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Hindu–Christian Discussion-3





I request the preachers of all the non-Vedic religions to please totally stop any conversion activity in Bharat, and give up converting Hindus for the following reasons:


1. Vedic dharma is one of a very few religions that tells not to convert any one by force or enticement or financial lures or political pressures. For this reason, the Hindus have no armies or preachers to the harvest souls of other religions.


2. The thousands of years old Vedic history shows that Hindus have not invaded other countries by force and never have converted any one by force. This cannot be said of Christianity or Islam. The Hindus never have killed any one just because he/she is not a Hindu.


3. Any ritual or practice or concepts of Hindu dharma is not taking away the freedom (of thought, speech, and action) of the people of the tolerant faiths, and it does not cause any hindrance to non-Hindus.


4. The Hindus in Bharat have easily provided entry to those who migrate to save their lives and or religion. Zoroastrians migrated from Iran because of the threat from Islam, and we happily accepted them in our society. We never have problem from them, and we never discriminated them for any reason. The same could be said for the Jews who came/migrated to Bharat. This remarkable phenomenon is due to the Vedic dharma.


5. Vedic dharma in inherently tolerant of other tolerant faiths.


6. Vedic dharma is the complete science of spirituality. I invite all the open minded intelligent people to study Bhagavad Gita - THE BOOK - of Hinduism. An intelligent person should not think of changing or replacing something that is so good. For example, when you know there is pure water in a bottle, you do not need to do anything to improve it, because it could not be made any better, it already is pure.


7. Hindus has never enslaved other people. Islam, Christianity, and Egyptian cultures have history of forcing slavery upon other peoples.


8. The Hindus did malpractice dharma (and there may still be some Hindus malpracticing  dharma) though, and that is very sad for me. So, if any non-Vedic wants to make them give up any malpractice of dharma, then contact me or the Vedic gurus or Vedic organizations, and provide them help so that they can lead the Hindus to give up any mal-practice.


9. For 1000 years Islam has cause immense suffering, killings, and destruction of Hindu dharma and temples and Vedic literature by invasions and force in Bharat. Christians have done some too, especially in Goa. Christianity is famous for killing other cultures and religions. Despite such suffering in Bharat, the Vedic dharma is still alive. This fact should tell the aggressors that there is something of value in it, and therefore Vedic people should be left alone.


10. The practicing Vedic person is color blind, meaning he/she does not see skin color, race, religion, sex, etc. He sees the soul and supersoul in each living being. Therefore he greets people with namaste or namaskaar (folded hands, meaning "the supersoul within you and within is the same god.") Also, this method of greeting without body contact avoids spread of germs, if any.

This fact could be verified by the fact that the hare Krishnas in the western world have people from all the races, and skin colors and religions.


11. The Vedic paradigm is that no one is a sinner, and there is permanent hell for any one, and that all have equal opportunity to peruse spiritual progress and realize god, and or be happy and make others happy. The Vedic prayers are universal in nature, encompassing all the people and other lives. To the Hindus "god blesses America" is not broad enough. God can bless all the people and countries. That is how the concept of Vedic gods is. No Vedic God is jealous of any one, and there is no personality like Devil.


I could come up with a few more reasons, but please let me if this is enough. What I am saying is against the direction of the Pope. Our friendship will strengthen more if you could understand what I am saying. You have no loss in giving up converting the Hindus. Besides, there are internal problems within the western and Islam society where your philanthropic efforts could be directed. If you must convert, please convert the Muslims. The world will be better without Islam. I have no doubt about it. In any case, it has no right to stay where it has invaded by force.


An open minded student of Vedic dharma eventually will realize that if world peace is to be achieved, then it will come only by promoting Vedic dharma. Because the Abrahamic religions are hostile against all the infidels and against each other. Their interest is to possess lands, resources, and control over lives of other peoples. A verse from Isopanishad comes to mind, but will share it when I see you have interest to know.


If you see something good in my writing, please share with other preachers who could take it positively and not in any unfriendly manner.


Wishing you sin-free life.





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I came across an article written by Dr. Lamin Sanneh, Professor at Yale, who wrote about his involvement in interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims.  I know you don't especially have a high regard for Muslims but I will use his words to get across a brief message.  He was raised in a Muslim home but is now a follower of Jesus.  Here is now a portion of his remarks:


"When he addresses Muslims, Sanneh cautions them to consider lessons learned by the medieval Christian Church.  Ally religion too closely to the state, and you open your faith to corruption and abuse of power.  Christian experiments with church-state blending, whether in Geneva under Calvin, Britain under Cromwell, or Spain and Latin America under the Inquisition, may have worked for a time but inevitably provoked a backlash.  In fundamentalist Iran, a similar backlash is already in motion.  As one concerned Iranian intellectual told a visiting Harvard professor, "Thes(e) young people may be lost to Islam forever...they follow the conventions of Islamic dress and custom, because they are required to do so by law, but inside their hearts are hollow and cynical.  We are lsoing (losing) an entire generation of unbelievers in our zeal to force conformity."


He continues, "Christians and other religious groups face opposite challenges.  We in the West have something to learn from cultures that do not push religion to the margins, that see faith as affecting all of life, and that look to religious leaders for guidance on societal and ethical issues. 


Meanwhile, nations in the East where Islam or Hindu are in the majority, have something to learn from the Christian West, which has found liberal democracy to be the best way to protect minorities rights as nations become increasingly multicultural.  Not to learn those lessons leads to disaster as in playing out in the the "clash of civilizations right now."


How thankful I am for America and the freedom of all religions to worship as they are led and to share their faith with no restrictions.  How I wish that Christianity would the same freedom in countries where Islam and Hinduism are in the majority, as they have here in America.



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Jai Sri Krishna.


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