Eclipse Expedition to Zambia 2001

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Zu einem langen Bericht auf Deutsch!
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The trip



2nd contact!

The corona

The inner corona

Sky photos

3rd contact!


Vic. Falls



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Reports from the same site or others in/near the Kafue NP

Bernd Brinkmann's pictures taken at the same site (plus pictures from elsewhere on the trip).

Mirko Nitschke's pictures from the same trip.

Video clips & stills (with the 2nd & 3rd contact in super-high resolution) and a long report by Georg Dittié from the same site.

Andy Sischka's veeery long story about his attempt to get the ultimate corona image ...

Demy & Meiser were just a kilometer or so away from us (but have trouble filing reports; here are their initial results).

Kris Delcourte, AstroRED, Josep Masalles Roman, Wolfgang Dzieran and "Profjohn" were inside the Kafue National Park.

Reports from other locations in Zambia

Francisco A. Rodriguez and Wendy Carlos from XXX.

Bob Yen from Kabompo (his travel report).

The WAA north of Lusaka (very detailled report!), Uwe Reimann from 50 km N' Lusaka and Robert B Slobins and Pierre Arpin from Kamilonga, 40 km north of Lusaka.

Eric Flescher in Karubwe near Chisamba.

Steve Hyslop, Massimiliano Lattanzi, Fred Espenak and Thierry Payet from Chisamba.

C. Bassa from Malambanyama.

Bernie Verreau near Lusaka Airport.

Werner Dirrigl, Heinz Scsibrany, Stephan Dolnik, Rudolf Reiser, Vienna Univ. and many others at Lusaka Airport.

QuestConnect, Mel Bartels, Olivier Staiger, Jay Pasachoff [SR], Roban Hultman Kramer (plus a Pasachoff interview), the SECIS team, Greg Babcock, Silvia Kowollik, Mario Lippitsch and Hans Schremmer from Lusaka.

Willy Machiels from near Chirundu.

Peter Tiedt from Lower Zambezi National Park (his pictures).

Exploratorium from Sausage Tree Camp in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Link collections about the 2001 eclipse

Mr Eclipse,, ClockTower, Sky & Tel., SpaceWeather, SoFi 01 (tons of links here!), SoFiGalerie. Uranoscope.

Reports from other countries

The Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris (excellent radial gradient and hi-res images!), Christian Viladrich and T. Legault from Angola.

W. Strickling (with shadow band pictures & measurements) and others from the same tour as well as Mike Harlow from Zimbabwe.

ZimAstro gallery and pictures from Martine Tlouzeau & Jean-Paul Godard, various Germans, Ian Blumgart and and Howard Kramer in Zim.

Vic & Jen Winter (with some highly enhanced corona pictures; also an APOD), Derek Hatch, Sheridan Williams and Stig Linander in Madagascar.

And Carsten Jacobs from Namibia, where the eclipse was just partial, of course ...

News coverage of the eclipse

SacBee, CNN, BBC ( earlier, special pages, a report from Angola), Washington Post (plus a letter), St. Petersburg Times, MSNBC (other and more stories), Space Daily, Reuters, AP, Space Today,, Rheinische Post, SPIEGEL, BdW, FAZ, Die Harke.

Advance reports: NASA, [email protected], ESA Science News, Astronomy, BBC, CNN, RP (früher), WELT, SPIEGEL.

Websites dedicated to this eclipse

ESA, SOHO, SOHO EIT, Williams College, AfriClipse,, Black Sun 2001, AstroNet, Reisebuero Suedstadt, Terra.

Picture collections

SOHO images leading up to and from eclipse day.

A striking satellite image of the umbra over Angola, another one ( smaller), more NOAA satellite views of Africa in the shadow, and Eumetsat's page with pictures.

Radial filter and composition experiments and an EIT & a groundbased picture of the corona combined.

Newspaper frontpages from Zam and Zim, plus other pictures.

T-Online and and SPIEGEL collections.

F. Espenak, O. Staiger, NN (in Bakasa, Zimbabwe), Boris Nizic and Richard Bareford.


SoFi-Galerie for everyone, Pauer's link collection. Maria Mitchell's expedition.

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