Who Is Panchajanya?
by S. Vyas


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Panchajanya is the transcendental conch shell of Bhagavan Krishna or Vishnu.
Vishnu carries four things in His four hands:  Panchajanya conch shell, Sudarshan Chakra (disk), Kaumudini gadaa (mace), and Padma (lotus).  They are transcendental and so, they are His servant personalities also.

If you know the significance of the functions of each of these four described in a scripture or by a Vaishnava aacharya, please share with us.  What Krishna tells me in my heart about them is as follows, but because I am not perfect, these realizations may not be perfect.

Krishna sounds Panchajanya to declare His presence.  Hearing the sound of Panchajanya, the soft core demoniac people (asuras) immediately give up asuric mentality and resolve to live like suras (devotees of Krishna).  But the hard core asuras are not afraid of Him, so they come to fight with him.  When they come close enough, Krishna uses Kaumudini gadaa to chastise them or kill them if necessary.  Even after fighting with gadaa some asuras cannot win, but still they do not surrender to Him; and they try to run away to continue their asuric activities.  If Krishna decides that they must be killed, He shoots Sudarshan chakra with His finger at them.  Sudarshan is like a guided missile.  It is the ultimate weapon.  Sudarshan kills asuras and then returns back to Krishna.  However, if an asura surrenders to Krishna, Sudarshan does not kill him.

When one, sura or asura, completely surrenders to Krishna, then he gets Padma from Krishna.  When one has no fear of any harm or disturbance due to asuras, then one, having received the Padma, becomes eligible to enter Krishna's raas lila.  When he enters raas lila, he hears Krishna's flute, participates in raas, and experiences transcendental bliss.  Srimad Bhagavatam indicates that Krishna performed raas lila in Vrindavan only after killing many asuras.

So, thus is the significance of Panchajanya, Sudarshan chakra, Kaumudini gadaa, and Padma.  Just as Panchajanya is manifested in the Cyberspace, the chakra, the gadaa, the Padma, and the flute will also manifest sooner or later.  Being Krishna's servants, they do His work.  Join with them to do His work.  Win over the internal asuras, and winning the external asuras would be easy.  Namaskaar to the devabhoomi and her children.

paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkrutam
dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

(Gita 4.8)



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