Within seconds Natasha and Olivia were sitting on either side of me, removing their dance shoes from their bare feet. As they held their sweaty bare feet over my face and wriggle their toes I gazed upon their long, slender, delicate feet and wrinkled soles. Natasha's toes were painted pink and Olivia's toes were painted red though some of the color had worn off. I could already smell the heady, musky aroma of sweaty female feet and tried to imagine some means of escape; but escape was impossible. They lowered their feet and it got dark as one foot was placed over my eyes. I smelled a sharp and potent foot smell as the tips of Olivia's toenails were pressed up against the underside of my nose. The smell was making me dizzy but I was determined to overcome and not allow them to think that I was suffering. I took a deep breath and almost choked on the fetid smell emanating from under Olivia's toenails. As one set of toes were thrust under my nose, the other toes played over my face; and occasionally the foot was removed from my eyes to reveal four very active feet and twenty busy little toes, and the occasional flash of red and pink from the toenails. As I developed a rhythm, I took well paced breaths. Another set of greasy toes were placed over my nose and I breathed in the dry foot smell again as hard as I could. I didn't think about what I was doing anymore. My entire face was moist from foot sweat and the others were in hysterics. "This is the best," Olivia remarked. "I've never had my feet sniffed quite like this, especially when they stink this much."

I almost felt proud to hear those words and couldn't believe that they could appeal to my vanity by telling me what a marvelous foot sniffer I was. I almost found enjoyment in the fact that I was providing these attractive women with so much pleasure. "Get the leotards out," yelled Olivia. I continued to inhale the smell of sweaty female feet, no two of which smelled alike, as Alex reached over and dangled a pair of leotards over my face. As the toe ends reached my nose I was greeted with an entirely new smell, one that was especially musty, dry and fetid. The others laughed some more. Natasha pulled her feet from my face and a minute later returned them to my face encased in another pair of foul smelling leotards. She cupped my nose with her toes so I would smell the toe ends. "I haven't washed these for weeks," she said. There was no doubt about that. She got a firm toe hold on my nose and I inhaled the scent of her smelly feminine feet. Alex gave Olivia the other leotards and Olivia pulled her feet from my face to put them on her feet. For the next few minutes or so I was sniffing well-worn, unwashed leotards and the strength of the smell made me all the more determined to overcome it by showing enthusiasm for the task. I wanted to show them that I could take it. "He's the best," said Natasha. "They should breed submissive, attractive men like this on a stud farm." The others laughed. "We should definitely have more men like this underfoot" replied Sandra. "What a sniffer" said Natasha. "I love this."

"O.K. You've had enough fun " said Laura. "Come on Alex" she said and sat on my chest. Natasha and Olivia reluctantly removed their feet from my face and Laura kicked off her flats and pressed her warm feet, clad in black tights, onto my sweat covered face. These feet were a welcome relief from the other sweaty feet which had been in shoes without socks. I inhaled long and deep and could feel her feminine essence going to my head. I was going to sniff Laura's feet more thoroughly than I'd sniffed anything and I set to work to Laura's evident pleasure. "He's great," she said. "Listen to him." I tried to breath her essence into my nose; and this would be my triumph, not my humiliation. Laura made it easy on me by offering feet which, though strong smelling, were not overpowering or sharp. I felt bare toes on my forehead and saw Alex gazing down at me. "I've been wearing sneakers without socks for the last couple of days," she said, "and I haven't washed my feet in days." Olivia laughed. Sandra said "let's see if he's man enough for those." Laura pulled her toes from my nose and Alex slid her moist foot down my face until she could grip the bottom of my nose with her toes, which, by the way, had been painted red. I've never smelled anything like it. You couldn't get something this foul smelling anywhere in the boy's locker room at high school. "He looks sick," said Laura. The smell was beyond overpowering; I breathed it in and it did strange things to my insides. I almost wanted to throw up but I wanted to rise to the challenge. I figure that if I could stomach this smell, I could stomach any feminine odor they through at me. I breathed in the stench as Alex playfully wriggled her little toes. She alternated feet for about five minutes of what may have been the most unpleasant experience of my life; but I soon grew accustomed to it. My breathing became regular again and the fetid, musty smell became a part of me. My face must have reeked of her feet and I could feel her foot sweat on my face over the other foot sweat which had already begun to dry. Laura eventually came to the rescue and cupped her bare toes over my nose. I closed my eyes and began to sniff the toes with so much passion that she might not want to remove them to give Alex another turn. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "This is how it should be. If the guy we dragged up here last month was the bottom of the barrel, this one's the very top." I seemed to be making quite an impact. Alex had to content herself with rubbing her moist feet over my forehead and cheeks. Ever since Natasha and Olivia had begun to smother me with their feet, the others took places around my naked body and began to rub their feet on me. By the time I was sniffing Laura's feet for the second time, Natasha and Olivia were rubbing their feet on my chest and stomach. Sandra was occupied with my legs and Monique was teasing me between my legs.

