o bhArata deshake logoM
by Suresh 'Vyas'
ITRANS Transliteration by Suresh 'Vyas'

o bhArata deshake logoM   aba jaladI se jAgo
apanA ItihAsa to jAno    khuda apaneko pahachAno

Translation:  O people of Bharat, now wake up quickly.  Know your history, and know your self.

kyA shakti hai tumame.n   kyA tAkata hai tumame.n
apanA dharma uThAkara   jo kuchha chAhe pa lo

Translation:  How energetic you are!  How strong you are!  Uphold your Sanatana Dharma, and get whatever you desire.

kuchha sadIyoke pahale   Aryavartake a.ndara
na ko{I} islAmI thA  na ko{I} IsA{I} thA

Translation:  A few centuries ago there was no Muslim or Christian in Aaryavarta (Bharat).

shrI rAmachandrake jaise    pujanIya rAjA the
R^ishhi vasishhTha jaise   pUjanIya guru{o}.n the

Translation:  There were worship able great religious kings like Sri Rama and gurus rsi Vasishtha.

ghara gharame.n gauve.nthI   gA.nvo.nme.n gurukule.n the
hare hare kheto.n the   hattI aura ghoDe the

Translation:  Almost every house had cows, every village or city had gurukulas (Vedic educational institutions).  There were green fields, farms and gardens.  There  were horses and elephants.

baDe baDe ma.ndIra the   hotAthA kathA kIrtana
sa.ndhyAke samayo.nme.n chalate the saba darshana

Translation:  There were many many big and small temples, where religious discourses and dancing and chanting was performed.  People would go to temples every evening for to see Bhagavan and devas or devis.

AratIyA.n hotIthI    sha.nkha dhvani hotethe
gha.nTArava hote the  prasAda saba pAte thee

Translation:  Evenings would be filled with the sounds of aarati (worship with lamps) and conch shell and bells from the temples.  All would get prasadam then.

hara kalAme.n hama Age the  hara GYAname.n hama Age the
sonA thA rupA thA  hIre  aura maNI motI the

Translation:  We were advanced in all arts and fields of knowledge.  There was gold and silver, and precious stones and pearls.

phira kAlane kAravaTa bAdalI   gItAkA dharma hama chUke
musalamAno.nne A kara   ma.ndIro.nko toDe

Translation:  The time changed.  We forgot the religion of Gita, and consequently Muslims came and destroyed our many many temples.

ye kaisA hai dharma  ki hai bilakula adharma
hama gAyo.nko pUje.n aura vo gAyo.nko khAye.n

Translation:  What kind of this Muslim religion is?  It is really irreligion.  We worship cows, and they eat cows.

hama eka patni rakhkhe.n   vo chAra patni rakhkhe.n
hama kabhI na usako chhoDe.n   vo kabhI bhI usako chhoDe.n

Translation:  We keep one wife, and they keep four.  We never divorce her, and they divorce her any time just by saying "tallaq (divorce)" three times.

jo ma.ndira vo dekhe   vo ma.ndira vo toDe
jahA.n jahA.n masjida hai  vahA.n vahA.n ma.ndira the

Translation:  Whatever temple they see, they destroy.  Wherever there are Muslim mosques now, there were our temples.

jo tIrtha sthAna vo dekhe.n   vo tIrtha shthAna vo roke
veda purANa shastro.nkI   khUba khUba holI kI

Translation:  If they see a big place of Hindu pilgrimage, they would control it and collect tax from pilgrims.  They burnt many many copies of vedas, puranas (Hindu history books) and scriptures.

islAma ekahI sacha hai   allAha eka sacha hai
kAphiro.nko kATo   aura svarga jalda pAvo

Translation:  "Only Islam is true religion.  Only Allah is God.  Slaughter kafirs (non Muslims), and go to heaven,"  they say.

