Trial Man vs God
kati sinenmaa,

The trial begins; the judge takes his gavel and hits the table

bang bang bang

Court Assinstant: The trial on God versus the man is beginning. Please, all arise from the world.

Judge: Defendant, please tell Your whole name!

Defendant: God --Lord, God the Almighty

Judge: A rather peculiar name... but since it is written also on my papers, so be it...

Judge: Lord, God the Almighty, You are however accused of having murdered Your own beloved Son. According to the scriptures you had been planning it during thousands of years. How do You plead yourself?

God: I just did what i had to do, that was the only choice, since man had forced me against the wall.

Judge: Nonsense. When You choosed to murder him, You must have had several choices to choose from. So I ask you to give some reasons why You choosed the option to murder Your Son, --as you just confessed?

God: (Sighing..) That is just human kind of reasoning, and that's what I have been warning the believers for so many times. But, as you can see, Your Honor, since I am the Almighty according to my name, I really had no possibility to avoid killing my Son.

Judge: Of course, from the viewpoint of God the Almighty the argument is valid. Does this derive from the so called absoluteness You are so famous of?

God: Yeah. That's it. I really need no cause to choose an option, on the contrary, I am doing everything quite without the cause --innocently.

Judge: I see, You call it innocence having first planned Your Son's murder for thousands of years, and after having committed it, You are the one who is innocent?

God: That's right, I am completely innocent, and that is why I am not here for to defend myself, because nobody needs to defend the innocent one, since there is nothing to defend, because I need no cause to do my deeds, because I am the cause and the consequence, and that is why I really can consider myself to be the one I am claiming me to be.

Judge: And, what is it You are claiming to be?

God: I already have told my name: I am equal to my name. And I am not making my name worse, on the contrary I will promote it over everything ...

Judge: How will this promoting be connected to the fact that You are accused for the murder of Your Son?

God: It is connected to it thus that I am not defending myself in any way, because as I am the one I am, then I am not quilty to what ever I am accused for, because I wouldn't be myself, if I wouldn't be the one I am, and I am I am, because I am always doing my own deeds, without asking anybodys advice about how or why to do it.

So, You men are accusing me without any reason for being a being who includes no other cause than me, the God myself. So I can not be responsible for my actions, because I am obliged to do all my deeds completely without any cause, guiltlessly, otherwise I would not be the one I am.

Judge: That really was the best explanation for being irresponsible.

God: Of course, it had to be the best explanation, since nobody never can be better in anything than I am.

Judge: Is that so...?, --Well, so, I can now announce the judgement in the trial man versus God. I am thus proclaiming God completely innocent with regard to the murder He completed on His own beloved Son, and if somebody does not acknowledge God's innocence to His murder of His Son, that person will be sentenced to the hell for one eternity.

Moreover I order Lord, God the Almighty to command every believer to shovel more coal to the hell in case some complaining against God's innocence is heard.

All rights to appeal to any higher court are denied, since this court has processed the case of the Almighty, and God the Almighty Himself has found Himself guilty to His own innocence, and He could not agree to have any fault, because He is what He is.

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