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Hindu Malpractice
by S. Vyas
 Hindus believe that one suffers and enjoys according to his karma of current and previous lives.  Unless one surrenders to Krishna, one has to suffer due to his bad karma.  Now, why did Hindus suffer for 1000 years from the invaders?  What are the sins of Hindus that caused them to suffer this?  Readers may e-mail VS authoritative articles answering this question.  In my opinion the sins are:
  1. Practice of caste system by birth and not by qualities as described by Krishna.
  2. Practice of untouchability.
This may have been supported by Manu Smriti, but Manu Smriti is not The Book of Hinduism.  We need to follow Bhagavad Gita.

Current malpractice is corruption.  We need to stop it.

Last modified on 11/28/98

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