Quotes from Samaveda Samhita

ITRANS coding and collection by S. Vyas


Translated by Swami Satyaprakash Sarasvati

Veda Pratishthana, Arya Samaj, Mandir Marg, New Delhi- 110 001


Samaveda PurvArchika 194:

uttavaa mandantu somaaH kR^iNushhva raadho adrivaH. ava brahmadvishho jahi..


May our hymns please you; O Lord of resolute will power, please display your bounty. May you derive off the infidels.


Samaveda PurvArchika 200:

  indro a.Daga mahad bhayabhayI shhadapa chuchyavat . sa hi sthiro vicharshhaNiH ..


May resplendent Lord drive way from us all terrors and overpowering dangers for He is firm and active; and beholder of all.


Samaveda PurvArchika 215:

atashchidindra na upaa yaahi shatavaajayaa. ishhaa sahastravaajayaa ..


Come to us, O resplendent Lord, from any place with food that gives hundred-fold spiritual strength, thousand-fold strength.


Samaveda PurvArchika 218:


R^iju nItI no varuNo mitro nayati vidvaan . aryamaa devaiH sajoshhaaH ..


May the persons, most virtuous and most dedicated, guide and lead us along straight paths.  May the law-givers lead us to peace and harmony.


Samaveda PurvArchika 225:

uktham cha na shasyamaanam  naago rayitaa chiketa . na gaayatram gIyamaanam ..

(The resplendent Lord), the enemy of the unbeliever in the words-divine, apprehends whatever prayer is repeated and whatever chant is being chanted.


Samaveda PurvArchika 231:

endra pR^ikshu kaasu chinnR^imNam tanUshhu dhehi naH . satraajidugra pau{\m+}syam ..

O resplendent Lord, in our battles of life and contests, give to our muscular arms the manly strength. O strong Lord, always bless us with ever-conquering might.


Samaveda PurvArchika 291:

mahe cha na tvaadrivaH paraa shuklaaya dIyase .

na sahastraaya naayutaaya vrajivo na shataaya shataamagha ..


O Opulent Lord, mighty as thunder, the wielder of adamantine justice, I shall not sell my devotion to you for all the wealth of this world, not for a hundred, not for a thousand, not for a million, for you are Lord of countless wealth.


Samaveda PurvArchika 305:

  ku shhThaH ko vaamashvinaa tapaano devaa martyaH .

ghnataa vaamashnayaa kshapamaaNo{\m+}shunetthamu aadvanyathaa ..


O cosmic twins, of vitality and consciousness, where is that person staying on this earth, who really can reveal to us all your secrets?  Here is the householder who never feels tired while he incessantly offers you loving prayers, which flow with ease from his inner conscience as the creeper releases the sap when crushed under a stone.


Samaveda PurvArchika 320:

naake suparNamupa yatpatanta{\m+} hR^idaa venanto abhyachakshata tvaa .

hiraNyapaksham varuNasya dUtam yamasya yonau shakunam bhuraNyum ..


They, with a longing in their hearts, gaze at you, while you, the aspirant sages and seers, travel in your intellectual realm as a strong-winged bird: you are the golden-winged messenger of our venerable Lord, - the bird that moves on with speed to the central abode of the Ordainer.


Samaveda PurvArchika 336:

  yo no vanushhyannabhidaati martta ugaNaa vaa manyamaanasturo vaa .

kshidhI yudhaa shavasaa vaa tamindraabhI shhyaama vR^ishhamaNastvotaaH ..


The person who hides himself crookedly and who seizes from us our wealth and offers it to others, who deems himself a giant or a hero, and yet boasts for his liberality, - O resplendent Lord, give us strength to fight against him and please help us to destroy him.  May we be victorious with your assistance, O Supreme Lord.


Samaveda PurvArchika 337:

  yam vR^itreshhu kshitaya sparddhamaanaa ya.m yutteshhu turayanto havante .

ya{\m+} shUrasaatau yamapaamupajmanyam vipraaso vaajayante sa indraH ..


He is our Lord, whom people invoke when they proceed to fight against enemies or when they march forward in array of battle.  He is our Lord whom poets or musicians offer their songs of glory.  Our invocations are to Him whenever our heroes seize the property of their enemy, or when we march against our enemies on the sea; such is our resplendent Lord.


Samaveda PurvArchika 369:

R^icha{\m+} saama yajaamahe yaabhyaam karmaaNi kR^iNvate .

vi te sadasi raajaso yaj~nam deveshhu vakshataH ..


We invoke our Lord by chanting hymns and songs of praises and thereby celebrate our holy rites and in the company of our devotees, we organize projects of public benevolence.


Samaveda PurvArchika 444:

upa prakshe madhumati kshiyantaH pushhyema rayim dhImahi ta indra .


O resplendent Lord, may we, staying in luxurious and comfortable dwelling further increase our affluence and always think of you.


Samaveda PurvArchika 450:

vishvasya pra sthobha puro vaa sanyadi veha nUnam .


