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Hindu-Xian Discussion-8
by Suresh Vyas



During the month of June I visited the countries of Japan and China and it was a most remarkable experience.  We met in Tokyo with people from churches around the globe and were able to visit some of the Christian churches, where Christianity is a very small minority, only about 5% of the population.  The primary religion is Shintoism and Buddhism, but in actuality over 80% claims no personal religion.


During our visits in several cities in China, we encountered many evidences of Buddhist shrines and learned that Buddhism and Daoism were the dominant religious groups.  Communism sought to eliminat4e all religious groups during their takeover but discovered it is easier to place controls over their practices.  Christianity was forced to go underground and today there are many "house churches" in all the provinces but still their numbers are small, but much larger than in Japan.






Going to convert the people who are following the eastern religions is a waste of time and resources in my view. The reason is simple: None of them are out to convert the whole world, and they never want to convert anyone against his/her will. So, they are not any threat to Christianity. Therefore, I wish and pray that the Christians engage all their missionaries to convert all the Muslims wherever they are, and none else.


If any group has friendly interest to know the Vedic dharma, let me know, and I would be happy to share.


Jai Sri Krishna!



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