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From SithLord2457 - 3/30/2005 5:43:21 P.M. Central Time

J.W. Titus's Fan Novel is finally finished. I would like to thank J.W. for his time and hard work into this wonderful piece of work he has given us. You can get the entire novel in Microsoft Word Format at this link. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Also J.W. is working on another fan novel which will actually be 6 novels called The Sith Wars. I will post those on here as well!!!


From SithLord2457 - 3/29/2005 7:32:35 P.M Central Time

Hey to everyone out there! Thanks for visitng the site. I hope you've enjoyed it. We got a couple of nice updates for today. Lets start off with some of the amazing pictures from the German Episode III Movie Novel that have leaked on to the internet. Check out Pictures 6 of the picture section if you're interested. Ones that stick out are Anakin on fire and on the operating table before the suit is put on. Enjoy!!!

Next is the J.W. Titus Fan Novel. I'm sorry I haven't updated it in a while but the latest edition of it contains the beginning all the way to the birth of the twins and the death of Padme. It is a very sad chapter. And tomorrow the last and final update for the fan novel will be posted at the message boards on I will for sure have it posted on here immediately after it is posted. Thank You J.W. for this wonderful novel you have given us!!! Here is the link for the current edition of it. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc


From SithLord2457 - 3/22/2005 2:34:54 P.M. Central Time

J.W. Titus from the Jedi Council Forum Boards at has just updated his novel.  It is current all they way from the beginning to the very moments that Obi-Wan experiences afterwards. It is available here to download in Microsoft Word format. Enjoy!!!  StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Also I will be updating later tonight when J.W. posts another update tonight. So check back then also!!!

From SithLord2457 - 3/16/2005 6:48:32 P.M. Central Time

J.W. Titus from the Jedi Council Forum Boards at has just updated his novel.  It is current all they way from the beginning to the very moments after the duel as Anakin is lying on Mustafar at death's door and how he calls upon the dark side to survive.  It is available here to download in Microsoft Word format. Enjoy!!!  StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc


From SithLord2457 - 3/15/2005 8:14:43 P.M. Central Time

Cogro from the boards at has been give a review of Episode III from a friend who has seen a rough cut of it. Cogro claims his friend has leaked him credible stuff before so this review is believed to be genuine. Here it is and be the judge yourself on what you think of it.


Seeing the nearly completed Revenge of the Sith brings forth some strong emotions, most noteable of all is that the 30 year ride George has taken us on has now come to an end.

I remember seeing Star Wars in 1977 as a boy and feeling a thrill that I never had before, and haven't since in a movie theatre. Being a part of the Star Wars generation gave me alot of expectations for the prequels. When I saw Phantom Menace, I was just happy to see another Star Wars, but the film felt empty, lacking the heart the Originals had. Then came Clones, another film I had the privilege to preview a month before its opening. The second installment was enjoyable, but had its fair share of problems. If anything it was a setup for the movie we all wanted to see, a movie which the prequels were made for in the first place - Episode III. So this is it, the last in the trilogy as well as the saga. Buckle up kids, come May 19 you'll get your last cinematic trip to a galaxy far, far away....

The question from everyone off the bat will be a simple: 'Is it any good?' A follow up would likely be, 'Is is everything I've hoped for and more? Is it the best of them all?' While the answers will likely vary from person to person, in my very humble opinion, having gone into the film with hefty expectations though hesitent to buy into the hype that's been created....

Yes. The film is good. Really good. Revenge of the Sith is a shocking piece of cinema that will likely go down with most fans as the best film in the saga. I say shocking because I would have never imagined that some of the images in this film would come after the gold yellow logo and the main titles we've come to love. The film gets brutal. It's dark, and that's sure to make fans happy and turn some others off. The effectiveness of the film would not be possible without the work of some great talent, and that ladies and gentlemen is what makes me most pleased with Revenge of the Sith.