I had an enormous hard-on as Monique ran the tips of her toes around and overtop my privates. She gently stroked my ball cleft and the tip of my penis with the soft bottoms of her toes. I was being rewarded and such attentions made me all the more determined to please my ladies so that, in return, they might please me.

I heard the phone ring and Sandra ran over to pick it up. Sandra giggled, and before hanging up the phone she told the person on the other line that it was the best they'd ever had and to hurry up. Alex pushed Laura's feet out of the way and once again tightened her grip over my nose with her warm, moist, foul-smelling toes. I had to stomach five more minutes of this before the door opened and Rachel, the landlady, emerged. 'I'm sorry," she explained "but I've been running all over town trying to get things done." "Sit down" said Sandra., "it's your turn." "Now it's time for the older women" remarked Susan with a laugh. Sandra and Rachel pulled over a couple of chairs and sat on them as they fiddled with their shoes. They both wore pantyhose and Rachel as usual wore black nylons. I noticed Rachel admiring me with a prolonged smile and she told the others that I was a welcome sight after a busy morning . Within a matter of seconds, they were holding their nylon clad feet over my face so I could smell the combination of odors. They lowered them and began to rub their warm, moist feet all over my face. Rachel wrapped her toes around my nose and told me to give them a good sniff. Her feet were wet but the smell was tolerable; but every foot would seem tolerable after having sniffed Alex's toes.

Rachel wriggled her toes playfully as I breathed in her feminine smell. I especially wanted to please my landlady and decided to out sniff my prior efforts. I sniffed so hard I was in danger of running out of oxygen; and I became rather lightheaded as a result. Rachel looked down at me and said that I would make her very happy. I felt overjoyed to hear that I could make her feel that way and continued to do everything I could to please her. Susan replaced Rachel's toes with hers and her feet, clad in beige pantyhose, revealed nails painted a soft pink. The smell was negligible and her nylon feet were dry. By now the foot sweat had dried on my face and it felt like I'd grown a second skin. It felt strange but I sniffed Susan's toes as Rachel beamed down on me and told me that I was the sweetest little footboy and that she wanted to take me home with her and have me sleep at the foot of her bed cradling her feet. I wanted to say yes but I was still gagged.

After removing their hose, Rachel and Susan took more turns as the others occupied themselves with the rest of my body. I felt several feet in the area of my genitals. Toes pressed into my balls and squeezed my penis. Toes delicately traced outlines around my balls and in the ticklish region between my legs. I was about to explode and with Rachel's bare foot on my face I'd never felt so satisfied in all my life. I was giving this beautiful woman pleasure through my subservience and devotion while others were giving me so much pleasure I could barely contain it. I finally let loose in a series of ecstatic convulsions and something warm tickled my stomach as it ran down my side and onto the floor. I heard some giggling as Monique explained that it got on her feet. "The same thing happened to me at work when we did our boss one month ago," said Monique.

"I think that event will signal the beginning of our next lesson," said Olivia. Olivia stood over me and told me that I was going to lick their feet clean and that I could begin by taking the goo off Monique's feet with my tongue. I heard laughter as Monique kneeled down and pulled the gag from my mouth. I took a deep breath through my mouth as Laura and Alex pulled me up by my arms and pushed my back against the sofa. Olivia pulled up a few chairs and Monique walked over on her heels and sat down. "All good footboys give good foot tongue baths," said Sandra. "With a footboy, a girl won't need to take showers." The others laughed at this. Monique raised her foot and I could see my cum dripping from her toes. I didn't want to disappoint Rachel so when Monique pressed her sticky toes against my lips I took them in my mouth and began to suck off the sweat and cum, two or three toes at a time. "Oh, that tickles," giggled Monique. I sucked and swirled my tongue in between her toes and around the toes while they were in my mouth. "Oh, yes," she exclaimed. "If he can do that to my toes, imagine what it would be like with his head between my legs." The others seemed fascinated by how much Monique was enjoying herself and I was determined to suck on her toes as if they were the sweetest candy. By slipping my tongue between her toes I took in little pieces of dirt from the floor and fibers from her sweat socks; but that wasn't going to deter me from doing the best I could.

