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To: abc News

From: SB

Subject: Morality in American Leadership - A Hindu solution

 A leader carries the image of his followers/ or supporters.  Clinton has given an impression to the world what kind of people he leads by his example.  A boat is useless no matter how excellent it is, if it has a hole at the bottom.  Similarly, a leader without morality is no good.  His acts have caused a lot of waste of nations time and money, and media time/ resources, which could have been used to solve real problems.

 One reason why it occurred is the belief that “What you do in your private life is of no business to any one.”  America is taught to value privacy very much, but all the news media is after digging and exposing private lives.  Also, there are cameras everywhere, even on the roads.  This is a right turning point in American history where America needs to learn from great political leaders like Mohammed Gandhi who had no private life.  Millions of saints and religious leaders the Vedic culture of India has produced over millenniums had no private lives.  They did not think of any need for private life.  America needs to change the privacy paradigm to:

  “No Public Officer Could Have Private Life.”

  This would make it a lot easier for the media and voters.

 There is a paradigm in Judeo-Christian world that “All are sinners.”  This does not help one to quit sinning.  If you “are” a “sinner,” you would only sin in private if not in public.  America needs to replace that paradigm with a new paradigm from sanaatana dharma (Hindu Religion) which says that “You are not the body but the spirit soul which is essentially divine (sinless) in its original nature.”  Then the religion provides all possible ways how to awaken to that divine nature and ultimately realize God.  Over the centuries and millenniums it has been seen that those who correctly understand Hinduism, and follow it correctly, live sin-free lives.  A recent example is that Sri A. C. Bhakti-vedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Aacharya-founder of ISKCON, has caused thousands of hippies and fallen to live sin-free lives.  He also did not keep any private life.

 So, if you or your friends or your organization are interested to have sin-free America or sin-free leaders, please help promote sanaatana dharma (Hindu Religion).  I do my part.  That effort will bring permanent happiness in your and others’ lives.  Then God will really bless America.

Seek and spread happy news.

 -SB,  9/12/98

After thoughts:

    The Supreme personality of Godhead, Krishna, is omniscient. He knows everything.  He loves all equally.  He is impartial.  All the governments also claim to be like God.  They act like God, but they are not.  A government is just a force of common majority in democracy.  That is why it is not perfect as God.  Therefore, a government need not know the lives of people, but people should become Krishna conscious.  Then their lives will become so pure, it would not matter if it is public or private.  If you find Krishna conscious people, accept their leadership.  Then Rama Rajya will come automatically.  Jai Sri Prabhupada!  Jai Sri Krishna!!  - S. Vyas, Jan 99

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