Personal Baseball History

Attended baseball games in all twelve months of the calendar (see main page for monthly breakdown)

Attended the exhibition game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum on 3/30/08 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the relocation of the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The attendance of 115,300 was a world record for the number of people at a baseball game.

Most ballgames attended in a season: 47

Most home openers attended in a season: 5

Most dates in a season attending two games in one day at different stadiums: 10 (three of which were 3-game dates)

Most ballparks added to my collection in a season: 36

Most ballgames attended in a
month: 17

Attended Major League games between crosstown teams:
White Sox/Cubs

Most gruelling schedule of consecutive ballgames attended in multiple cities: 7 in 6 days, involving three red-eye flights within four days

Most consecutive ballgames attended in different cities: 8 in 4 days

Attended Major League post-season games in the 2000 AL Division Series and the 2007 NL Division Series

Attended a College World Series game at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha

Enjoyed our great national game from the comfort and luxury of the private clubs at the following stadiums:
Chicago/U.S. Cellular
Kansas City/Kauffman

Attended ballgames in all of the ballparks of the Alaska Baseball League, located in Anchorage, Kenai, Palmer and Fairbanks (see link on Main Page)

Attended the 96th annual Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks, Alaska, on 6/21/01 (see link on Main Page)

Attended ballgames at Jacobs Field in Cleveland during the record-setting 455 consecutive sellouts of 1996-2001

Attended a ballgame at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge during the Tigers' string of consecutive seasons leading the nation in college baseball attendance 1996-2002

Attended a Cubs game in Chicago in 1998 to see Sammy Sosa in what would turn out to be his record-breaking 66-homer season

Attended a Cardinals game in St. Louis in 1998 to see Mark McGwire during what would turn out to be his record-breaking 70-homer season

Attended a Giants game in San Francisco in 2001 to see Barry Bonds in what would turn out to be his record-breaking 73-homer season (he hit his 34th home run at that game)

Viewed the first ballgame to be played at night at Wrigley Field in Chicago, on August 8, 1988, from one of the rooftops across the street from the right field wall on Shefield Avenue (the game was rained out in the fourth inning)

Attended "Hank Aaron Day" in Milwaukee -- Opening Day of the 1975 season, Hank Aaron's second career Milwaukee debut after he was traded from the Braves to the Brewers

That same "Hank Aaron Day" game in Milwaukee, vs. Cleveland, was the first Major League game to feature a team with a Black manager -- Frank Robinson's managerial debut with the Indians

Attended the ballgame in Milwaukee in 1999 (vs. Cubs) when one-armed pitcher Jim Abbott got the first of his two MLB career hits, a line drive to Center Field

Ballgames attended at stadiums during their final seasons:
Will County/Lewis
Pittsburgh/Three Rivers
Cedar Rapids/Veterans

Ballgames attended at stadiums during their inaugural seasons:
Chicago/U.S. Cellular
Dayton/Fifth Third
Cook County/Hawkinson Ford
Joliet/Silver Cross
Toledo/Fifth Third
Cedar Rapids/Veterans
Gary/Steel Yard
Kansas City/Communtiy America
Cincinnati/Great American
Florence/Champion Window
Philadelphia/Citizens Bank
Fort Wayne/Parkview

Countries in which I have attended pro baseball games: 4 (United States, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico)

Attended the last night game at Milwaukee County Stadium in 2000; my dad attended the first night game there in 1953


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