Why Fight

by "maadhav"

a few times some one here said something like, "fight if you want to fight but do not fight in the name of religion, or do not say that the religion says to fight."

so, let me address the issue here. first let me define 'religion' and 'dharma'. islam, ., judaism, are religions. hinduism is not. hinduism is dharma - eternal.

 islam (koran) cleary says to invade and conquer non muslim countries and convert or kill non muslims. the total history of islam proves that they did nothing but this, and the hindus have suffered the most from islam for 1000+ years.

 . also is not comfortable with any other religion on this earth other than .. xians are very aggressive and organized to wipe out all the cultures of the world except . from the face of earth. previously they did go to wars for that. now they use political and money power to achieve that end. xians say there is no soul in animals and non human lives. . is focused on possessing and exploiting this earth and its people. . says we all are sinners and anything other than the bible is devils work. so to them gita is devil's work.

 hinduism (sanatana dharma or varnasrama dharma) is not like islam or . that are with a set of beliefs. hinduism is about the truth, eternal truths about god, us, and his creation. krishna shows all possible ways, scientifically, how one can go to him. hinduism is not an organized dharma, that is, hindus do not have any interest to convert the whole world to hinduism. this is because krishna says in gita to not tell any one about dharma if one is not interested or is envious to krishna.

 so, basically, hinduism is inherently tolerant to all and the religions are not. this tolerance however has a limit. adharma cannot be tolerated.

 when arjun, all of a sudden on the battle field of kurukshetra, decided to tolerate adharma, krishna said him in gita to fight, even with the great souls like drona and bhishma. no one should miss to understand this fact.

 so, you can see here why hindus fight.

the reasons why hindus fight is totally different from why muslims or xians fight. dharma is not a 'religion'.

 so, if you understand this,then you can see that islam and . will go to wars for religion, because their books say so.

 hindus have no choice but to fight with adharmis because krishna says so. it is dharma to fight asuras.

 this brings to another point:

 some say, "fight with asuras only if you are a pure kshatriya." mostly the HK's say this to the hindus.

 so, this implies the HKs are "pure" brahmanas.

so, then it is the duty of pure brahmans to raise pure kshatriyas. brahmans are the 'head' of a vedic society.

like drona and chanakya muni, the HK's need to be expert not only in shaastras, bur also shastras - the modern weapons and the art of war. then they must teach dharma of kshatriyas and teach how to fight to win over the asuras.

 to win over the asuras, you need to know your enemy and their ideology well. if you give free political field to the asuras, then they will rule over the suras and you.

therefore, the pure brahmanas must enter politics and place suras in political positions.

 this activity of raising pure kshatriyas

cannot happen by slandering and fighting with the hindus.

be one of them, and encourage them to become pure kshatriya by example, as krishna has said to do.

you need to learn and practice and preach chanakya niti also.

 also remember that HKs' freedom to do bhakti is protected by kshatriyas only, no matter how impure they are.

 so, realizing the fact that the asuras have raised hell (terrorism) every where, the priority of the time is to fight and win over the asuras and kill their ideology (intellectual fight).

 so, the bottom line is:

 those who follow a 'religion' do fight with infidels.

those who follow dharma have no choice but to fight asuras and win over them.

 there is no shame in saying, "i will fight asuras because krishna says so in gita." if the "pure" brahmanas do not expose the asuras and encourage the kshatriyas to fight, then they will do a great dis-service to the society.

 jai sri krishna! -maadhav

"yuddhAya krita nischaya..." Krishna



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