The Steely Dan story begins in 1948, with the birth of one Donald Jay Fagen in New Jersey, USA. 2 years later his partner to be, Walter Becker, was brought into the world in Queen's, New York.
Within 25 years they, together with their band mates, would have taken the world of music by storm with great songwriting, clever lyrics, and a sound that was all their own.
They remain as strong as ever today, but to get to where they are has been a difficult and trying journey.
In 1967, Fagen, studying English literature at Bard college, happened upon Becker, practising blues licks at the college music club. He must have liked what he heard, because he asked him if he wanted to join his band, The Leather Canary(!). The partnership was formed, and the genesis of Steely Dan had begun. Both students were jazz freaks and this music, along with the blues and soul was to have a huge influence on them.
As time went by, they met Denny Dias, guitarist, and took over his band, dispensing with all of its members apart from Denny himself, adding producer Gary Katz, and gaining a staff writing job at ABC Dunhill records in LA.
Later they added new members Jim Hodder (drums), David Palmer (vocals), and Jeff 'skunk' Baxter (guitar).
Big fans of the novelist, William Burroughs, they chose their name from a 'marital aid' in his book, 'The Naked Lunch'. 'Steely Dan' became the moniker under which they would take on the world.
Cant buy a Thrill was the first album, and it laid the foundation for a tremendous catalogue of music that was to be produced over the next 30 years, sometimes sporadically, sometimes painfully slow, but always brilliant.
Kick off you high heel sneakers and find out how the band have progressed during the rest of their career.
L to R, Becker, Fagen, Dias, Skunk, Palmer. (Subs not shown, Hodder and Katz)
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