Match Number: 013

Date 29 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Marine Castle United FC Away Team Woodlands Wellington FC

Stadium Hougang Attendance 3306

Referee Subas Lazar Reserve Referee N. Santhan

Assistant Referee 1 Lutfi Emir Assistant Referee 2 John Chia

Match Commissioner Sulaini Said

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Josko Parac (Woodlands Wellington FC)

Match Details

By Justin Gek

Woodlands Wellington 2 – 0 Marine Castle was the result at Hougang stadium tonight. The Rams collected another three points and are leading the league for the first time in five years.

It was a great start for the 2001 season so far with two wins and a draw. Winning both away games speak volumes of their strengths.

The Rams settled the game beyond any doubt of their current impressive forms in the first half. The home team was nowhere near that level of play.

Patient build up and careful passing reap rewards for the visitors. The Rams were given too much space and time to plot the downfall of the Dolphins.

It was proved so when stocky Nasiruddin Sawardi was allowed to take a 25-metre long shot outside the penalty box and scored. It was a beautiful goal. Keeper Amos Boon was helpless as he watched the ball flew over him. The goal was scored in the 22nd minute of first half.

The Rams was not contented with one goal. They kept on pushing for the second goal. It was not long that the Rams scored again.

This time the goal was scored from a clever set piece. Magical Ivica Raguz took a free kick from the far right knowing the height advantage the Rams were having against the short keeper Amos. It was a high ball aiming for young star striker Josko Parac. He then headed the ball down towards far post for ex-Dolphins Esad Sejdic to score from an open goal.

In the 44th minute of first half, the game almost broke into a brawl. Young dolphins Thomas English was lucky to stay on for the game. The Rams accused him of hitting Woodlands Jeykanth Jeyapal who earlier made a hard tackle on Thomas English.

Both team officials and substitutes came out of the technical area and tried to stop the ugly incident. Fortunately both sides came to their senses and carried on with the game.

The Dolphins tried in vain to catch up during the second half of the game. Poor passing and aimless attack made no change of their fate of losing at home for the second time in a row.

Official Match report below

Marine Castle United FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Amos Boon GK

3 Zainal Yusoff DF

4 Michael Lomax DF

5 Barrie Keeling MF

9 Anthony Carbone MF

10 Thomas English FW

12 Raymond Williamson DF

14 Razali Ahmad MF

15 Adrian Yeo MF

16 Nazir Ahmad Mohamad MF

18 Ashrin Shariff FW

Woodlands Wellington FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Faizal Ali GK

8 Ivica Raguz (De-registered) MF

8 Jirasirichote Surachai (De-registered) DF

9 Josko Parac FW

10 Jeykanth Jeyapal DF

11 Esad Sejdic MF

12 Miroslav Kuljanac DF

14 Faizal Sa'audi MF

15 Nor Azman Hussain MF

20 Nasiruddin Sawardi DF

23 S Rajendran DF

Marine Castle United FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

2 Johari Zakaria DF

11 Firdaus Salleh FW

13 Syed Anwar Zainol Abidin GK

17 Muir Rafik Taha DF

19 Mohd Nor Zadi MF

20 Noraidit Mahat MF

24 Rosman Sulaiman DF

Woodlands Wellington FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

3 Shawaluddin Zainal Abidin DF

4 Razali Rashid(De-registered) FW

5 Ramesh Paul DF

6 Razali Ishak MF

7 Sazali Jantan(de-registered) MF

16 Haslizan Hassan DF

30 Salleh Kasmin (De-registered) GK

Woodlands Wellington FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

20 Nasiruddin Sawardi 23

11 Esad Sejdic 28

Marine Castle United FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

16 >> 24 Nazir Ahmad Mohamad >> Rosman Sulaiman 46

14 >> 11 Razali Ahmad >> Firdaus Salleh 67

18 >> 2 Ashrin Shariff >> Johari Zakaria 78

Woodlands Wellington FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

23 >> 3 S Rajendran >> Shawaluddin Zainal Abidin 33

11 >> 7 Esad Sejdic >> Sazali Jantan(de-registered) 82

20 >> 6 Nasiruddin Sawardi >> Razali Ishak 89

Marine Castle United FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

9 Anthony Carbone 28

10 Thomas English 39

3 Zainal Yusoff 54

Woodlands Wellington FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

12 Miroslav Kuljanac 14

14 Faizal Sa'audi 43

9 Josko Parac 45

Match Number: 014

Date 29 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Home United FC Away Team Jurong FC

Stadium Bishan Attendance 3810

Referee R. Vijay Reserve Referee Sagadevan Reddy

Assistant Referee 1 S. Ragavachari Assistant Referee 2 T. Ramesh

Match Commissioner A. Raamasamy

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Park Tae Won (Jurong FC)

Match Details



FIVE goals, two expulsions and ninety minutes of attacking football ignited a packed Bishan Stadium. With pride to play for-- Home United seeking their first point of the season and Jurong recovering from a 1-5 hiding last week-- both teams displayed their firepower from the opening whistle.

