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Hindu-Xian Discussion-4
by Suresh Vyas



A serious Vedic person cannot be hostile to any one, but he/she surely will resist adharma, internal or external. Any ideologies that produce large number of fundamentalists (over and over in the history) who want to convert or kill (or discriminate in various ways) also need to be resisted. So, I am not hostile to Christians, but I have given reasons why they have no need to convert the Vedic people. I believe I have said that the Vedic gurus understand Jesus better than many Christians, but Jesus is just one of millions other great spiritual persons in the Vedic history. Spirituality is no one's monopoly. So, path to god is open for all, even infidels, in their own ways that one could judge right or wrong. Vedic people have the complete science of spirituality, and they do not need to import in Bharat anything from other cultures.


It sure is nice if you could live like Jesus, but check if your donations are going to convert the Hindus in Bharat. If it does, then I request you stop such donations, and divert for some better efforts.


Just living like Jesus is good, but it is better when you could motivate the Christians to stop conversion efforts, especially in Bharat, executed in militaristic manner.


All the Christian missionaries have plenty to do here in the western countries and in the Islamic countries. No need to go to Bharat for conversion or enticements.


Wishing you sin-free life.




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…I certainly get a sense that you have had experiences or encounters with Christians that were very hurtful and harmful to you and your people.  I apologize for any action on the part of Christians that were responsible for your anger and resentment toward the efforts of these Christians that you personally witnessed or have heard about in your lifetime.


Your writing indicates a lot of hostility toward Christians and I am sorry for that and cannot justify any damaging attitudes or practices done in the name of Jesus Christ. 


Not all followers of Jesus have learned to live the lifestyle that Jesus called them to and that is due to the weakness of their faith and lack of commitment. 


The core of the Christian faith is what I seek to appropriate in my life and I do what I can to help other believers in Jesus to develop their spiritual life and to have an increased awareness of the importance of a dedicated life.


From a follower of Jesus,



= = = =


Jai Sri Krishna.


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