Well it's about time. The pacing is fast and furious, with a grave urgency attached to every scene in the film. The space battle sets the tone early as pilots frantically fight to survive and strike a crushing blow against the enemy fleet. Our Jedi heroes lighten the mood occasionally with quips and exchanges that were lacking from the previous movies. I now know how great a friend Anakin was to Obi-wan Kenobi. The battle itself is like nothing else in the previous films. The camera winds, dives and brings you into the chaos in what can only be described as dazzling. Computer graphics have made a giant leap forward since Clones, and this sequence takes advantage. It is truly something to be experienced.


Also during the opening battle we are introduced to the saga's newest villain, the part alien part droid, General Grievous. His introduction is classic, that of a frustrated commander shouting orders while occasionally losing his breath and coughing loudly, a colourful addition that adds life to the droid. While he does display a kind of sinister wit, the character may fall victom to the criticism that plagued Jar Jar and other computer generated characters of the prequels. Grievous's sterotypical villain dialogue is sure to be a point of attack from weary critics and fans. The character that immediately comes to mind is "Bosley" from the Care Bears television show. His animation, for the most part, is spectacular and really gets to shine in a fight to the death with Obi-wan Kenobi later in the film.

The battle in space soon carries over to a skirmish aboard an enemy cruiser as the Jedi (and a aggressive R2-D2) move to rescue the captive chancellor. This scene really stuck out in my mind because it directly echos the Death Star scenes in Star Wars. The Jedi keep in contact with R2D2 over a comlink, and the droid providess help opening doors and the such via his signature computer appendage. The scene culminates in the first of severa lightsaber battles between the Jedi and the villain Dooku.

Anakin's seduction to the dark side starts here, as the future Emperor encourages the victorious Jedi to finish off the defeated Dooku. When he does, a stern satisfaction comes over Anakin - though with a tinge of regret - a quality that Palpatine exploits over the course of the film. Worthy of note is that in the cut I saw, the final music track appeared to be in place and it's nothing short of sensational. The space battle music is filled with recognizeable beats and cues from the original trilogy's space battle sequence. As the enemy cruiser makes for a thrilling crash landing (that showcases some of the best work ILM has ever done), the music kicks up a notch, enhancing the urgency of a scene that is sure to wow moviegoers.

The actors feel much more comfortable in their roles in Revenge of the Sith. During the opening sequence, you actually believe the characters are responding to real situations. Hayden's performance during the first duel is spot-on, not breaking from the posed and determined stature of a warrior soon to become an agent of evil. There is some awkward dialogue, however which brings down the performances a bit, but the actors fight hard and stand their ground. Only during the first Padme-Anakin scenes are we reminded about what made Clones' love scenes so difficult to take in. It's not that acting is bad here, in fact it's quite good. There is no awkward blocking or positioning that I found hampered the performances of the leads in Clones, but instead a tenderness between the two lovers that conveys real emotion, amidst often difficult dialogue. Anakin speaks of his love for Padme and how he's missed her dearly, but the scene could lead to some rolling eyes. Nevertheless, these scenes are quite brief in comparison to its Episode II counterpart.

So begins the plot. The end of the Clone Wars are at hand, and the Jedi Council organize in a briefing room, reminiscent of a similar scene in Return of the Jedi, to plan the final stages of the war. Yoda goes to the Wookiee homeworld and Obi-wan to Utapau, a sinkhole planet that's rumoured to be the santuary of General Grievous. Meanwhile, the Jedi have grown weary of Palpatine's leadership and appoint Anakin as a spy to inform the council of the chancellor's activities. These series of scenes are quite well done, and focus on the tension that exists between the Jedi and the executive branch of the Republic. Anakin is caught in the middle, seeing Palpatine as a father figure, but is sworn by duty to the Jedi. His allegiances begin to fall in favour of Palpatine when the Jedi deny Anakin 'master' status, a decision Anakin blames on Obi-wan, whom he feels is jealous of Anakin's power. I take my hat off to Hayden Christensen, who will emerge from this film as a very capable leading actor, especially in a project of such high stature. His confidence becomes arrogance, which then turns to frustration and finally culminates in anger. His emotions are front and center of his portrayal of the dark lord to be.