{o} mUrkha hindu logo.n   {o} mUrkha hindu logo.n
agara jAna pyArI ho   to muslima bana jA{o}

Translation:  "O fool Hindus, if you love your life, then become Muslims,"  they say.

aisA kahate kahate   bAra bAra vo Aye
bahano.nkI  lU.nTI lAje.n  katale.n kI gharo.n jalAye

Translation:  Saying thus they invaded Bharat again and again, and they raped Hindu women, salughterd Hindus, and burnt homes.

sadIyo.n taka aisA hu{A}   para o duniyA tuma dekho
hindu dharma jindA hai   ye chamatkAra dekho

Translation:  It happened over and over for centuries like this, but O world, behold!  Hindu religion is still alive!  Look at this miracle!

satyam eva jayate   satyam eva jayate
para satya taba jIte   jaba satya saba jAne

Translation:  "Only truth wins," says  Hindu scriptures, but truth wins only when all know it.

to satya prasAda lelo   aura satya prasAda bA.nTo

Translation:  So, therefore know this truth, and tell to others.

co.nTe to khAyIthI   para aba na khAye.nge hama
kyA julma sahe the hamane  aba julmIse laDe.nge

Translation:  We Hindus have been kicked around for long, but we will not tolerate any more.  Oh, how many injustice and tyranies we have had tolerated, but we will not tolerate any more.

dharmako jaba hama chUke   taba dushmanose hAre
aba dharma kavachako dharake   dushmanoko jIte.n

Translation:  When we missed to follow our religion, then we were defeated by our enemies.  Now let us uphold religion, and with its shileld, win our enemies.

Ina pIchhalI sadiyo.nme.n    kuchha hindu jo durbala the
vo hindu na raha shake   vo musalamAna bana gaye

Translation:  In these last centuries of Muslim rule over Bharat, some Hindus who were weak could not remain Hindus, and became Muslims.

o bhAratake muslima   yaha bAta ThIka samajhalo
asala bAta yaha hai  ki tuma hinduke bachche ho

Translation:  O Muslims or Bharat, understand this well!  The truth is that you are the childrens of Hindus.

hamane bhI bhUle.n kI thI   hamase bhI pApa hu{e} the
aba hama samajha rahe hai.n   kyA pApa hama kiye the

Translation:  We Hindus also have in past malpracticed dharma, and we also have commited sins (mistreating shudras).  Now we understand, how we malpracticed religion (like doing violent yagnas and killing animals in sarifice.)

kR^ishhNane jAte.n banA{I}  guNakarma ke yathAvata
aura hamane jAte.n banA{I}   janmake yathAvata

Translation:  Bhagavan Krishna says in Gita that He created four castes based on the qualities, and we created casted based on birth.

jaise sharIra a.nga   na U.ncha aura nIcha hai.n
vaise ko{I}bhI jAtI   na U.ncha aura nIcha hai

Translation:  Just as a body is neither superior or inferior, no caste is superior or inferior.

ye bAta hamane bhUlI  aphashosa hee ki bhUlI
jo pApa huve the aise   vo pApa kabhI na ho.nge

Translation:  We forgot this point.  We are (should be) sorry that we forgot it.  Let us make up or mind that we will not commit such sins any more.

hama aba badala rahe hai.n   hama aba badala gaye hai.n
sachchA sanAtana dharma   hamane samajha liyA hai

Translation:  Now we are (shuld be) changing.  We know (should know) our Sanatana Dharma as it actually/ originally is.

jaba jAna khatareme.n thI   taba ve muslima hu{e} the
aba khatarA ko{I} nahI.n hai   to kyu.n muslima tuma bane rahe.n

Translation:  When Muslims threatened to kill them, they had to accept Islam to save their lives.  Now there is no such threat in Bharat.  So, then why they should not convert back to Sanatana Dharma again?

{o} bhA{I} bAta ye mAno   {o} bhA{I} bAta ye mAno
A{o} shIghra tuma A{o}   hi.ndu vApasa bana jA{o}
hindu vApasa bana jA{o}   hi.ndu vApasa bana jA{o}

Translation:  O Muslim brothers of Bharat, understand this, and agree to this:  Come, come soon, and become Hindus again, become Hindus again.

phira ekabAra bolo   phira bArabAra bolo
rAma kR^ishhNa jaya ho   rAma kR^ishhNa jaya ho
sanAtana dharma jaya ho   sanAtana dharma jaya ho

Translation:  And say once again:  Jai Sri Rama, Jai Sri Krishna, Jai sanatana Dharma.

a.ngarejI jaba Aye   to bole dha.ndhA kare.nge
kuchha sAla bAda bole ki   vo hi rAja kare.nge

Translation:  When the Britishers came to Bharat first, they said they intend to do business, after some time, they said they only would rule over us and Bharat.

kuchha DhA{I} sadIyA.n pahale   ye a.ngarejI Aye
para vo deshake a.ndara   dushmana dharma le Aye

Translation:  Britishers came in Bharat some 250 years ago (and ruled over us for some 200 years.)  And they spread in Bharat a religion, Christianity, an enemy of our religion.