The home team had the better chances, hitting the frame of the goal twice in the opening twenty minutes. The Protectors broke the deadlock in the 33rd minute when Indra Sahdan scored from point blank range. 6 minutes later, Edson Garcia stretched the lead with a long range rocket.

Inspired by Korean striker Park Tae Won's dazzling performance, the Cobras came out firing in the second half. Tamil Marren pulled one back for the visitors before Home United's R Sasikumar picked up a red card for a reckless challenge. However, Gusta Guzarishah managed to squeeze home the Protectors' third goal in the 82nd minute. Park pulled another back for the visitors a minute later to set up a tense finale to the match, but the creator of the goal, V Sundramoorthy, found himself walking off the pitch when he was adjudged to have shoved the Home United custodian. The sending off effectively ended the Cobras' fight.

Home United's star striker Egmar Goncalves has yet to hit the target in the new season. The Singapore PR was the Protectors' top scorer last season. In goal, Home United was clearly missing the calming influence of Yazid Yasin, who has returned to Sembawang Rangers after serving his National Service. His replacement Adi Salleh has yet to click comfortably with the defence.

For the Jurong Cobras, the match unearthed a gem of a striker in Korean Park Tae Won. The golden-haired forward showed good dribbling skills and powerful shots. In fact, he was the most dangerous player in the Cobras' line-up.

Home United FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Adi Salleh GK

2 Ong Leon Koen DF

3 Indra Sahdan Daud FW

5 Aide Iskandar DF

6 S Subramani DF

7 Gusta Guzarishah MF

9 Egmar Goncalves FW

10 Peres De Oliveira FW

13 R Sasikumar DF

15 Amir Tavakolin( de-registered) MF

19 Edson Garcia MF

Jurong FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Bashir Khan GK

3 Abdul Latiff Abdullah DF

5 Bojan Hodak DF

6 Tamil Marren MF

7 V Selvaraj MF

9 Toh Choon Ming FW

10 Velimir Crijen MF

12 A Siva Kumar MF

16 Park Tae Won FW

19 Goh Tat Chuan MF

22 Itimi Dickson Edherefe FW

Home United FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

4 Mardani Fatahollah DF

8 Harun Juma'at MF

11 Zulkifli Zainolabidin GK

12 Aw Thiam Hor MF

16 Faris Mohamed DF

18 Sha'aban Pon MF

20 Jacksen Tiago(De-registered) FW

Jurong FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

8 Marko Kraljevic MF

11 E Vadevellu GK

13 Syed Idros Hassan DF

14 E. Manimohan DF

17 Zakaria Awang MF

18 V Sundram Moorthy FW

Home United FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

3 Indra Sahdan Daud 33

19 Edson Garcia 39

7 Gusta Guzarishah 82

Jurong FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

6 Tamil Marren 56

16 Park Tae Won 82

Home United FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

15 >> 8 Amir Tavakolin( de-registered) >> Harun Juma'at 58

3 >> 20 Indra Sahdan Daud >> Jacksen Tiago(De-registered) 64

Jurong FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

22 >> 8 Itimi Dickson Edherefe >> Marko Kraljevic 71

19 >> 18 Goh Tat Chuan >> V Sundram Moorthy 80

6 >> 17 Tamil Marren >> Zakaria Awang 87

Home United FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

19 Edson Garcia 43

20 Jacksen Tiago(De-registered) 67

8 Harun Juma'at 90

Jurong FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

22 Itimi Dickson Edherefe 36

3 Abdul Latiff Abdullah 59

10 Velimir Crijen 72

Home United FC Expulsions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

13 R Sasikumar 70

Jurong FC Expulsions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

18 V Sundram Moorthy 83


Match Number: 015

Date 30 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Tanjong Pagar United FC Away Team Clementi Khalsa FC

Stadium Queenstown Attendance 2,911

Referee Abdul Malik Reserve Referee S.K Kennedy

Assistant Referee 1 Nordin Sawodi Assistant Referee 2 Jarrod Lim

Match Commissioner Abros Meah

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Fahmie Abdullah (Clementi Khalsa FC)

Match Details

By Justin Gek

Tanjong Pagar drew 1-1 with Clementi Khalsa in an exciting and entertaining match at Queenstown Stadium last night. Despite the rain, 2,911 fans including Minister Mah were there to support the game. They were impressed with the performance given by the two clubs.

