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Hindu-Xian Discussion-16
by Suresh Vyas



The vedic scriptures or Gita/Krishna does not expect from us anything. He just advises. The he says, “do as you please.” This does not mean Krishan encourages sins. He has His system of karma, by which the sinners suffer in present or future lives. One cannot fool God. It means God gives maximum freedom of choice to us all. He advises us to make intelligent/wise choices to uplift us spiritually.


Ref. your line: “.. choose who you will give your allegiance.  If not to the God of the Bible, then choose whatever gods you desire to follow.”


Pope doe not say so. Christianity is known in the history for killing other cultures. Pope’s operations are going on using billions of dollars and armies of missionaries. It is sad, especially in Bhaarat.

Koran does not give any freedom, not even freedom to think.

Bible says, “this is the only way,” and the infidels know it is not true.


Marriage alliances break for wrong reasons many times.

And there are right reasons to break marriage some times.

Ego (false ego) comes in the way of progressing towards god.


May all live-sin-free.


Jai Sri Krishna!




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