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Hindu-Xian Discussion-5
by Suresh Vyas



Yes, I know what you said below.


In general sense, just a belief and no action in accordance with the belief cannot help. Also, if a belief is incorrect, it could not help. When a belief-induced actions cause suffering to other innocent living beings, then the Vedic literature says that such actions incur sin.


When a religion 'C' says, "this is the only way to god or haven or peace in the world,", and a religion 'I' says, "no, not that, but this is the only way to god or haven or peace in the world," then these two need to settle to seek the truth. If any faith or belief does not give freedom to seek the truth in any manner, then such believers cause suffering for them and others.


In one society, their religion rigidly dictates how the politics should be. In another, the politics dictates how the religion should be. So, religion and politics influence each other openly or secretly, overtly or covertly.


The religions could be compared with each other for some definite criteria, like:

- has the religion caused peace in the world historically?

- is the religion tolerating the tolerant faith?

- what the religion says about how to treat an infidel?

- etc.


Then a religion could be chosen by an educated rational decision.

A few religions do not give that freedom to choose, and that causes problems to not only to them but to other as well.


Wishing you sin-free living.



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  In the Christian faith, we are not born into that faith, even if our parents are Christian believers.  We must make a decision either to accept or not to accept the faith of following Jesus in our life.  My Mother took me to a Christian faith church when I was about eight years old but I did not make a decision to follow Jesus until I was about 12 or 13.  Shortly afterward, I was baptized in my church in a public declaration of my faith in Jesus and a desire to follow Him.  In our church, baptism is a total of immersion of the person in water and it does not have to be in a church.  It could be in a lake,  river, or ocean or other body of water.  The location is not what is important but the attitude of the heart.  It is an expression of one's love of God and the giving of His Son, Jesus, who died for our sins.  We are not saved by the baptism but by the belief in our heart that Jesus is our Saviour.  The baptism is simply the public witness to our faith.


Wish for you a blessed week,



Jai Sri Krishna.


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