Why are we not effective

Question: Why are we not effective collectively even though we possess the best of minds and succeed individually in the given field of work?

 Answer (mine): We are plain selfish and are only motivated towards things that bring us personal happiness even though that might be detrimental for the growth of our society. We are allergic to form common bonds and common aims that would bring us together and make us strong. We get divided by forming various groups and organizations so that we can become their president and office bearers to polish our own image. We just can't choose a common project and get behind it. We have to praise everything under the earth (Urdu, English, Muslim, you name it....) but have no love for our things (Hindi, Hindu, our culture, etc.). When I see bhartiyas (Hindus) in public places like a supermarket, they avoid eye contacts and hesitate to say Namaste. Muslims will gladly meet with the greeting of Salam Walekum but we avoid that aisle where another Hindu is shopping. We must change all these if we want our children to grow up to be proud Hindus. No amount of preaching to them will do any good if we don't project a strong love for our culture and fellow Hindus in vibrant and practical ways in our daily lives. This brings to another corollary question:

 Question: Why are we Hindus slow to arouse for other than personal causes?

 Answer (mine): Continuing from the above answer, it boils down, I think, to the question of how much we love our culture and dharma. We are also taught by Macaulytes and their cronies that if we protest for Hindu causes, we would be labeled Hindutvavadi and this is grossly fundamentalism. Some of us don't find fault with the Shakracharya's arrest and blamed swayamsevaks for enticement who were burnt alive in a train near Godhra. But those same people don't protest against Imam Bukhari who spreads religious hatred and has many cases of murder registered against him in bhartiya courts. These so called Hindus are the biggest enemies of Hinduism - more than Muslim Jihadis and Christian missionaries.

 When we love our dharma and culture so much that we consider them part of our personal treasure, we would be greatly affected by any onslaught on them by the people who are bent to destroy our great heritage. We would then definitely get aroused if our dharma is vilified and take strong action to protect it. Wouldn't we get mad and angry if someone harms our wives and children? So, why not protect our dharma if it is attacked? Gita teaches protest and action against adharma. Alas! this is never taught in Gita discourses. People get heavy doses of Sankhya yoga, dharshan philosophy, and what not by vested gurus but the listeners are never explained about the first chapter of Gita where Arjun is strongly adviced to take-up arms to defend his dharma and perform his just duty against adharma. Just going along with adharma and not taking any action is also adharma itself.

 In our recent protest against EBC radio that afforded its public forum to be used to spread Muslim propaganda, we are only against the misuse of secular media for the commercial purpose. If a Hindu swami were to ask donations for Tsunami victims in the name of Ram or Krishna , we would be equally opposed to that. There is a strong drive going on to collect signatures in the form of a petition. Please consider signing the petition below if you agree. The more and more of us sign the petition, the more pressure we can put on EBC to stop this kind of nonsense on public airways.

 Thank you.

 Yours in dharma




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