About Trust, Peace and Happiness
by Suresh 'Vyas'

     When two or more persons, families, neighbors, cities, states, countries, nations, or any groups, societies, or associations of any size cannot trust each other, then they cannot have peace living together.  When they cannot trust, they cannot make a successful cooperative effort to progress in any direction.  Progress is when some problems of material or spiritual life are solved.  So, it is very important and essential to build trust in each  relation.

     Trust is built by making no promises that you cannot keep, and keeping all promises you make.  Promises made to do something against the instructions of Krishna Bhagavan is sin.  Such promises, if made in ignorance, can be broken because it makes you righteous and it pleases Krishna.  One cannot have peace with other if there is no trust between them.  If one has no peace, one cannot have happiness, says Krishna in Gita.

  • Body is at peace when it is healthy and all its senses are working well.
  • Mind is at peace when it is free from material desires, lust, anger, greed, jealousy, fear, etc. and is always thinking of Krishna and everything in relation to Krishna only.
  • Intelligence is at peace when it is free from doubts, and knows the truth.
  • One's ego is at peace when one knows that one is a small part and parcel of the Supersoul of Krishna, that there is eternal loving relation between soul and Supersoul, that one's real identity is the soul and not the body in which the soul resides.
  • A promised and carried out effort is defined as successful when it solves a problem of life and does not cause other more difficult problems for you or others.
     So, O Hindus and the people of the world, please build trust, secure peace, unite and cooperate to solve problems, and be happy.  Real happiness is permanent or long lasting, says krishna in Gita.  Jai Sri Krishna! - Suresh Vyas

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