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By Subramanian Swamy

Copied from the Book’s jacket:


The author argues that today, as never before, Hinduism is under an invisible multi-dimensional siege; and that the manifestation of this siege can be seen by those alerted to it. The author suggests that the siege against Hinduism today is visible in four dimensions:


1.      Religious, in the denigration of Hindu icons;

2.      Psychological – e.g. in the fostering of a fraudulent version of our history;

3.      Physical – e.g. the Islamic terrorist-driven ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh, and money-induced conversions of Hindus to Christianity.

4.      Cultural – e.g. through globalization of tastes, dress and interpersonal morality that are determined in the Anglo-Saxon white Christian world (The “West”).


The author argues that Hindus must collectively acquire a new mindset, to meet the growing challenge from a highly multi-dimensional siege which is international in character--otherwise run the risk of perishing like the ancient Greeks, Egyptians or Babylonians.


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Jai Sri Krishna.


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