Matt: "We're mostly slagged off in a fear and loathing kind of way; for the way we look rather than what we say. It is probably more annoying if you've got the songs."

"But we looked like this when we met each other. It's not contrived, It's just the way we are. It's expression. Though it does help having an image so far as people being into your band; a lot of people connect with people on an image level."


Matt is surrounded by like minded souls, it seems. He poached Martyn from another band and "spent six months going out drinking every night just to get to know each other, make sure it was right."

Martyn knew Robbie (bassist) "found him at the rocky horror show in deepest walsall." Dan (Drums) was leaving home for Nottingham to live with his girlfriend but "for some reason decided to ditch all of that to join the band."



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