The Veda’s Blessings for Unity
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smanae mÙsimitSsmanI,
smanm! mnSsh icÄme;m!.
smanIv Aak…itSsmanaùdyainv>,
smanmStu vae mnae ywavSsushasit.

Common be your prayer,  common be your end;
common be your purpose,  common be your deliberance;
common be your desires,  united be your hearts;
united be your intentions,  perfect be the union amongst you.
- Rg Veda, X, 191-3,4

The truth or nature or God is fair to everyone, suras or asuras.
A small number of terrorists, e.g., are making life difficult for great nations and many people.
How come?   Only because they are united just as the Rg Veda says to unite.
Even though they are not doing any good spiritually, they could win in their purpose, at least for a while, until the suras unite just as the Rg Veda says to unite.

Dear Hindus, the time to unite is now, long overdue.
Your Bharat has problems, your Bharatiyas have problems.
So, unite now to achieve peace and prosperity,
vanquish all internal and external enemies.
May Bhagavan Krishna be with you in your efforts.
Jai Sri Krishna!  -sv

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