Both sides started the game slowly but brightly. The Jaguars were eager to establish and get an early goal. Midfielder Fathi Yunus of Tanjong Pagar began moves to threaten the Elephants defenders with his turnings and simple passes of the ball.

It looked dangerous on numerous occasions. But the Jaguars strikers could not read his game and were not able to get the ball. How Fathi Yunus wished that the suspended Algerian Djamel Achouri was playing beside him and help to cashing in by scoring goals.

Goal finally came for the Jaguars through a powerful free kick taken by national player Rudy Khairon. Clementi keeper Subash Nair was slow to react to the direct shot that went over the Elephants defence wall and into the back of his net.

The Jaguars took control of the shy Elephants in the early part of first half. However the Elephants did not let the game continued as the Jaguars wanted.

The Elephants become more confident with the ball. They kept their game simple. With the experience of veteran players like Ernest Tapai, Hasnim Haron and Player coach Vlado Bozinoski, the Elephants could find their ways out in the game. The game became more purposeful and meaningful for the Elephants.

Talented Fahmie Abdullah created all sorts of problems for the Jaguars with his trickery dribbling and close ball control. It was through his powerful run with the ball, and with three defenders breathing down his neck, down the left side of the field that helped to score the equaliser goal.

It was a weird goal. Many wondered how keeper Dragan Talajic could not stop the deflected ball from Rudy Khairon after man of the match Fahmie Abdullah’s crossed the ball intended for Japanese Michiaki Kakimoto.

Instead of punching the ball out for safety, what keeper Dragan did was pushing the ball into the net. Clementi Khalsa could not believe their luck of scoring that goal.

It was a good result for both teams. Clementi could start build on for the rest of the season believing that they were as good as the rest of the team in the league.

With key players out, coach Tohari Paijan could not ask for more from his young and inexperience players coming in for the game.

Official Match report below

Tanjong Pagar United FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Dragan Talajic GK

3 Erza Aripin MF

5 Rudy Khairon MF

8 Daniel Bennett DF

10 Davor Dzelalija(de-registered) FW

13 Ratna Suffian DF

14 Steven Tan FW

17 Fathi Yunus MF

18 Johaness Idris DF

20 Hyrizan Jufri MF

39 Sutee Suksomkit FW

Clementi Khalsa FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

2 Imran Zainal MF

3 Quek Hock Tiong DF

7 Ernest Tapai MF

8 Vlado Bozinoski MF

9 Eric Francis FW

10 Michiaki Kakimoto FW

11 Fahmie Abdullah MF

13 Sha'izad Jaffar MF

14 Hasnim Haron MF

15 Sophian Ahmad Repha'ee DF

19 Subash Nair GK

Tanjong Pagar United FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

2 Jasni Pungok(de-registered) DF

6 Rudy Ali FW

12 Azlan Tahir MF

15 Zainal Zainuddin MF

16 Ridzuan Fatah GK

19 Ahmad Ashik DF

Clementi Khalsa FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Shamsuri Ahmad GK

4 Sabri Sukri DF

6 Hafiz Esah FW

18 P Titani MF

20 Abdul Wafi Othman MF

27 Neo Chee Seong DF

Tanjong Pagar United FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

5 Rudy Khairon 25

Clementi Khalsa FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

11 Fahmie Abdullah 67

Tanjong Pagar United FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

20 >> 15 Hyrizan Jufri >> Zainal Zainuddin 50

3 >> 2 Erza Aripin >> Jasni Pungok(de-registered) 67

Clementi Khalsa FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

11 >> 6 Fahmie Abdullah >> Hafiz Esah 85

9 >> 20 Eric Francis >> Abdul Wafi Othman 90

19 >> 1 Subash Nair >> Shamsuri Ahmad 90

Tanjong Pagar United FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

13 Ratna Suffian 19

5 Rudy Khairon 35

18 Johaness Idris 65

Clementi Khalsa FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

2 Imran Zainal 23

7 Ernest Tapai 57


Match Number: 016

Date 30 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Sembawang Rangers FC Away Team Singapore Armed Forces FC

Stadium Yishun Attendance 4170

Referee Ismail Surdi Reserve Referee N Santhan

Assistant Referee 1 Lau Kok Kong Assistant Referee 2 Jeffery Goh

Match Commissioner Amarjeet Singh

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Mirko Grabovac (Singapore Armed Forces FC)

Match Details

By: Jeremy Lim

As early as 6:30pm, droves of SAFFC and Sembawang fans had already started packing the Yishun Stadium, expecting an evening contended clash of Champions against early Championship pace setter. However. The outcome of the match was never a real doubt, as SAFFC show off their Championship pedigree against Sembawang.

