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In October 2023 I sent out a call to fellow ethnomusicologists for songs that deal with s**t. That most fundamental of human topics.


This was in the context of our S**t Conference @ SOAS




The response was remarkable. Contributions arrived from all around the world.


They are assuredly deserving of being archived so that they can be duly studied, and possibly also learned, practised, performed and enjoyed.


To that end I am publishing (below) a LIST OF S**T SONGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.


These songs, both individually and as a collection, are frankly amazing. A good subject for several potential PhDs.


For the time being the indexing and presentation is rudimentary. But perhaps with the passing of time we shall be able to provide texts, annotations, translations etc.


Some of the songs have links to lyrics. More will follow, in time.


If you would like to assist in this work, it would be good to hear from you. Write to:


[email protected]





[in no particular order]




Hayseed Dixie:


‘I’m Keeping Your Poop (in a Jar)’




Lost Dogs:


‘Bad Indigestion’ [Lyrics]






Promentals**tbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)’




Fela Kuti:


‘Expensive S**t’




Biz Markie:


Title: ‘T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)’




Bob Log III:


Title: ‘ I Want Your S**t on my Leg’




Screamin’ Jay Hawkins:


Title: ‘Constipation Blues’




The Bonzo Dog Band:


Title: ‘The Strain’




The Mac Lads:


Title: ‘Dan’s Big Log’






Title: ‘Poop Ship Destroyer’






‘Don’t S**t Where You Eat my Friend’




Kunt and the Gang:


‘Bangers and Mash’




Ivor Biggun:


Title: ‘Richard the Third (He’s in the Business Now)’




Griff Pilchard:


Title: ‘Henry the Giant Turd




Ian Dury:


Title: ‘Poo Poo in the Prawn’




Benny Bell:


Title: ‘Shaving Cream’ (not sure if this one counts either, but worth a listen!)




Fat Pud:


 Title: ‘The Spoons Bog Log Song’


[Dr Sue Miller provided this explanation: “One of my students submitted this for our music video project - sadly he hasn't put up the animation that went with the log song - a trip around Newcastle's Wetherspoon toilets.” ]




Mr Jowett:


Title: ‘Who Put a Solid in the Downstairs Loo?’




Mr Tits:


Title: ‘Things I Like Doing, Number One Pooing




Mr Tits:


Title: ‘There’s Poo






Title: ‘Mouthful of S**t’


(Metaphorical s**t?)






Title: ‘The Intergalactic Laxative’




South Park:


Title: ‘Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo


(slightly different versions)




The Salty Seamen:


Title:  ‘I S**t my Pants’


(apparently not The Fugs?)




The Fugs


Title: ‘I Feel Like Homemade S**t’




Ezio Pinza and the Budapest String Quartet


Title: ‘A Lovely Song’






Title: ‘Diarrhero


Dear friends. We have a new videoclip made by the master of cartoons Jan Tornad Ivan from Animal Studio. Video is about a new superhero whose name is DIARRHERO !!! Gutalax - Czech Republic 2023


Provided by: R.R.




A couple of contributions from Chilean popular musicians from the 90s and 00s.


Chancho en Piedra


Title: "Del por qué se cohibe el ano en casa ajena" ("On why the anus feels so shy in someone else's home"), from La Dieta del Lagarto, 1997.




Los Mox


Title: "Ataque de caca" ("S**t attack"), from Vino caliente... tomó y se fue. 2001.


Provided by S. P.




'Skata' [meaning: s**t], from the Greek band 'Methismena Xotika' [meaning: drunken elves].


Provided by E. P.




Drakator: an underground punk band from Greece. A canon song.


Title: “Deep in s**t [Music for the Office]”




You are buried in s**t [in s**t]

In s**t [in s**t]

Deep in s**t -you are buried deep in s**t.


Provided by: C. K.




As an ethnomusicologist, my work is mostly on the southern region of Calabria. There the repertoires are divided into love songs and scorn songs. Basically the same melodies with different lyrics, the former wonderfully poetical and the latter utterly rude. Many feature s**t. Unfortunately it is quite rare to have the opportunity to record them sung, since informants often are ashamed. But the lyrics are there. I was transcribing an interview yesterday where my informant tells me one that features s**t, no music though, only text. If you are interested, I can send a transcription and jot a quick translation.


Here it is


Palazzu chi de mmerda si 'ntoriatu

e fravicatu de strunzicchi hini

de intra ci sta tu donna cacata

che tieni 'n peste tutti li vicini


Building (palace) adorned with s**t   ----> this is a parody of a verse used in the wishing songs repertoire where the palace is adorned with gems

and cemented with fine (exquisite) turds

You s**tted woman live inside it

and stink out all the neighbourhood


Love songs were sung as serenades to the beloved one. In case of rejection, a scorn song would be sung under the balcony.


Provided by: C. F.




South Park:


Title: "Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo".


Provided by: A. P. K.




Italian songs. The first two feature s**t as a somewhat sophisticated metaphor. The last is a children song.


Lucio Dalla:


Title: Merdman


Lyrics: Merdman




Elio e le Storie Tese:


Title: La Ditta


Lyrics: Ditta




Giovanni Caviezel e Roberto Piumini – 1992


Title: La Canzone Della Cacca


Provided by: C. F.




Title: The frontier hymn from Blazing Saddles!


Provided by R. A.



