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Hindus, know Thy Self, and Your Enemy.

08/22/04 01:57 PM

 "Unless we citizens of Bharat ( India ) know what is Islam, we will never realize the purpose of creation of Pakistan on Indian land. If the citizens remain ignorant they will invite further aggression of Islam in this land. Islam is the mission of spreading Arabic culture by killing original Hindu culture" - Shri Gopal Godse, Feb 2nd 2001

every problem has some solutions.

every error made in the past can be corrected
one way or the other.

a culture of a country is nothing but the best way of living under the a mix of the various environments of the country. being so, an invaded culture or ideology cannot bring happiness no matter how hard some foolish politicians try to impose it on the public. understanding this, we the Hindus, the Vedic people, should do everything possible to keep our dharma and the Vedic culture unchallenged and in hindered within our own homeland bharat.  

any invaded ideology that says the Vedas or the gita is devil's work, or that the Hindus must be converted or killed, has no place within our own homeland.

there are various ways to keep bharat free from such invaded ideologies, economic boycott is one and is very effective.  

no Hindu should say, "i cannot do anything towards the solution." when you think what I can do, you will find many ways, small or big, but the first thing is to realize that we have the problem and understand the nature of it, and talk about it and about how to solve it. no solution can down on any one if he/she does not think or talk about it.

some most passive but still good ways for those who think they cannot do anything better are:

- sincerely pray god to help us make india free from the invaded Hindu-hostile ideologies. pray alone and pray in groups.

- pray god to give you a few more births with the abilities to solve this invaded ideology problem for the Hindus.

- pray god to give your next birth in a Muslim family where you would grow up and quit Islam to become a Hindu. if millions of Hindus are born in Muslim families in india , then within 50 or so years india would be free from Islam.

such are the last and passive choices how to fight the invaded ideologies in bharat. there are other ways that many Hindus can act upon now and get result in their own life time.

remember that although ambedkar buried manu smriti on the Vedic land in our life time, prabhupada has not condemned manu smriti. however, my view is that we need to focus on gita only at this time. there were no riots or killings by the Hindus when manu smriti was buried. in contrast, there were riots many times caused by the islamists on a slight dishonor to Koran. e.g. some time ago, a movie director shooting in Hyderabad wanted an old antique copy of Koran, and he could not find it quickly as he wanted. so, he got a new copy, and stained it with tea/coffee and scrambled some pages to make it look like an old used copy. this caused a riot.  

our effort to keep this barbaric ideology out of india would be to see a day when the book of the barbarians is buried on the Vedic land by those who quit Islam, and no riot happens. when this happens, the Ayodhya Rama temple issue would be solved for good.

the Ayodhya Rama temple issue is not an issue of mere a building. nor is it a political issue. it is an issue of how long the Hindu should keep on tolerating the invaded ideology within their own homeland. it is symbolic.
it is a constant reminder of the dishonor of Rama done by barbarians.

why should the majority Hindus of bharat should listen to the minority who follow the anti-Hindu barbaric ideology that was imposed forcibly on the minority's ancestor Hindus? i see no good reason.


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