The middle act follows four separate plot threads: Anakin's relationship with Palpatine, Yoda's mission to the wookie homeworld, Obi-wan's mission to Utapau and the formation of a rebellion against Palpatine's growing power. Each plot thread is strong, and makes for a very compelling story - whereas in Clones, this part of the movie seemed to drag a bit.

Anakin's true path the darkside begins with a surreal vision he has in a dream, a trance-like sequence similar to Luke's cave experience in Empire Strikes Back. In his dream in Revenge of the Sith, Anakin walks towards the murderer of his pregnant wife and as he catches a narrow glimpse of the villain (slightly hinted to be himself), he awakens in a cold sweat. His fear of loss is what makes his tie to Palpatine stronger, who promises the power of eternal life to Anakin, if he were to join the darkside of the force. Of the entire film, the scenes between Palpatine and Anakin stand out as my personal favourite. We see their relationship grow from a father/son like appreciation to a powerful devotion that begins after Anakin discovers Palpatine's dark secret - that he is the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

The Wookie/Utapau sequences were not finalized in the cut I saw, but the new worlds are exotic nonetheless. My only criticism of these sequences is that they feel a bit tacked on, almost like an afterthought, especially the Kashyyyk sequence. It's action for action's sake, but then again it is a Star Wars movie. On Utapau, Obi-wan's detective side explored in AOTC is revisited as the Jedi leads a mission to locate and arrest Grievous and retake the planet for the Republic. (as a side note, I really like the music during the Utapau sequence - very mysterious and sinister).

At about this point of the film, things start going sour and the film gets dark. Anakin informs the council of Palpatine's true nature and Mace Windu leads a team of Jedi Masters to secure the chancellor. This is going to be one of those scenes that will make the audience catch a lump in their throat. As much as you know it's coming, the scene is brutal. At the moment you think that maybe, just maybe things will work out and the Force will be brought into balance, Anakin makes a choice that would change the galaxy forever. When the familiar music blares on cue, there will be a collective gasp in the entire theatre.

Anakin's turn leads to greater disaster - the destruction of the Jedi, in the capital and around the galaxy. Obi-wan and Yoda are betrayed by their troops and forced to flee. From this point on, the film goes full throttle and never lets up. Every loose is tied as the Republic is destroyed and the Empire rises in its wake. The ultimate showdown between good and evil is fought, as Yoda confronts Sidious and Obi-wan, Anakin.

The duel has been the main topic of hype and for good reason. It's the best fight ever put to film, period. Not just because of the incredible coreography that pits combatants against each other in every imagineable scenario, but because the emotion that flows through this battle is phenomenal. Hayden and Ewan put on a great show both in their swordplay and their acting. Hayden's transformation into the dark lord is picture perfect, and he's sure to get some great critical praise for his work in these scenes: His eyes wrought with evil, he leaks the hate and arrogance that illuminates his transition from Jedi to Sith.

As the film winds down, we're treated to a montage sequence of the creation of Darth Vader - another haunting scene that is sure to please the diehards. To hear the booming voice of James Earl Jones gave me shivers. The story ends where the Original trilogy begins, the twins are born and hidden at opposite spots of the galaxy. A few small surprises are in store as well, as the secrets of the force are unlocked for fans to better understand the dissappearing act of the Original Trilogy. Though the end of the film is somber, there is a faint optimism which is illustrated by the film's closing shot that a new hope will come for the future.

I was asked to list the scenes I thought were best, and those not so good. What worked and what didn't. Here's a short run-down of my final thoughts of the final Star Wars movie.

The best single scene of the entire film is the Palpatine-Mace standoff. It's definately the one scene in the movie that signals the beginning of the end. The destruction of the Republic and the triumph of the dark side. Each actor is in top form. The scene is well written and executed and the music caps it off perfectly. The beginning of the duel and the final scene between Obi-wan Kenobi and Darth Vader are two of the most powerful moments in the entire saga. Everything done here is just spot on. Alot of care went into these scenes, and it shows.

