dirty but I’m on my feet alot. I’m athletic and I play hard. Who cares how my feet smell?

As Ralph finished cleaning my feet, they looked cleaned and they felt refreshed. I then slammed my bare feet onto Ralph’s face and he moaned from the pain. I commenced to maul his face with my toes and slapped him around with my soles. This produced a great deal of laughter from the women would already grown quite comfortable with what I’d been doing. “You give it to him, said Stephanie.

“Would you like to give it to him,” I asked Stephanie.

“Can I?” she said, the picture of childlike enthusiasm.

“Sure ... make him smell your feet.”

I knew what stinky feet Stephanie had, but I don’t think she ever realized it. I always knew when Stephanie removed her sneakers because I would smell the more musty, putrid old sneaker stench I’d ever smelled. It was foul, and I knew that today would be no exception. After all, she wore the same sneakers all the time without socks, and she wasn’t wearing socks now. I couldn’t wait to see how Ralph would react when Stephanie would slide her sweaty malodorous feet over his face.

I stood up and, just then Ralph made as if to get up. I fell onto the mat, and if it wasn’t for Nina and Stephanie’s timely intervention, Ralph may have got away. Naturally, I was angry to have lost my composure, and then I stood up, I was positively furious. Nina and Stephanie were holding him down quite easily, and once Nina clamped Ralph’s head between her muscular legs, he had to concede defeat once again.

“You can’t even take a little smelly foot torture like a man,” I said. “You know, you’re not even a man. You don’t even deserve to wear pants.”

Nina then surprised me by making the following remark: “Well, then maybe we should take his pants off.” She smiled, obviously intending it as a joke and a mock threat. But I couldn’t let it go. I wanted to thoroughly humiliate Ralph, especially because, as it was, he was going to go back to being an asshole. He hadn’t been humiliated enough.

“Then, let’s pull his pants off,” I proposed. Some of the women let out shocked gasps; but they crowded around more closely to see what Nina and I might do. Nina, Stephanie and I looked at each other and smiled. We knew what to do without even having to discuss it. We were going to have some real fun here.

“Stop this now,” yelled Ralph. “You’ll fuckin’ regret this.” Nina silenced him by stuffing one of my stinky sweat socks into his mouth. His muffled attempt at speech was highly amusing and produced a few chuckles. He buckled and lurched but Nina simply tightened her grip over his neck and he ceased to struggle.

“Alright girls, let’s pull them off.” Stephanie let out a high-pitched cheer as I walked over and grabbed hold of one of Ralph’s legs. With Stephanie’s help, I managed to sit on them to prevent him form kicking as Stephanie proceeded to unfasten his belt.

I turned towards Angela who was making no attempt at protest. She wasn’t smiling, but she was watching the events intently, perhaps surprised that we could do these things to Ralph.

Nina, held onto Ralph’s arms and squeezed his neck; but she encouraged Stephanie with catcalls and howls. Stephanie pulled the belt free and unzipped Ralph’s pants. I slowly got up off Ralphs’ legs and held them to the floor, as Stephanie, with another squeal and a giggle, pulled his pants down to a reveal a pair of white briefs. The girls who were crowding around were stifling giggles and chattering amongst themselves.

I helped Stephanie slide his pants off over his black dress socks. Stephanie assessed the situation and then began to unbutton Ralph’s shirt. “Might as well go for broke,” was her reply. She smiled at me and I smiled back. The two of us then proceeded to remove Ralph’s shirt and undershirt. While Stephanie and I pinned him down, Nina removed her scissors hold and yanked the shirt and undershirt over his head and off his arms.

I threw his pants and shoes, everything in fact, over to Nina who then ran off with the lot, hiding it somewhere in the back. Stephanie and I then got up and gazed at Ralph. He appeared a bit dazed, but a red glow suffused his cheeks. He was overcome with embarrassment at being seen in his briefs by over twenty or so women, many of whom wouldn’t help giggling and tittering at the spectacle of a grown man sitting in his briefs and dress socks.

