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Discussion for Solution

 R: A while back, there were several major international Hindu organizations that were under scrutiny and duress of having their assets frozen by the U.S. government for funding right-wing militant 'Hindus' in India , many who were implicated in the Gujarat riots. 

S:  In my view, this was wrong. US does not understand what we Hindus have suffered for 1000 years. They want to never forget their history, and want us to forget our history of genocide by Islam invasions.

R: In order to prevent their assets from being frozen, they decided to donate a large amount of money to Manav Sadhana/Gandhi Ashram. Virenbhai, ..

S: My guess is that he is a Jain or  Buddhist. No much problem.

R: .. one of the founders of MS, was reluctant to take their money because of their reputation, ..

S: This "reputation" is built by anti-Hindu people and the media. However, I am not saying all Hindus or Hindu org.s are perfect.

R; .. but gave them a proposal that allocated a good chunk of their money for renovating Muslim schools in Ahmedabad.  To his surprise, they accepted the proposal.

The money was spent to put a corrugated tin roof on one Muslim school, and build toilet facilities for another Muslim school.  Can you imagine a school without a roof or toilets?  I visited both of these schools with Virenbhai and met with the official as well as talked to the students.  To my surprise, the kids didn't speak Gujarati... only Urdu.  ..

 S:  Urdu is not a Vedic language, but of the Islam invaders who ruled over Hindus brutally.

There is nothing Vedic in it, and Hindustan is a Vedic land of the Vedic people.

 R: .. Both schools were still in pitiful condition.  At the school where the toilets were put in, they have gone out of use because the lazy school officials don't supervise proper cleaning... so clogging and overflowing has rendered them useless.  I learned that most of the kids leave school after the 3rd or 4th standard. When I spoke to Virenbhai about this, he said that its important that
as a secular but primarily Hindu organization, MS works with Muslim kids as well.  ..

 S:  Hinduism is inherently secular, and the Western concept of secularism does not apply to Hindustan . To understand this, one needs to read an article at www. by a Swami.

 R: ..When they drop out of school after the 3rd standard, they start to 'study' at madrassah's and then start hating Hindus. 

 S:  This is because of the message in Koran. A Kafir (any Non-Muslim) needs to be converted or killed per Koran. As long as Koran is taught  anywhere as it is understood, this problem will occur at that place. When Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have only Islam as the legal religion, (and you and US and the world are happy with it,) what is wrong in declaring Islam as an illegal religion on the Vedic land simply because it is not compatible with Hinduism as Jinnah has said it correctly in 1947, and is evident from reading Koran and Gita? Why the world is hell bent on making India (which already has shown tolerance beyond rationality over centuries) a "secular" than making all Muslim countries secular? Would it not be proper first to focus on Islam countries than on to India ?

 R: ..He says that we have to catch them while they are young, and instill them with friendship for us before haters take over.  They live in all Muslim neighborhoods, rarely interacting with Hindus, so its easy to demonize them.  ..

 S: Again, the root cause is in Koran, which is not needed on the Vedic land. They have their separate Urdu madresas to teach Koran, and these madresas are funded by Hindu tax money. What could be more stupid than this? In contrast, Pakistan has killed or chased away the Hindus from Pak (and occupied Kashmir ) after getting it. Pak only has forced bhangis (Hindus shudras) to not leave Pak. Bangladesh also is in the process of killing converting or chasing out the Hindus from there. It forgets that its independence from Pak was secured by India .

 R: ..If MS doesn't work the schools to make them better, many of these kids remain ignorant and end up becoming narrow-minded haters under the influence of ignorant mullahs and narrow-minded parents.

S:  Here you are indirectly saying mullas are the problem. This means Koran is the problem, because mullas teach Koran, not Gita. We Hindus need to teach Gita to all on the Vedic land.

R: ..Similarly, there are plenty of Hindu kids who never interact with and understand Muslim kids.  The same way that Muslim parents feed their children hatred for Hindus, Hindus feed their children hatred for Muslims.

The common problems are poverty, ignorance, and mindless indoctrination of hate.

S:  Poverty is not the problem, Koran is. There are many rich Muslim people and countries, and they do terrorism as directed by Koran. Ben Ladin or Saudi family are not poor. Wahabis are not poor. A strong (financially or in any other way) asura is a bigger problem for suras.

R: ..The proper solution is alleviation of poverty, education, and freely mixing with other religions so that the hatred based on isolation and misunderstanding reduces.

S: ..Gita teaches how hatred can be controlled, Koran does not. Allowing children (or any one) to learn and live by Koran and expecting them to not hate Kafirs is foolish.

R: .. Just today, Kasam chacha from Kutch dropped into Ahmedabad.  He's a Muslim, but when we were in Kutch , we ate dinner at his house more than once.  He treats us with incredible hospitality, and greeted me like a long lost friend.  He doesn't hate Hindus, and whenever he
finds Muslims who are haters, he talks to them and teaches them about how mistaken they are for hating non-Muslims.  We spent one night at Mehmoud bhai's house.  At night, under the twinkling stars, he sang moving songs in Sindhi expressing love for "mera Hindustan".  Many of
the people we spent time with in Kutch were Muslims.  Some don't normally mix with Hindus either, but just by being friendly with them and sharing a meal or spending time with their kids, they see that we Hindus aren't so bad.

S: Yes, there are many good Muslims in India , but that does not make Koran a scripture of peace and love, as Gita is. These Muslims are actually Hindus (and Muslims by name only.) The test for them comes in critical time when they really need to chose one side or another. Many would go to Islam side. They need to be persuaded to give up Islam all together, because their ancestors were forced to become Muslims.

