pistol1.jpg (8927 bytes) Right hand side view of a prop Colonial laser pistol used on the Battlestar Galactica series. This is a cheap and non-functional weapon used by background extras, hence its rough and rather shoddy appearance. The pistols carried by the main actors were of much higher quality. Note that the muzzle doesn’t match the muzzle on the functional pistols. Reportedly, a different brand of faucet handle was used!

The left side of the same pistol.

pistol2.jpg (10968 bytes)
pistol3.jpg (10417 bytes)

Top view of the pistol. Note that the barrel is not in line with the body of the weapon. This may be a function of a pistol made of non-reinforced resin naturally assuming a curve with time. These photographs were taken about 15 years after the props had been made.

The picture Larry mentions in his article, a frame from the premiere reproduced in the BG Photonovel showing Richard Hatch with his cape partly pulled off as he guides people out of the casino. Attached to his gunbelt is the powerpack for his prop laser pistol. The power cord ran up under Richard’s tunic, down his left sleeve, and into the butt of the pistol. powerpk.jpg (4889 bytes)

All photographs except the last copyright Larry Mager and may not be reproduced without his permission

Battlestar Galactica photo copyright 1978 Universal City Studios


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