Some of the dialogue is still a bit hokey. It doesn't destroy any scenes per say, but it does slow them down. Most of this comes during the Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padme scenes. It's nothing significant and far from disastrous, but worth noting nonetheless. Jar Jar is back of course, but what's left of his role is about a half a page of dialogue and standing around during the Rebllion and senate scenes.

Will Episode 3 avenge the last two prequels? If you were really disappointed with Episode 1 and 2, this movie could be your saving grace. I'm sure most people will still find ways to get ticked off by Revenge of the Sith, but at the end of the day it's a terrific film. Don't take my word for it, and don't think I'm preaching gospel, you'll all have your chance to make up your mind in May - but sleep easy, George Lucas has nailed it.


From SithLord2457 - 3/11/2005 11:03:06 P.M. Central Time

J.W. Titus from the Jedi Council Forum Boards at has just updated his novel.  It is current all they way from the beginning to the very end of the climatic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. It is available here to download in Microsoft Word format. Enjoy!!!  StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc

From SithLord2457 - 3/5/2005 10:00:00 P.M. Central Time

I have updated my picture section with pictures from Episode III. Some might be old while other are sort of new. I've split my picture section into 4 pages right now because some people have been saying the one picture page takes forever to load.

In other Star Wars news the full theatrical trailer Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will be released on Friday March 11th with the movie Robots. It will be also shown the previous night on March 10th during a commercial during the O.C. broadcast on Fox. It will be released onto's Hyperspace shortly after. Here is a decription of the trailer from

A breakdown of the first minute from the final trailer.

LFL Logo, Fox logo etc.

A Theta-Class shuttle and three fighters fly by the camera towards Coruscant.

Coruscant, late afternoon, the Republic Executive Office appears for a brief moment.

Palpatine (close-up, speaking very slowly, deliberately, looking straight ahead, watching the ballet)

...The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural.

Anakin closeup (extremely focused on Palpatine's words)

Is this possible to learn those powers?"

Palpatine (close-up, matter-of-factly, facing Anakin)

Not from a Jedi.

A civilian shuttle turns over the Coruscant cityscape towards the Senate building.

Obi-Wan and Anakin are inside the Temple, walking down stairs.

The Council wants you to report on all the Chancellors dealings.

Magna Droids stand with two Battle Droids.

That's treason.

Palpatine standing up from his chair in his private office.

We are at war, Anakin.

The space battle and some explosion where clone-troopers die.

Anakin moves to take a seat in the Chancellor's private viewing box in Galaxies Opera. We see huge spheres of water levitating over stage with dancers inside them.

Mace (voice over, in a grim voice)

...Very dangerous putting them together...

Palpatine in his office, patting Anakin's shoulder.

I don't think the boy can handle it...

Mace & Obi in the gunship over Coruscant.

I don't trust him.

Tri droids blazing guns, Republic fighter exploding, debris flying by.

Palpatine in his office (concerned).

I need your help, son.

Palpatine walks away from Anakin:

I'm appointing you to be my personal representative on the Jedi Council.

Anakin standing in the middle of the Jedi Council room. We see him from behind. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo-Koon appear holographic with other Jedi Masters present.

You're on this Council, but we do not grant you the rank of Master.

Kenobi looks away from Anakin's reaction.

ANAKIN (close-up, shocked)


In Padme's apartment - Bedroom.

ANAKIN (to Padme, bitterly)
Obi-Wan and The Council don't trust me.

Huge gun with clone crew, large explosion aboard ship.

Palpatine (V.O)
Learn to know the dark side of the Force...

Anakin grim and focused, listening; then with Padme, at night on the balcony.

PALPATINE in his office (forcefully)
... And you'll achieve power greater than any Jedi.

Anakin briefly fighting Dooku and then the posse entering private office.

Music stops.

The Jedi ignite lightsabers.

You're under arrest, Chancellor.

Palpatine in his chair carefully controlling his anger.

Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

Close up: lightsaber hilt snaps to Palpatine's hand with audible click.