R: ..This is part of the solution.

S: .. And it will not work, as long as Koran is allowed to be taught in Madresas.

R: .. Uniting Hindus together in a cohesive hate-force is not the answer.  Its just the other side of the same problem.

S:  This is like saying, "Arjun united a cohesive hate-force against Kauravas" when he fought Mahabharat war. Krishna said Arjun to fight adharma. He did not say, "I am god, so you do not fight. I will fight for you." If one says, that the message of Krishna in Gita was only good for that time, then he or she totally dumps Gita in drain and says it has no value at all. This is not true. Gita has the message for all the people of all the times and places. What Krishna said, can be followed. Why follow who do not follow Krishna ?  It is good to love enemy, and then fight and defeat him. However, all cannot love, but all must fight adharmis in any possible ways (else adharmis will rule over dharmis). All who fought for Arjun did not love Kauravas, but they fought on the side of dharma. Just because a victim of an asura is not perfect, he does not loose the right to fight the adharmi asura or asura's ideology.

R: .. If we went to these Muslim homes and schools and told them how stupid their religion is and start threatening them that they better stay in line, its easy to hate Hindus.  ..

S: .. The hate is taught by Koran, and centuries of Hindus' foolishly tolerating Islam beyond rationality have not made any Muslim love Hinduism. So, any effort to make Muslims love Hinduism will not work as long as Koran is taught. This is the lesson of the Hindus' history which all the anti-Hindus want Hindus to forget.

R: .. When you go as a friend and emphasize your common humanity, its very difficult to hate one another, even if your religion might tell you that hate is proper. ..

S: So, then who not focus on Koran, the root cause? If the root cause is not addressed, the problems will not go away. You just keep one cancer cell in your body, and you will suffer cancer again. Why make a futile effort of forcing doves and hawks live together and in peace?

Instead, make the hawks give up their hawkish and aggressive (even barbaric) ideology.

R:  In three days, a team from Manav Sadhana is going to Kashmir .  I will not be going because of Krishna 's wedding, but I'm confident that the approach that Manav Sadhana has identified the right solution to problems of communal harmony.

S:  I do not think so, as I have explained above. Doves cannot live in harmony with invader ideology follower hawks. Hawks wills strike when they see right opportunity. This has happened in history.

R: .. So far, you have failed in first identifying the problem correctly.

 S:  Koran and Gita comparison does not support that statement.

R:  You think the problem is Islam.  So long as you think that, you make
the real problem worse i.e. you increase the ignorance, hatred, ..

S: Koran is doing it already.

R: .. and poverty in India

S:  The issue is no money, it is ideology.

R: .. You yourself become the enemy of India , that which
you accuse Muslims of being.

S: .. I am emery of adharma and adharmi and invaders and proselytizers. India does not need these.

R: .. So you need to think deeply about this.  Your hatred is quite
hard-boiled and you've become narrow-minded, but unless you fix
yourself, you can't fix anything and only cause more problems for

S: When doves decide to not tolerate hawks, they are labeled "narrow minded".

R: .. Last week, a rickshaw driver cheated me badly, and I ended up getting
stranded for several hours without any money to get home.  Now think
about what you would do in that situation.  If he was a Muslim, you
would start hating Muslims even more, or maybe wouldn't have even
gotten into his rickshaw.  But if he was Hindu, would you start hating
Hindus?  I don't think so. Turns out he was Hindu.

S: He was an adharmi too. Gita did not reach him. Sure Hindus need to learn Gita and live by it.

But that does not mean they have lost the right to fight adharmi ideology.

R: ..You need to ask yourself why you hate Muslims so much. 

S: .. I am just saying Koran is not compatible with Gita. Koran does not belong to the Vedic land. it is invaded, and should have no place there.

R:  Has a Muslim hurt you personally? 

S:  Yes, but I do not hate Muslim, I hate Koran being in the Vedic land. I know the history how Hindus have suffered (and are still suffering) by Islam, and I find no reason to love Islam.

R: Are you extending that hate to all Muslims? 

S: No. I am not extending hate to all Muslims, but they have chosen Islam foolishly.

They need to be educated by comparative study what is a good a religion, and by the consequence of following Islam on the Vedic land. I have no problem if they choose to live out of Hindustan, but they must not invade or bother Hindustan . They living in a chicken house like  foxes is not acceptable. The so called/perceived "chickens" are chickens only so long as they do not know their own Gita. That is the priority - to make Hindus understand Hinduism well and live by it. Jainism and Buddhism cannot solve Islam problem. Bamian Buddha statue was destroyed by Islam, and no one could stop it, and no one is thinking to re-make it again as it was. Dalai Lama is exiled in India and Maoists are destroying Buddhism in Tibet . Is it not a clear sign that Buddhism is not perfect, because it could not solve Maoist problem? Hinduism is.

R: .. Or were you just mindlessly indoctrinated?

S: No one has indoctrinated me except Gita/Krishna.

R: .. Focus on curing your own hate.

S:  I cannot love an asuric ideology in the Vedic land. it only has caused and will cause suffering to the Vedic people.

R: peace.

S: Yes, and it does not come to cowards and those who fail to understand the enemy ideology and its followers. There is no wisdom to keep cobras as pets, until you remove their fangs (make them free from their barbaric ideology). Else keep them out of your own home(land).

That will give real peace. A separate land was/is given to them, but the whole purpose of giving was foolishly defeated by allowing them to live in India also. Now India has not only a permanent enemy at the border (where he can freely cook plans to take over Hindustan ), but within also (where ISI net is spread and working well against India/Hindus.)



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