Far off or close by, may you verily destroy the dwellings of all the wicked.


Samaveda PurvArchika 468:

sakhaaya aa ni shhIdata punaanaaya pra gaayata .

shishun nay yaj~naiH pari bhUshhata shriye ..


May our friends assemble and sit down to pay homage to the divine creator, for only He can bestow divine wisdom.


Samaveda PurvArchika 593:

enaa vishvaanyarya aa dyumnaani maanushhaaNaam . sishhaasanto vanaamahe ..


With the aid of this (divine elixir) alone, may we procure all the wealth that belongs to men, and enjoy it not alone, but distribute it judiciously among ourselves.


Samaveda PurvArchika 594:

  ahamasmi prathamajaa R^itasya pUrvam devebhyo amR^itasya naama .

yo maa dadaati sa idevamaavadahamannamannamadantamadmi ..


I, the Lord of food, am born much prior to other nature’s bounties, I am first born out of the immortal cosmic sacrifice. One who offers me gifts, verily, protects everyone with generous heart. I, the Lord of sustaining food, consume that greedy person who alone tries to consume the entire food.


Samaveda PurvArchika 617- 621:  Purusha shukta


Samaveda PurvArchika 627:

agna aayU{\m+}shhi pavasa aasuvorjamishham cha naH . aare baadhasva duchchhunaam ..


O adorable Lord, you support our lives; you send us fuel and food. May you drive away – far from us – the evil instincts.


Samaveda PurvArchika 630:

aayam gauH pR^ishnirakramidasadanmaataram puraH . pitaram cha prayantsvaH ..


The earth moves (on her axis) round and round in the space (with the sun stationed in the center.)  The earth is the mother, the heaven our father.  She moves around the sun in space, carrying waters on her front.


Samaveda PurvArchika 649:

prabho janasya vR^itrahantsamaryeshhu bravaavahai .

shUro yo goshhu gachchhati sakhaa sushevo advayuH ..


May we, the renouncers, together have a dialogue among us.  May we talk about the Supreme Self, who is wise, everyone’s friend, and an abode of divine bliss; the only one, without a second, who moves singly in all the heavenly bodies. (Let us talk about Him and be wise.)


Samaveda Utararchika 884:

yasta indra navIyasim giram mandramajIjanat .

chikitvinmanasam dhiyam pratnaamUtasya pipyushhIm ..


O resplendent Lord, may you extend your favor to him who composes for you the newest joy-giving hymn, - a hymn that springs from careful thought and which is full of sacred Truth and which is eternal.


Samaveda Utararchika 947:

ayam yathaa naaabhuvattvashhTaa rUpeva takshyaa. asya R^itvaa yashasvataH


May He stand by us as a creator, and through His power, may He shape us into exemplary model and may we find glory through His art.


Samaveda Utararchika 1301:

paavamaanIrdadhantu na imam lokamatho amum.

kaamaantsamarddhyayantu no devidevaiH samahritaaH..


Through these Vedic verses relating to the divinity of consecretion when we have the gathering of scholars of both sexes, she and he bestow upon us both the worlds – this one and the other beyond and may they fulfill all our aspirations.


Samaveda Utararchika 1340:

ayuddha idyudhaa vR^ita{\m+} shUra aajati satvabhiH. yeshhaamindro yuvaa sakhaa..


Though unparallel in power to combat, the brave devotee is sure to subdue his adversaries, how so ever equipped by their own forces, in case his close friend is the ever young resplendent Lord.


Samaveda Utararchika 1376:

aayam gauH pR^ishnar akramid asadan maataram puraH.pitaram cha prayant svaH..


This all-moving earth rotates and revolves in space.  She rotates with her mother (waters) on her orbit on her front, and side by side, who revolves around her father, the Sun.


Samaveda Utararchika 1560:

bhadram manaH kR^iNushhva vR^itratUrye yenaa samatsu saasahiH.

ava sthiraa tanuhi bhUri sharddhataam vanemaa te abhishhTaye..


O destroyer of evils, give us that resolute mind in our struggles of life by which we may conquer in combats, and bring down all the devices of our foes.  May we propitiate you by our earnest prayers.


Samaveda Utararchika 1625:

kimitte vishhNo parichakshi naama pra yadvavakshe shipivishhTo asmi.

maa varpo asmadapa gUha etadyadanyarUpaH samithe babhUva..


What is left to be proclaimed of you, O all-pervading Lord, whey you say, “I am the one with a shinning halo of light.”  Please do not conceal your real form (behind your halo).  You have been engaging yourself under various forms in your creative functions.


Samaveda Utararchika 1643:

yudhma{\m+} santam anarvaaNa{\m+} somapaam anapachutam. naram anavaaryakratum ..


Please invoke, O warriors, one whom none opposes and whom none can over-throw.  He verily, is the acceptor of devotion, and is the leader whose activities cannot be hindered.


Samaveda Utararchika 1663:

jaraabodha tad  viviDDhi vishevishe yaj~niyaaya. stoma{\m+} rudraaya dR^ishIkam ..


