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Welcome to T.G.M.S! (Note: It's called "Great" because it's for Misao, not because it's great!) The point of this site is simple: To pay homage to RK's best female chara: Misao Mackimachi! The links are at the bottom, the site's free to explore, save and loot! ^_^ To contribute absolutely anything that you have made and are proud of, just send it over! ^_^ Sign the guest book, bug me, mail me junk, become my friend, do anything! Creative criticism is always welcome, but please be polite! I hate getting demands... being nice will not ruin your day, it might just make some one else happy! ^_^


:: What's up? :: 26/11/01
::HEY! TODAY'S THE BIG DAY!! IT'S THE BIRTHDAY! WAHOO! I'm so happy! *sniff* And to celebrate, I'm now the Site Of The Month (Oct-Nov) of Misao and Aoshi's Dojo: Oniwabanshuu! Great, huh? ^_^ Here's the picture.

:: Another thing, I've started an Affiliates thingy. If any of you webmasters are interested, contact me or sign the guest book ( I've stashed it in Contact) telling me about it!  It'll be fun! And please vote for me! The buttons are at the bottom! If you think I deserve it, please do it! ^_^ 
Well, enjoy anyway!^^


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:: Anyway, I've also been trying to make other sites! (Oh no! It's true!) One that is finished and ready to show the world  is >> Memories... << A Tribute to Seta Soujiro. Go here if you love Sou-chan as much as I do! I'm also working on another one, which *hopefully* is my spiffiest, but it needs a few finishing touches! Well, sorry to take up so much of your time! Off you go! XD
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:: What's new:  About six (!!!!) new awards and a new fan art! ^_^ cool. ne? ::


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:: Things I have to add : Misao and all the other Rurouni Kenshin characters are created by  Nobuhiro  Watsuki, Jump comics, Fuji TV. Most of the Misao images on this site were taken from Misao The Weasel Girl Shrine, with thanks to Ryucheese for giving permission, but *all* have been altered by me. All other additional graphics and backgrounds  have also been made by me, so no stealing. This site has been made by Mackimachi, AKA: Shrinemistress, Shez,  Enchantress or whatever. ::


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