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    The invading cultures have treated Bharat and its culture without any respect.  They have not cared if we have a choice for names of our places in Bharat.  Most were not smart enough to understand the value of the Vedic culture.  This is insulting to almost a billion people of Bharat when the fact is that Bharat is Devabhoomi, a land of the great Vedic culture.  Why "India" instead of "Bharat"?  It is time now to throw away the enemy imposed names to resume back and assert the Vedic pride.

Please send me the original Vedic names of the places you know to include in the following list.  Please insist on using the original names.  Initially, you could write original name of a city with current name in parenthesis on you outgoing mails.  If most Hindus keep on doing this, after a while, the postmen would know what you mean by the original names.  
Wrong Name/
Non Vedic Name
Original Vedic Name/
Vedic Name
Resumed on/
New name Date
Bombay Mumbai  1998?
Calcutta Kolkata July 1999
India Bharat
Hinduism Sanatana Dharma
Allahabad  Prayag
Irvin Hospital, Jamnagar Sri Guru Govindsingh
Hospital, Jamnagar
1 Jan. 2000
Ahemedabad Karnavati
Aurangabad Shivajinagar A few years ago.


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