The first goal of the match came in as early on the 4th min, a cross from the left by Mirko Grabovac to the poorly marked Kiatisuk to tap in for his third goal of the season. You would expect the Stallions to come back with a bang like the previous matches, but this time it did not materialize. SAFFC with its vast experience, read the Sembawang passes with ease. No sooner then said, SAFFC, within the next 15 min, scored twice to effectively kill any hopes of Sembawang revival and the hearts of thousand of Sembawang fans. In the 10th min Grabovac scored his first goal of the night. He nutmegs pass Satria Mad before unleashing an unbeatable shot pass to Yazid left-sided corner goal. To add salt to injury, a floating corner on the left was flicked over by Rafi Ali. With the simplest of headers, Grabovac scored his 2nd of the night.

Sembawng did have a few chances later in the half. Thawachai Ongtrakul 20-metre freekick nearly put one back in the 40th min, Rezal Hassan did well to tip the ball out. And just before half time, a neat one-two between Ismail Fitrey and Thawachai allowed Ismail to shoot at Rezal goal, Rezal did well again with make a save.

SAFFC continued to show their dominance in the 2nd half. Grabovac scored his hat-trick in the 70th min from a Nasir cross on the right. Former Sembawang player Nasir, scored his first goal of the season after the initial Grabovac shot rebound from the post. Grabovac completed the Sembawang embarrassment by scoring his fourth right in the end of the match.

It was simply too easy for the champions and SAFFC really show their class tonight. How Boring!.



Sembawang Rangers FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Yazid Yasin GK

4 Azmi Mahamud MF

5 Satria Mad DF

6 Taufiq Samadi DF

8 Khairani Sanuci DF

9 Bamrung Boonprom FW

10 Tawan Sripan MF

11 Thawatchai Ongtrakul MF

13 Ismail Fitrey FW

14 M Ramesh MF

17 Ibrahim Noh MF

Singapore Armed Forces FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Rezal Hassan GK

2 Razif Mahamud DF

5 Veselko Paponja DF

7 Nazri Nasir MF

8 Tan Kim Leng DF

9 Mirko Grabovac FW

11 Hafizat Jauharmi MF

12 Zahid Ahmad MF

13 Kiatisuk Senamuang FW

15 Nenad Bacina DF

17 Rafi Ali (De-registered) DF

21 Goran Galov MF

Sembawang Rangers FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

2 Nur Yusman DF

12 Rafi Mouhamadally MF

16 Imran Sahib MF

23 Faizal Senin MF

26 Kamal Samad DF

27 Sahril Masnin MF

Singapore Armed Forces FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

4 Hairi Su'ap DF

6 Vincent Sim DF

12 Zahid Ahmad MF

14 Azhar Salleh MF

16 Fadzuhasny Juraimi FW

18 Shahri Rahim GK

21 Mohd Noh Alam Shah (De-registered) FW

Singapore Armed Forces FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

9 Mirko Grabovac 10

9 Mirko Grabovac 18

13 Kiatisuk Senamuang 4

9 Mirko Grabovac 70

7 Nazri Nasir 86

9 Mirko Grabovac 88

Sembawang Rangers FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

13 >> 2 Ismail Fitrey >> Nur Yusman 66

4 >> 12 Azmi Mahamud >> Rafi Mouhamadally 78

17 >> 23 Ibrahim Noh >> Faizal Senin 85

Singapore Armed Forces FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

5 >> 4 Veselko Paponja >> Hairi Su'ap 61

13 >> 21 Kiatisuk Senamuang >> Mohd Noh Alam Shah (De-registered) 67

21 >> 14 Goran Galov >> Azhar Salleh 71

Singapore Armed Forces FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

21 Goran Galov 22

8 Tan Kim Leng 44


Match Number: 017

Date 31 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Balestier Central FC Away Team Tampines Rovers FC

