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bibijIki laata aura shrImaanajIki baata
A Story by Sri Sachchit Kumar Pandey

 There is a statement that behind an individual's success there is a woman who inspires him.  The 'laat' and 'baat' of 'dharam Patni' significantly contributes to the individual's self worth and 'Swabhimaan' if used properly, or else it tends to have devastating consequences on the morale of the individual.  Below illustrates one such story which I shall briefly narrate.

 A long time ago a young and beautiful maiden with exceptional talents in spiritual knowledge and brilliant deductions on philosophical issues felt the need to get married.  Her glamorous and pomp lifestyle allowed her the opportunity to mingle with the best of minds in the land.  The learned of the times were impressed by her abilities to articulate herself effectively and flawlessly.  Her only quest was to find a soul-mate who could defeat her in philosophical debates.  As times went by, the young maiden began to accentuate the negative qualities within her thereby displeasing the learned scholars of the times.  The collective consciousness of the Pundits decided to teach the young maiden a lesson.  They went out in search for the perfect 'jeevan saathi' for this young maiden who would be just the opposite to her expectations.  In short, they were on a look out for the 'King of Morons'.

 The Pundits were traveling in the forest as their attention was drawn to an individual who was cutting a branch from the tree.  It was the peculiar way in which this person was cutting the branch which made the Pundits halt and felt the need to further analyze the situation.  He was cutting the branch sitting away from both the cut and the trunk.  In short, he too would fall along with the branch when cut.  The Pundits halted him mid way and asked him to come down, and they got their suspicion confirmed that he indeed was the person they were searching for - the King of Morons.  They asked him his desires and dreams and suggested him to come along with them.  He was asked to remain quiet during the conversation that may take place between him and the young maiden.  The Pundits brought the 'King of Morons' before the young maiden and glorified him to be the most perfect mate she could possibly expect.  They suggested that he would not be able to converse as he has taken the vow to remain silent ('Maun dharan') for the time being and they shall do the honor to interpret his responses which shall be in body languages only.  The young maiden agreed and began questioning the "learned man".

 She raised her index finger pointing towards him. The response was that the "learned man" projected two fingers jabbing towards her in the air. She was perplexed by the response. The Pundits suggested that the great "learned man" being brilliant seems to indicate that her index finger meant singularity in nature or God but in actuality there are two of each - male and female. She was impressed.  Her second question was raising of all the five fingers in the air and the response was a show of fist in the air. She was perplexed once again.  The Pundits indicated to her that all five fingers are not equal as is in the case of family members.  However, if the five fingers are brought together they unite and become strength to each other.  She was impressed and decided to marry him.

 After the interview was over the Pundits were equally puzzled by the response given out by the 'King of Morons' which they so deftly had to answer.  They asked him his explanation.  His response to them in private to the body languages were as follows:  When she raised her index finger towards him, he thought that she was trying to poke his eyes.  His response to that was to poke both her eyes.  The second question of raising all the five fingers in the air indicated to him that she wanted to slap him to which he responded by showing her that he will punch her if she comes near him.

 The marriage took place with great pomp and splendor and the two were left together for their honeymoon.   During the honeymoon, the young maiden with utmost respect for her husband came to his bedside and romantically both observed through the windows the stars and the land.  Unfortunately, at that point of time herds of camels were passing by.  The 'King of Morons' could not contain his glee upon watching the camels and shouted the common usage of the word for camels.  The young maiden was surprised that he could not speak the right word for camel in Sanskrit which should be easy for a man of his stature.  She further asked him few questions, and when she was convinced that she was duped by the learned for her insolence towards them, she realized her follies.  She repented for her past actions and behavior.  She could not do much as she got married to the king of morons and in sheer frustration she kicked her husband for being such an imbecile. The 'laat' of the wife convinced the king of morons to redeem himself in her eyes by becoming one of the most famous writer and poet of all times.  This man later wrote several poems, plays and stories; prominent among them being  Shakuntala, Kumarsambhava and Meghdoot.  This man was the one and only Kalidas.

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