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Hindu-Xian Discussion-13
by Suresh Vyas



I think I have answered your questions in our previous e-mails.

I will try again.


Hindus do not go out to convert. Therefore they do not like armies of missionaries who come to convert.


The Christians and the Muslims go out to convert, and they send a lot of money there for it. Both these people have gone in Bhaarat and forced their religion there on the Hindus. No Hindus could say it is a welcome thing. Christianity has shown that they have killed pagan cultures. Hindus do not want such a religion in Bhaarat.


Humanitarian or philanthropic activities are a part of all religions. These activities, however, should not be used with the aim covert pagans. The Christians do it to convert. If rich people of one faith want to help the poor people of another faith, they should contact the humanitarian institution institutions of another faith and give them money or supplies.


Recently I came to know about the Edhi Foundation in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a purely humanitarian corporation established and run by Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis. Mr. Edhi, born in 1928 in Bhaarat, has not passed even high school and has not read Koran. However, he believes the only duty of a Muslim is to serve the humans of any race or religion or nationality. He and his wife work selflessly, almost 24/7, since 1947 or so. He sleeps on a bench on street.


They beg on street and collect donations, and use money to expand their humanitarian service corporation. Edhi provides free services, and gives receipts for any donation with a guarantee for full refund if the donor asks for refund any time. These couple does not spend a penny for their personal comfort or use.


When some rich people offered large sums of money to them for their personal use, they immediately declined to take the money. They do not convert any one. They do not discriminate any one in any manner.


One of their services is to transport dead or injured bodies, and bury the dead. Even if the dead bodies are rotten, stinky, worms infested, both of them have personally handled many such bodies and have transported them even long distances.


Edhi's food and dress is like a street poor man's. He has no time to go to movies, see TV or listen to music. He identifies himself as an Amin - a trustee in God. He prays regularly like other Muslims. His Muslims sect is called Memon, not a mainstream Muslim.


Krishna in gita says:


"You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga."


Edhi does not know this, but he has followed this to the extreme.


I thought you will find it interesting. Google search will give some links for more info about Edhi.

As I say: vice and virtue, or righteousness and un-righteousness is no one's monopoly.


The Christians still would say Edhi will go to hell.

Hindus will say he and his wife surely will go to god/haven.


May all learn to live sin-free.






From: P

To: S

Subject: RE: This just in from India Special Prayer request


Good morning.  Trust you and your family had a good holiday season.  I enjoyed being with my two sons and three grandchildren who all live in Albuquerque.


Why are you so insistent about Christianity being out of India?  Christianity has been in India since the first century (St. Thomas came then and there is his grave and a church in the city of Chennai-which I visited).


There are 25 million Christians living in India and they are not out to convert by force but by love, as witnessed by the thousands of hospitals, clinics in villages, leper colonies, orphanages, and thousands of other medical and social agencies.  Why do the Hindu extremists have to pass laws restricting religious freedom for Christians and permit persecution?  What are they afraid of?  In America we don't ask Hindus to return to their countries but we grant the freedom to worship for all faiths.  Rather inconsistent.





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From: S


> A Christian power (the brits) have caused the constitution of bhaarat

> Anti-Vedic, meaning anti- majority.  The gov. that came in power after

> 1947 is also anti-majority. The fools elected the Christian lady as

> the head of the currently ruling party. These two facts are being

> taken advantage of by the foreign missionaries under the leadership of

> Pope who aims to harvest a billion of souls from the vedic land. You jointed him too.


> Why not they stay home and work locally? That will solve the problem.


> A Vedics could say this, becaue they never went out to convert by force.


> In contrast, the Christians and the Muslims do have converted by force

> in the Vedic land and elsewhere.


> Those who really have the itch to help at the other end of the globe,

> I could show ways how.


> The western military's aim is global reach. Same for the missionaries.

> It does not have to be that way for the missionaries.


> Regards,


> -S


> From: P

> To: S

> Subject: FW: This just in from India Special Prayer request


> Another reminder of militant and zealous believers in all religions,

> including Christianity.


> -P




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