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Hindu-Xian Discussion-14
by Suresh Vyas



The vedic dharma is not a missionary religion. The world never has seen a vedic preacher knocking at the door to preach. Especially, the vedics have no interest to talk dharma with any one who has no interest to know it in a friendly manner.


Yes, the Christianity has spread in bhaarat due to massive and organized efforts of the missionary armies in bhaarat; and that means the Vedics (the poor) failed to realize the value of their dharma, and chose to give it up for Christianity. This is not a spread of the Vedic dharma as you describe.


The Vedics dharma is a type of living per the spiritual science given in the vedic literature - especially the Bhagavad gita. The aim is to uplift spiritually each individual and the society as a whole. In Gita God/Krishna describes Himself how He is, How is His abode, where He is, what He does, etc. One who understands Krishna will realize that He is not a jealous god (as He says it directly,) as the god described in bible as jealous. The supreme god has no competition; (the bible says Satan competes with god.)  And therefore He cannot be jealous of any one. Such is Krishna. Considering that, why a Vedic would think of believing a jealous god? Is it a good proposal to tell an infidel, “Please give up worshiping a merciful and non-jealous god and believe in this jealous god?” You see, if a vedic has some understanding of dharma/gita, he/she has difficulty accepting Christianity. For this reason, the missionaries target only the poor and ignorant in bhaarat. I or any vedic with some knowledge of dharma is willing to accept something better if one could convince it is better than the vedic dharma. So, far no missionary has succeeded in convincing me despite my willingness to listen and discuss. I am not bragging, just telling how it is. Sure, come to convert me, but convince me intellectually. Just as it is impossible to convince that 2+2 is 5 and not 4, it is impossible to convert one who knows spiritual science.


As I said in my last e-mail: While the vedics will say that Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Muslim, will go to haven, a Christian will say he will go to hell simply because he is not a Christian. You have lost your freedom of free thinking and will say as the Christians say, I guess. An intellectual should think – what is in gita that makes one know that even a non-vedic (who does not know gita) could go to haven as well.


Vedic is not a “religion” in the sense others are. It is living per the spiritual science. It is not acceptance of a set of belief or a history of a short time and you become a Christian or a Muslim. It is not man-made either. It is not 2k years old baby either.


It is nice you are not forcing others to become Christians. However, you are not happy that there are infidels. And I think it frustrates you that some ordinary guy like me cannot accept Christianity despite all your friendly efforts. What one should worry, however, is if a religion takes away one’s freedom of thought and reasoning- rationality, or compassion to the living beings. When bible says “animals have no soul,” the bible does not know what a soul is. Per Krishna, all living begins have soul, and only the humans have well developed intelligence. That does give the humans right to kill animals and eat cows who give men milk like their mothers give.


< Another area that I am interested in is your mention of a sin-free life.  Is that possible? >


< How does Hinduism define sin? >

As I have said, sin is something you do that pulls you away from realizing god, or putting you more into the cycles of births and deaths among a variety of spices. Krishna, when on earth, was a cowboy, a protector of cows. He said “protect cows, love cows, do not kill or eat cows.” So, if we kill and eat cows, then it is sin. This is just one example. Why no compassion to cows?


< What do you do to cleanse yourself from sin? >

Sin happens knowingly or unknowingly. One has to repent it, and do more karma that outweighs the sins done, if any. Living in ways per instructions of the spiritually advanced persons or vedic scriptures helps one live sin-free.


< Do all people sin? >

No. An innocent child does not sin no matter what it does. Pope does, if he eats meat and drinks alcohol.


< Can you go to your ultimate destination if you have sin in your life? >

Not unless they are washed away, or forgiven by god or god’s representative – a highly advance saint.


< How do you live a sin free life? >

One who lives to satisfy the senses to the maximum as the goal of life sins. Lust, anger and greed lead one to do sins. Meat eating, intoxication, gambling, and indulging in illicit sex are sins and they lead one to do more other sins.


God has given man intelligence so that man can understand god and go back to Him. Instead, some use the intelligence to invent sophisticated machines and facilities to kill animals and eat the animals. What a misuse of intelligence! No one becomes a less Christian by not eating cows or not drinking alcohol.


To those who still insist on eating meat, I tell this:

“You and cow came to this earth necked and without any weapon. So, go and kill a cow with your bare hand, and then eat it if you can kill a cow that way.”


Now, I wonder, how many Christians will have heart to kill a cow in their kitchen or backyard, and eat it. My guess is very few heartless ones. The meat industry is propagating sin, making the society do sins. It is easy to buy from store and eat. (TV tells all the time to eat meat and drink and use Viagra, or go hunting.) Out of sight out of mind. Per the vedic literature, all who are in the meat business sin. All: those who raise cows to be sold  for meat, those who kill cows, those who transport meat, those who buy/sell, those who cook, and those who eat. The society is falling down spiritually.


May all live sin-free.


Jai Sri Krishna!




From: P

To: S

It has been some time since I last wrote you and wanted to get back in the groove.
Christianity is a missionary religion as is Hinduism.  Both have experienced consistent growth in the past twenty years, even though the methods are different from each other.  I know you have concerns over some of the coercive actions of some Christian zealots, as I do too.  It is not in the spirit of Christ that there are efforts to force people to become Christians.  I abhor any type of action to try to make people Christians.  We see this happening often among Islam but it has no place in the Christian faith.  I believe in the Christian faith and wish that all people would become Christians, including you.  However that will not happen but all we can do is to share the teachings of our faith, as you do, and then the people make the decision who they will believe in.  I respect you and your faith, as I respect others who have different beliefs other than my own.  There is no way I can force my convictions upon another person.

Another area that I am interested in is your mention of a sin-free life.  Is that possible?
How does Hinduism define sin?  What do you do to cleanse yourself from sin?  Do all people sin?  Can you go to your ultimate destination if you have sin in your life?  How do you live a sin free life?




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