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s3m avatar Update by S3M
Thursday 3rd of July 2009

I've finally got around to doing a news updated, way to long overdue. After about 5 years of nagging my Japanese importer he has finally got around to getting me copies of the very detailed guide books for SF3, which contain some very good information and hints and tips about SF3 some of which I've not seen anywhere else on the net. Work life permitting I'm going to aim to do an update to the site this year, that and getting a PC for home!!

However first I have a major problem to deal with, when I logged into geocities this morning I was greeted with the message that geocities.com is closing on October 26th 2009 which means I need a new host provider before then. Problem is at the minute I don't have the budget for a pay provider, so I'm going to have to look for a new host, till the site can pay for itself.

If your reading this and think you might be able to help then drop me an email at: [email protected]

In the meantime, I will start planning a rather overdue update.

s3m avatar Update by S3M
Tuesday 21th of March 2006

Well I've been hard at work on an update to my Shining Force III website and hopefully it should be ready soon. Main problem is that I have been side tracked by a couple of other projects. One of which is a PAL SNES release FAQ which you can find here feedback and information on it is very welcome.

I have however added Casper and Cyber Speedway to the Saturn Pal hz list. Hopefully the Shining Force III update won't be that much longer.

s3m avatar Update by S3M
Saturday 28th of January 2006

Well been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the website over the past few weeks and have finally up loaded it. The News Archive has been axed and I've cleaned up the links page and removed the Shining Force webring as they kicked every one off of it. There is now a link to Sega Saturn Archive from the site area side bar and I've fixed all the broken links.

Also renamed the Saturn hz list and have added about ten games to it, also have update Sega Saturn archive and have axed the old forum so now the whole site uses the Sega Saturn Archive one which looks much better than the old one. I've also cleaned up some of the HTML coding to improve loading times and because I'm running out of web space. Now I'm going to start to plan a content update for the website.

And no your not the only one getting fed up with those massive geocities adds, at some point I hope to do something about them.

s3m avatar Update by S3M
Wednesday 4th of January 2006

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm starting to plan an update for this website. But for now I've added NHL Powerplay to the Hz list and have finally updated my faq on the Dreamcast.
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