She pulled her toes out of my mouth and held the sole of her foot out. I took that as my cue to start licking the dust and dried sweat from her wrinkled soles. I nibbled and licked on the ball of her foot removing all of the flecks of dirt which had accumulated from the floor and from her shoes, and continued to lick and suck as she slowly brought my mouth to her heel. "That was great," she said. "Now do it again. But let's take the ropes off his arms. I'm tired of holding my feet up. He can do that; it's the least he could do." As she replaced her clean foot with the other foot, slightly blackened from the dusty wooden floor, the others released my arms. I then took Monique's heel in my hand and brought her foot to my face. I nibbled and licked up the ridges of her wrinkled sole and over the smooth ball of her foot into her toe groove where I slipped my tongue in between her toes to remove any traces of sock fibers, dirt and cum. She eventually thrust her toes in my mouth and I sucked on each of her toes with such passion that I hoped to be proclaimed the "best toe sucker in the world." I wanted to be thanked for pleasing them and I was glad to hear Monique's moans of pleasure as I sucked and licked. I did what I could to clean any dirt from her soles, from between her toes and even from underneath her toenails, and I wanted her to feel like she had a new pair of feet.

I was surprised to catch myself gazing upon her clean feet as if at a job well done. I actually felt proud of what I'd achieved. "Let me die now," said Monique as she leaned back in the chair with her eyes closed. Olivia, who had been siting next to Olivia and watching my performance with eager anticipation, pushed Monique's feet away and pressed her sweaty toes onto my mouth. The force of the thrust pushed my head against the arm of the sofa as she pushed all of her toes into my mouth until I could feel the toenail of her big toe at the back of my throat. She pulled her toes out and I began to nibble and suck on her toes which had also become slightly dirty from the wood floor. I sucked hard and rhythmically until Olivia closed her eyes and began to moan to herself. "I hereby declare you footboy for life," she said. I heard giggling. "You're wonderful," Olivia added. I sucked and slipped my tongue in between her toes. I worked my tongue down her foot, running it along the cracks, and in between the little ridges on her sole. I did the very same for her other foot and as I passionately nibbled on her toes she even thanked me. No sooner had I finished then Alex pressed her stinking feet on my face and began pressing her toes onto my lips. I quickly overcame my revulsion and began the task of removing, with my tongue, the dried sweat and dirt which she had rubbed all over my face and which had almost made me throw up. The sweat had long dried and left a musty, smelly residue which was also a part of my face. I licked her smelly soles, sucking and nibbling until I removed the greasy sweat. I worked up to the toes and spent several minutes retrieving shoe fibers and dirt from between her toes, and, at her request, even attempted to scrape some of the toe cheese from under her long red toenails with my bottom front teeth. The task was overwhelming but with my tongue I would be able to make up for the face that she hadn't washed her feet in days. After ten minutes or so I no longer noticed a smell. "They look as good as new, said Alex. "Thanks footboy." Natasha, Laura, Sandra and Susan each, in turn, offered me their bare feet to be cleaned and I licked them so clean that Laura told me that it was a shame they had to step on the dirty floor again with their clean feet. I felt proud that I could have made a difference, and that I could satisfy so many lovely women in such an inventive way. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to satisfy so many woman at once in the conventional way.

When Laura sat in the chair and raised a foot to my face I knew that this was the moment I'd been waiting for. I wanted to worship her and please her like no other woman had been pleased before. When I gazed at her delicate, slightly dirty soles, I wanted to demonstrate my devotion to her. I brought her foot to my face and rained kisses on her soles with the fury of a man possessed and Rachel giggled like a schoolgirl and wriggled her toes with sheer delight. "You're so sweet" she said. I think I'm going to keep you." With her toes on my lips I took her big toe into my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could while I teased it with my tongue. She moaned as I did the same for her other toes. When she presented me with her soles I proceeded to lick them careful to remove all of the dust. I'd never considered worshiping a woman's foot until that day and I actually felt ecstatic about licking her heels and soles. I wanted to show Rachel how much I desired her; and I wanted to love her body by loving her feet.

