Vedic Analysis of a Violent Event

 The Event: Some one tried to attack Amma, the Hugging Saint of India, with knife on 8/21/2005

The full story is given at the end of this article.

 The Attacker: He had infiltrated Amma's ashram as a devotee. At the time of attack he was dressed as a Hindu saint in yellow robe. He gave his name, after caught, which is a Vedic name.

The reality, in my view, is that the attacker is an anti-Hindu, hired by an anti-Hindu org, group, or person who wants to shift the blame of this sinful act on to Hindus.

 The Subduers of the Attacker: They were brahmachari devotee followers of Amma. By their prominent guna and karma they were like brahmanas - studying and practicing bhakti and seva dharma. I believe that Amma has not inspired any one of her followers to do kshatriya duty. Still, they protected Amma at the risk of their own lives. This proves a point that in emergency, any person of any varna can take up the duty of another varna as the situation demands to check adharma and adharmi. In reality, a brahmana will have more gunas as a brahmana, but will also have some more or less gunas of the other three varnas. The same is true for each varna . In normal life when there is no emergency or urgency, Krishna says in gita that one should stick to one's own karma per one's varna , and He says "para dharmah bhayAvahH".

 The Attacker's Helpers: The attacker had helpers. A couple of them attacked the brahmacharis who were subduing the attacker, and then they ran away. This means that the attack was well planned and was a group activity. The asura attackers learn from their failed attempts and figure how to succeed next time. We on the other hand need to make preparations (active security programs) that will fail their attempts long before they succeed.

 Amma's Response:    Amma's response to this incidence was just as a saint would respond. "Forgive, past is past, forget, I am not afraid and will continue as normal; one who is born, will die anyway, etc." This is a thinking of a gunatita, one who is above the three gunas of prakriti.

Krishna describes the nature of gunatita in gita.

             Now, although the goal of the Vedic society is for each person to become a gunatita eventually, Krishna does not advise any one to pretend like a gunatita or a saint when he/she is not. So, all the followers of Amma are in reality not gunatitas or saints. Therefore, they, and the Hindus in general, need to respond and take preventative measures according to their varna (guna-karma vibhaga: brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya, or shudra). Kautilya niti needs to be implemented. No need to tell the enemy what plans and prepareations a Vedic org. has against such attacks, but there should be program in place and active to prevent such happenings. This is the Vedic social duty of the followers and Hindus to protect the Vedic culture and freedom to coduct dharmic programs freely without fear. Even when a saint says he/she does not need protection at personal level, a program must be in place and active to protect a saint, the devotees, and the Vedic infrastructure and activates.

             Suppose every one literally remains un-active to protect the self or any devotee or a saint, then it just helps the anti-Vedic enemies to do their anti-Vedic violent activities successfully. In that condition, our beloved Vedic society cannot survive. If the Vedic society dies, it will not produce the sadhus, saints, and swamis as it has done for millenniums. Amma ji and many saints are the beautiful flowers of the Vedic garden/culture of Bharat that are spreading spiritual fragrance in Bharat and in the world. They keep the society healthy in spiritual way.

             Jesus prayed god to forgive those who crucified him. This was at personal level. In contrast, the followers of Jesus are not willing to forgive any sinner in a Christian society, because forgiving sinners at social level does not help the society to control the adharma or adharmis.

  Krishna 's Message in Gita:

             He said He has created varnasrama society (Vedic society) according to guna- karma-vibhaga. So, now, it is up to us the Vedic people to unitedly keep that Vedic social structure healthy and functioning in Bharat.

             Thus we Hindus have personal duty as well as social duty. At personal level a saint who is gunatita will respond like Amma responded in this case. But at social level, no Vedic saint can say to just remain unarmed unprotected non resistive no matter what adharma happens to you or the Vedic society.

             In the time of Rama, when the rishis were doing yagna, the rakshasas would come and make disturbance which was terrorism in modern terms. Instead of saying, "we forgive and forget," the rishis complained to Rama, and Rama protected their yagnas fighting rakshasas with arms. It was his kshatriya duty. Thus, we must seek government protection for our religious activates and freedom to act. (However, if the government itself is anti-Vedic we have one more problem to solve.) We also know that government cannot provide all the protection. Therefore, we need to provide it ourselves unitedly. Remember that security, safety, and quality is ultimately everyone's vital interest. When we totally cannot depend upon others for it, we need to take effective measures ourselves.

             When Arjun said, out of compassion and confusion, that he does not want to fight, Krishna advised him to fight adharmis and win. He even said, "Fight, I am with you."

He said do karma, and do not worry about the fruit. So, we must do karma in the interest of maintaining the Vedic society/culture.