Stadium Toa Payoh Attendance 1710

Referee N. Santhan Reserve Referee Subash Lazar

Assistant Referee 1 Mohd Ali Assistant Referee 2 Tang Yew Mun

Match Commissioner Chua Peng Huat

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Hairil Amin (Balestier Central FC )

Match Details

by Ko Po Hui

Looks like it is a tough road ahead for beleaguered V Sivalingam, the Tampines Rovers coach, after witnessed another lost to follow strugglers, Balestier Central at the Toa Payoh stadium, making them firmly anchored in the bottom of the table [3 games-3 loses so far]

Yet it was the Stags who almost grabbed the first goal of the match, if not for former national striker, Nahar Daud who blasted the ball wide to the right, after capitalised on a slip-up on the Balestier's defence, in the very first minute.

Tampines went on trying to consolidate themselves in the game but to not avail, as the Tigers' back line did a good job in shunt out its Premium player, Adilson de Paula, there was hardly any clear chances at goal.

Man-of-match performance, by Balestier's keeper, Hairil Amin, had single-handily, denied Stags' two clear goal scoring chances in the first half. Otherwise sums up a rather uneventful first half.

Balestier took the center-stage in the second half.

In the 49th minute, national defender, Ali Imran Lomri, struck the first and only goal of the game, a fruit that was borne out of its fame counter-attack tactics, that caught the Tampines' back line flat-footed.

After collected the ball from a Tampines' corner, Tigers' defender, Adil Sulaiman dribbled more than half the length of the pitch, before squared it to Ali, who made no mistake by slot the ball pass Stags' keeper, Noorisham Zainon.

This goal had rejuvenated the young Balestier side, who then gradually took control of the game with its slick passing and movement of the ball, whereas Tampines began to fade away as times goes by, till N Santhan, the referee blew the final whistle to signal Balestier's first win of the season, much relieve to the long suffering home fans, whom have to wait till the second round of the last season, before recorded its first win in year 2000.

After the match, Man-of the match, Hairil Amin, said he was pleased that the team had win, but he was humble enough to admit that there is still room for improvement for himself, and was grateful that the presence of a wheelchair-bounded fan had inspired him to perform after the 25 year-old 'keeper had read about him in the papers

Meanwhile, at the post-match press conference, Tampines' team manger Francis Wong, lamented that Premium player, Adilson de Paula had been a major letdown and will hold a discussion before making a decision on him, when asked about the Brazilian's form so far by the press.




Balestier Central FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Hairil Amin GK

5 Fabio Da Silva MF

6 Faizal Jumaat DF

8 Darren Stewart DF

13 Iskandar Latiff DF

15 Aidil Sulaiman MF

16 Johari Husin MF

17 Ali Imran Lomri MF

18 Daorueang Krongpol FW

19 Rizzal Hashim DF

30 Itimi Owepa FW

Tampines Rovers FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Noorisham Zainon(de-registered) GK

2 Azlan Alipah MF

5 Syed Faruk MF

6 Sead Muratovic DF

7 Aidil Sharin MF

8 Nahar Daud FW

9 Adilson J De Paula (De-registered) FW

11 Joselito Da Silva MF

12 Brian Ravi MF

13 Lee Man Hon MF

19 Yeo Boon Cheng DF

Balestier Central FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

4 Abdul Latiff Isa DF

9 Ghazali Kamis MF

11 Isakhandar Karim FW

20 Shahrudin Samsudin DF

22 Dennis Lim FW

26 Daun Mathew MF

32 Faizal Sazali FW

Tampines Rovers FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

4 Rasidi Mostafah MF

15 Amin Nasir DF

17 Haffiz Nabrawi (De-registered) MF

18 Jaslee Hatta DF

20 Nur Iman Izhar( de-reigstered) GK

25 Dennis Suglo FW

Balestier Central FC Goal scorers

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

17 Ali Imran Lomri 49

Balestier Central FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

13 >> 20 Iskandar Latiff >> Shahrudin Samsudin 33

16 >> 9 Johari Husin >> Ghazali Kamis 76

30 >> 32 Itimi Owepa >> Faizal Sazali 90

Tampines Rovers FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

8 >> 25 Nahar Daud >> Dennis Suglo 66

2 >> 17 Azlan Alipah >> Haffiz Nabrawi (De-registered) 81

Balestier Central FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

20 Shahrudin Samsudin 47

18 Daorueang Krongpol 69

Tampines Rovers FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

2 Azlan Alipah 58

19 Yeo Boon Cheng 88


Match Number: 018

Date 31 March 2001 Time 7:30:00 PM


Home Team Gombak United FC Away Team Geylang United FC

Stadium Bukit Gombak Attendance 1949

Referee Sagadevan Reddy Reserve Referee R. Vijay

Assistant Referee 1 S. Ragavachari Assistant Referee 2 John Chia

Match Commissioner Edward Silas

SLEAGUE.COM Man of the Match: Stephen Ng (Gombak United FC)

Match Details

Written by Jean-Luc Dylan

Fans and Minster Mah Boh Tan were treated to a highly exciting and beautiful game tonight at the Bukit Gombak stadium tonight, in a goalless draw between the Bulls and the visiting Geylang Eagles.

