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160ov195.jpg , 160cm to over 195cm woman listed in http://www.tallwomen.org/tallest

0058.jpg , 0058.jpg , 3 tall , 3 short woman

0062.jpg , 0062.jpg , 5ft woman and more 6 foot woman

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0560.jpg , 0560.jpg , petite woman in tall clothes

0654.jpg , 0654.jpg , Manuela Grau

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bbg019.jpg , bbg019.jpg , long looks at 5'3
Long on Looks at 6-Foot-1 or More
Not just pretty faces, these beauties really walk tall - at least 6-foot-1! Except the 5-foot-3 Ann Koehler,
center, every one of the girls pictured here a long-stemmed model, measuring between 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-9.
They work for 6-foot-5 James Woodar's personal management firm, Above all Enterprises, which places tall women
in TV shows, movies and advertising. Around Ann the firm's publicist, are left to right:
Kathy Hindmann, 6-foot-2, Miss Tall International for 1980-81; Gloria Morrison, 6-foot-1;
Kathleen Mc-Intyre, 6-foot-9; Kitty Dooley, 6-foot-4; and Normajean Gibbs, 6-foot-1.
These ladies are sure to make it to the top - they're almost there already!

bbg027.jpg , bbg027.jpg ,

glam04.jpg , glam04.jpg , chorus girls

mf0005.gif , mf005.gif , 6'5'' Melissa Ford

mf0006.jpg , mf006.jpg , 6'5'' Melissa Ford

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