Title: the American fiddle tune: 'Who S**t in Grandpa's Hat?'


Provided by: N. M.



Lady Gaga - Scheiße (Official Audio) - YouTube


SDP x 257ers - Scheiße baut sich nicht von alleine - YouTube - socially disadvantaged upbringing


Bschütte Lied - Gülle Song - YouTube - singing about putting dung on the field

Tic Tac Toe - Ich Find Dich Scheisse - YouTube - famous feminist rap from the 90s, disliking someone


PANTHA - Richtig scheisse (Offizielles Musikvideo) - YouTube - woman singing about how she dislikes her ex


257ers - Fließend Scheiße (Official Video) - YouTube - (image warning, very graphic) criticizing someone who keeps on talking s**t; and how talking s**t is also art


Scheisse - YouTube - oi punk, "scheisse" as an exclamation of self-realization that one needs to get through something that one started


Die Ärzte - Scheisstyp - YouTube - a s**t person criticized for oppressing others


BJÖRN BANANE SCHEIßLIED - YouTube - some Schlager-style song/Ballermann style, ideas expressed are from the anti-government, anti-covid regulations, parody on the "toilet paper apokalypse" of 2020


Kerstin Ott - Scheissmelodie (Offizielles Musikvideo) - YouTube - Schlager style, a melody that is perceived as s**tty and brings certain memories back


Provided by: C. M.




I’d like to add a Scottish Gaelic port-a-beul (mouth music) that is well-known both in Gaelic Scotland and in Nova Scotia, “Tha Fionnlagh ag Innearadh” (“Finlay is spreading manure”).


Here’s a recording made in Scotland.


Here’s a recording made in Nova Scotia (the speaker, Isabelle MacIsaac starts by saying that this song was about a priest).


Here are the lyrics in Gaelic and in English translation.


And here’s a professional recording of the song, sung by Julie Fowlis of Scotland.


Provided by: H. S.



Hong Kong Cantopop star Andy Lau had a song entitled "Toilet Bowl" (馬桶). It's not explicitly about "s**t," but it does include imagery related to "s**t" in the lyrics and music video:


Provided by: M-Y.



Relatively popular song in Hong Kong, originated from a cartoon character (which is literally a piece of s**t), it has been recycled in HK cinema by Chow Sing Chi (周星馳).


屎我係一篤屎 (S**t I’m a piece of s**t) 

Provided by A. W.




I’m assuming the scatalogical works of Mozart have already made the list, but if not here is


Leck mich im Arsch.”


Provided by: K. M. B.




Ezio Pinza and the Budapest String Quartet


Title: "A Lovely Song"


Provided by: R. R.





Title: 'S**t on You'.


Provided by: P. M.




Japanese childrens’ song. Very common, probably all Japanese who grew up in Japan would know it.


Title: ‘Mi-chan michi michi


Provided by: Y. H. C.




Here is a TikTok/Instagram reel of a "S**t Show Party on the Potty" stage at an EDM Festival. It appears it is the Defcon1 festival organized by the QDance label. There are three in the world, in the Netherlands, Australia and Chile. But only the one in the Netherlands is still ongoing, so I assumed it's from there. I confirmed that on a Reddit thread. 


So here is the artist:


And the videos of the festival performance.




Provided by: C. M.




I would like to contribute two quite well-known German songs to your collection, which I remember singing from my childhood during the 1980s.


The first one is an open-ended series of stanzas which describe what happens when there is s**t in various places, e.g., when you have s**t on the lampshade, it dims the light in the room etc. It apparently came up during the 1970s in Germany.


There are numerous stanzas, here is a collection of some of them:


And here is recording, using the typical melody ("Pay Me My Money Down"):


The other one is "Auf dem Donnerbalken" (roughly: on the s**thouse; literally "on the thunder beam"), which is about a a growing series of people who sit on the Donnerbalken, describing what happens, when the next person sits on the Donnerbalken (e.g., the s**t is already foaming), and telling that they all scream for toilet paper. The tenth person brings the toilet paper.


Here are the lyrics:


Here is a recording:


Provided by: M. S.




Here is one from Japan. And there are many of them.


Provided by K. D.




Here is one from Latvian folklore side.


Title: "S**t song"


Provided by: Ilze Borodkina




I wanted to add a Christmas song from Catalonia, Spain. There is this Christmas tradition that consists of feeding a log found in the forest for a period of time right before Christmas. The log or "Caga Tió" is covered by a blanket and it has a face painted on it.  On Christmas eve, children hit the log while singing this song




and the log s**ts Christmas gifts.


Provided by: A-M. A.




Not forgetting of course El Caganer, who is the little man in the red bonnet whom you will find out the back of the Christmas Nativity cribs that families have in Catalonia, with Jesus, and Mary, and Joseph, and the Three Wise Men. and he is s**tting his own personal little "offering".


Subsequent redactions of this figure have transformed him into Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the Pope and Queen Elizabeth II.


Provided by E. E.




And a humorous contribution from Haitian rapper Dimilòm!


Kaka Kenben


Provided by C. S.




On a more homely note:


Title: Seven old ladies got locked in the lavatory


Lyrics: Seven old ladies




Title: Blinded by s**t


Lyrics: Blinded by s**t




And Roberto de Simone’s ‘Tarantella de lu cacare. Best s**t song ever.


Lyrics: Tarantella


Provided by E. E.








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