Concepts:  Material vs. Spiritual
by S. Vyas


a.  I am the body.
        I am the soul within the body.
b.  I (the body) will die.
        I, the soul, never dies.
c.  This universe is created by chance automatically.
        This universe is created by Krshna, the Supersoul, the Suprepe Personality of Godhead.
d.  Give pleasure to senses.
        Please your self. Please Krshna.  He will make you happy.
e.  Enjoy more and more and more with senses.
        Control you senses.  Engage them in the service of Krishna.
f.  Take more, give less.
        Do not be greedy.  Give more to please Krshna.
g.  Give maximum comfort to body.
        Give minimum comfort to body.  Do austerity.
h.  Cook only for your self.
        Cook only for Krshna, cow, dog, bird, guest, sadhu, brahmana, guru, etc.  Take remnant for your self.
I.  Work for your self or for other.
        Work only for Krshna.
j.  Work with a passion to get its fruit.
        Work to get a certain fruit for Krshna, and do not worry at all if you do not get any fruit or get undisirable fruit.
k.  If there is God, He does not seem to be fair.
        There is God, and He is very fair.
l.  Some say:  Animals and plants have no soul.
        All living entities have a soul.
m. All bodies are made of same materials.
        All souls are part and parcel of Super Soul, Krshna.
o.  Soul cannot do anythign without material body.
        Soul is much more free and active in spiritual world.
p.  All the universes and space between is material world.  There is nothing more than that.
        All the universes and the space in between is only 25% of creation.  The rest is spiritual world.
q.  Love other person only if he/she is favorable to you.
        Love all, becaue all are children of God.
s.  Establish and protect boundaries.
        There are no restrictive boundaries.  The only restrictions are the ones you accept to please God.
t.  You could have many friends and enemies.
        Only you could be your own friend or enemy.
u.  Enemies are external.
        Enimies are inernal:  lust, anger, gred, etc.
v.  Friends are external.
        The Supersoul within is the greatest friend.
w.  Knowledge of truth can be acquires using senses, mind, and intellignece only.
              Knowledge of truth can be acquired by grace of God through a guru.
z.  This material world is a desirable place to live.
        Spiritual world, Vaikuntha, is the desirable place to live.  Live cautiously in material world; develop qualifications to enter Vaikuntha.
aa. More you give, more you loose.
        More you give, more you get.
ab. Control people, materials, living beings
        Stay in control (order)  of God. Control senses, anger, greed, etc. first.  Then control asuras.

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