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I am Jeff Mattes, better known by people as smellfungicide. The reason that my name is smellfungicide is a very long story that I don't wish to get into at this time. My home page is going to be devoted to Leon Trotsky. Not that I agree with Trotsky's political ideology. I just think he has a cool last name. As a result, I choose to call myself a Trotskyite. Here are links to Trotskyite web pages

This is Trotsky:

Here are a couple of pictures of me:

Photo taken September, 1999

Passport Photo taken October, 1997

Here is the most famous (or infamous) poem that I've ever written. I wrote it in 1992, and it has become known as the Smellfungus Poem

You can reach out and touch me at [email protected]

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