O cosmic Lord, earnest to prayers, may you enter into the spirit of our songs of praise for the completion of the sacrifice that benefits all mankind.


Samaveda Utararchika 1671:

vishhNoH karmaaNi pashyata yato vrataani pashyate. indrasya yujyaH sakhaa..


Behold the marvelous creativity and activity of omnipresent God who fulfils our noble aspirations. He is a true friend of the soul.


Samaveda Utararchika 1672:

tad vishhNoH paramam pada{\m+} sadaa pashyanti sUrayaH. divIva chakshuraatatam ..


The wise and true seekers have the super most realization of the omnipresent Lord through meditation (within their own self):  they see Him vividly as the eye ranges over the sky.


Samaveda Utararchika 1673:

tad vipraaso vipanyuvo jaagR^ivaa{\m+}saH samindhate. vishhNor yatparamam padam..


By transcendental meditation and pious acts the vigilant seeker of truth realizes the all-pervading God within the innermost cavity, the supreme abode of the Lord.


Samaveda Utararchika 1674:

ato devaa avantu no yato vishhNur vichakrame. pR^ithivyaa adhi saanavaa..


May the omnipresent God, along with Nature’s bounties, preserve us on that part of our earth from whence the Lord measured the (infinite) regions in the whole universe. (This refers to that part of our global earth on which the divine revelations came to men in the most natural way.)


Samaveda Utararchika 1682:

maghonaH sma vR^itrahatyeshhu chodaya ye dadati priyaa vasu.

tava praNItI haryashva sUribhirvishvaa tarena duritaa..


Inspire those who for the destruction of their opponents offer valuable homage dear to you.  O Lord of vital energies, may we with our noble devotees, pass through all perils under your guidance.


Samaveda Utararchika 1708:

R^itaavaanam vaishvaanaram amR^itasya jyotishhaspatim. ajastram gharmamImahe..


We offer prayers to the leader of all of us, who maintains the eternal law, who is holy and who is the lord of all luminaries and the possessor of eternal energy.


Samaveda Utararchika 1709:

ya idam pratiprapathe yaj~nasya svaruttiran. R^itUnutsR^ijate vashI..


He, the Lord, is one, who, furthering the light of eternal law, has spread himself in every bit of His creation – so that He may work incessantly.  He, the controller, sends for us all the seasons.


Samaveda Utararchika 1710:

agniH priyeshhu dhaamasu kaamo bhUtasya bhavyasya. samraD eko vi raajati..


The adorable Lord, is present in all His loving regions. He has been sole reliance in the past, and sol will He be in future. He shines forth alone as a sovereign Lord.


Samaveda Utararchika 1715:

ayaa nijaghnirojasaa rathasa~Nge dhane hite. stavaa a bibhyushhaa hR^idaa..


By this (his?) strength, you become conqueror (of enemies). I praise you with a fearless heart for the sake of progress of our array of chariots ranged (arranged?) against our opponents and for the same of gaining wealth.


Samaveda Utararchika 1741:

yaa sunithe shauchadrathe vyauchchhao duhitardivaH.

saa vyuchchha sahIyasi satyashravasi vaayye sujaate ashvasUnR^ite..


O dear daughter of heaven, who awakens men treading on right path and who are pure-hearted, nobly-born, and one sincerely praised for the gift of vigor.  May you be kind to people, who are seekers of truth and weavers of knowledge.


Samaveda Utararchika 1850:

sa~Nkaran danenaanimishheNa jishhNunaa yutkaareNa dushchyavanena dhR^ishhNunaa.

tadindreNa jayata tatsahadhvam yudho nara ishhuhastena vR^ishhNaa..


With your powerful king, who is loud-roaring, ever-vigilant, the victorious, the warlike, the unconquerable, the daring, the hurler of arrows, the showerer, may you, O warriors, and leaders, overcome enemies in the combat.


Samaveda Utararchika 1874:

bhadram karmebhiH shR^iNuyaam devaa bhadram pashyem aakshabhir yajatraaH.

sthirair a~Ngais tushhTuvaa{\m+}sas tanubhIr vyashemahi devahitam yadaayuH..


O learned people, may we wish our ears listen to what is beneficial and good.  O persons, worthy of sacred deeds,  may we see with our eyes all that is good and beneficial.  May we engage in your praises, enjoy with firm limbs and sound bodies, a full term of life dedicated to God ( and society).


Samaveda Utararchika 1875:

svasti na indro vR^iddhashravaaH svasti naH pUshhaa vishvadevaaH.

svasti nas taarkshyo arishhTanemiH svasti no bR^ihaspatir dadhaatu..

OM svasti no bR^ihaspatir dadhaatu


May the wisely respected, the resplendent God, guard our welfare.  May the all-knowing guard our welfare. May the creator of the cyclic universe ceaselessly guard our welfare. May the sovereign protector, with unblemished weapons, guard us for our prosperity.


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