From now on, 10 drum beats and no other sound - one for each short (second or two) scene

- Posse enter, but this time Sidious jumps in its direction from behind (over) the camera, we only see his back; then Mace in defensive pose;

- Ship (Grievous' fighter) flying away from a planet;

- Obi-Wan in huge control room on Utapau, totally surrounded by battle droids, MagnaGuards and Grievous;

- Capital ships fighting in close quarters, one of them falling down smoking heavily;

- Bail shouting in his speeder, with blaster shots flying by;

- Obi-Wan's fighter flying over Utapau;

- Anakin hanging in the elevator (turbolift) shaft;

- Camera flying down to Mustafar surface;

- Grievous versus Obi-Wan Kenobi duel; we see Grievous from behind only; his fighter and some rocks in the background.

- One-tracked vehicle (tank) speeding on and closing to the camera; Wookiees jump off it, one of them straight on the camera.

Longshot: pillar of smoke over Jedi Temple.


Music returns.

Emperor's voice from the Original Trilogy.

Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic...

During this line, brief scenes are shown: Sidious' not so pretty face, Obi-Wan looking anxiously at droids closing on him, then Mace with saber and Palpatine's back (his hair indicates strong wind), then Yoda with clones behind his back - aiming blasters at him.

Chewbacca (close-up), roars.

Tantive IV flies by, towards a planet.

Do what must be done.

During this line: Anakin Skywalker looks very dark and dangerous, hooded in robe, then leading ranks of troops (shot first from high above and then from ground level, closing to the camera).

PALPATINE (cont.):
Do not hesitate...

During this line: Aayla Secura surrounded by clones who aim blasters at her....

PALPATINE (cont.):
Show no mercy...

Ki-Adi-Mundi also surrounded by clones; they open fire and he tries to block shots with lightsaber.

Then, Anakin Skywalker approaches the camera, probably in a Mustafar bunker, then cuts down two separtists.

OBI-WAN KENOBI (to Yoda inside the Temple):
Who could have done this?

Anakin Skywalker cutting a Neimoidian.

A very sith-like Anakin Skywalker, standing on the pillared balcony on Mustafar, in dark cloak and hood.

YODA (to Obi-Wan):
Twisted by the dark side young Skywalker has become.

Anakin Skywalker cutting into another Neimoidian.

Threepio, leaving Padme on the balcony, Coruscant at night: "I feel so helpless...".

Then a montage:

* Battle over Coruscant.
* Jedi starfighter incoming.
* Padme crying.
* Anakin and Obi-Wan duel in large hall.
* Coruscant battle again.
* Kashyyk battle.
* Obi-Wan and Anakin exchange lightsaber blows in a narrow corridor, with sparks flying off the walls.
* Sidious shooting force lightning at a surprised Yoda.
* Obi-Wan with hands outstretched for a force push, determined and tight, like in a contest "who's stronger in The Force".
* A 10-wheeled Juggernatu tank shoots rockets straight ahead.
* Space battle with R2 close-up.
* Obi-wan jumps back, down to the circuit/ pipe hanging over a lava river.
* Anakin Skywalker with lava in the background.
* Obi-Wan Kenobi with lava in the background, shouting very dramatically, almost through the tears:

You were the chosen one!

* Space explosions.
* Sidious throwing Senate pods with The Force.
* Yoda avoiding them and rolling over - Senate chamber in the background.
* Sidious with lightsaber close-up, with a very sinister smile or laugh.
* Craft flying over water, possibly on Kashyyyk; fountains of water arise.
* Huge wave of lava falls over a pipe on Mustafar.
* Obi-Wan and Anakin duel on the balcony. (The same place where Anakin stood earlier, Sith-looking).
* Yoda looks up at the camera, close-up.
* Mace swinging his saber and kicking or falling back
* Space battle again.
* Anakin and Obi-Wan exchange lightsaber blows in mid-air, flying over lava on long cables...

Episode III Revenge of the Sith


Shot from their left side, aboard the Star Destroyer: Vader folding arms on his chest and and Emperor staring straight ahead.





