Autobiography of

C.T.D. Jothi Manohar and A. Jothi Tanabackiam



After the 2nd world war, Peace was prevailing with its serene wind. There was quite atmosphere and the cool breeze of peace blew across

Malaya and Singapore. The war torn country was turning his jurisdiction towards the British government. There was peace and happiness

In each and every citizen. So also there was happiness in the family of C.T.Doraisamy and Shakunthala Devi. It was an occasion of the birth of

their second son, who was born on the 11th of January 1945, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. The 1st child was named Ramachandran and the

new born baby was named as Mahnogaran alias Manohar.


The family with Hindu Cultural background and was also deeply involved in Hinduism. As such, they instituted their children through the Hindu way

of life. When Mahnogaran was only two years old he lost his mother. However he grew up with his father, grandmother and the others of the family.

His primary education was from the Pasar Road School. His intermediate studies were in India. Though he was studying in Hindu High School

Madras. His medium of education was English and his second language was Sanskrit.


In India his uncle Swamy Venkateswar was guiding Manohar in spiritual path. At the age of twelve he was

initiated with divine upadesam. His uncle Swamy Vengkateswarar introduced him to the Guru’s of

Swamy Ragwendra Mantralayam, The Mouna Guru Swamigal of Thiruvanmiyoor and the Guru’s

of Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashramam in Thiruvana Malai. Apart it was a practice of walking to Sri

Kandasamy temple (Kantha Kottam), which was situated behind the central railway station. As

Thiru Vengateswarar was also the follower of Vallalar. He used to recite the verses of Vallalar’s

Thiru Arrutpa. It was in Sri Kandasamy temple that Vallalar sang the “1st Thiru Marai” called the

Theiva mani malai. Swamy Vengkateswarar used to teach Manohar, the history of  Vallalar and his

noble vision of Sri Murugan who appeared upon the mirror. He also pointed out the place that

Vallalar used to sit and recite the songs upon Sri Murugan. During every school holidays he was

sent to other spiritual Ashramam to further his knowledge. He attained his degree in commerce and

had  acquired sufficient spiritual knowledge.


In 1963, he returned to Malaysia after the demise of his family members. He was employed in Singapore.

At about the same time in that  year Swamy N.M.Jothi Subramaniam visited Malaysia and Singapore. He

imparted Jothi Upadesom to C.T.D.Manohar for the 1st time in Singapore. He was following

Swamy N.M.Subramaniam to all his discourses and poojas. One such pooja that wildly attracted the

crowd was the Thiruvilakupooja.


C.T.D.Manohar did the noteworthy feat of bringing Guru Maharaj disciple, Swamy Krishna Sukanthji to Singapore. He imparted the four

technique of Self-realization in Singapore. However the group expanded and stretched their influence to other parts of Malaysia. There

were certain issues that C.T.D. Manohar was not happy about the movement. At the same time he was involved in the Jothi poojas.


In 1977, C.T.D.Manohar married A.Tanabackiam a schoolteacher. Tanabackiam’s father a retired Royal Air Force personnel Mr. V.Alagummalay

and her mother a housewife Mdm. A.Annamal. They returned to South India. They were landlords and owned their farm in Madurai. They had

 also built their own Sri Kaalikaparameswari temple to which their children still contribute in cash and kind as an when necessary.

Mrs. A. Tanabackiam as a school teacher visits her parents during school holidays. Having been rooted with Indian culture she got involved in

the school curriculum activities. She taught the students with religious and cultural knowledge. She trains her students with cultural dance

and had brought forth presents to the school. Besides her guru Swamy Shanthanantha of the Siva family in Singapore guided her. She often

hails her mother-tongue language Tamil; with pride she quotes “Thirukural” verses and highlights its values to both friends and students. At

the end of the year 1977, during school holidays, they visited N.M. Jothi Subramaniam in Madurai The spiritual guru blessed the married

couple .He brought them to Thirparamkundram temple in Madurai and joined the padi vilzha pooja. There was a small gathering in

Swamy N.M. Jothi Subramaniam’s Arrutperum Jothi Maligai, where the members were introduced to C.T.D.Manohar and his wife Tanabackiam.

Besides they were introduced to Krupanantha Variyar Swammigal.


Back in Singapore C.T.D. Manohar was involved in the building of Vallalar’s members. However the process of acquiring a land for this purpose

was rather difficult. Never the less a program was scheduled for a house to house pooja campaign It sparked off well, and the people took great

interest in performing the Jothi pooja and the Kumba pooja. It was initially started in kampong Bahru and Telok Blangah area where there

were lot of Indians who were attached to railways, harbour board and other departments. Meanwhile the Singapore Authorities were on the

process of acquiring the railway land. The people there were subjected to move to various parts of Singapore. Few of them moved over to

Johor Baru, Malaysia. Eventually the movement spread and C.T.D. Manohar also moved to woodlands the northern tip of Singapore, but he

was employed in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.


In 1989, C.T.D.Manohar with his close friends established Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam and by the year 1995 it was officially registered

in Taman Johor Jaya and was in operation in Plentong Johore Bahru, Malaysia. In 1994, Jothi Manohar led a tour group to north India with

some of the Ashram members. They stayed in the Devine life society in Rishikesh, India. They also visited various shrine and other

organization. Apparently 1996 he led a tour group to South India, where he visited temples. The most important mission of his tour was to lead

his members to the teaching of Vallalar. In Vadaloor, he explained the greatness of Vallalar and brought his members to other Vallalar’s centers.

On their return they brought home many of Vallalar’s books. He had been promoting Vallalar’s discourses and Swamy N.M.Jothi

Subramaniam’s Speeches and performed the Thiruvillaku pooja. In 1998, Swamy N.M.Jothi Subramaniam conferred C.T.D.Manohar with

the title of “JOTHI”.


In 1999, Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam invited Swamy N.M.Jothi Subramaniam, the founder president of the All India Samarasa Sanmarga

Sathiya Iyakkam to Malaysia and Singapore. The Guruji C.T.D.Jothi Manohar, The president of the Margam Mr.S. Ravindran and the

members of the Ashram called upon Swamy N.M.Jothi Subramaniam to give speeches of Vallalar’s teachings. Our Ashram members also

participated in the function both in Malaysia and Singapore. It was an opportunity for Ashram members to gain further knowledge and

spirituality with Swamy N.M.Jothi Subramaniam and also to cultivate the mission of Jeeva Kaarunyam of Vallalar in Malaysia and Singapore.


In 2002, Guruji C.T.D. Jothi Manohar, Guru-matha Jothi Tanabackiam, The Ashram President and members unanimously tabled to

issue a title for Swamy N.M.Jothi Subrmaniam.Eventually it was agreed and on the birth date of Vallalar 5th October, the title of

Bhramananda Jothi” was consecrated to him.





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