Bharat's Problems and Solutions
by S. Vyas
  • Pakistan and Islamic fanatics are working madly and constantly to destroy Vedic religions and culture and also want to rule over Bharat again.  They have, can make, buy, or steal weapons of mass destruction.  Even if you give them the whole Kashmir, their motive to make the whole world Muslim and to rule over the world would not end.  To solve the problem, 
    • the whole mass of people needs to awake and be active. 
    • Kashmir should be taken back completely.
    • The security forces in Kashmir should be given extra pay for the risk they take.
    • The Hindus who were scared out of Kashmir by the militants should be given voting power in the politics of Kashmir. 
    • The rich Hindu families should buy land, business, and properties in Kashmir and live there with their own security force having cooperative relations with the security forces of the government.  This is how the Muslims take control in Bharat.  They buy house after house in Hindu neighborhood.  Then they cook fish and meat.  Many Hindus leave the neighborhood just because of that.  Muslims even threat to kill if the Hindus do not vacate the neighborhood.  So I have heard.
    • Once in the recent past, there was no Pakistan.  Once in the future, there may not be Pakistan.  Of course, Pakistan can exist as a state of Bharat, but not if it is anti Vedic.
    • The social and religious awakening one day in Bharat would be such intense that many Muslims would willingly give up Islam and become Hindus again.  The point is, many Muslims are not bad, but the Islam itself is incompatible with Hinduism.
    • The Hindus should give up caste-by-birth system.  It is adharma.
    • Any time Pak causes a war, it should made to loose land, a given painful defeat and loss.
    • All the Islamic militants and their supporters in Bharat and Kashmir should be wiped out completely and soon.
    • The world needs to fight terrorism collectively.  Most terrorists are Muslims.  There are no Hindu terrorists.  There never were, never will be.
  • Corruption.  This is unethical or immoral.  I hear that now the government employees have no shame at all in asking for bribe.  They ask demand it as if it their birth right.  Recently I talked with a diamond distributor about the problem.  He, knowing well the bribe system, informed me that the system works when you pay the bribe.  They pay because they want work done, and he said they take bribe because, the officers have paid large sums in bribe to get the position.  One cannot get a position of a peon or an ordinary police officer without paying a large sum in bribe.  They take bribe to recover what they paid.  Also, the pay for many officers or servants is not enough to survive peacefully without more income.  This is how he justified it.  But I believe that by giving and taking bribe they kill their soul, and they take much more bribe than they paid.  This extra huge amount is used mostly for wine, women, drugs, and gambling and adharma is spread.  Thus, no one wants corruption. but it has become rooted way of life.  No solution would work until most of the people become God conscious and start practicing dharma in daily life.  Then some solutions could be as follows:
    • Let the government decide to increase pay of the low paid officers by 10% or so each year.  In return, let the servants take 10% less bribe, and let the public pay some more tax if necessary to compensate for the extra cost to government.
    • Let the government servants understand that they are servants to the public and not the bosses or tyrants.  So, O servants, provide your service as your God-given duty, even to those who cannot afford to pay the bribe. Understand that to take bribe is sin.  So, help to eliminate corruption.  If you love Bharat or the Vedic dharma and culture, you must do it.  Else you are the enemy of the both, and ultimately you will suffer like in hell.
    • If the above does not work, then this may work.  Some angels of God may organize an underground anti corruption militant organization supported secretly by those who want to eliminate corruption.  Such an organization will get plenty of support even if the bribe givers give just 5% of the bribe they usually give to the organization.  When an officer takes bribe, the organization will instantly or soon kill the officer or servant.  They will record evidence of  the bribe taken and put it on internet.  When such incidences happen several times, no one would dare to take bribe for the fear of loss of their lives or the lives of their dear ones.  This technique was used to spread jazz music in US.  Any restaurant who was not playing jazz, the music of black people, was showered with bullets.  After several incidents, many restaurants played jazz music.  This is an extreme and violent solution, but corruption is sin and demoniac.  Krishna and Dharma allows violence to stop adharma.
  • Pollution.  This problem is even tougher than corruption which causes pollution.  Every anti pollution law provides a means to get more bribes, and thus it does not solve the problem.  The Village, City, State, and Central Governments need to enact  pollution prevention and reduction laws and enforce strictly.  There should be fair competition in transportation business, and no government enforced low prices for services and goods.
    • People may / should prefer to use unmotorized vehicles for transportation if the motorized vehicles make pollution.  Even pay them a bit more as a protest against motorized pollution causing vehicles.
    • All schools should constantly make students conscious of the pollution problem and how to stop it.
  • A Bharatiya cannot Settle in Kashmir??!!!  Is the following true?  It seems it is.  If so, in light of that what is the meaning of the stand of India to say that Kashmir is an integral part of India??  This is a serious constitution blunder and needs to be corrected soon.  The follwing is copied from:
  •     By a bystander, 8/3/00, Re: settling
  •      "For the information of you people over the board, settling in Kashmir by any

  •          non-Kashmiri is illegal in India, owing to the law made by the bastard, Nehru. The
             article 370 of Indian constitution states that nothing in this constition will be
             applicable to the state of Jammu and Kashmir except this article. The constitution
             provided that the state of J&K will have its own constitusion and a double
             citizenship.Settlement of anyone into Kashmir from outside was made illegal to
             reassure the Muslims that a Muslim majority will be maintained. The law is so rigid,
             that the sikh refugees, who were forced to leave the west Kashmir after its capture
             by Pakistan, came to take shelter in the J&K state of India. They have not been
             given voting rights so far. Nehru also made law that no non-Kashmiri will be able to
             enter Kashmir without a visa. This provision was opposed by Shyama Prasad
             Mukherjee who entered Kashmir without a visa to violate the Law. He was arrested.
             He did a hunger strike and died. Then the Govt removed that part of the law. But
             rest of the law is still applicable. That is why BJP wanted to make constitution
             amendment to repeal art370, but it was opposed by every one else and having no
             2/3 majority, BJP cannot do it.
            Also, it is surperising that it is legal for Bangla Deshi and Pakistani infilterators to come
             into and live in India, but it is illegal for an Indian to settle in Kashmir. And the law
             does not prohibit a Kashmiri from settling in the rest of India." 

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