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Religion Vs Dharma

By Premendra Agrawal


It does not mean that are not our brothers and sisters. Kaurav and  Pandvas were brothers. But `Mahabharat' was fought for victory  of `Dharm' on `Adharm'. Brainchildren of Marx and Lord Macalley  translate `Dharm' as religjon to divide Hindu Society and India.


There is no equivalent word for Dharma either in English or in any  other language. In this sense, Hinduism is not a religion; it's  a "Dharma". Those who profess the Hindu Dharma and seek to follow  it, are guided by spiritual, social and moral rules, actions,  knowledge and duties which are responsible for holding the human  race together.


Hindu Dharma is also known by the names "Sanatana Dharma"  and "Vaidik Dharma". "Sanatana" means eternal and all pervading  and "Vaidik Dharma" means the Dharma based on the Vedas. In simple  terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct, i.e.


Acording to Sarvpalli Radha Krishnan: ""Dharma is that which binds  society together. That which divides society, breaks it up into  parts and makes people fight one another is Adharma (non-religion) .  Dharma is nothing more than the realization of the Supreme and  acting in every small act of your life with that Supreme present in  your mind. If you are able to do so, you are performing Dharma. If  other interests pervade you, and you try to translate your mind into  other regions, even though you may think you are a believer, you  will not become a true believer. The real believer in God has his  heart always lifted to Dharma".



Jai Sri Krishna.


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