“You’re free to go know,” I explained. “But if you’d like your clothes back, you’ll play ball.

“Fuck you,” he muttered, his face still crimson with humiliation. he couldn’t look anyone in the eye.

“There’s no point in being rude at this point,” I added. “You’re in no position to bargain. If you hadn’t tried to escape back there, you would have only had to smell Stephanie’s feet. Now I see that you need to be humiliated more thoroughly. If you want you pants back, you’re going to let me conclude the punishment.”

“Punishment.?” was Ralph’s confused reply. he was like a child who’d been caught misbehaving.

“Now you’re here for our amusement, and should anyone in this room want to rub her feet in your face, you’ll let her.” The students were struck dumb by this piece of news, and then they began to laugh amongst themselves as they discussed this.

“You mean we get to make him smell our feet too,” interjected one of the students, a college junior by the name of Kate.

“You can have him sniff your feet and have him lick them,” was my reply. More laughter.

“This is ridiculous,” said Ralph.

“Stand up,” I said. he did nothing so Nina and Stephanie began to prod him with their feet. He stood quite reluctantly and gave me a venomous look. I heard some giggles from the students.

“I think you’re the ludicrous one,” I replied with a grin and a laugh. I heard more laughter and a few whistles. Ralph blushed anew.

“Now I don’t care how stinky our feet our, you’re going to smell them; and I don’t care how dirty they are, you’re going to lick them clean. And when we’re finished with you, we’ll let you have your pants back.”

“The girls were somewhat emboldened because they cheered my words. There was clapping and more open laughter on everyone’s part. I glanced at everyone’s feet. Half of the students were still wearing sneakers and socks; and the others were barefoot, their soles blackened from the wood floor. As it was early evening, I knew that these girls had probably been wearing their shoes all day, and, most likely, some of them had stinky feet - or such was my hope.

“Who here has smelly feet,” I yelled. Loud cheers. “Mine are pretty nasty,” remarked one girl. “Mine usually smell pretty bad,” remarked another with a laugh. Everyone was getting into the swing of things, even Angela who was already smiling. How could she not, everyone was having too much fun, what with Ralph standing there in his briefs and everyone about to humiliate him with their stinky feet.

“Well, lay down, Ralph, it’s time to accept your punishment.” Just then, Stephanie surprised everyone by creeping up behind Ralph and yanking his briefs down to his ankles. There was a loud gasp and a a series of high-pitched cheers. Some of the girls were laughing so hard they had to sit down.

As Ralph bent over to pull up his briefs, Nina gave him a swift kick to his posterior and sent him falling to the floor. More cheers and squeals of delight. Stephanie and Nina quickly piled on top of him and Nina grabbed him by his hair. They turned him over and threw him to the floor. His face was beet red.

Nina grabbed hold of his briefs and slipped them off his feet. The girls were still in hysterics and began to crowd around him, some of them prodding him with their bare feet and sneakered feet. A few of the girls were already prying off their shoes in all the excitement.

A couple of the students had taken the initiative of bringing over a few chairs. They planted them near Ralph’s head.

“Stephanie?” I said. Stephanie took her cue and sat in a chair. She kicked off her shoes and I heard a mass groan from the girls who’d been standing near by. Yes, Stephanie has pretty rank feet. But when she held her sneaker over his face and pressed her foot over top to hold it in place, there were cheers and high-pitched peals of laughter.

As Ralph struggled to remove the putrid, rotting sneaker form of his face. Nina and some of the other girls held him firmly in place. he wasn’t going anywhere. “:I bet that stinks to high heaven,” said Stephanie with a chuckle. She gave him several minutes of that, and when she pulled it off his face, Ralph appeared light headed. The stench of her rotting sneaker had weakened him; and when Stephanie slid her slimy, sweaty, stinky bare feet over his face, he put up little resistence.

“Smell my feet,” she demanded. When we heard him inhale, we cheered. The girls were still sickened by her foot odor, but amused that Ralph had to suffer the full onslaught.

