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How to Write or See Devanagari
in Your Computer

1.  Download Itranslator 98 from:

2.  Unzip and install Itranslator 98. It will list Itranslator 98 in your Program File, unless if you instructed otherwise while installing.

3. When you click Start, Programs, Itranslator 98,

    It will give you two boxes:  ITRANS box, and Devanagari  box under it.
    You type, in ITRANS box, say, rAmA, and you will see Rama written in
    Devanagari box below if you have pressed Auto convert.

    You could cut text from Devanagari box and paste in some other applications
    like Word.

Currently it has a bug, and for the first time, you will not see Devanagari Rama but will see rm.  To fix it, do the following one at at time and see if it fixed the problem.

        a.  Select devanagari font 16 and try.

        b.  Click Start, Control panel, Fonts, and double click Sanskrit 98,
    and then try keeping it open.

        c.  In Itranslator 98 click on Preferences, and then on Conversion tiled,
    and try.

If none works, then please contact where Itranslator 98 says to contact.  Sorry, I am not a computer wizard.

When you get it working, you may transliterate some religious text like verses, shlokas, bhajans, etc. for your parents or friends.

Enjoy.  Jai Sri Krishna!  - S. Vyas

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