Debuting for the Bulls was Moroccan Word Cup player Merzagua Abderrazzak, the 34-year-old midfielder was inspiration for his team tonight, a worthy replacement for injured Surachai Jaturapattarapong.

The match started off with on very fast pace and with the Eagles trying to tear Stephen Ng's goal apart but thanks to the brilliant performance by the custodian and the hard work of the Gombak back four of Bah Mamadou, Khairil Mawi, Choketawee and Jorge Steinebrunner, the goal that the Eagles wanted so much just never came.

Although missing the services of veteran Kadir Yahaya, the few chances that Gombak United had on its breaks just could not trouble the steady hand of young Lionel Lewis. The Nanyang Polytechnic student is turning out to be quite a gem for Coach Jang Jung and a serious threat to Shahril Jantan for the No.1 place in the Geylang camp.

Geylang United charmed the fans as usually with their free flowing football and good understanding between their bend of veteran and young players. Now sitting on the fourth spot on the table, losing to first place Singapore Armed Forces FC only through goal different, the Eagles look set to be challenging the Rhinos and Jaguar once again for the title and this year it look as if they might just be able to do it. Man to man, the eagles was way above their counter-parts over at Gombak United. But credit really must goes to the bulls as they played well above their normal game and kept to Coach Moey Yok Ham's game plan. "With the game open to play for, it was a blessing that players from both team continue to play the ball rather then go for legs as had happened in other close games." said Moey.

For Jang Jung, it was 2 point lost rather then 1 point gained. The eagles had plenty of chances to seal the game up with a win but Australian Aleksandar Duric, thought created many splendid chances and good run, just could not find the net. Man of the match in the last game against Balastier Central, Mohd Noor Ali was silence during the game as well. Azhar Baksin did had a few chances but the upright denial him time after time. Players from the United look disappointed when referee Sagadevan Reddy blew the final whistle and some of them left the field thinking just what had gone wrong for them tonight.


Gombak United FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Stephen Ng GK

2 Bah Mamadou DF

3 Khairi Mawi DF

5 Choketawee Promrut DF

7 Eric Kwek DF

9 Merzagua Abderrazak(De-registered) MF

13 Azhar Jamil FW

15 Roslan Jasmin DF

16 Iswandy Amil MF

17 Jorg Steinbrunner DF

19 Saswadimata Dasuki MF

Geylang United FC First Eleven

Jersey No. Name Position

5 Noh Rahman DF

6 Winston Yap DF

8 Nebojsa Vukosavljevic FW

9 Aleksandar Duric FW

10 Brian Bothwell MF

11 Azhar Baksin MF

12 Zulkarnaen Zainal MF

14 Basri Halis MF

15 William Bone MF

19 Noor Ali FW

20 Lewis Lionel GK

Gombak United FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

4 Davin Cook DF

8 Roy Yeo DF

11 Jaesni Othman MF

21 Daniel Stephen Terna GK

30 Firdaus Salleh FW

35 Nas Nasta'in FW

Geylang United FC Substitutes

Jersey No. Name Position

1 Shahril Jantan GK

2 Hasrin Jailani MF

3 Kadir Yahaya DF

4 Razaleigh Khalik DF

7 Hamirul Hanif MF

13 Sharifuddin Mahmood DF

17 Syed Mohammad Fadhil MF

Gombak United FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

3 >> 8 Khairi Mawi >> Roy Yeo 63

7 >> 11 Eric Kwek >> Jaesni Othman 76

8 >> 4 Roy Yeo >> Davin Cook 87

Geylang United FC Substitutions

Jersey No. Player(Out) >> Player(In) Event Time (min)

8 >> 2 Nebojsa Vukosavljevic >> Hasrin Jailani 46

11 >> 17 Azhar Baksin >> Syed Mohammad Fadhil 85

Gombak United FC Cautions

Jersey No. Name Event Time (min)

17 Jorg Steinbrunner 55

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