Ye {I}sA{I} bhI kahate hai.n   ki {I}sA ekahi sacha hai
ye ma.ndire va mUrti   adharma saitAnagI hai

Translation:  This Christians also say (like Muslims) that only Jesus is God.  These Hindu temples and idols in them are all the works of Devil.

ye {I}sA{I} aura {I}slAmI samajo dono bhA{I}
hama gAyo.nko pUje.n aura vo gAyo.nko kATe.n

Translation:  Think that the Muslims and Christians are brothers.  We worship cows, and they eat cows.

gItA to kahatI hai   ki hara jIvame.n AtmA hai
aura vo kahate hai.n   ki prANIme.n AtmA nahI.n hai

Translation:  Gita (Krishna) says that there is a soul in each living being, and they say that there is no soul in animals.

hama kahate.n dharatIko pUjo  vo kahate.n dharatIko lU.nTo
gItA kahatI hai namra bano   aura vo kahate hai.n akaDa raho

Translation:  We say, "Worship earth as a mother."  They say, "Exploit earth for sense gratification."  Gita says, "Be humble."  They say, "Be proud."

usane bhI hamako mArA   kyA hushiyArIse mArA
{I}tihAsa hamArA nashTa kiyA jhUThA {I}tihAsa sikhA diyA

Translation:  The Britishers also kicked us around and robed us, but they did it very cleverly.  They destroyed our own history, and taught us wrong history (that made Hindus hate their own religion and culture.)

hama kauna hai.n hamako bhUlA diyA   hamako apanAhi dushmana banA diyA
{I}tihaasa hamaaraa nashhTa  kiyaa   jhUThaa {I}tihaasa sikhaa diyaa
hama kyaa hai.n hamako bhUlaa diyaa   apanaa hi dushmana banaa diyaa

Translation:  They made us forget who we are, and made us our own enemies. 

dharma prema chhuDaa diyaa   desha prema chhuDaa diyaa
a.ngrejI baabu banaa diyaa   a.ngarejI gaane sikhaa diyaa

Translation:  They made us loose our love for religion and love for our country.  Thye made us supporters of British and Christian culture.  They made us like Britishers.

o bhArata deshake logoM   aba jaladI se jAgo
apanA ItihAsa to jAno    khuda apaneko pahachAno

Translation:  O people of Bharat, now wake up quickly.  Know your own history, and know your self.

kyA shakti hai tumame.n   kyA tAkata hai tumame.n
apanA dharma uThAkara   jo kuchha chAhe le lo
dharma paa{o] kR^ishhNase   artha paa{o] dharmase
bhoga paa{o] dharmase   moksha paa{o] a.ntame.n

Translation:  How energetic you are!  How strong you are!  Uphold your Sanatana Dharma, and get whatever you desire.  Know dharma from Krishna, get wealth following dharma, get enjoyments following dharna, and get moksha at the end.

ye sabhyataako dekho  kitanI girI hu{I} hai
maa bachcho.nko maare   bachche.n guruko maare.n
nIcha adhama paapI   dharmako sikhaaye.n

Translation:  Just look at this Western culture, how fallen it is.  Mothers kill their children, and school children kill teachers.  Those who are fallen, cruel, and sinners, they sometimes become Christian preachers.

{o] bhaaratake putro.n   {o} R^ishhiyo.nke pUtro.n
ye a.ndherI duniyaakaa  a.ndheraa tuma dUra karo

Translation:  O Sons of Bharat, O children of rsis, destroy the darkness of this dark world.

gItaa chiraaga le kara   upanishhad chiraaga le kara
gharase bahaara aa{o]  jagakaa a.ndhiyaaraa dUra karo
diyaa mata chhupaa{o]  bahuta a.ndheraa hai

Translation:  Take up the lamp of Gita, take up the lamp of upanishads, and come out of your homes.  Destroy the darkness of ignorance of the world.  Do not hide the lamp, people out there are in darkness.

kahate hai.n raamaanuja   aura madhvaachaaaryajI
aura bhaktivedaanta svaami  shrI prabhupaadajI

rAma kR^ishhNa jaya ho   rAma kR^ishhNa jaya ho
sanAtana dharma jaya ho   sanAtana dharma jaya ho

Translation:  Ramanujacharya says, Madhvacharya says, and Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada also says:  Jai Sri Rama, Jai Sri Krishna, Jai Sanatana Dharma, Jai Sanatana Dharma.

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