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Why Need Kshatriyas?

Subject:         Sept./ Oct. 98 Back To Godhead Editorial - Blast..
   Date:         Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:09:50 -0700 
   From:         Steve <[email protected]
     To:         BTG Editors <[email protected]

Dear Jayadvaita Goswami, 

 This is in reference to Sept/ Oct 1998 BTG Editorial, Have a Blast, O Tiger Among Men.  You are a brahmana by your qualities, and you have commented to the bomb blasts accordingly.  Moreover, you are a follower of sanaatana dharma which says this material world is dukhaalaya or mrutyuloka.  The happiness we see here is illusion, a reflection of real happiness in the spiritual world, in Goloka Vrindavana.  We the souls 
have come here due to our past karma and our desire to enjoy without Krishna.  Due to having a human body, some of the souls, particularly Krishna Bhaktas have realized that we are at a wrong place here and need to go back to Godhead.  Some of these bhaktas, particularly, the followers of Bhakti-vedanta Swami Prabhupada, not only want to go back, but also want to take many others from here with them.  Some of them even want to stay here only as Krishna’s ambassadors to give a Goloka Vrindaavana “Passport” to all who qualify for it.  This is their greatest form of seva to Krishna. 

 However, the majority of the souls here in this Kali Yuga are deep in illusion and think they only know the reality.  Christianity and Islam teach all that this world is the place to be and live.  They even think they have exclusive right to all the resources and lives here.  They think they are the masters/ owners of everything here.  They think that 
by believing in Mohammed or Jesus they inherit all that is His, this world.  These religions historically have brutally used violence over and over to convert and have destroyed “Kafirs” or “pagan” lives and their religious infrastructures.  These souls in illusion cause problems to the suraas.  If the suraas do not win against asuras, they would loose their freedom to practice their saadhanaa.  Without their saadhanaa, they have no chance to go back to Godhead.  So then who would protect their freedom?  The Kshatriyas.  They are the fighters.  They are the right people to comment on the Blast, the weapons. 

 Sri Prabhupada always have praised and quoted Chanakya Muni who was a brahmana but have fought like Arjuna when necessary.  Chanakya Muni also was an Aacharya, a teacher of dharma.  I believe ISKCON produces more brahmanas and needs to produce more Kshatriyas as well.  However, ISKCON may already have a few Kshatriyas.  Please have them comment on the Blast. 

 Most politicians of Bharat have assumed asuric mentality.  I have heard from my friends that “politics” is not for good, sura, people.  Thus asuras have no one to challenge, and suras suffer.  If democracy is the way in these times, then true suras or saadhus need to enter into politics.  To bring true suras in the political positions is, I think, certainly a part of ISKCON mission.  So, I pray Krishna to flood Bharat politics with suras or bhaktas.  If nothing else, ISKCON could pray the same in all its temples in all gatherings. 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna  Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama  Rama Rama Hare Hare

Your Das, 

 - Suresh ‘Vyas’   9/12/98 

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