Rachel couldn't keep her feet off of me and Alex had to physically push her from the chair. "I think we've finally broken him" said Susan. "Oh I think we broke him the first ten minutes," quipped Olivia. "I think he adores our feet, or at least he adores Rachel's feet" replied Susan. "I don't think we'll need any restraints anymore" said Natasha as she reached for the ropes on my ankles and untied them. I was about to stand but my nakedness would have made me look so silly among eight fully clothed, attractive women. Rachel must have noticed this hesitation because she told me not to be embarrassed about my body and that it was a real pleasure to look at me. I couldn't disappoint her so I overcame my embarrassment and stood up still struggling to conceal my cock, which, at the time, was still erect and throbbing with the desire to achieve a second release. They laughed at my feeble attempt to conceal my erection and Rachel again told me that I had a beautiful cock and there was no reason to hide it. I removed my hands and I could feel my cheeks redden with shame. "Good boy," said Rachel. I would undergo any humiliation to please Rachel and as I opened my eyes I could see them either sitting or standing and smiling at me. My cock was aching and I waited anxiously for an opportunity for a few moments alone to pump my cock free of the mounting tension I felt.

"Go ahead and masturbate for us," said Monique. "We don't mind, footboy." It was as if she could read my mind. "No It's O.K.," I said. "I want to watch you enjoy yourself," said Rachel with a smile. I couldn't do it with so many eyes watching but Rachel reached in her bag and took out some Vaseline and rubbed it on her hands. She stepped over to me and rubbed some of it on my cock. She then place my hand over my cock and holding her hand over mine began to move my hand up and down my cock until I was masturbating myself with her gentle assistance. My eyes were closed and I was determined to prove that I was not embarrassed or shy. Besides, I so desperately needed to pump myself clean that it only took a few minutes before the stuff surged from me in ecstatic spasms. I heard the clicking of a camera along with laughter and applause. I opened my eyes to notice that everyone had collected in front of me and that Laura was taking pictures of me. I looked away in embarrassment and covered my erect cock as best I could. "You've been wonderful," said Monique. "I don't think you'll have any trouble serving our feet , along with our other equally important body parts, since you've experienced one of the worst case scenarios. From now on we'll invite you in for the occasional footrub and toe suck and, of course, every now and then we'll have an intense footsniffing and footlicking session like this." "Because we have a certain reputation in this town among women in the know," added Susan "other women will try to get involved. Of course we'll be selective about who we invite but just expect a few new faces every now and then." "And feet," laughed Alex. They filed out and showed me eight of the sweetest smiles that woman ever bestowed on man. It wasn't clear to me what happened but I felt like I'd done some good and that I'd made myself indispensable to eight attractive women. I was a desirable cock in the hen house and that was exactly what I wanted. In the last couple of weeks I've spent an awful lot of time under their feet and under the feet of Monique's friends from work; but it still felt like, in some way, I was on top.

I've been spending about half of my free time, or three hours per day, during the week, tending to their feet. I've given footrubs everyday after work while some of the others fix dinner for me. These footrubs usually conclude with requests to have their soles and toes kissed, sniffed and sucked. Needless to say, I'm expected to take off all of my clothes before each footrub, and if I don't remove them quickly enough they usually help me. For the last three days I've taken to walking from apartment to apartment in the nude to dispense with the formality of undressing every time I make a house call. I will instinctively cover my crotch with my hands. They've told me that every female foot on the premises must be referred to as heavenly foot or beautiful foot. I refer to the women as Mistress or Goddess. They never refer to me by my real name but always call me footboy to the amusement of any female visitors. About twice a week they like to stage a masturbation ceremony at which I stand, or sit, before them in the nude and relieve myself. I always dread doing this in front of s many mocking female faces, especially when they have friends over; at the same time I enjoy it and forget about everything else while I'm doing it.

Two nights a week we have sniff days when I'm expected to beg every woman in the house for the honor of smelling her feet and footwear. The sniffing is usually quite intense and they have me sniffing old socks , pantyhose and whatever else they can find. We also have one toe suck night which works along the same lines. Just last night, the girls varied our recreation by taking to sitting on my face and attempting to achieve orgasm by grinding their crotch region onto my face. It was quite successful as far as they were concerned and every one achieved orgasm; they were quite pleased with me even though I did nothing but sit still and behave myself. Apart from being forced to sniff their worn panties, footwear, armpits and feet, apart from jacking off in front of a room of fully clothed women from time to time, apart from being expected to give footrubs, suck toes and lick and kiss soles, and apart from walking around without clothes and existing for the pleasure of at least eight women who recognize my existence only in so far as I amuse and satisfy them, my life hasn't really changed. I have achieved sexual fulfillment so I'm going to keep the location of this house a secret so that no one else will show up to deprive me of this exclusive attention. 1 1