From SithLord2457 - 2/16/2005 2:27:17 P.M. Central Time

The J.W. Titus Episode III Fan Novel is updated. It is current up through Part 1 of Part 2 of Chapter 31. In it Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker  continue to fight each other in their hardest duel yet!!! Here is the link for it. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Enjoy!!!

From SithLord2457 - 2/4/2005 10:49:58 P.M. Central Time

The J.W. Titus Episode III Fan Novel is updated. It is current up through Part 1 of Chapter 31. Which is the first part of the much awaited duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin!!! Here is the link for it. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Enjoy!!!

From SithLord2457 - 1/26/2005 8:41:36 P.M. Central Time

The Official Site has released what will be the opening crawl of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Here is the link to it Episode III Opening Crawl..

From SithLord2457 - 1/17/2005 1:42:47 P.M. Central Time

The J.W. Titus Episode III Fan Novel is updated. It is current up through Part 5 of Chapter 30. Here is the link for it. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Enjoy!!!

From SithLord2457 - 1/15/2005 10:52:38 P.M. Central Time

The J.W. Titus Episode III Fan Novel is updated. It is current up through Part 4 of Chapter 30. Here is the link for it. StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc Enjoy!!!


From SithLord2457 - 1/15/2005 10:41:26 P.M. Central Time

I have received several new pictures from Jedi_Hunter_505 from Revenge of the Sith. They have just been recently added to the Episode III Picture section. Thanks to Jedi_Hunter_505 for the update!

From SithLord2457 - 1/9/2005 11:30:32 A.M. Central Time

I have recently added a Fan Novel of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It is by a person who goes by the name of J.W. Titus who posts the updates of the novel at the threads on Here is the link for it if you would like to go there to read it Episode III Fan Novel. He is an excellent writer in my opinion. When I read the novel it feels like I'm already watching the movie. I have the novel available here on the site. I will update it as J.W. posts more updates. Right now it is current up until Chapter 30. Here is the link for it StarWarsEpisodeIII-RevengeoftheSithFanNovelbyJWTitus.doc


From SithLord2457 - 1/8/2005 11:16:48 P.M. Central Time

To anyone who has been visiting the site for the past couple weeks I apologize for not keeping it update as well as I should have. I was real busy with finals for school and had to work a lot recently. However, I am back and I should be able to keep the site updated at least once a week. There have been a lot of updates recently in regards to Revenge of the Sith.

    First off there have been 2 Making Episode 3 Web Documentaries released by the Official Site. One is entitled "The Wookiees Are Back!". It talks about the role that the wookiees will be playing in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The next Web Documentary is called "Ten Gallons of Buildings". It talks about the how the Model Shop at ILM created the different worlds and enviroments that are used in Revenge of the Sith.

    Next a lot of sites have recently been releasing finished picture shots from the movie Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. A good portion of them have been shutdown or made non-accessible by Lucasfilm Ltd. presumably because they don't want these pictures released. I am doing my best to get some of these pictures and putting them in the Episode III Picture section of the site here. Make sure you visit that section I just recently updated it tonight!!! If anyone comes across pictures that look like they're credible and from the movie email me at [email protected] or [email protected].


From SithLord2457 - 10/29/2004 07:57:45 P.M. Central Time

The Official Site has released another Making Episode 3 Web Documentary. It is called "Becoming Obi-Wan", It's basically about tying Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Prequel Trilogy to the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Original Trilogy. It shows some scenes from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, but it's with the blue and green screen still.


From SithLord2457 - 10/29/2004 07:54:35 P.M. Central Time

The official teaser poster for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has been released by the Official Site. Here it is for your viewing.

From SithLord2457 - 10/10/2004 01:37:35 P.M. Central Time

The daily Comic Webstrips on the official Star Wars website have been up for a week already for Hyperspace members to view. For those of you who don't know there are 4 different comics. The 4 comics are entitled Reversal of Fortune, A Hunter's Fate: Greedo's Tale, The Bounty Hunter Of Ord Mantell, and Gambler's World. All are good stories which give tell back stories of what happens between the movies. I particularly like Reversal of Fortune and how it takes place only a couple days before Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith starts.



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