For someone who’d never done this before, Stephanie too great delight in rubbing her ripe feet over his face and cupping her toes over his nose. In due course, she slid her sweaty foot into his mouth and had Ralph taste her grungy toes. her feet were dirtier than mine and I could see things between her toes. Ralph, nose wrinkle din disgust, licked her feet clean and even cleaned the dirt form between her toes. Stephanie finished by forcing him to smell the inside of her other sneaker before letting Nina take her turn.

“My feet kinda reek,” said Nina, with a wrinkled nose, as she pulled off her socks and pressed her sweaty feet onto Ralph’s face. Others confirmed this by holding their noses. Nina slid her feet over his face and asked Ralph how things smelled down there; Ralph said nothing as Nina had only just shoved her sweat sock into his mouth.

Eventually, the girls took their turns, and joked with one another about how smelly their feet were and about how dirty they were. Shoes and socks were removed and sweaty feet played over Ralph’s face. Every now and then, someone would have extraordinarily putrid smelling feet and everyone would cheer as the girls forced Ralph to inhale the foot stink so everyone could hear. The girls became bolder and bolder and even became a little rough with Ralph, slapping his face with their feet and shoving dirty toes into his mouth.

Our hour class son became a three hour lesson in humiliation because the girls couldn’t keep their stinky feet off of him. I felt proud that I’d instigated this. The girls were so shy, even Angela; and now even Angela had taken off her shoes and was telling Ralph to “have a good whiff.” Ralph was covered in feet and two or even three girls rubbed their feet in his face at once. Socks were dangled over his nose and shoes clasped over his nose. I saw some pretty grungy toes slide into his mouth. I must say, the girls took full advantage, even insisting that Stephanie torture him with her rancid sneakers again.

Well, fun was had by all, and when we’d had our fill of him, when ever last one of us had our feet sniff and licked clean, we told him we could go. One of the girls had a camera on hand and we took a few shots of a naked Ralph, just in case.

The photos are insurance that you don't tell anyone about this," I explained. "If you do, you'll see these all over town." There were chuckles at this.

Ralph, weak and his face reeking of foot sweat, was unsteady on his feet. “What about my pants,” he asked.

Nina and Stephanie returned with his clothes and dropped them at his feet. But when they offered him his pants, each holding onto a leg, hey purposefully tore at them until the legs separated. “Woops,” laughed Stephanie. She was always the practical joker.

“Why,” asked Ralph, feebly, as he accepted the torn pant halves. He dressed as best he could and left. He never spoke to Angela again; in fact, none of us saw him again. To be honest we don’t know what happened to him; but we had a blast with him.

This wasn't he only time my friends and I did this, only the first. There was one occasion, not too long ago, when we did a number on this total dweeb who seemed to think he could outrun us. There were five of us, including Nina and Stephanie, and our feet were incredibly stinky that day because it was hot and we'd just run a 10K. We had him sniffing and licking our ripe, cheesy feet all evening. But that's another story.

And if you’re thinking that this is probably all bullshit, that this never happened, then I’ll ask you to think again. I don’t like it when a man calls me a liar, and if you’re not careful, I’ll teach you to question me. And don’t even look at me funny because I’ll pin you to the ground and within half a minute I can assure you that your nose will be wedged between the cheesiest pair of toes you’d ever sniffed. In fact, why don’t you challenge me if you don’t think I can kick your ass in a heartbeat; I’d love to make you sniff and lick my stinky feet. I’d love to rub my foot sweat into your face and have you feed on my toe gunk. Yeh, just try me, because I’ll humiliate you and any man. And, remember, I have plenty of friends who’d help me; and I’m not the only one with foul smelling toes. You think you can handle lots of funky smelling feet, just look at me like you’re looking at me, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of god-awful foot odors under the sun. Just make a remark about how unfeminine female body-builders are and you’ll be licking dirty, stinky feet until you’ll never be able to wipe the taste of our rank feet for your mouth. Just try me, my friends and I would love to teach you a lesson.

story by Byron

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