             Krishna tried all possible ways to avoid the war of Mahabharat. When all efforts failed, the only way left was to fight to uphold dharma against the adharmis. This decision to fight was in the best interest of the Vedic society. Additionally, if the kshatriyas do not fight when there is need to fight for dharma, the society then goes in the control of asuras, and ultimately all suffer. Such a society where asuras rule do not produce saints like Amma. Look at the societies around. Hitler's Germany , or Saddam's Iraq , or Musharaff's Pak have not produced any saint in the category of Amma. Bharat is the Vedic land for millenniums, and we Hindus need to keep it Vedic.

             In Buddhism and Jainism, the principle of non-violence is absolute, but these ideologies are not perfect. The proof of it is that no Buddhist country is without army or police force. Additionally, some Buddhist monks also are trained to fight fiercely if so necessary. No Jain wants to live in a society where there is no police and army. Most Jains live with the Hindus. Why, because in Hinduism, as Gita proves, the principle of non-violence is not absolute. Per Krishna in Gita, one must fight when all else fails to uphold dharma.


Attack On Mata Amritanandamayi Foiled


 Author: Publication: Amritapuri
Date: August 21, 2005

(Note: The ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi issued the following report)

The large hall was full as Amma began the program for the first Devi Bhava darshan after the US tour. Over 15,000 tokens were distributed for darshan. After Amma's satsang, during the 3rd song of the evening bhajans at around 6.15 pm, a man wearing a yellow shawl came onto the men's side of the stage. He was suspiciously holding something under the shawl, and was walking towards Amma. When asked to sit he refused. As he came behind the chorus and within 10 feet from Amma, one of the brahmacharis confronted him and pushed him to the side of the stage. A small skirmish ensued as Amma continued singing and the man was forcibly removed from the stage. At this point he pulled a knife out from under his shawl. Once off the stage several brahmacharis and devotees attempted to take the man into custody. In the process of subduing the man, two ashram residents Jitesh and Ramesh were slightly injured. Arun, a devotee from Tiruvalla received a 4-inch deep stab wound on his back and was taken to the hospital. During the skirmish, before the man was taken into custody, two other men from the crowd assaulted the brahmacharis and fled the scene. Later the assailant was handed over to the police. His identity remains unknown, as he is giving various alias names such as Pavitran, Joseph and various places of residence as Idukki and Palakkad. He told the police that he was "not able to fulfil his mission."

The ashram is looking into the matter seriously. During the bhajans, Swami Amritaswarupananda wanted to get up and immediately investigate the matter. But Amma asked him to stay and sing. Later Amma explained that she did not want him to act with anger, but wanted him to act with a calm mind. Amma continued all her programs as scheduled and is now giving darshan. All the programs are continuing as normal.

(Note: The following report was issued the next day)

As Amma gave darshan, the leading press agencies from around the world descended on Amritapuri to find out what had really happened earlier in the night. (NEWS) Since the news was already appearing in the media, devotees from around the world began calling the ashram to inquire about Amma's wellbeing. Reporters from the leading news agencies, like Reuters, NDTV, Sahara TV, Aajtak, Star News, ANI etc., were waiting for hours to interview Amma. As soon as the darshan finished, Amma came straight from the stage and met all the waiting reporters in her hut. One of the reporters asked, "What is Amma's reaction to this incident?" Amma smilingly replied, "I don't have any reaction to this incident. Amma doesn't have any fear of death. There have never been any security measures taken here in the ashram, and if anyone wants to kill Amma, they can do it anywhere at any time. Amma is not afraid of death at all." Amma continued by referring to the swamis. "They are afraid that Amma can be harmed. There was a police intelligence report passed on to the ashram officials about two weeks back that stated there may be a threat against Amma."

She went on to say, "Amma doesn't know all the people staying here. Many come just to get darshan and don't leave the ashram afterwards. They may hang around and sleep on the balcony or on the beach somewhere. Amma doesn't even know where all the residents in the ashram come from. If Amma were really afraid of death, the first thing she would have done is check the background of everyone staying here at the ashram." Amma continued, "Whatever is meant to happen will happen when the time comes. I just want to do what I have to do. Anyway, one day we all have to die. Therefore, it is better to get worn out than to rust away." The next reporter asked, "How should Amma's children respond to this?" Amma answered with a question of her own. "What is the use in reacting? Forgive. The past is gone." Amma was then asked, "Hearing this news, devotees around the world will be very anxious. What is your message for them?"

Amma advised "They need not worry at all. Nothing will happen to Amma. He didn't attack Amma; he simply came onto the stage with a knife. Amma wants all her children to be patient and calm. They should not create any problems in the name of this incident. That is Amma's only fear. When Amma was informed about what happened, she said, 'No one should worry about this; there is no reason to panic. Even if there were policeman and security here, if someone wants to kill Amma, they can kill me. My path is this (hugging people)... till the end. Amma will continue to give darshan. Anybody can dress up as a brahmachari. If someone want to kill me, they can simply dress up like that.' "


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